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Saturday, 4 July 2020

Map frenzy

Sometimes one unintentionally hits a nerve. So it was this week when scrolling through my Twitter timeline I saw a map posted by a US academic I follow; just as a comment in response I put up another map. Here they are -

If I'd wanted to get a full flavour taste of the culture war in the US I couldn't have done better; over 50,000 impressions and a representative array of comments from the hostile (essentially the US Census Bureau was racist for making such a map) to the scientific and including a score from Americans who had little idea they were so German. Well, there may or may not be a correlation there, but the important thing is we're six months into this pandemic and we still don't fully understand it. So anything that might point to risk is relevant.

I'd like to see more maps. I'd like to see maps of poverty, overcrowding, extent of medical insurance, housing tenure and other potential factors. I'd like to know more about those lands and reservations in which native Americans have been so badly hit - their populations were devastated by coronaviruses caught from Europeans in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can never have too many maps. 

And for the apparently huge cohort of Americans who have never seen a map of their own ancestry made by their own government before, well, glad to have been of assistance in improving your knowledge. Knowledge often leads to wisdom.


Michael said...

No Canadians?

Span Ows said...

Very good. Stirring up the hornets nest!

"You can never have too many maps."

Yes, I agree entirely.

Clearly racists developed this COVID variation...ah, the Chinese, nuff said.

Pat said...

I note a lot of areas dominated by people of non-native American descent. Who are they?

Mark said...

That's what I was thinking, the difference between American and native American.

DiscoveredJoys said...

We British tut tut at the USA for failing to address the issues of 'race' yet in some ways trying to avoid adding more heat to an already poor situation is understandable. Not likely to advance any understanding or solutions though.

And yet we shouldn't be too smug... I've seen no UK breakdown of COVID 19 infections or deaths by ethnic heritage published. I don't even know if they are publically available. We've been told that BAME people are more likely to be infected (and die?) from COVID 19. Leicester has had lockdown extended because of the rate of new infections. Leicester's population was approximately 43% BAME in the 2011 census... and still this doesn't get mentioned.

We could get a lot of insight from investigating why BAME people are more at risk - but first we would have to acknowledge the reality of BAME ethnic heritages before we could investigate the differences in genetics and/or cultures and/or diet and/or poverty etc.

It seems like fear of being called racist trumps desire to limit deaths.

Raedwald said...

'American' is a self-described characteristic in the census that was widely used by those of white migrant stock in the area of the old Confederate States.

Unknown said...

BAME is a grouping that is so vague as to be useless. There is no resemblance genetically between a Nigerian and a person from the north of Pakistan or one from Bangladesh. And Africa is the home of people with a wide variety of genetic variation.

Even saying that Leicester has a big population of Indians doesn't help much -- there is as much difference between parts of India as there is between Oslo and Istanbul.

Researchers certainly should be looking at the genetics but "BAME" is just a replacement for "wogs".

Don Cox

Raedwald said...

DJ - good points. In order to help our felllow citizens we must not be coy about the data.

However, ethnic breakdown down to the lowest super output areas is freely available, from the 2011 census, and Covid infections by postcode is being made available to health professionals but not to the public. So someone somewhere is certainly making those maps, but for, I suspect, quite good reasons they're not being released. There are some fecking thick bigots *from both extremes* out there about a fag paper away from pitchforks and burning brands.

DiscoveredJoys said...

A Raedwald 10:30

I am almost certain that you are correct. And yes there are some fecking thick bigots *from both extremes* out there who would use the data for evil purposes or suppress it for evil purposes.

And yes I understand why scientists are reluctant to publish after previous receptions of books and papers discussing 'race' (see 'The Bell Curve' or Steve Hsu losing his job).

Some suppress with good intentions, and some suppress because it hinders their political aims. But suppressing the debate is censorship and harmful in the longer term.

Greg T said...

C-19 is most prevalent in areas of high population density ISTM ....
Also, remember these are REPORTED cases ... there are lots of unreported ones.
There is almost certainly a genetic component, in that "S Asian" people are the most susceptible, actually.
As for "race" - please define, because it's almost impossible - skin colouration certainly is NOT a marker - I have a light-brown neighbour, but he is (AHEM) an "Aryan" like me - in other words an indo-european.
The US uses "caucasian" - but no-one else does, because its bollocks.
And so on & on & on ....

Sebastian Weetabix said...

@Raedwald: self-described “American” migrant stock in the area of the confederacy are almost invariably Ulster-Scots in origin.

Stephen J said...

It seems to me that a major correlation is density of population. those German areas are mostly empty farmland, whilst the old Confederate areas where the cotton fields and high concentration of slaves who worked them were squashed together. Similarly the big cities where various different nationalities in different cities make up the majority and are squashed together in higher density.

Add to that, the difficulty that people of African descent have in manufacturing vitamin D due to the melanin which is there to protect them from the harsh African sun and you have a reasonable hazard at a guess.

The most deprived people are of course the native Americans from whom Europeans stole their lands in return for our viruses.

This is not rocketry, surely?

My concern is not so much about race or heritage, it is far more about Smeagol's question to Frodo...

"What's it got in it's pocketses?"

The authorities are (in my view) hiding data such as provided here, for no more reason that it (the state) hides everything else that it hides.

The main hidden thing is the idea that the world is a global village and we are all going to have to put up with it for the sake of big buisness... inch by inch they break down our old traditions in exchange for strings of glittery beads, lovingly crafted by teenage Chinese slaves/craftspeople.

There is a general consensus amongst globalists, that nation is bad, and global is good, whilst at the same time the people that they claim to be in charge of, are whatever their colour mostly (small c) conservative, who love their home, their family and their traditions and ceremonies, wherever they originally came from.

That much is fairly clear from the maps, peoples from different European and African nations, have colonised what is now the USA and stayed in the areas where their European or African settlers came from, and tried to make a new homeland.

Or in the case of the southern extremity, where the US absorbed the Mexican borderlands, in which case these people have been there since Spain colonised the area in the 1500's.

The truth is, no matter our colour or heritage, we are all being treated as slaves by what amounts to nothing much more than the "school bully".

Which leads to another question:

What is "progress"? It surely can't just be the abolition of cash, which seems to be the first casualty of this period of house arrest at gunpoint? They have got something else in their pocketses, and soon all will be revealed.

Certainly setting race against race, and old nationality against another is of course a great way of causing friction, and what better way to go about it that putting the whole world under house arrest for something that we can't do anything about. Really this whole confection is about socialist (aka big government) control and power being exerted at the point of a gun.

Lastly (and completely off topic).... Do not click on the "I am not a robot" box and your comment will be published without any hassle from Googley, just click publish.

Anonymous said...

Greg T said @ 11:08

'The US uses "caucasian" - but no-one else does, because its bollocks.'

Not quite 'bollocks', mate.

The term “caucasian” originated in the late 18th century, being coined by a scientist Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, after he noticed a striking resemblance of the skulls of people living in Caucasus with Europeans, Arabs and Indians; and correctly assumed the genetic convergence that was later conclusively proven correct.

Caucasian is considered the larger race whilst white is the smaller one - the main difference between whites and Caucasians is directly related to the colour of the skin. Compared to Caucasians, white people have fair skin. The nose and lips also differ.

Snake Oil Update:

Coronavirus: A New Study Finds Hydroxychloroquine Administered Early Decreased Mortality Hazard Ratio by 66 per cent.


Anonymous said...

This is a note to Don Cox. My MP, who is of the party I support, is of Indian heritage. While canvassing on his behalf, I encountered a particularly unpleasant man who answered me with "I don't vote for no coons". It turned out that this man was a resolute Labour Party supporter, having been a staunch Union Member while he had spent several decades as a dustman - he was now retired. I wish now that I'd been quicker thinking, because I could then have explained that my man was not a coon, but a wog, and that the voter was as ill-educated as he was offensive. And that it didn't matter anyway, because the Labour candidate was not only of Indian or Pakistani origins himself, but was also a first-generation immigrant rather than someone whose ancestors had migrated to the UK and our candidate had been born, raised, and educated here.

Anonymous said...

A map of the frequency with which citizens have to use public transport to get to and from work, as opposed to private means is, I am told, highly revealing too.

Juking said...

There were three million slaves transported into North America.
Four million Italians emigrated into America.

How come all the Italians seem to have ended up in New York ?

Span Ows said...

Juking, they stayed around to fight the paddies.

Anon 13:43, "Wogs begin at Calais" was indeed coined by a Labour MP. And the BNP - when it had very modest success - got most of its members from disgruntled Labour ranks.

Doonhamer said...

What happened to all the Scots?
Did they just hang around for a bit giving names to places and then all go to Canada because they wanted somewhere cooler, still in the empire, snd no slavery?

Raedwald said...

Doonhammer ... now pour a dram and sit yourself down.

I have a feeling the USCB includes Scots and Welsh in 'English'

John Brown said...

Stephen J @ 12:01

"The main hidden thing is the idea that the world is a global village and we are all going to have to put up with it for the sake of big buisness... inch by inch they break down our old traditions in exchange for strings of glittery beads, lovingly crafted by teenage Chinese slaves/craftspeople.

There is a general consensus amongst globalists, that nation is bad, and global is good, whilst at the same time the people that they claim to be in charge of, are whatever their colour mostly (small c) conservative, who love their home, their family and their traditions and ceremonies, wherever they originally came from.”

“Yes”, the big business globalists are only interested in maximising their profits and one way to do this is by moving cheap labour to where they can use it to its greatest effect.

The GB globalists in the 17th century bought slaves in Africa and transported them to North America and the Caribbean to work on their plantations and in the latter part of the 20th century they saw how an EU could be expanded to include much cheaper eastern European labour and through the principle of “freedom movement” be used to provide cheap labour in western Europe, holding down wages levels and obviating the need for investment in new technology.

[This was after using UK taxpayer money to fund the moving of their factories out of the UK to parts of the EU (and even outside of the EU (Turkey)) where labour was cheaper.]

In the case of the UK, 1m polish people moved to the UK – a figure far larger than the 5K to 13K estimate given to us by globalist Blair for all the expected immigration from all the 2004 accession countries.

DiscoveredJoys said...

From the BBC(!) website

"Who is most at risk from coronavirus?
Most recorded coronavirus deaths have been among the elderly, with NHS England figures showing more than half of deaths have been among people aged over 80.

The disease appears to disproportionally affect men in their 50s and 60s, and the death rate for men outstrips women across all age ranges.

People with underlying health conditions are also at greater risk regardless of age.

Research by Public Health England (PHE) has also found that people from ethnic minorities have a much higher risk of dying from coronavirus than people of white British ethnicity. But it is still not clear whay - the study did not take into account occupations or obesity, which are also known to be high risk factors.

Another study found that South Asian people were the most likely to die from coronavirus after being admitted to hospital. It is the only ethnic group to have a raised risk of death in hospital, which researchers believe is partly due to high levels of diabetes.

The most deprived parts of England and Wales have been hit twice as hard by coronavirus as wealthier areas, according to the ONS."

The site also contains some numbers for Infection rates by local authority... but only for the last two weeks.

Dave_G said...

I doubt we'll ever know enough about C19 to make assumptions on cause, effect, distribution etc since we'll never be told the TRUE details. Everything I see/hear/read about it seems contradictory - from the actual number of infections to the genuine deaths-from figures, BAME susceptibility etc.

The only thing we know is that it is ALL being managed to suit a purpose (unknown) and that genuine facts will be hidden for as long as it suits the manipulators.

Michael said...

I agree, Dave-G.

Directly the Covid threat became apparent, the great spread-sheet on high became activated, and citizens in the UK (and probably elsewhere), became a subject matter, not the individuals concerned.

Numbers games like this have been around for years now, probably since MS Excel became a self-contained lie -sheet, but if you'd wanted to pop probability into the use of the big hospital by the same name, you'd still be in a total quandary.

We'll never find out, probably because absolutely nobody really knows.