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Friday, 5 June 2020

Great European Journeys

The trick in politics is to see what's coming before it gets here, and thus have time to control and establish the narrative. Ever ready to keep our telescope trained on the horizon here at Schloss Radders, we bring you news of the Italian Orange Jackets, as reported by Politico EU.

Led by a nice looking old boy who looks like he's raided Michael Portillo's wardrobe, the movement represents the virus sceptics and the views evinced here by many of you; that the Wuhan virus is just a bad flu, lockdown was the worse error, the fake news media are complicit and the elite are still refusing to cede power to the voters. Reasonable and mainstream views - which may, or may not, turn out to be the case, once the evidence is in. So far the first two are not proven, but there's a case to answer, as they say. Oh, and buried deep in the P.EU piece is a throwaway line that the old boy wants to take Italy out of the EU and ditch the Euro. Not really important at all.

Of course Politico.EU is quick to lump in anti-vaxxers and the 5G tinfoil hats with Pappalardo's movement - part of establishing the opposing narrative - and the other side, the communists, socialists, establishment and authoritarians, some of whom would like to see nations locked down under police control for ever, are already grunting about making 'Virus denial' a crime. They couldn't find any Italian fascists amongst the crowd in this report, but give them time. And if there aren't any, well, the media are inventive enough to dress a few tattooed skinheads in orange HiVis vests for the shots.

A minor event, a few hundred people, but like the ripples that precede the wave, it's there on the horizon. Lines and narratives are being drawn. I'll park it there.

Portillo with a socially-distancing Ipswich yottie


Dave_G said...

The recent backtracking by 'scientists' that tested HCQ and 'proved' it was bad for Covid19 sufferers is another example of the lies and obfuscation perpetuating the plandemic.

We could create a rainbow of jackets to signify the corruptions in politics, science etc that are ALL created to further suspicious agendas and introduce control.

But there's no way in hell you'd get me to wear a 'rainbow' jacket....

(I note the newsworthy (?) articles on increased CO2 levels - even at a time when global industry has collapsed giving further proof to the truth that it's not mankind that's leading the CO2 output - it's NATURE)

Anonymous said...

I think by general agreement the UK's 14 day quarantine for returning Brits and visitors makes no sense, with regard to Covid19 and our health. Is it therefore perhaps something to do with Brexit negotiations? Did Cummings not push for it, Where's the angle?

Span Ows said...

Pappalardo (the general) on face-masks: "I cannot look a woman in the face without knowing if she’s beautiful or ugly."

One good reason I guess!

The fake medical trials will bring harsh judgement form the scientific community. I was ruhed through and people called it out at that time. Money and politics taking precendence.

Orange-man-bad. this space.

Span Ows said...

"I was ruhed" = it was rushed...FFS

S. F. Griffin said...

that the Wuhan virus is just a bad flu, lockdown was the worse error, the fake news media are complicit and the elite are still refusing to cede power to the voters. Reasonable and mainstream views - which may, or may not, turn out to be the case, once the evidence is in

Lockdown is an extreme and unusual policy of great cost (not just financial). The burden of proof on proponents is huge. If opposition to lockdown is reasonable and the case for lockdown not beyond reasonable doubt then lockdown is unjustified.

John Brown said...

“Yes”, I was wondering the same.

With politics I take the position that if a decision doesn’t make sense it’s because there is something we haven’t been told.

The policies of the Left only become clear and transparent once it is realised that they want there to be more poor, unemployed, illiterate and unhappy people as they are targeted as the most likely voters to vote for them and bring them into power.

Penseivat said...

I may have misunderstood the rules of the 14 day self isolation for travellers coming into the UK but, apparently, they can go shopping, and use public transport. So they are NOT self isolating. What sort of morons we elect to govern us. If Priti (possibly on the outside) Patel was not a female, ethnic, minority, she would find it difficult getting a job as a Big Issue seller.

Penseivat said...

I meant to add:
"Don't knock Michael. Being of the danger zone age, with underlying health conditions, leaving me house bound for long periods, his informative series of train journeys, and his self deprecating humour, has helped keep me sane, plus giving me ideas of possible train journeys I may make when the CCPvirus panic lessens somewhat."

Greg T said...

Hate to say it, but
Wall-to-wall utter bollocks.
The symptoms & results are nothing like any influenza ever seen

Raedwald said...

Greg T - as I say, the evidence is not yet in. It may or may not be. So far we've had >64,000 excess deaths. And yes, the effects are completely different to flu. But more lethal than Spanish flu? We simply don't yet know.

Anonymous said...

Just thinking about the journey that food imports will take now that Brexit has happened. Is it true that HMRC does not have a customs code for GB but only UK? If true, all that stuff coming from NI can only go to GB supermarkets if GB stays in the NI regulatory framework.

Watch out for that U-turn on Boris' frontstop!

Smoking Scot said...

What's clear is the Italians have just cause to be miffed at their government (a political alliance to keep out the populists) and the EU.

Whether it'll amount to anything of real consequence is questionable, though much will depend on what Britain exits with... eventually.

I'm more interested in what the French political landscape looks like at the end of 2022.