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Monday, 6 July 2020

Aircraft and theatres

I trust you all had a decent weekend and hope that many of you managed a visit to the pub. The pub, of course, is far, far more than just a sector of the entertainment industry - it is local democracy in evidence, a temple to free speech and expression, free from the constraints of remote censorship but subject always to peer evaluation. Drunk people may be incapable of maintaining social distancing, one police service senior manager opined, and undoubtedly for many who managed to get a leg over at the weekend there will be a degree of gratitude for this grievous failure.

The question this morning is what is the difference between an aircraft and a theatre, in epidemic terms that is? Why is it OK to sit close to a group of people for several hours in an aircraft but not OK to do so in a theatre? I suspect there may be an answer in the air filtration and circulation systems, but it's hardly convincing.

It seems we've found the path to living with Covid some months after other nations - testing, testing and testing. Sweatshops, meat plants, overcrowded housing and other risk environments will all incubate new outbreaks, but the more swiftly we detect and contain them, the more the rest of the economy can attempt to recover before the big dip hits.

One final tiny point is niggling at me. Is the imaginary line that separates the legal and administrative jurisdictions of Scotland and England a border or a boundary? I'm genuinely not sure.


Anonymous said...

Why should anyone have to "live with" this menace? People in countries all over the world which have followed WHO advice diligently do not. Yes, they have to stamp on sporadic re-emergences now and then, but their people are now only exposed to risks trivial by comparison with those here. This excuse for a government have cost scores of thousands of lives, and failed to protect millions of livelihoods on the other hand.

Span Ows said...

Prost! Raedwald. And zum Wohl

"and undoubtedly for many who managed to get a leg over at the weekend there will be a degree of gratitude for this grievous failure."

genuine LOL. Thanks.

Not just Scotland, Wales too. Yes I know their "parliament/assembly/Witan/wasteful chat room" is a waste of space but their rules differ too.

DeeDee99 said...

That little shit Hancock was positively gloating about his power to shut down "hotspots" they way they have in Leicester.
What it is about little men needing to demonstrate their power?
The Conservative Woman had it right yesterday, he must pay the price for the catastrophic failures over Social Care.
Thousands of businesses destroyed; millions of lives ruined; a generation STILL not back at school ..... and we're supposed to celebrate (a) being able to buy a pint and (b) 72 years of a second-rate health system

Sorry, Raedwald but I'm not joining in. I see nothing to celebrate.

Billy Marlene said...

I lounged yesterday at Sizewell Beach, reading Cedric Delves’ excellent book about the SAS in The Falklands War.

An ugly police 4X4 arrived. It paused at the edge of the shingle - cobra-like, before patrolling through scattered ranks of happy young families and birdwatching pensioners.

The contrast between these Goons - and more importantly, their management, and the subject matter of the book I was reading was striking.

I drove home passing a Council Tip in the middle of nowhere. Signs reading ‘NO VANS’ ........’NO TRAILERS’.........’ADMISSION BY BOOKING ONLY’.

It was deserted, save for a bored council worker in hi viz sitting on a folding chair at the open gate, holding that age old establishment token of authority - a millboard.

All about control.

Dave_G said...

The inconsistencies and contradictions you illustrate Raed are very, very few of hundreds and hundreds of examples that make this Covid affair nothing but a complete and utter scam.

You can listen to 'lies-on-the-fly' when anyone from Government speaks on the subject and the media - corrupt bastards one-and-all, sit there, ignoring the obvious and asking irrelevant and (mis)leading questions to help the politicians carry on their deceit.

Disgusting doesn't even begin to describe how many feel about this issue.

But the fact that more and more people are LAUGHING at each subsequent pronouncement does give me hope.

Span Ows said...

Billy, your mention of Sizewell reminded me of the Engelandvaarders, I wonder if we'll get the same, escaping the EU when it morphs again.

Re Delves, an amazing and distinguished career considering there was no "major war". Brought to an end by a drunk driver of all things!

Dave_G (and others) you are being hard on Raedwald, he isn't saying he agrees with it all, nor the government policy; merely commenting on each stage.

DJK said...

I'm not sure we've found how to live with Covid-19 yet, though we, and most of the rest of the world, are slowly getting there.

One aspect of the theatre is the safety of the thesps themselves, who need to talk/sing very loudly at each other day after day. A sure fire way of spreading respritory disease. The audience, I would have thought, are as safe as on a plane. Different story if they go to the bar in the interval though.

Billy Marlene said...

More Hush Bar than Crush Bar, I fear.

Billy Marlene said...


Delves has a very dry sense of humour and accurate recall. He was aboard RFA Fort Austin before it ventured into San Carlos Water.

The ship was carrying several hundred tons of ammunition

He quotes the CO, Sam Dunlop, saying to one of his junior officers during a particularly heavy raid:

‘You don’t have to worry about going down with this ship, you’ll only ever go up’.

As for illustrious career; some are born to this. One of my contemporaries got an MiD with the SAS in the Falklands. He then went back to his Mechanised Infantry Battalion where, as a Company Commander, won an MC in the first Gulf War.

Takes some doing.

Dave_G said...

No Span, not hard on Raed (not intentionally anyway!) but only emphasising his initial statement(s) re the inconsistencies.

Authority may have been inconsistent with details during WW2 for example - primarily for national security reasons and probably genuinely implemented - but today's authority is self-serving and operating an agenda against their own public (it would seem) so, in my opinion, have no justification or even legal authority to act in this way.

Failing to highlight their inconsistencies is tantamount to assisting them in their 'crimes'.

Greg T said...

Where would one find a first-rate health system?
NOT the USA unless you are insanely rich ...

Scotland/England - it's BOTH, actually.

Meanwhile, just to say I had, I enjoyed a pint in the garden of one pub & a half in the garden of another ... outside, note, not crowded up.