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Monday, 3 September 2018

Boris returns to Europe

Boris Johnson uses his Monday Telegraph column (£) to politely dismiss both claims and assurances given in Theresa May's weekend piece for the paper and Nick Boles' 'Better Brexit'. With conference approaching (and with the prospect of Arron Banks in attendance) Boris is clearly laying the ground for his keynote bombshell. On May's contrived Brexit belligerence he writes;
 I just hope you aren’t one of those trusting souls who still thinks it could really go either way. The fix is in. The whole thing is about as pre-ordained as a bout between Giant Haystacks and Big Daddy; and in this case, I am afraid, the inevitable outcome is a victory for the EU, with the UK lying flat on the canvas with 12 stars circling symbolically over our semi-conscious head.
So much for the Robbins Plan. On the subject of which, Boris alludes to the sabotage of Brexit by the enemy within;
It is now clear that some in the UK Government never wanted solutions. They wanted to use that problem to stop a proper Brexit. Solving Ireland would mean a solution for Dover-Calais, and they didn’t really want that. They wanted essentially to stay in, and to create a Brexit in name only.
And though the Damascene conversion of Nick Boles from fervent Remainer to Chequers-loathing critic, his preferred alternatives find little favour
The answer is not to lurch for a Norway or EEA option that is actually more humiliating than Chequers: it would mean taking even more rules from Brussels (on services, for instance) – and does not fix Ireland.
All of which usefully prepares the ground for a true alternative to the Robbins Plan, now being finessed by Boris and his cerebral chums of the ERG, and to be served up to the sound of trumpets and at the optimum moment. And that's his advantage - he's in control of timings, whilst Mrs May is subject to the timings of others. 

As for our Jew-hating Worzel Gummidge across from the Treasury benches, I have a feeling in my water that his moment has passed. He stopped being a thing sometime over the weekend. He's missed his tide, his star has turned. Yvette Cooper for one is working hard from one of her refugee-free homes to whip up her press presence; Labour's ladies at least have decided it's time for the Party's first female Leader.

Personally, my money's on Mz Eddie Izzard.


DeeDee99 said...

With two alternatives being proposed to the Chequers betrayal, it's effectively dead. If Treason May won't resign with some dignity intact and MPs won't submit sufficient letters to Brady, she must be forced out by the members at Conference. A slow hand-clap; or a mass walkout during it; or constant heckling and a refusal to applaud her speech will send a clear message.

The Remainers now want Norway (ie EU-lite) controlled by Brussels, despite the fact Cameron SPECIFICALLY said in the Government's leaflet that a vote to Leave the EU also means leaving the Single Market.

Only the ERG are proposing a real Brexit: out of the EU, and a trade treaty (if the EU will negotiate one that is in both our interests). The ERG MUST prevail.

As for Labour; when Catweazle goes, probably after Brexit next year, I expect it'll be Thornberry. So that'll be a large section of the working class vote up the Swanee.

Stephen J said...

If we ever do get to leave the EU and somehow get someone into government that has an interest in the fortunes of the people here (even if only in passing), we really ought to spend some time rationalising, not only the size of the work? force, but also the nature of some of its less than reliable employees like the treacherous Robbins.

I am old enough to remember the outing of Blunt, a senior civil servant, who was working for the queen and the enemy at the same time.

This is the real dirty heart of the problem.

Stephen J said...

Oh DeeDee....What I would give for a Ceaușescu moment!

The sad part of course, would be that she probably wouldn't even notice...

She would agree that we had a point and then carry on.

John in Cheshire said...

I think Mrs May should give her conference speech in the medium of dance.

She could take to the stage to the song Dancing Queen. Then do some break dancing as the preamble; perhaps to a suitable Michael Jackson number and finally getting into the main body of her speech with mime, à la Marcel Marceau.

If there's a question and answer session at the end it could be in the manner of a game of charades.

Dave_G said...

The longer the Brexit charade goes on the closer the EU gets to total collapse anyway. Brexit is becoming a moot issue.

What we need to look at is the aftermath - and how Britain might emerge from the ruins of Europe in a manner that has least effect on the public purse.

Godfrey Bloom - remember him? - has some wise words on the current state of things. His 'explanation' to the EU Council on their misdemeanors is a joy to behold.

But Bloom, like many who speak the truth, has been sidelined for his forth right approach. We are served by idiots (Boris) and traitors (May) instead.

Dave_G said...

....and, what is this about 'Jew-hating Worzel'???? Is he genuinely 'Jew HATING' or is the faux(?) outrage simply because he has the temerity to question some of their motives and actions?

The cry of anti semitism is being thrown about with far too much aplomb - "thou dost protest too much" springs to mind and the Jewish recourse to such motives reminds me too closely of the outrage we hear from Muslims when we question THEIR beliefs and motives.

Is this another example of closing down the debate to avoid issues that are too contentious for the public to grasp???? Is it any co-incidence that those in control of the media are from that very belief system and that it is precisely they that are implementing the censorship of sites and voices that question their agenda?

Perhaps writing about it puts ME in the same category as Corbyn?

Wessexboy said...

Dave_G, Worzel may not actually hate Jews, he probably even knows some(?), but his inability to deal with the obviously nasty crowd who do hate is clear. Couple that with the Hamas-friendly crew, of which he is one...
There is no problem criticising or questioning some of the actions of Israel; that does not make anyone anti-semitic, never has. Just as querying the tenets of Islam does not make one a racist - although 'Islamaphobe' is increasingly bandied about to criticise those who are Islam-aware. Does not mean they hate individual Muslims.

Raedwald said...

Uhm, It was intended as irony. I don't actually believe Worzel hates anyone except the British and Britain. But then perhaps Brits don't get irony .... ;)

Bill Quango MP said...

John Cheshire.

The Marcel, eh?
As Roman Atkinson once said when performing a mime sketch.

“I am a mime. My body is my tool.”

Bill Quango MP said...

The main reason Labour won’t adopt the internationally recognised description of anti Semitism is thst if they did, Jez would have to expel himself from his party.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

"Mrs May interprets Brexit via the medium of modern dance" should have Beeboids drooling.

As far as the Jew haters are concerned I know several lefties who publicly go along with the whole "pro Palestinian" narrative - but in private consume as much whackadoodle NWO Rothschild fodder as they can get on their plates. I've accidentally lit blue touchpaper several times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave G for the Godfrey Bloom link. A very good read.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, I seem to remember that you joined Labour to vote for "Uncle" Jerry about 3 years ago? It was obvious even back then that Corbyn was an Israel-hater and anti-semite, but no-one appeared interested in his connections to Hamas and Hezbollah, or the PIRA. He was just too kind and gentle. Like May he is good at hiding his ruthlessness and bigotry.

Dave_G said...


I 'get' your irony - on most occasions anyway ;) but your description of Corbyn as "our Jew-hating Worzel Gummidge across from the Treasury benches" struck me as 'fact' rather than irony! But that's when I thought.... this recent anti-semitism furore.....there's never any smoke without fire.

The internationally recognised description of anti Semitism seems to cover ANY criticism of Jews and their actions in its entirety and such a clause seems to be being implemented quite severely recently - why?

The media censorship of conservative broadcasters (to take but one example) is almost exclusively at the behest of Jewish owned organisations but to state this is to bring the anti semitism 'laws' into play - does this mean they get away with such censorship on the basis that we shouldn't even be allowed to discuss it?

If you read the extent of the "internationally recognised description of anti Semitism" you can see why Labour don't want to implement it - it's something that would be met with all sorts of protest if the Islamists had such a ruling (replacing references to Jews with that of Muslims of course).... what makes the Jews so 'special' then?

There are many, many individuals (and events) that I can think of that are linked to those of a Jewish disposition - too many for them to be isolated incidents - and I reckon they are getting edgy because people of influence are starting to ask awkward questions.

Well, until we get answers, why not? There should be NO limits on knowledge and fact-finding. And protests designed to limit or prevent such revelations are immediately questionable as to their purpose.

Budgie said...

Dave G said: "The media censorship of conservative broadcasters (to take but one example) is almost exclusively at the behest of Jewish owned organisations ...". Can you substantiate that, and name them? And can you substantiate that it is specifically their Jewishness that is driving their predilection for censoring conservative broadcasters? In your opinion. Remember that correlation is not causation.

Anonymous said...

Infamy,infamy,they have all got it in for me.
Oh please. Get ahead of the game Radders.
The agenda is organized and precise. There is no deviation from where they want to be. Voting is but a side show.
Labour, Tory, are the cheeks of the same arse.
Makes little difference, you still get the same shite.
May will sign over whatever is required(if allowed).
Nothing. Absolutely nothing will change. You can dream but thats all you can do.
Jews,Muslims,Chistians et all,are all in play. This isn't new. It's always been thus.
Old Albert Pike may be of some help. Morals and Dogma, may open your mind a little more. It's just the way it is.
Be well, stay safe, but most of all, be happy.

Elby the Beserk said...

@Dave_G said...

Spend any time on Twitter watching activity on Labour and Corbyn's social media platforms, and you will see they are riddled with anti-Semites. So even if JC isn't on, they flock to him and he doesn't send them away. As for his other activities, well, if I could post an attachment, the list of his connections to and meetings with terrorists her and abroad would take a good 100 lines.