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Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Remoaner sabotage reaches a new high

I wonder if we should have an assessed code, somewhat after the manner of terrorist warnings, in respect of attempts by Remoaners to sabotage Brexit? If so, We are forever in the highest categories of SUBSTANTIAL, SEVERE or CRITICAL. Ireland's government is I am sad to say little more than the EU's sock puppet. If left to the British and Irish we could sort the border in a day's talks. And now that loathsome putrefying old zombie Blair has risen from his grave to bother us all again - no doubt fomenting difficulties for the country of his birth.

Juncker and the Federasts are laughing in their muesli. Half the work of undermining the United Kingdom is being done by those with British passports. The Remoaners are now promoting a counter proposal that would see the UK as a 'Protectorate' of the EU much as Bohemia and Moravia was declared a Protectorate of the Reich. It means they govern us, and take whatever economic surplus we have, but we are not represented and have no say in our subservience.

You can be sure that the Federasts never want us again at the same table. They are charging ahead with proposals for their own army - yesterday announcing that they are formulating ways in which EU and NATO forces can exercise together, and take part in joint operations. A UK that could frustrate such jejune ambitions is simply not wanted - they want to live in La-La land away with the fairies without a nagging voice behind them. 

I've given May the benefit of the doubt so far in my mind; we can cope with the money, but my own red lines are complete freedom from the corrupt political court the ECJ and unencumbered repossession of our economic waters. If Theresa May is prepared to compromise on either of those then I join the 'no deal' camp, whatever the ensuing chaos. 

Brendan O'Neill nails it again in Spiked;
They want to Balkanise Britain. Carve it up into Remainer and Brexit enclaves. Divide a nation so that different zones are subject to different constitutions and principles and laws. This is the end point of the EU class’s elitist pseudo-cosmopolitan hatred for the nation: a situation where popular sovereignty comes to be superseded by a dynamic of fragmentation that’s entirely motored by the arrogant desire of the political class to escape the judgement and opinion of the people.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the vradkar bloke is going to get a punishment beating sometime soon. My wife who is an Irish passport holder (and Irish) is spitting tacks at his tactics. There are five million Irish passport holders living in the UK, that is more Irish people than in Ireland... But he has chosen the Nazi over the old foe, despite the British government's continuous concessions to that country made through the years, the last one being when we bailed out their sorry arses in 2008/9.

I am constantly amazed by the quality of Brendan O'Neill's articles, there are other good writers on Spiked too, but what amazes me is that he is a marxist, and he comments on what leftism has done to us. I suppose that it is better to understand the devil you know and use it against him.


Domo said...

On the one hand, I feel we should frustrate EUrope on principle
On the other, if it gets rid of of the cesspit that is Northern Ireland, win win.

Dave_G said...

If so much as ONE single requirement isn't met to our satisfaction we should simply leave under WTO rules.

Why the frantic worry? Well, I KNOW why we worry - I personally worry that the Government doesn't have the balls to accept the WTO solution (more likely are being bribed - or are in happy opposition to it anyway) but the people of the UK would happily allow it to happen.

The only problems with Brexit are those created and pushed by the EU. I am constantly amazed by the way .gov kowtows to every demand made by the EU when we and they know we have ALL the cards. Listen to J R-M and his clear, concise arguments for a clean break from the EU.

It's not rocket science, it's not even difficult. It's simply a matter of will and our leadership simply don't have it.

DeeDee99 said...

The quality of our Parliamentarians is at rock bottom and we have a Prime Minister who seems to think her role is to do what the EU dictates.

The pro-EU Remoaners are now claiming that if there is an indication that the British people "have changed their mind" then Brexit can be stopped and the Referendum result ignored.

Apparently proof that they've changed their minds will be if the polls indicate they have. That would be the polls that got the result of the Referendum wrong in the first place as well as the result of the General Election in 2010, 2015 and 2016.

They wouldn't dare hold a second (fair) Referendum for fear they'd get the same response as last time, but with bells on.

By refusing to deny it, David Davis confirmed in Parliament yesterday that May's intention is to sign the whole of the UK up to "regulatory alignment" with the EU.

That isn't LEAVING the EU or TAKING BACK CONTROL. It's turning the UK into a satrapy of the EU and means we will have left only in name.

The Brexiteers in the Cabinet (and Parliament) cannot possibly accept that. If Theresa May will no longer implement a REAL Brexit, they must bring her down.

Anonymous said...


I really wish that the politicians in the mainland of the UK had the kind of balls that Arlene Foster sports, as things stand at the moment, the only thing that stands between the "greater Germany" and British independence is her and her chums in Westminster.

rapscallion said...

Like you Radders, I was prepared to give May the benefit of the doubt. That now no longer holds true. Being a Remoaner, I think she thinks that Brexit means staying inside the Single Market and Customs union, and preferably under the jurisdiction of the ECJ as well. That is totally unacceptable. Brexit has to mean full sovereignty and independence. that our laws have primacy, and that we have border and territorial waters integrity.

Eire is playing a very dangerous game - when 80% of their trade is with the UK, they really are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

Normally I'd be one to continue trying to find a solution, if only to make the EU look like it is not acting as an honest broker. That is clear to anybody who has eyes and ears. Reluctantly I think it's time to walk away.

All those who are undermining Brexit should be charged with Treason forthwith. I would say those who hold British Passports, but technically speaking nobody does - we all hold EU passports. It is merely an EU passport issued by the British State.

jack ketch said...

Thank the Lord for Arlene and the DUP...and as a former card carrying member of Sinn Féin I really never dreamed I would be saying that, bunch of tangerine flavoured Irish cunts that they are! But the sight of OberBrexϟϟhiteur Davis trying to sell 'alignment' (whatever that is- I have no idea and i suspect he doesn't either) almost made up for his treacherous treatment of the HoC last week.

Am now praying Arlene will go into full on Dr No-mode "NO! NO!NO! NO ALIGNMENT!"

Peter MacFarlane said...

It's been completely obvious for some time that the EU has no intention of negotiating an anything resembling good faith; their only aims are constant bullying, obstruction and extortion.

And now I do not think Mrs. May is in earnest either. I do not know whether her game is to keep on surrendering until there is nothing left, or to keep annoying her supporters until she is removed and it becomes someone else's problem.

Either way, it is beginning to look like the final end of our democracy.

A plague on all of their houses.

Budgie said...

There are 168 countries in the world not in the EU, and a further 3 which have signed the EEA agreement. So 165 countries get by just fine without the EU. There is no reason that the UK cannot join the 165.

There are 164 members of the WTO of which 28 are also in the EU. So the vast majority of the value of world trade is covered by WTO rules. Of the UK's exports about 61% are to the rest of the world and 39% to the EU (ex Rotterdam effect, using the ONS guess of 4%). That means we are much more successful trading under WTO rules, than under EU rules. And only c11% of UK GDP consists of exports to the EU. That's all.

Meanwhile Mrs May and the other Remain politicians, and the Remain civil service, are prepared to: jeopardise the very existence of the UK as we know it; pay huge amounts of our money (probably beyond £100bn, upfront and ongoing); remain under ECJ jurisdiction; sign up to military, diplomatic and security subservience to the EU; engage in an open ended "transition"; compromise our fishing rights; and maintain full regulatory alignment with the SM and CU. This is beyond appeasement it is a train wreck of incompetence and treason.

The only real alternative is to walk away from the EU and trade with every country under the WTO rules. The sooner the better. We could have been out by now.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick my head out and say we won't have a deal this time next year. It must be remembered that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is a withdrawal process that is not dependant on an agreement being reached. The near total bollocks we're witnessing is the political class having a collective mental breakdown at the thought of running a country. Sad, sad fuckers who can't see the glory of independence and the pride that comes from being a sovereign nation.

Blair, Mandelson, Clegg, Clarke, et al:

Globalists; nation breakers; self-haters, the anti-white, pissed on migrants, One World Government makers.

I'd hang then all in a trice.


Cascadian said...

Every week brings another item of appeasement, the latest being abandonment of Northern Ireland. Talk of red lines are as farcical as obama's flaccid red lines. The eventual aim as everybody now understands is that you arrive back at a point where NOTHING changes.

We need some levity, I wish President Trump would text Appeaser Theresa that the USA intends to move its yUK embassy to Londonderry, allow that nugget to penetrate Whitehall's thick skull, only Londonderry now truly represents the will of the British people. London's appeaser community does not represent the British people.

Well done Budgie you state the case succinctly, very little in the way of negotiations are necessary.

Cascadian said...

Another day, another betrayal, ho hum the red-lines come crashing down|