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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Universities must banish Islamism

The government, through HFE funding, can force an immediate change for all new undergraduates wishing to attend UK universities that will significantly curb Islamism and make Islamist speech and action as unacceptable as racism or sexism. Simply, all new students must sign a declaration abrogating the seven key indicators of Islamism, and agreeing that should they be caught expressing or arguing such views it will be grounds for immediate expulsion. 

Islamism is not a matter for freedom of thought. Islamism is not a human right. Islamism is a perverse and inhuman death-cult that has no place whatsoever in a western democracy. It must be stamped out from every aspect of public life.  


DeeDee99 said...

The same should apply to the entire public sphere: schools, charities, mosques and any other public-sector organisation. If they won't sign such a declaration they should be closed down.

Ed P said...

That's (one of) the only two memorable statements* DC made whilst PM. Despite overall being one of the most useless PMs ever, it redeems him slightly in my view.

(Obviously Brexit was never his intention, so despite the stunning (still hoped for) outcome, he receives no glory for that.)

* "Too many twitters make a twat" was the other one.

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Thanks to Taqiya and Kitman, they will all just sign it anyway. Can you see the average leftie Vice-Chancellor then expelling anyone? Me neither.

We need an edict of expulsion.

Dave_G said...

For a Government that can't even bring itself to openly admit there is actually a problem centred on Islam I find it impossible to believe any such restrictions could or would ever be applied.

What Cameron said was said on foreign ground, for a foreign audience. A distinct case of do what I say, not what I do. Plenty of other examples abound. But, bringing such policies home? Forget it.

The only party with a 'proper' policy for tackling Islamism is UKIP - and they've been castrated by the media, not helped by their own internal wrangling.

If - and it's a big if - we get to the NEXT General Election and find 'situation normal - nothing's changed' then, and only then, might UKIP, hopefully in a revised and more stable guise, pull in votes to once again make the establishment sit up, take notice and actually DO something.

We've got at least another 5 years of this Islamist sh1t to put up with.


barnacle bill said...

Whiilst the Cameroon hit the nail on it's head with that definitions we all know that none of our political elites will never use them as guidelines to sort out the Islamic problem they have imported to this once fair country.

They all hope that when the time comes they will be spared from being thrown from the nearest high building. That they daughters will not be enslaved. That they can continue to enjoy the good life at our expense because of their broon nosing to the Muslim community.

Well I have news for them - they'll be in the queue with the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

I am not convinced that, outside of STEM subjects, and added English, Architecture, Geography and History there is, any need of kids attending a finishing school for snowflakes/what are named universities

Furthermore, the Marxist pedagoguery are equally shorn of academic objectivity, if they refuse to acknowledge 'north' even the truth, decline to teach a balanced viewpoint ie both sides of the argument and if they do not, the difference between brainwashing and lecturing cannot be discerned, I perceive. Indeed, what why the fekking hell is the state/taxpayer paying these fuckwits a salary?

What is also required, academic rigour, in that only the best students should attend university. The problem is though, from first school and preskool 'our' kids are not taught how to think critically, worse their little heads are stuffed full of nebulous concepts and heavily skewed dogma and at worst it is hammered into them that; from anywhere, any creed, any other school of thought is more valuable than our own proud tradition, culture, history - its heritage! FFS! it leaves one to beg, what is the point of furthering their [children's] education to degree level if, they are incapable, more likely not willing to, and of imbibing higher thought and learned texts?

Across the university sector and because the self styled intelligentsia the high priests of political correctness permeate and continue to poison UK campuses and run them by using the wand of multiculti, where, some are deemed far more equal than others. Add into this mix, in the form of vast Arab funding of faculties dedicated to the transmogrification of Britain into some Islamic satrapy beholden to the Medina madmen. Further to this usurpation, the Islamists are dictating to the University authorities and dominating the student unions to such an extent that, in the past thirty years university life for freshers to graduates is altered beyond, gone way past 'the pale'.

I am nailed on sure that, there are moves to ban alcohol and any sort of giddy excess on uni campuses [it'll be OK to do proscribed drugs though me bros is dealin it innit?]. Think, all of this 'safe space', 'no platforming' and at the drop of a hat rent-a-mob its vicious thuggery mustered when people come onto the campus who do not fit into the students' closed mind where, what could possibly be the source of that?

I propose closure of just about all Humanities faculties; social studies, economics, sociology = BS. Into, the teacher training colleges need to be thoroughly overhauled and all teachers vetted, private schools can hire outside of the pedagoguery but these candidates should also be 'scanned'.

If it ain't pure science, Phys, Chem, Biol, MicroBiol, ACE Advanced Computer Environment, Engineering, Maths, Architecture, English, History, Medicine, Geol, Phil, Geography and from primarily and dedicated British perspective - what the hell, all else is extraneous expenditure and the taxpayer is not at all getting any value for money.

And, of course just what you said R - totally agreed.


As an aside, but nevertheless pertinent, mother theresa is again promising to "tear up the yuman rites legislation" - how many times has she uttered those words, I'm reminded of cast iron, he once told us that multcult should be binned, trouble is he didn't ask George [soros], the NWO and his Generalfeldmarschall - Mutti, first...........................more shit, I dread the outcome but I need to see the back of this sordid election. I fucking hate the Tories but God knows I hate jezza, odonnell and abbopotamus even more.

mike fowle said...

The role of Home Secretary is very much under the control of the PM, more than most cabinet posts. Mrs May would simply have been replaced if she had not followed the Cameron line (i.e. promise to reduce immigration whilst calling anyone who has actual proposals a racist). I am prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt for a little while. There are *some* signs that she is emerging from the PC liberal consensus.

Mr Ecks said...

That is just more "Islamist" bollocks Radders.

Just as there is no "Ordinary Nazi vs Radical Nazis" split the RoP has worldwide support of between 40 to 60 % for all the very worst that it offers. And the ones not so keen on the nasty stuff will shut their mouths and do what their told by the rest--esp the clergy--when push comes to shove.

It seems Radders, you are determined to be fooled by Camoron's BluLabour bullshit.

Which makes you part of the problem not any sort of solution.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks said @ 08:54

'That is just more "Islamist" bollocks Radders.'

Yes it's a bit of a misnomer isn't it as Muslims are, ipso facto, Islamists. Politically correct folk use it out of fear. I prefer Muhammadan as it gets to the nub of the matter.

Former Muslim Ali Sina offered $50,000 to anyone
who could prove this wrong based on Islamic texts:

"Muhammad is a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a lecher, a cult leader, a madman, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter."

The reward has gone unclaimed.


G. Tingey said...

I trust everyone noticed the huge overlap between the Isalmist agenda & that of the Nazis?

Mr Ecks
You are an ignorant wanker
The Ahmadhi call themselves muslimns & are horribly persecuted, esp by the extreme Sunni sects, as they are very Quaker-like.
Ditto the Sufi.

So NOT "all muslims" fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

A lot of non-muslim students would tick five of those boxes.

Mr Ecks said...

Piss up your atheistic leg Tingey--since when were you concerned about the religious.

So approx 1% of the RoP don't endorse the nasty stuff AND have the courage to speak out. A shame the rest of them who don't want violence--or claim not to-- don't speak out either.

But they don't--and so what.

A difference that makes no difference IS no difference.

They should put that on your atheistic tombstone Tingey. It won't do you any good but you can contemplate it and despair for a while before the eternal blackness claims you.

Dadad said...

Of course all muslims will sign such a declaration. The koran explicitly tells them that they can and should lie, if it helps to advance the muslim cause.

Anonymous said...

Mr Ecks said @ 16:33

'Piss up your atheistic leg Tingey - since when were you concerned about the religious.'

Mr Tingey is a contrarian Mr Ecks, especially on religious matters. Not only does he attack religion relentlessly he attacks the religious. He has no real concern for the smaller denominations, because he's a nihilist. He's also a complete plank.


John Brown said...

I'm sorry to say that I do not think asking students to sign such a declaration will either be allowed by our politicians or even effective as Mulims are told they can lie to all non-believers with impunity.

We are in a hole and the first action we must take is to stop digging. This means we must halt completely all further immigration from Muslim countries. We are being invaded and we will be replaced if we do not take action now. with the result that Europe will become no different to the Middle East/Africa.

I also believe that radicalisation takes place long before University by the parents themselves despite protestations to the contrary. For instance, taking a child every every evening to Quran lessons should be treated as child abuse.

RAC said...

Why because of its controversial verses is the koran not banned in the UK under the prevention of terrorism act.

James Higham said...

The question of course is HOW to rid ourselves of it.

G. Tingey said...

Mr4 Igornat, stupid & probably fascist Ecks.
As an atheist, I study religion, because you need to know what your putative enemies are going to do. Also, I'm an escaped christian - so I know almost all of the bollocks & the revolting history, esp of christianity, but quite a bit about islam, agaion especially since I ran across Hiz-ut-Tahrir, before they were banned ( v unpleasant people, let me tell you )

As for peacufl islam, have you forgotten or chosen to ignore the Glasgow muslim shopkeeper ( Asad Shah ) who was brutally murdered, by an extremist, because he said "peace to all" at midwinter/christmas?
Link HERE:

You can eff off too.
ALL religion is based on (at least) moral blackmail, & even the harmless believers are still deluded.
I am concerned with the dangerous ones, so, of course, I tend to ignore the minor denominations, most of the time.
And what are your educational qualifications, I might ask, since I am emphatically not a complete plank .... (?)

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

Not just admission to a university

In my opinion, in this age, the vote should only be for

1. Adult subjects of the Crown, who have openly acknowledged their loyalty to the Crown.
2. Have never been convicted of a serious crime.
3. Have never engaged in Sedition or showing any allegiance to any power other then the Crown.
4. Are tax payers for at least 5 years
5. In addition to the above, those who have served in the Crown’s armed forces, and discharged with honour, two votes.

It should never be for criminals, welfare spongers (who will always vote for the party that promises more free goodies), and those who will never ever be loyal to the Christian realm of Her Majesty the Queen, and Sharia supporters, who will vote in a manner to damage or destroy her realm.

Anonymous said...

Anon on 7 June 2017 at 08:09

STEM subjects should be in special institutes of technology. This will allow the government to fund what is needed. Universities that wish to deal in media or Gender studies can do so, but at their, or the student's expense.

The criticism that STEM students will not be able to learn from a diverse culture no longer holds in a world where travel and exchange of information is easy and cheap.


Anonymous said...

Anon on Anon on 7 June 2017 at 08:09

Agreed with more or less everything you wrote.