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Friday, 7 September 2018

Selmayr's crooked appointment

Well, it's official. We all knew that the EU Commission was nothing more than a cabal of unelected officials trampling democracy, conniving with organised crime, losing billions to theft, fraud, nepotism, corruption and incompetence, and that Martin Selmayr's appointment as consigliere to the capo of capos was as bent as a 90p piece, but now the EU have confirmed it themselves.

Selmayr claims to be a clever lawyer, which doesn't say much. So does Blair. But even he must know that the knowing and wilful beneficiary of a crooked act is as crooked as the crooked scrotes who actually did it. Anyone with half a conscience would be humiliated to hell at holding a post gained so corruptly that the appointment would disgrace the equal ops policy of the Klan.

But with his capo reported as being increasingly out of action earlier and earlier in the day due to 'sciatica', the bent cabal from the Berlaymont increasingly need leadership, and Germany is happy to lend this consigliere.

Good luck to them. At least Britain doesn't have to stomach the cesspit stench for much longer.


jack ketch said...

Selmayr claims to be a clever lawyer,

He is a very clever German lawyer...and you, Raed, should already know what that means-I assume Austrian lawyers are little different. But for those who don't: German lawyers have a very precise definition of what is right and wrong LEGALLY and they will try at all times to toe that line...literally long as a toe nail still touches it then all is cool. Other than that they are totally Amoral. Selymayr sleeps well at night, safe in the knowledge he is within the law...whichever law.

At least Britain doesn't have to stomach the cesspit stench for much longer. Not if the BrexSShiteurs don't finally focus ALL their efforts on defeating chequers-even at the risk of a General Election.

DeeDee99 said...

Even IF we manage to force the Prime Minister/Establishment to accept that they must deliver the REAL Brexit we voted for, don't kid yourself that the stench from the Berlaymont won't cross the channel.

It is a very sad fact that we can't tow the British Isles 500 miles west.

Mr Ecks said...

Every trick the crooked bastards pull--even Ketch has to acknowledge their stench--brings their end measurably nearer.

Anonymous said...

Jack, that's a very accurate observation. Perhaps the ultimate in crooked German lawyers was Konrad Morgen, a lawyer recruited by the SS to investigate widespread corruption throughout the concentration camp system. (To be fair, given the nasture of many of whom he he was investigating, I'd guess that Morgen never expected to live long enough to worry about collecting his pension!) He investigated and prosecuted many of the camp commanders and senior staff, but was content to accept the mass murders and cruelty in the camps simply because it was understood that the Fuhrer had authorised them. At the end othe war, he was successfully "De-Nazified" and went on to have a successful career as a lawyer in West Germany.
Steve Swales

jack ketch said...

@Steve Swales, brilliant example of what I was getting at and made far more eloquently than my early morning caffeine and nicotine deprived comment.

jack ketch said...

even Ketch has to acknowledge their stench-- MrX

I don't think I have ever denied the foul stench of manure, of corruption, emanating from hard to do so. But the absolutely vile,'make you gag', fetid stench of a rotting corpse that originates on our side of the channel is only made worse by the little BrexSShiteurs madly waving their 'plastic patriotism' flavoured Airwicks around.

Budgie said...

Our establishment has total contempt for the British people and Britain. We have been systematically indoctrinated to think it clever to sneer at ourselves, our country, and where we have come from. That has rubbed off on the impressionable like the EU and Remains.

Our friends, such as America, Australia and New Zealand, are baffled at our willingness to kow-tow to the EU. Being independent themselves they ask how difficult can it be for the UK to be independent. The answer in reality is that it is not difficult at all. But for whatever reason our establishment thinks it is.

If Labour votes with Theresa May in Parliament, the Robbins White Paper (Chequers) proposals will become law. Why wouldn't Corbyn seize this once in a lifetime opportunity of destroying the hated Tories? The Tory party will disappear in a civil war. And we will continue to be part of the EU cesspit. We have only a tiny chance of escaping it.

Bill Quango MP said...

Corbyn will vote for chequers. It gets him out of a hole.
He can claim, with total justification, just by ever so slightly modifying his tone to suit his audience, to have agreed to both leave and remain in the EU through Chequers.

Mr Ecks said...

Can the Tories stomach the FFC forcing her treason through with ZaNu 'votes?

I don't think they can. They know what will happen then. The reign--perhaps endless look at Venezuela--of ZaNu and their Marxist evil.

The Tories have lots of scum in their ranks. But it is mainly self-serving scum. A meltdown and Marxism forever is hardly the way to the prosperous retirement and nice, comfortable old age most of them seek.

Ketch--There is corruption over here and mainly in the ranks of the womiccumalobus and the EU supporting scum classes.

Budgie said...

Bill Quango MP, Thank you. Short of begging the EU to go back in, Robbins' plan (Chequers) is as near to Remain as the Remains can practically get. So Corbyn has the triple advantage of keeping his own rabid Remains off his back, saddling the Tories with the blame for a revolving-door Remain, and causing civil war within the Tory party. Mission accomplished.