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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Tommy Robinson jailed - rightly

The British have long tried to apply injunctions, superinjunctions, gagging orders and censorship edicts to the activities of the judiciary and establishment. At the time of the Abdication, they imagined they could keep the news of the King's unlawful infidelity a secret from the nation at a time when whole column metres were devoted to reporting it not only across the Atlantic but across the Channel. As an aside, one of the great freedoms that smaller nation-states can enjoy when not part of a global or continental legal jurisdiction is popular knowledge of establishment wrong-doing. If the EU survives, I pity its poor citizens - who will have to depend on British or US sources for the truth once Brussels closes down internal free information, probably on the grounds that the wealthy and powerful have an absolute right to privacy, even when exploiting the poor, stealing from the state, subverting democracy or stuffing their mouths with gold by criminal malfeasance. We can call this the [NAME REDACTED] school of media licensing. 

It now emerges that there were not one but two Censorship Orders issued around a criminal case now being heard somewhere north of Watford. The first we have referred to below, referring to the case itself. This is still in force. The second, now withdrawn, related to the arrest of Tommy Robinson. He has subsequently pleaded guilty to contempt of court - that his activities were sub judice and risked prejudicing a fair trial for those currently in the dock. Frankly, his activities were asinine and in my view his sentence is deserved. Those inclined to protest may consider whether they would also have defended the rights of the brownshirts to smash shop windows and burn books - activities equally anti-democratic and as harmful to us all as disrupting the exercise of justice. Smashing shop windows and burning books are not 'freedom of expression' - they are acts of shameful intimidation. Our courts must be free, open and independent for all our sakes. This is why even though I am deeply suspicious of the first gagging order - censoring any mention of the case in progress, even normally permissible factual reporting - I will uphold it on this blog. 

When the trial is over we will learn the judge's reasons for imposing this restriction. If it proves to have been for sound reasons in the interests of justice, fair enough. If it proves to have been made for reasons of political expediency, or for protecting the establishment from scrutiny, then is the time to take to the streets. Until then, we must all pretend we know nothing.

As many Tommy comments as you like in the comments folks but NO mention of the case, the town, the court or the defendants that are the subject of the Censorship Order, please.

I think Guido's Monday Morning view rather cruelly makes the point;



Anonymous said...

All I've got to say is BBC and Huddersfield Examiner?!?

Stephen J said...

One of your correspondents from your previous piece about this subject posted a video.

I can't remember who the presenter was, possibly the Canadian Laura...

I am not a hater, so I don't have much time for any of this mob, but what I do seem to be witnessing is disproportionality, and frequently this is what they are referring to in their complaints.

We have the case of the Scottish bloke and his dog, we have the new version of UKIP, which I find genuinely worrying.... Where is a right-wing liberal minded person to hang his hat now?

And we have Ms. Sother telling us that what "redacted" was doing was reading from a report in the Huddersfield Mail (??) a report from the courtroom. In other words, he was regurgitating something that was already published, public material.

However, it is true that he doesn't have much that is original to impart, neither is he one of the great minds.

But still.

The point about the establishment targetting particular un-PC views, whilst ignoring (nay sponsoring) some pretty unpleasant views and activities from the likes of the SNP, most Labour wonks and their associates like HnH and antifa (there is an oxymoron if ever there was one), stands up pretty well.

I won't be joining the "free redacted" movement any time soon, but it takes two to tango Raedwald.

Stephen J said...

... Oh and let us not forget the millions of tons of remainer sh1t that is given airtime...

I mean...

Just WHO IS THIS SOROS character?

He seems to hate the English, not just the brown ones.

Dave_G said...

I too see a distinct level of bias in the circumstances surrounding redacted.

I didn't see redacted doing anything to warrant his arrest and suggest there is a very prominent establishment desire to close down conversation of the subject matter. Suggest? Sorry. I meant to say it's a blatant FACT.

The media complicity in refusing to highlight an obvious very serious problem in our society - not to mention the craven and potentially criminal neglect to arrest and prosecute in a timely manner - does nothing to mitigate the situation.

The issue of Islamic practises is well out of hand, is seemingly sanctioned by .gov and has CAUSED the likes of redacted to act in the way he has. If it wasn't him, it would be someone else. More strength to his cause I say as I'm (sadly) not the kind of person (yet) who would have the moral courage to do as he did/does.

But we must extend our concern past his incarceration and towards the potential effects of such on his person. Redacted has already felt the effect of 'deliberate' placement in institutes that harbour people with a grudge against him and you can't ignore the fact that this seems more than just co-incidental.

God alone knows how the public will react if redacted becomes a martyr over this issue.

PS - fcuking captcha.....

jack ketch said...

Just WHO IS THIS SOROS character?-right writes

I too am puzzled as to why Soros is doing this now. It seems a blatant feint- too little, too late and deeply deeply misguided (the absolute last thing the yUK needs is another referendum- even if the polls are now saying Remain would win).
If Soros really wanted to stop brexSShite he could do a far better job.

Stephen J said...

You see Raedwald, in another reality zone than yours, someone that says things like Jackshite about the majority of sensible people of this country wanting to leave the European Nazi government behind them...

Might end up being whipped off to gaol.

APL said...

"Tommy Robinson jailed - rightly"

Tommy Robinson was set up. Now he will go to jail for eleven ( or whatever months ) into an environment that no longer accommodates Mr Bridger but Mad Mo head chopper.

The Independent wrings its hands over the fact that Musslemen are disproportionately represented in British prisons. The proportion of head choppers has increased 50% over ten years ago.

'Breach of the peace' covers such a broad spectrum of behavior, that just arguing with a Police officer who wants you to do a thing constitutes 'breach of the peace'.

Robinson, has been cast by the Main stream media as a malevolent instrument of the 'far right'.

What he actually did was set up an organisation that opposed the 'grooming gangs' that were even then active and being ignored by the British establishment', Police, so called Social services, and MPs.

When Robinson first set up the EDL in response to Mussleman grooming of little British girls, he was vilified and called a liar. We now know he was absolutely accurate and truthful on the subject.

In fact the trial he was reporting on - because that was what he was doing, the rest of the British media have ignored the topic except when it has become absolutely impossible to ignore - is just a continuation of his original mission. To bring publicity and official action against the Mussleman grooming gangs that have preyed on young - rather gullible English girls.

Now one is rather suspecting that the British establishment has had more than a hand in the whole thing. Perhaps it is a coincidence that Cyril Smith has been outed as a paedophile ( with a villa in Praia da Luz ), in 2012 the CPS admitted Smith should have been charged with the sexual abuse of boys during his lifetime.

Police have insinuated that the former Prime minister Edward Heath was a paedophile who, were he not so well connected may have been prosecuted too.

But two instances, and it's easy to 'come across' more ( no pun intended ), and an ugly picture of very large magnitude might be starting to emerge.

If Tommy Robinson is chipping away at the masquerade, it's hardly surprising that the establishment would like him out of the way.

Should Robinson meet an unfortunate end in the next eleven months, that would serve the Musslemen, who could crow about their Moon god's punishment for the infidel, it and the British establishment who could blame the Musslemen, but at the same time have a thorn pulled from their side.

The only people to suffer, is the young stupid English girls who are currently being exploited in this country right now.

This is an ongoing problem, and no one is doing much about it.

Shabir Ahmed for example, was convicted of two rapes, trafficking, conspiracy and sexual assault, ( no doubt specimen charges ). Was sentenced in 2012 to a maximum of 22 years. In the same article on the BBC website dated Feb 2017 it's reported that Ahmed has been released on licence

In fact Tommy Robinson has not been 'rightly' jailed, Tommy Robinson is a political prisoner in the British Police state.

Bill Quango MP said...

There is a blog commenter, on GF and GP, who every day, lists the migrant traffic boats. Plots the course on satellite image of the NGO boats picking up immigrants off the shores of Libya and taking them to Italy.

The poster, unfortunately named, Crap Hatter, has been showing the details of the registrations. Port of origin. Rendezvous at sea and erratic people searching courses of these registered vessels, for many years now.


Because no one else is interested. The EU isn't. The charities certainly aren't. The navies aren't. Only the Italians and Greek southern citizens might be.
Yet he posts his info anyway. As an outlet. To let people know.

Katie Hopkins barrels her way into the most unpleasant of places. And reports in her outrageous, provocative,abrasive way on all manner of 'un PC' issues and events occurring in the world. Specifically, the issues the rest of the MSM are timid about examining.

Tredacted does similar. Very aggressively barging into workplaces and public spaces to thrust a microphone and record reaction.
Again, he targets a certain group, who he believes are either committing crime out of proportion to numbers, or are having a bit of an easy time in the media.

I would suggest that mostly, this view is wrong. With one large caveat.

Firstly, the migrant boats. The Calais camps and Swedish migrant no-go areas have all been covered in the media. As have the trials of the teenager groomers.
Maajid Nawaz, LBC and broadcaster, has made the case for stronger reporting and less pussyfooting around of the cases, many many times.

However,the main national broadcaster must bear a large part of the blame for this increasingly angry, and agitated reponse from ordinary citizens.

It always maintains a liberal left view. It reports in a liberal left way. It is cautious to the point oif outright cowardice. It is undeniably, London bubble news only.The slightest NHS, public sector, anti-Righty, Pro-arts or BBC featured story makes the news.

And THAT, coupled with everything from its pro-green stance. Pro-EU outlook. and refusal to even mention immigration for many decades, is what is making, possibly forcing, some people onto the streets with their own protest.

This applies equally to the Korbyns. Who also fear their brand of wonderloaf doesn't get a fair hearing. Which, it doesn't. Its just reported or not reported and rather lazily, historically attacked. Instead of given the outright economic stomping it deserves.

Anonymous said...

The British Establishment ignored the ongoing mass rapes of young British girls for decades. When the matter could no longer be ignored, it belatedly set about bringing to court a few of the perpetrators, then making sure the media will not report it. The sentence could then be made exemplary, and the perpetrator released quietly without fuss, a few months later. In a few years the matter would be forgotten. A decade later, a documentary would be made on the shame of it all. Lessons learned and all that.

It is difficult to now give the same establishment the benefit that they are acting with exemplary rectitude.


APL said...

Bill Quango MP: "The Calais camps and [ snip irreverent to Britain ] have all been covered in the media."

Yes, they've been covered. But only from the perspective of an emotionally incontinent child stuck in a bath of treacle.

We always must help these people! Never is the question, 'Why do they need refuge in the UK, if they are currently living in Europe?' asked.

The BBC is pushing the George Soros Open Borders agenda.

Bill Quango MP: "As have the trials of the teenager groomers."

Not true. We get the outcome. We get the sentence**, but most of the time we never hear the conduct of the trial. It was a surprise to hear recently that thirteen Somali's where tried in Bristol for the rape, abduction, exploitation and ruination of several thousand teenage girls. - let that sink in - Several thousand young girls.

By contrast, Max Clifford had the press camped outside his house.

** And we later find they have been released before the end of their sentences.

These are not crimes where a guy gets drunk and assaults a girl. These are systematic programs of rape, exploitation and abuse. Yet in the press, we hear the continuous University Rape epidemic nonsense.

In the case of the thirteen Somalis, who were convicted in Bristol. There is never a discussion following the trial as to the cost of accommodating these criminals. For example, a prisoner in a British prison costs about £35K each year. In the case of the Bristol gang, they are now costing the British tax payer £350K each year.

The guys in Rochdale, another group of ten or so, another £350K each year. Ignoring the costs of the trials, and not least the cost to the lives of the thousands of young girls in and around Bristol.

If we had heard reports of the systematic rape of thousands of girls of one ethnnic group by men of another group in say, Rwanda, the British government would have raised the issue at the United Kingdom, be talking about a British army task force, and been wringing their hands on BBC prime time Television news.

British girls? - a cover up.

Bill Quango, if you really are an MP, you should be utterly ashamed of your own response, and that of the class of the establishment you represent.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, Suppose you are perfectly right that Robinson (Lennon) risked prejudicing a fair trial. You then have to justify why the authorities/establishment/PTB are so remarkably correct, timely and competent in handling Robinson's contempt (your view), yet failed the victims so comprehensively over the last 20 or more years, including failing to punish at least some of the perpetrators adequately.

This is not the first such case by a long way. It is likely not the last. It is too late for the authorities to pretend that they are behaving correctly or fairly. You are mistaken - the issue is not Robinson, the issue is the establishment. Clearly Robinson is narcissistic and a self publicist. Yet he also has a courage that few of us possess.

I first heard of the grooming gangs from a BNP activist at an election count in 2001. I dismissed it as the bigotry and ravings of "asinine" extremists. I was wrong. You may not like the messenger, but dismissing his message because he is not perfect is hiding your head in the sand. The establishment should be better than people like Robinson. The reality is they are a lot worse.

APL said...

"British government would have raised the issue at the United Kingdom"

*British government would have raised the issue at the United Nations*

Bill Quango MP said...

I am not ashamed, APL.
Especially as I am essentially in agreement with you.

the measure, tone and weight of reporting is what is wrong.

The solution of the T-Redacted and Hopkins is not thee right one. Many many people won't listen to a word they say because of the way they say it.

However, what else can people do?

The example of those that fought, reasonably and perfectly legally, the electoral commission, people vs establishment, is a rare one with a victory.

And hasn't been followed up elsewhere.

My view is, having an establishment anti-establishment figure , Nigel Farage, UKIP, George Galloway,Respect, is a better way to drive the message than trying to do it from a one man/woman band, angry attack agenda.

APL said...

Sound indictment of British MPs, sound conclusion too.

Mr Ecks said...

Radders--once again you make yourself out a fool. And keep company with dross like Seaman Staines , The Secret Barrack-Room Lawdog and other such sold out womiccumalobus dross.

Everybody please read this link--it says it better than I can.

and this one:

Not to mention it was a sentencing hearing--the defendants were already found guilty. And that their names/guilt would be in the public domain long before the next set of trials. What adverse effects are there on already concluded trials?. Unless its the Judges they are worried about . They should be because it seems they are subject to all sorts of outside influences.

Contrast this circus of oh-so-massive-concern-for-fair-trials with the pre-trial press circus against old white slebs--justified so as to have more "victims" come forward. Something the so-called authorities have shown fuck-all interest in having happen with victims of imported rape gangs. Can't return the girls--the few they are pushed to bother with-- to silence fast enough can't the Plod/CPS. While the old whites slebs not only had a press storm against them personally but had their trials take place in the middle of a vast media and state created Jimmy Saville-inspired full-blown paedo hysteria. With even govt figures commenting on the wickedness of ( presumably non-imported only) paedos. How did that mass of mess not reach ANY jury?

Who cares? They were only white blokes after all.

Think on Radders. Think on.

APL said...

Mr Ecks: "And keep company with dross like Seaman Staines .. "

Assuming you mean Paul Staines and the establishment Guido Fawkes blog.

It has taken a plunge from one time anti establishment stance to a toe curling boot licking lap puppy of an operation. Don't go there often these days.

Like so many before him, Staines has joined the ranks of the Establishment and found it to be very comfortable indeed, thank you very much Plebs.

Bill Quango: "I am not ashamed. "

And I'm not surprised to hear it.

rapscallion said...

Concur with Mr Ecks - sorry Radders, but you're wrong on this one.
Tommy Robinson was told by his brief that if he opted to plead guilty to the contempt of court charge (the Breach of the Peace charge having been dropped), that he would go free. So that is what he did.

Guido Fawkes has shown that he is an establishment poodle and his stance over TR has lost his site many contributors - myself included.

Personally i have to agree with Paul Weston -

APL said...

Bill Quango MP: "However what else can people do?"

It's a long shot, Bill. But maybe they might have a reasonable expectation that their MP is taking an interest in a scandal of such magnitude.

But to find that they are paying £70,000 for a 'tub of lard', can be a little dispiriting.

Bill Sticker said...

TR is a bit of a pain that's true, but the Livestream he was reporting on and arrested for was during the sentencing phase of the trial. As far as I'm aware, a Guilty verdict had already been passed down by the court at that stage.

Smoking Scot said...

@ right writes.

Prior to his adoptation of the George Soros handle, apparently he was baptised and answered to Gyorgi Schwartz.

Seems he was an unremarkable child born into a Jewish family. Along the way, when his philanthropic efforts began to matter, he became swayed by the Zionist elite.

The importance of this for megalomaniacs should not be underestimated. They open doors, provide insider information, force feed the ego and guarantee his name will never be forgotten.

Okay, that's dependant on his coughing up very substantial wedges of cash.

APL said...

Smoking Scot: "he was baptised and answered to Gyorgi Schwartz."


Smoking Scot: "Seems he was an unremarkable child born into a Jewish family. "

And an ( actual real life ) Nazi collaborator.

Anonymous said...

First time in the 8 years I've been reading your blog that I don't agree with what you've written Raedwald.

The police follow Robinson everywhere - from the time he leaves his house to the time he gets home. It's been like that for years. Previously it was NECTU, where he was numero uno on the list, and now it's the National Domestic Extremism Unit doing the following. They want to entrap him; get him out of circulation, preferably killed by a third party.

Police spotters were out at Speaker's Corner a few weeks ago, but Tommy had his own spotters so he got in and out without being arrested - they wouldn't dare arrest him in front of a crown of 4000. His life is a misery and he knows he might not make 40. People make sacrifices for the things they believe in and you'd do well to remember that Raedwald.

In a period starting in the early 80's and up until today over 9,000 pre-teen and teenage girls have been abused by mainly Pakistani Muslim gangs. Threatened, drugged, tortured, raped - both vaginally and anally (bottles inserted in the youngest). What were the police doing in the 80's, 90's or the 00's? Fuck all mate, other than trying to stop folk raising the alarm.

I've got no time for you today Raedwald. You can sniffle and snuffle about Tommy's 'contempt', joining Staines and his Blairite, centre-left self-hating Tory Boys over at Guido Fawkes, but the real crimes are happening out in the streets, of Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford.

See ya.


Dave_G said...

I may have touched upon this subject before ;)


This is the means by which .gov and the establishment strive to create the agenda against which people can rail but be declared 'denier' if they don't accept it.

Never mind the facts, the science, the evidence etc - if the 'consensus' is set then anyone that fails to follow is 'wrong' and attracts the usual deprecatory insults.

Redacted is 'far right wing' an 'activist', a 'rebel rouser', a 'bigot', a 'racist' etc etc. Or so we've been led to believe.


This is what .gov and the establishment are using to create an anti Brexit atmosphere, an anti-Russian perspective, a Globalist outlook and whatever else it is they want to control.

It started (I suppose) with cAGW - it's being used as a controlling tool ever since.

If we can stop (rather actively discredit) just ONE of the mainstream consensus positions maybe the others will topple as well?

mikebravo said...

Come of it Radders. He has been jailed for who he is rather than what he has done.
I know that whataboutery is bollocks but bail jumpers, suspended sentence and license breakers are hauled in front of a beak and re-released on a daily basis. Many of them dangerous to the public.
His offence is that he is dangerous to the state and we can't have the docile plebs being woken up.

APL said...

Bill Quango MP: "the measure, tone and weight of reporting is what is wrong. "

Yes, Bill. It's just a matter of nuance.

Meanwhile let me recall just two instances of what these Musslemen are up to.

Charlene Downs, disappeared. Her murderers were were never brought to trial, nor was her corpse was ever found, it is speculated, her body was ground up and sold to customers of a Kebab shop in Blackpool.

Later due to some inconsistencies of Police protocol, her alleged murderers were awarded £250,000 compensation.

Kris McDonald, abducted off the streets of Glasgow and unconnected with his attackers, tortured, by some accounts castrated, had petrol poured over him and was set on fire while still alive and left to die in agony.

Zahid Mohammed, admitted involvement in the abduction of Donald, was sentenced to FIVE years, AND HAS BEEN RELEASED AFTER SERVING HALF HIS SENTENCE.

These are just two, the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

But I'm glad you're OK with that tho., Bill.

I really don't know who is worse, the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, or those in the establishment who just laughs it all away.

Bill Quango MP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill Quango MP said...

Why are you putting this on me?
I didn't commit any crime? Agree any sentencing. Set any immigration policy. Or decide on the news schedule.

Neither did you.

You might as well blame all the evils on yourself as your involvement and mine is equal.

I wish I hadn't started now. As For the last time,


Which must make me at least a sub-moron for even engaging.

BTW - It was the linked trials - That's why the arrest was made of Tredacted.

APL said...

Bill Quango MP: "Why are you putting this on me?"

You seem to be claiming to be an MP, this is the opinion of a member of the public. This is supposedly a democracy, an Member of Parliament might reasonably be expected to pay attention when there is an issue of concern to the public.

Again, assuming you are what you claim to be (MP) have you asked any questions in Parliament about the racist attacks on the white population, disproportionately at the hands of a specific ethnic or religious group in the UK? Have you ever?

You are pretty quick with the insults, not too long ago in a factual post, your first knee jerk response was to level the accusation of 'Racist'.

I am still maintaining a polite disposition. So, your latest accusation of 'Moron' cuts no ice.

Smoking Scot said...


My sources.

(His real name is in the comment section - and you may be surprised to learn that them thar followers of Islam can't stand him either).

And good old Rosie, well she doesn't much like him at all. Nor it seems does President Trump's sprog.

Okay you got me on the baptism bit, so he underwent bris - when they the kid usually gets his foreskin whacked off.

Mr Ecks said...

RE linked trials: I copy my post from Tim Worstall's blog:

"Ok–In what way does having linked trials in sequence prevent guilty verdicts in the early trials –then announced in the public domain–affecting the result of subsequent cases?

Sure the Judge can order the Jury to disregard what they heard. But if that is all it took the whole case is about nothing. Every Jury should be told the same and problem over.

All I understand Tommy to have said was their names and that they were accused rapists which had already appeared on the BBC because that is where he got that info from. How by any credible standard is that jury fiddling/influencing by any means whatever? If there was more why don’t they simply publish it. Perhaps they wait for enough people to commit themselves to Tommy’s cause and TPTB will produce their COCrot bombshell–“There: aren’t you all ashamed!!! We were right all along” About everything maybe except what matters.

People are committing–unfortunately for the scummy state– to doing something about their country being destroyed and their women and girls violated. That is the cause Tommy Robinson has a fairly difficult life trying to advance and that is the cause for which people are beginning to stand up. Legal bullshit won’t cut it for the wannabe masters."

miker22 said...

Anonymous: "they wouldn't dare arrest him in front of a crown(sic) of 4000",
but he was actually being watched by a crowd of 10,000 on facebook before this arrest. I happened to be watching at the time. Tommy asked the police whether it was all right to film there and they said yes. It did not seem to me that he said anything prejudicial. There was no warning from the police when suddenly six or seven arrested him. I think the last time he was arrested for contempt of court the police came round at 4 in the morning the next day - quite unnecessary and obviously intended to intimidate. I have also seen film of him being followed all morning by a police car and when he challenged them (not aggressively) they admitted that they were under orders from above as they believed he was going to cause trouble. He was actually going shopping.

Mr Ecks said...

APL–In fairness Bill Quango MP almost certainly isn’t an MP anymore than the Vicar christened me “X X Ecks”.

No MP would dare blog at some of the places Bill turns up–that would be the end of him should he ever be found out.

APL said...

MrEcks: "In fairness Bill Quango MP almost certainly isn’t an MP "

Fair enough. Then it occurs to me that perhaps someone who runs around the interwebs impersonating an MP, presumably to accrue to himself some authority of that office, then complaining when folk actually mistake him for what he claims to be, and finally calling those folk a 'Moron', might actually be a real live specimen of the same.

MrEcks: "anymore than the Vicar christened me “X X Ecks”"

Sorry Bishop, won't happen again.

Cull The Badgers said...

I question the whole idea that public discussion on a matter of public interest and the law will prejudice fair trials.It is time the whole matter was opened up as it getting more and more oppressive.

jack ketch said...

I've asked these already over in JH's but am interested if anyone does have answers (I mean non-tin foil coated with ecky flavoured centre answers) :

The real questions remain:
1.why did the police hold him incommunicado/hide him from/lie to his lawyer?

2 Why did his lawyer give him such bad advice regarding reporting on restricted cases especially as her client was on a suspended sentence for the same offence at the time? George said, inbetween nose wipes, that they were in constant contact with her.

3. why did the court appointed lawyer give the advice to plead guilty when he must have known a guilty plea would mean prison time in TR’s case -being on a suspended?

4. Was Tommy allowed to consult with his own lawyer on the phone before the hearing?

5. and the biggest question of all: Why is TR such a fucking idiot to as believed such as he would get fair treatment from the PTB? Anyone else would have had Georgey carrying a ‘prison bag’ 24/7 (and I’m not joking when I say I never leave the house without my own ‘arrest kit’).

Span Ows said...

I agree with most of the comments here (and have followed and agree with most of the links provided. To simply jump at the first opportunity to be able to slag off TR when in reality he wouldn't be known at all if the media, police courts, social services and government all did what was right (OK,OK, that is pushing it!)

"He has subsequently pleaded guilty to contempt of court - that his activities were sub judice and risked prejudicing a fair trial for those currently in the dock."
WRONG! As has been pointed out, those in the dock were already found guilty.
Frankly, his activities were asinine and in my view his sentence is deserved.
Asinine? He was doing a public service and ALL our media don't seem to realise what they should be doing. And if you feel he deserved the sentence; far more than many of the rapists wills serve and 13 months more than the paedo imam who was allowed free because his wife couldn't speak English!! APL is wrong about the tip, it isn't even the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg.
Those inclined to protest may consider whether they would also have defended the rights of the brownshirts to smash shop windows and burn books - activities equally anti-democratic and as harmful to us all as disrupting the exercise of justice.
Biggest straw-man ever on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Incredibly, doing time for whatever trumped up buffoonery and invented charge and then sent down at the taxpayers expense for 13 months, ffs, now, they bail murderers on these islands.

Call him what you like, Robinson in his own way was standing bearing witness and at considerable personal risk, the abuse he was receiving was to say the least vile, some gentleman told him to go and **** his father and mother.

The only contempt here, is the jurisi-mprudence, its disdain and pusillanimous double standards exercised by the legal and hand in glove with the UK political Establishment, their perfidy is meted to the British people and shit on them from a great height they most certainly do and often.

Justice gone fucking perpetual walkabout in the UK.

I don't think we'll ever see her return..............

No JUSTICE, until there is a great, a massive recorrection and therein a reconnection to, and with the people.

As we see, these contemptuous clowns have severed all links to impartiality, balance and equity and to quote you Radders "openness" in that vital end, if, justice cannot be SEEN to be done - then it is not TRUE justice in any form that I know.

Wessexboy said...

Disappointed Raedwald.

Anonymous said...

The two claims made against TR had no foundation in law. His Barrister (lawyer)(officer of the court)was incompetent.
Getting his client to plead guilty was in itself misguidance.
If he had pleaded not guilty, and asked for full disclosure of the facts. The Judge would then be obliged to give him bail. Or the facts in writing.
TR did not jepardize proceedings,as the trial had ended. He clearly didn't, or intend to cause a "breach of the peace".
STAR CHAMBER is what this was. Lawyers eh..
Spot on Span Ows.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but I can only admire TR's bravery and tenacity: it's the same sort of bullheaded spirit that inspired people like Emily Davison to put themselves in danger for a cause that they believe in.

I can't work out the whole thing.
We know that the European Union has a declining birth rate, but encourages abortion and mass immigration.
And in the face of huge youth unemployment.

Why are our governments prepared to offer up our children as collateral in the process of importing this deranged death cult: aren't our governments supposed to work for and protect the people?

I also can not understand the inconsistency in the law at present: why are muslims allowed to congregate and pray in streets? Why are British laws on polygamy ignored? Why does humane slaughter only apply to everybody but followers of certain religions? I suspect that I could add more.

My own gripe is - 'the Left'.

I grew up under the wing of a protectionist Labour movement (rightly or wrongly) that protested against large movements of labour that undercut wages.
I also remember the Left being in the vanguard in the fight against religious domination of our lives: as they were in fighting for women's and homosexual's rights.

The cognitive leaps that some must perform to simply function in life must baffle the most capable psychologist.

I sometimes think that seeming eccentrics like Mr Redacted and Ms Hopkins are the only right thinking people around.

Anonymous said...

"Why are our governments prepared to offer up our children as collateral in the process of importing this deranged death cult: aren't our governments supposed to work for and protect the people?"

Indeed, one of the salient facts of this matter relates to dates and this particular time of year is, a period where TPTB/UK authorities bend over backwards to appease and placate a certain alien enclave who will remain insofar as HMG is concerned fully protected.

It all leads one to ponder on, HMG when not if, did they capitulate?

APL said...

"At two thirty the next morning, a woman from the other side of Rotherham picked up the phone and dialled 999, because she'd heard a young girl screaming in the house next door. Police had gone round to the house, they found this thirteen year old girl with another young girl, she was almost completely naked, she was blind drunk and she was with seven adult Pakistani men. She was drunk and learly. And, South Yorkshire police, arrested the thirteen year old girl for being drunk and disorderly. They took her back to the station, put her in the cells, eventually charged her and she was convicted. They didn't even question the men as to why they were in the house with a thirteen year old girl who was nearly naked." -- Andrew Norfolk

meltemian said...

Radders, I almost always agree with you but in this case you're wrong.
There has been a hideous miscarriage of justice.

Mr Ecks said...


I seems our EU pals have another tyrannical "wheeze of the week" up their skirt.

The section 13 link tax. Which will shut the European Inet down unless you can all pay eye-watering fees FOR EVERY LINK and worse. See here:

Please make this a blog post and spread the word as far as you can. We have only to the 20th of June next.


jack ketch said...

Never thought I would live to see the day Ecky would link with passion to a website that proclaims and where your rights as EU citizens are protected.!

But deckchotomy aside, I fear he is right and I will be sending a sharply worded tweet to my MEP....whoever the fuck that is.

jack ketch said...


Their website seems a little buggy and the auto-generated listing of MEP contact details are incomplete. In the end I had to look up the contact details for my MEP and email him that way.Surprisingly the MEPs for Norfolk don't seem to have twitter...

Anonymous said...

God Bless and protect TR. Only he has consistently stood up for the thousands of young girls - gang raped, drugged and beaten by the RoP for decades, and ignored by the authorities whose duty it was to protect them.

Oh yes, he is not perfect. Who is? But I wish there were a few more better spoken, including me, who had one tenth the courage he has shown under the combined assault of the Establishment and the Chosen people. I couldn't have taken it.

Pray for him and his family.


Anonymous said...

And by the way, the number is not 5000 girls "groomed" ( Orwellian speech to hide the truth - drugged, beaten and raped), but more in the vicinity of 50,000.

Its absolutely appalling.

I dont think its going to be too long before Christians and Atheists (Atheists will get it first), will be in the same position as Christians in Islamic countries.

Start getting used to the dhimmi posture - walk head down when you see the Chosen before you.

miker22 said...

The "cartoon" from Guido shows Tommy as illiterate, but I have just received his book - Enemy of the State, which was an Amazon best seller but is now only available second hand or on kindle.

APL said...

Anon: "Its absolutely appalling."

If you listen to the link by Andrew Norfolk of the Times.

Listen from 9:40 onward, and you'll get and idea why the establishment doesn't want people like Tommy Robinson spilling their beans.

The exploitation of these children was conducted on an industrial scale with the collusion of the Local Authorities and 'venture capitalists' out of London.

"Rochdale had more than forty 'solo' care homes" .... "Essex county council was paying more than £250,000 a year to place that child there [ in Rochdale solo care home ] "

Let that sink in for a few seconds.

Anonymous said...

I find that cartoon offensive, a vile malignancy it is and to make fun of the bloke reminds me, of the indignant ignorance and intolerant bigotry execised by the so called intelligentsia. Now part of the establishment mafia is one Paul Staines and his idiot poodle 'rich' should be rightfully castigated and it's dreadful that you keep it up, exposed in its heinous calumny.

Maybe unknowingly, you do us all a great disservice Mr. Raedwald.

His methods might be slightly askance but contempt? just give it a rest.

Mr Ecks said...

Jack Ketch--The scheme is literally insane as the more I ponder it the more damage it seems likely to--why buy an iPhone when BBC and big battalion cucktural Marxist bullshit is all you can get on it.

The scheme won't work because the outcry once they try it will make Brexit/Italy minor problems for the ESpew.

But they want alt media gone and cultural Marxism to reign so they WILL try I reckon. And how much damage will they manage before they are stopped? I don't mind using EU forms to hurt EU schemes. As leavers we should not have any truck with Section 13 bullshit. But with the FFC on the job ?

jack ketch said...

The scheme won't work because the outcry once they try it will make Brexit/Italy minor problems for the ESpew.

God help me but for once we are in total agreement. Fuck I think I should go to confession, I feel dirty just for saying that. O Pater, ignosce mihi. Nam peccavi. Brexit won't destroy EU-if anything it will leave it stronger, Trump won't destroy the EU,the Euro Shenanigans of Italy (who seem to have come round to the EU's way of thinking) and Greece won't destroy the EU, the goose steppers of the AfD can't even manage to destroy their own party let alone get GreXit going. But messing with the internet? THAT could be the blue suede shoes, the 3rd rail, that tears the EU apart. Insane isn't the right word. BATSHIT might cover it!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Douglas Murray on TR

Anonymous said...

"What can be said with absolute certainty is that Tommy Robinson has been treated with greater suspicion and a greater presumption of guilt by the United Kingdom than any Islamic extremist or mass rapist ever has been. That should be — yet is not — a national scandal. If even one mullah or sheikh had been treated with the presumption of guilt that Robinson has received, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the rest of them would be all over the U.K. authorities. But different standards apply to Robinson."

Douglas Murray from GTFPT link.

For years as Ann Cryer attested even during the 1990s 'our' police turned a blind eye to all of the goings on from Keighley to Rotherham and Manchester, Rochdale and elsewhere.
What a contrast but strangely enough, they never turned a blind eye to Tommmy and his crime, for trying to bring it to the attention of the wider public - you know like journalists used to do until the police state stopped them and by using threats.

anon 2 said...

Hear, hear, Anonymous @ 00:12.

I wish I could be at Home to support TR - he's a brave man who also has the gift of charisma, and the two are combining to reveal deadly marxist reality: not only to Britain but to the world. We must recoup our Freedom of Speech; we must support Justice* to protect our endangered and suffering children; we must cry "shame" on the traitorous bunch (+ their alien bedfellows) who presume to "govern" us as inferiors.

I've had to read Raedwald's post a few times, just to see if I'm reading straight! What I do see though, is a stand on this controversial issue that is also eliciting/awakening response! So kudos for that :)

* And, btw, TR was not impeding or disobeying Justice/Law --- he was recording activities well outside the courtroom, AND after the trial was over, at that. Several aliens entering the building were insulting TR in crude and vulgar language like that of a certain troll hereabouts.

I pray he will survive the clear and present danger of the 'ISIS Training Camp', and continue to inspire us.

Anonymous said...

Please say a prayer for Tommy Robinson, his family who are probably in great danger, and our nation which too is in existential danger.


Anonymous said...

Ramadan Death Count so far

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Context is important

See this long-ish Ezra Levant piece on the Leeds business

As an aside - it looks like Peter Cook's pisstake of the judge in the Jeremy Thorpe trial is set for a load more views.

Anonymous said...