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Monday, 11 November 2019

Who owns BrexitCorp™?

It's all about Farage. He has become Remain's secret weapon and the columnists are saying so. "Nigel Farage would rather scupper Brexit than let somebody else deliver it" writes Dan Hannan in the Telegraph; Nick Timothy's take is "Nigel Farage has tragically turned into the Frodo Baggins of Brexit". Timothy in particular is scathing
So why is Farage campaigning against it, and against Leave-supporting Tory MPs? Some who know him believe – after years of being despised, ignored or patronised by senior Tories – he has a pathological determination to destroy the Conservative Party. But others insist he is motivated much more by ego. Drunk on his own publicity, and surrounded by sycophants, he is incapable of taking yes for an answer. And so he keeps campaigning for a “real Brexit”, even though in so doing he risks destroying the real Brexit that Boris is trying to deliver.
In Lord of the Rings, good fortune means the ring is destroyed despite Frodo’s submission to greed and vanity. But in real life, we cannot wait for a stroke of luck. Farage needs to stop, before he kills his greatest achievement.
It was surely the naivety of an obsessive that allowed Farage to imagine that he could negotiate with the Conservative party for a deal. BrexitCorp™ is not a democratic party but the sort of anti-democratic cabal that Farage has rightly himself fought against for so many long years; the BrexitCorp™ capos are appointed, not elected. Supporters are allowed to donate money to Nigel's firm but not to be members of a party and vote. Farage refuses to reveal the shadowy backers and owners of his company who stand to benefit if he gains seats in Parliament. The Conservatives will simply not openly announce a deal with a secretive privately owned company that could well blow up in their faces in a year when electoral law says the financial backing must be revealed.

Timothy demolishes point by point Farage's 'fatuous' claims that Boris' deal is not Brexit. "Farage’s claims about that are completely bogus. He argues that EU judges will still rule over Britain, and that we will not control our fishing, will be unable to trade as we choose, and will not be allowed an independent foreign or defence policy. None of this is true." he writes

But most of all, I suspect, Farage actually enjoys being an MEP and head of the largest group of MEPs in the European Parliament. No wonder he prefers the corrupt 'list' EP electoral system that gives voters no say in the individuals that their votes send to Brussels, making democracy a matter of his personal favouritism. Perhaps he really doesn't want it to end. His stubbornness is destroying his own legacy. As a letter today in the Telegraph states
Sir – Nigel Farage could have gone down in history as the man who stiffened the sinews of the Conservative Party and ensured that we left the European Union – but I fear he is more likely to go down as the man who caused us to stay put.

I know pride is at stake, but he must accept that after three years of political wrangling most people want to see a negotiated settlement. His desire for the Government to ditch the Brexit deal will simply not be realised. The only result if he persists with his present course is likely to be no exit from the EU, and a hard-Left Labour government led by Jeremy Corbyn.
And this is my appeal. Nigel, give it up. For the sake of Brexit, stand your BrexitCorp™ candidates in 20 - 40 northern Labour seats but stand them down elsewhere where they risk putting Corbyn in power.


Stephen J said...

This is what is called in the trade, codswallop.

The path to getting some MP's dpes not work in the current electoral system. The reds and blues have become so deeply ingrained in the establishment that unconventional methods need to be tried. One such unconventional method is to form a dedicated campaign vehicle that tries to upset this sorry state of affairs.

The main parties already do this by hijacking NGO-s, creating new ones or majicking out of thin air a new quango, whenever they feel the need. None of these things are democratic, they are however a part of what the reds and the blues see as a democracy. I.e. they are dedicated agencies.

As is the Brexit party, but this one is probably the only honest one, since it lays its cards on the tabe and says vote for us.

And what they are set up to do is to try to keep the conventional politicians innocent and aware that there are 17 and a half million people that are currently being ignored by them.

Furthermore, Timothy can say what he likes but can he prove it? That is a big fat NO!

Anonymous said...

Whether or not the ECJ dominates UK law is a matter of fact, not of opiniuon or interpretation.

I will not accept either Nigel Farage's claim or Nick Timothy's claim.

What does the text of the Withdrawl Agreement say?

The same for fishing rights. The same for foreign policy.

Go back to the text.

At least one of Farage and Timothy is lying; perhaps both of them are.

Repeating the claims of either as if they are authoritative is not good enough, and only partisan activists seeking to persuade or deceive would think they are.

James Strong

DeeDee99 said...

If what you write is true Raedwald, all the CONs had to do was show Nigel a bit of respect. But they haven't and they won't: they haven't and don't miss an opportunity to denigrate and insult him and through him "the dreadful oiks" who support him. How DARE they think they can ignore the FPTP "binary" system which protects the Treacherous Tories. Now they expect him to "call off the troops" when what they are offering isn't Brexit - it's several tears if vassalage followed by an unconfirmed Brino, because that's the only way Boris can hold the CON Party together.

If the CONs want Nigel to call off the troops in the vast majority of Constituencies, all they have to do is stand down in a small number of northern/Welsh seats they have never won and never will win.

But they're too arrogant to do that.

Raedwald said...

Dee Dee - I really feel your frustration, but what if it emerges that Russian money or Steve Bannon and the US alt-right are funding BrexitCorp? No respectable party could be associated with that. If he reveals his backers and funders now, this week, and they're clean, there just may be a chance of an accommodation.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JPM said...

Farage might not need the salary and expenses that he gets as an MEP and group leader, being bankrolled by Banks, and, allegedly, with shady US money channelled via crypto. Ask Wigmore.

However, if he had to pay PR companies and broadcasters for the free PUBLICITY that he gets by dint of his position, then it would cost hundreds of millions perhaps.

He realises that this is coming to an end. He doesn't like that thought, it seems.

Stephen J said...

Yes Raedwald, seeing as I am into word associations today...

From codswallop to nonsense.

Perhaps you don't remember that the very hostile (to the Brexit Party) Electoral Commission has investigated all of the aspects of the group that you highlight, and found no irregularity, despite really really wanting to.

You know, I used to think that the host of this blog was a serious commenter, clearly not any longer.

Out with common sense, in with tory fantasy and wishful thinking.


Perhaps you could address the points made by Timothy with the same sort of attention to the detail that I sent a few days ago that you immediately removed? I found a breakdown of the points that Nigel keeps making. I provided it first as a URL and then as a cut and paste extract.

Raedwald deleted them both, instantly.

I look forward to your proof?

JPM said...

If you were interested in balance, then you'd also do a piece on the Tories, and all that money that they get from Russian kleptocrats, however.

Raedwald said...

r-w No one know who funds BrexitCorp. All the info that Companies House have is that it is a company with just three members - Nigel Paul Farage, Richard Tice and Mehrtash Azami. It's first accounts are not due until 23rd August 2020.

I deleted your cut and paste election spam - and that was all it was - as I have given prior warning that I would.

Cheesy - the Conservatives get as much money from Russsian kleptocraps as the Labour party gets from Kim Jong-un

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Nigels tireless efforts we wouldn't have had a referendum at all. By doing this he has shined a light on the corruption of the major parties and their love of the undemocratic EU.
Let's be grateful for that. But I agree he should gracefully step aside for now.

Stephen J said...

The organisation that produced those figures is legitimate and predates UKIP, it is not political either.

So your tory blindness precedes you, it is probably an affectation, but such things can become permanent.

Pat said...

I prefer Martin Howe's interpretation of the revised Brexit deal. Which lines up pretty well with Farage's.
May I remind people that without Farage being prepared to take bucket loads of hostility of the sort currently being dished out by Hannan and Timothy there would have been no referendum, and Mrs. May would not have been removed.
As to funding, who cares? It only affect a party's ability to get its message out- if the message doesn't appeal to the people then the party loses. May I remind you that there are strict limits on electoral spending, so TBP won't be able to outspend its rivals however much money it has or wherever it came from.

aurelian2 said...

None of the disgraceful electioneering guff cuts any ice with me.

None of the entrenched political parties has the remotest intention of implementing the referendum result.

I want us to leave.

Raedwald said...

Pat - I, too, read very closely Martin Howe's opinion - as I'm sure did all members of the ERG. He concludes

"So I can understand a political judgement that the revised deal is still a bad deal, but is tolerable as a price for the greater prize of the United Kingdom regaining our freedom after Brexit."

So he's given it the green light - why then is Farage still objecting?

(opinion by Martin Howe QC at

Anonymous said...

I have massive sympathy for both sides of the argument, but I, in my southern city, am in a fix.

I have the 72 year-old Anne Widdecombe for the Brexit Party competing against a young, female
Conservative candidate: these two would be seeking to overturn a 7,000 majority held by a brass-necked,
pro-remain Labour MP, who would do anything in his power to reverse the referendum vote.

The present Labour MP gained his seat from a rather ineffective Conservative incumbent; but I have the feeling
that a fresh-faced young female Conservative could well overturn that 7,000 lead if she is not impeded by the Brexit
I can not, in my wildest dreams, believe that Anne Widdecombe can overturn that 7,000 vote lead, which would entail
taking huge amounts of Conservative votes, and an arrogant anti-democratic Labour candidate will return to Parliament
to bolster the dark forces of remain.
It's not just the North - IMHO - where the Brexit Party will damage the chances of Leave winning through.

I don't believe a word Johnson says, and I know there will be some who will jump down my throat (and I don't blame them)
but the thought of seeing that smug and arrogant Labour MP representing me in Parliament is more than I can take.

Sorry to all the true believers - but I have spent too many years of walking and standing in the rain to, at least, give us a chance
of putting a political EU behind me.

Dave_G said...

I read with almost breathless disbelief that "the Russians" may be behind BXP. The invoking of the Russian threat has lost all credibility after the Democrats falsified their claims against Trump and yet the media/authorities seem to believe that the public will fall for this garbage ad-infinitum.

If anyone wanted to disparage Farage then the 'Russians' excuse is perhaps the worst route to take. You might as well claim the BXP are a threat to the climate.....

But, as with DD and R-W I am disappointed that this blog has been hi-jacked by a party-before-anything-else-Tory position and the idea that what Boris is offering is anything other than May's deal wrapped in used toilet paper.

The strength of media opposition to BXP is directly related to the threat they are seen to be to the establishment and this RIDICULOUS situation will no doubt be amplified by other un-provable assertions/claims of equally spurious value in short order. Guaranteed.

As with many anti-freedom tactics the establishment/media have just increased the resolve of many BXP supporters by this pathetically transparent panicked attack.

'Disgust' doesn't even come close.

Stephen J said...

... Does Raedwald for one second believe that Martin Howe is not a Tory? Just take a look at his associations... They are all there, wall to wall tories.

So how his prattlings can be any more considered than the group of lawyers including a Brussels based barrister (an expert on the EU) that I posted is beyond most people I would have thought.

I accept of course that this is Raedwald's blog and I am but a guest, but I don't accept that the above named is any less political or any less part of an election than the EU FAQ's people, who as I say have been around in one form or another for at least twenty years. Used to be a Yahoo group.

What Howe does not address is how do we end the legacy that the WA creates? It is a treaty and it is not breach-able without the tacit agreement of all signatories.

The Lisbon Treaty included amongst its other "tidying up" exercises something called article 50, which according to the EU, legitimises the concept of a member state proceeding to leave the clutches of the EU treaties. As has been mentioned on many occasions, it was designed to never be used, but against most sensible leaver's view, the Tories used it.

We should have repealed the 1972 European Communities Act, with a trigger date, and then invite the EU to negotiate.

Instead, we have not only pursued article 50, which has now had its terms broken three times, by the people that drafted it, which demonstrates just how reliable the organisation is, that law can be interpreted in any way that fits the argument.

And all this because people are anxious to get to the end of Brexit. Of course the fact that the WA also sets out the idea that there will be at least 3 more years of subsequent negotiation designed to produce a level playing field.

What is the EU's definition of a lpf?... Well, it is all in the WA, and round we go again.

Anonymous said...

What is so good about the EU that the establishment wants to keep us in?

I've been waiting 40 years for the answer, an answer that I don't think they dare tell us.

APL said...

"but what if it emerges that Russian money or Steve Bannon and the US alt-right are funding BrexitCorp?"

Oh! FFS! Straight out of the Democrat play book?

In any case, it's not unusual for Russian money to flow into the pockets of British politicians, viz Peter Mandelson.

God! Half the Labour Party and several of its Prime Ministers were KGB assets.

Kim Philby et al, compromised the whole of British and American intelligence during the cold war.

And you vomit up this Russia Russia rubbish.

We've seen and heard it all before, been betrayed by the establishment numerous times. Grow up!

Dave_G said...

Regardless, who cares who is funding Brexit? No one questions, with any breathless exasperation, where the many pro-remain and even government departments get their funding from.

Besides, what amount of money can even the Russians deliver that could add to the voting expectations of 17.4 million people who want OUT? Is this a suggestion that only MONEY can make democracy work as, surely, the vote alone should have been sufficient to deliver the desired result?

As ever, if you're getting flak, you're over the target and this amount of flak aimed at BXP can only mean the Tories have some SERIOUS concerns over their policy intentions.

RAC said...

@ r_writes esq. 08:11
So you get instant deletes too I wonder why lol.
The catchphrase of Lance-Corporal Jones comes to mind.
Johnson doesn't want to have to rely on any TBP members of parliament to push through his Brino deal, because he won't get their support for that. It's that simple, that's why he has rejected pleas from Farage, and that's also why the media has recently done a U turn and suddenly johnson is the best thing since sliced bread.
None of it will change my mind.
It's either a vote for Brexit with TBP or the vengeance vote against johnson.

Doleful DEdward. said...

Nick Timothy writes in the Telegraph .....

Is this the same Nick Timothy who was famously advising Treason May as they ran the 2017 general election that went so well? LOL.

I've obviously stumbled unknowingly into CCHQ - I'll about turn and leave you in peace.

Anonymous said...

Guido has a post up about TBP standing down in many seats.
'Farage claims Boris promising not to extend the transition period was a turning point, in addition to Boris promising a Canada deal without political alignment.

“By giving Boris half a chance… prevents a second referendum from happening and that for me right now is the single most important thing in our country”

“We now have a leave alliance – we’ve done it unilaterally”

Hopefully, if true, this is a pragmatic compromise, but I have had my hopes dashed many times.

Oldrightie said...

So sad that my once go to blog has taken this limp acceptance of a deal. One that is little more than a terrible capitulation to the EUSSR and the scary future planned for a UK. A Nation with little time left to exist other than as a victim of a global elite.

JPM said...

Oh, I don't think that you need worry about NK, Raedwald.

On the other hand, Marina Litvinenko, the widow of another former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, whose murder is believed to have been carried out under the direction of Russia’s FSB spy agency, said the Tories risked tainting their reputation if they held on to the [donated] cash.

“You need to be very accurate where this money came from before you accept this money,” she told Sky News. “If you identify it’s dirty money [you’re] just not allowed to accept it because I think reputation is very important. [The] reputation of the Conservative party in the UK and all around the world needs to be clear.”

The Sunday Times reported that Russian oligarchs and their associates had registered donations of £826,100 to the Tories since Theresa May entered No 10.

Didn't it?

Span Ows said...

This article is out of date after Nigel's Press Conference revealing TBP strategy....

mikebravo said...

Those who wish to "be fooled all of the time" can now happily go forth and vote for the useless tories again.
Every election it's the same. Must vote useless tories or the bogey man will get you.

Anonymous said...

Raedwald said @ 07:26

'Dee Dee - I really feel your frustration, but what if it emerges that Russian money or Steve Bannon and the US alt-right are funding BrexitCorp? No respectable party could be associated with that. If he reveals his backers and funders now, this week, and they're clean, there just may be a chance of an accommodation.'

Oh dear. Can you even buy Kool-Aid over here?

Span Ows said @ 12:58

'This article is out of date after Nigel's Press Conference revealing TBP strategy....'

It is indeed.

Nigel is putting country before party. Some would say he can afford to as he has no intention of forming a government (re: Ann Widecombe, 13:10, BBC Radio 4). His party are going for Maximum Brexit. The Tories are for minimum Brexit and we all know why.


Raedwald said...

JPM - erm, no. You're inventing stuff again. The Conservative party has only ever accepted donations from British citizens / registered voters / British companies, in accordance with election law.

Your obsession with their racial and cultural ancestry is just another concrete example of the bigoted, racist and hateful discrimination endemic within the Labour party .. I'm astonished you don't enumerate the donations made by Jews, as well.

JPM said...

It's pretty well documented, Raedwald, but it's your blog so have it your way. A hundred and sixty thousand smackers for a tennis knockabout, anyone?

Whatever, Farage has done what he was always going to do, the Tory that he is, so May's "deal" it would appear to be.

The polls appear to show that it was Swinson's party who enabled these capers, by sabotaging her very own party's flagship FTPA, which was nominally intended to prevent this very thing.

Labour Leave voters might not be that keen on the brexit corporation now either.

It will be an interesting few weeks.

Bloke in North Dorset said...

Slightly off topic ...

David Starsky is on fire on Choppers Brexit Podcast.

Some fascinating vies on the role of Parliament and the poisoned dwarf.

Smoking Scot said...

It's unfortunate that Nigel only undertakes to stand down in seats the Tories won in 2017. That was the one done by May and is acknowledged as a total c...up.

Far better for all if he changes that to 2015, the one done by Diddly.

That should sort out Anon's - 9.40 dilemma. But with Ms Widdecombe as their chosen rep, it may take a wee while for it to happen.

Prawn Sandwich said...

The Founder Visionary can never stand aside and prefers a dead baby in the arms over handing to others to take it to maturity. The FV usually has an ego to go with the vision and so corrupts the project.

RAC said...

Is johnson going to stand down his candidates in the seats the Cons can't win, the ones that Farage is going for, not heard anything about that, don't expect to either.

RAC said...

And for those who wish nothing good for the eu, a little ray of sunshine.
Duckduck this, "EU Begins Accepting Serious Consequences From U.S. Economic and Trade Position"

Span Ows said...

A few hours after TBP announcement this morningin Hartlepool - where Richard Tice is standing - the Conservatives announced their strong local candidate...for Hartlepool. Total kick in the teeth to TBP and indicates the sort of low snide antics we should expect from the Conservatives in other seats where TBP are standing. Bascially Boris proving what many of us suspect, and that ain't good.

I fully expect some local (constituency level) bilateral common sense from GOOD (real) Conservatives where they believe TBP has more chance.

Anonymous said...

Re RAC The Conservative Treehouse is the best pro Trump site for detailed factual analysis.

DeeDee99 said...

@r_writes "Does Raedwald for one second believe that Martin Howe is not a Tory?"
We know he is. He just stood as a candidate for selection to take on Dominic Grieve in Beaconsfield and got down to the last 3.
So his opinions are likely to be slanted by his political affiliation.

RAC said...

@ Anonymous 03:10
Go there most every day since PDJT announced he was standing, I said then the waves would arrive on every shore and I don't think I was wrong. :-)