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Monday, 4 November 2019

Speaker : let's hope it's third time lucky

Readers may recall a post I made in September under the title 'Good riddance to a meretricious arsewipe'. After recalling my first experience with George Thomas and his successor, I wrote
After Weatherill came Betty Boothroyd - ex Tiller Girl, and to date our only female Speaker. She brought a twinkle and a touch of humour to the chair in a way that in no wise diminished either her dignity, the authority of the Speaker or her command of the chamber. For the matters of her term, 1992 - 2000, she was perfect.

Then came Gorbals Mick, an inadequate and corrupt machine politician with little merit who sought to suppress, by power and bullying, the expenses scandal from reaching the press. And after Gorbals Mick the arsewipe, that sanctimonious dwarf Bercow. Two lousy Speakers, Bercow the very worst in my long memory and possibly in the life of our Parliament.
The Commons meets this afternoon to select a new Speaker. I shalln't compare the candidates - they will only be proven in the Chair. We have had two lousy Speakers in a row - let's hope that either by design or accident, the next one will be the Speaker that parliament needs (though hardly deserves).


Dave_G said...

The choice of speaker is an irrelevant distraction if the choice of those he presides over is manipulated by 'fake advertising'.

DeeDee99 said...

Whoever becomes Speaker, the remit and power of his role must be severely curtailed. We can never again run the risk of a rogue Speaker doing whatever he damn well likes, completely free from accountability to the electorate or any other form of constraint.

Whoever becomes Speaker, it will be impossible to rebuild trust (or respect) for the Office. Bercow destroyed it ...... completely and irrevocably.

Stephen J said...

Vote Johnson...

Get shafted by the Tory Party...


JPM said...

The small Mr. Bercow will be remembered as a towering defender of Parliamentary sovereignty.

He will be a hard act to follow.

You won't like it, but he will.

John Brown said...

If leavers vote for TBP in constituencies which lead to a split vote enabling Labour/Lib (anti-) Dems/SNP control of Parliament then not only will any form of the start of the Brexit process be lost but the voting mandate will be rigged with votes for 16 year olds, votes for all EU citizens (even those not resident in the country as we have no records of who is in the country), internet voting, increased postal voting, and still no implementation of the revised constituency boundaries.

This is in addition to the economic damage Labour will wreak upon the country.

I am hoping that Mr. Farage’s recent announcement to fight all constituencies is a threat to ensure the Conservative Party do not select any further false Conservative candidates who would be reneging on their manifesto promises once elected.

After all the election candidates have been registered I will be hoping that TBP will announce that they will not be fighting those constituencies where a Conservative candidate supporting leave would lose through a split vote.

But his position can and should be used to fight for our freedom in the many Labour leave constituencies who have never voted Conservative.

John in Cheshire said...

I have read that Harriet Harman is a candidate to replace the poison dwarf. In my view this woman is unfit to be an MP let alone the Speaker of the House. Her association with the National Council for Civil Liberties ( now called Liberty) and the Paedophile Information Exchange is something that should have prevented her from any role in public life.

Lindsey Hoyle, from what I have seen and heard of him sounds like a suitable person to take over as Speaker. Which probably means he won't be appointed because birds of a feather flock together.

RAC said...

I can't really see the connection between an article about the speaker followed by the "vote Farage get Corbyn" fear porn. Think maybe the Cons bottle is twitching.
Reject a non aggregation pact get Corbyn, another johnson lousy move.

Span Ows said...

Hope we get a decent Speaker too. Bercow will NOT be missed one iota.

Conservatives - if they honour their manifesto this time - are planning more Blue Labour.

Not Conservative, not conservative, not Tory.

mikebravo said...

Vote any Lib/Lab/Con get more lies, deception, greenie, socialist, PC shite.

Not really sure where amongst the 650 they could find any honest and upstanding candidates.

John Brown said...

I think it’s wrong that the Speaker cannot represent their constituents during votes, except for a casting vote in a draw, and is unopposed by the major parties at GEs.

Perhaps :

1) The term of a Speaker should always end when a GE is called?

2) A new Speaker should be elected by the new Parliament and a by-election called for a new constituency representative?

John Brown said...

I see that the Speaker is elected not by FPTP but by AV so that after a number of rounds the Speaker is elected by more than 50% of the MPs.

This method was used for the CP leadership election and is also used for the election of police commissioners.

A sensible method which is not made available by MPs for us for GE and local elections.

I believe it is a great shame that the country did not vote for AV to replace FPTP when it had the chance because :

1) It enables a constituency to be represented by a specific MP who can be removed at the next election (or before through re-call) if the voters wish. This is not feasible with proportional representation.

2) The winning candidate will have received 50% or more of the votes, which is far more democratic than the wrong outcome occurring for a constituency through vote splitting, as well as being better for democracy in the long term.

There would be no need for the current farce of tactical voting.

Anonymous said...

I hold out no great hopes but make sure that whosoever it is, he/she has no casting vote and no say in any of the debates. FFS, we don't not want to hear the squeakers opinions, at all.

Anonymous said...

You say the proof of the Speaker is in the chair - Sir Lindsay Hoyle has always proved himself to be a very capable and amiable Speaker whenever he has taken on the role standing in for Bercow. I hope this honourable man is selected, we can trust him not to make the position about himself unlike Harperson and Mr. Y-fronts who Gove is supporting - meddling again Michael, do you never learn?

Anonymous said...

You're either in front of Raedwald or..


Anonymous said...

How about foreign speakers chiming in on the subject of Brexit? Orange skinned commenters ok, black ones not?

jack ketch said...

How charming and delightful; it appears that some in the BP really do believe in Unicorns....and elves, pixies and ETs-running-the-world !

"Jill Hughes, who was the party's prospective candidate for Batley and Spen, also believes in "elves/fairies/mermaids/unicorns and all things elemental and otherworldly", and that her horse was reincarnated as another horse.

Hughes has now stood down " [full disclosure, that was from the New European which is un petit peau 'remain' biased]

Sam said...

Parliamentary sovereignty when it suited his personal political view, yes

Dave_G said...


Quelle Suprise...... is that the best they can do? Finding 'dirt' on BP members is par for the course for our corrupt and puerile, globalist/EU-inspired media. They will be going hell-for-leather digging for tasty morsels between now and December 12.

They did it to UKIP members before them and will do it to anyone other than the sainted supporters for Remain or anyone that keeps the Globalist agenda on course.

But, like the media have tried with Trump, the more they dig and the more ludicrous their reporting the more entrenched BP supporters will become.

Bring it on!