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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Hard left tightens grip on Labour

Twenty four hours is a long time in politics. After joking about Eddie Izzard's future  in yesterday's post it emerged he had none - or not in the Labour party, anyway. He failed to hold a place on the 39-member NEC and instead the nine seats chosen by party members all went to hard left Corbynistas. William Hague writes a pile of guff in the Telegraph today hardly worth reading but he writes on the takeover of Labour
... the hard Left does not go in for compromise to anything like that extent. They see Labour as an organisation to be purged rather than a family to be united. For some of them, this is a winner-takes-all struggle in which only a complete victory counts. For others, in the age of social media, opinions count for more than outcomes – politics is a noticeboard rather than a chessboard.
His main appeal, for Brexiteers to 'compromise' - that is, to give way on all the red lines, is an appeal for the UK to be a partial EU member. Hague may also believe it's possible to be just a little bit pregnant, or to have lost one's virginity only partially. He's turned sadly into a patrician, establishment fool whose best lines are behind him. 

Labour's nemesis, the deeply destructive and archly corrupt Blair, is still prostituting himself for the crazed dictators, bent ministers, mafia-businesses and murderous gangs of the former Soviet statelets. His latest efforts, paid for by Azerbaijan, are to secure a landing place for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline. The Italians are naturally wary, and no doubt Blair will have to put the Blair Lie Factory into night shifts and overtime to contrive enough persuasion to overcome the objections. He must mourn the old Italian political hierarchy, when it was just a matter of directing sufficient bribe-money in the right direction. I spent £3 in order to vote for Corbyn as a 'supporter' precisely to destroy what Blair had created. Mission accomplished, I think. 

As I wrote yesterday, I think Corbyn is as finished as May, but also that both will be kept temporarily in power for different reasons. May because ditching her before March risks the national interest, Corbyn because Labour have no cuddly alternatives who can maintain the yoof vote. 

With the Robbins Plan now dead in the water, May needs to be strongarmed into accepting the ERG position. Once she has done so, we can ditch her.


DeeDee99 said...

Corbyn will stay until Brexit is completed: it gets Labour out of a hole with half its supporters supporting Remain and half supporting Brexit. They can claim, with some legitimacy, that the "deal" was not the one they would have made, without ever telling the electorate precisely what deal they would have made. He'll be replaced by another hard-left-winger and since they've been stung by the 2-0 taunt over a female leader, I predict Emily Thornberry will be chosen.

Hague is best ignored. There can be no compromise on independence: either you are, or you aren't. We don't need to surrender POLITICAL control of this country to the EU in order to trade with them.

If May can be forced to accept the ERG proposal, she should be propped up, El Cid style. If not, she should be removed by whatever means are necessary.

Stephen J said...

Er, I don't think that the Robbins Plan is dead in the w...

Not until, everybody agrees that it was the product of him and his department.

Not until his head is in the metaphorical basket, along with the appeaser.

DiscoveredJoys said...

I'm convinced that Corbyn is a figurehead, a useful idiot. May is no figurehead... I think she has tied herself to the mast and stuffed wax in her ears to avoid being drawn 'off course'.

What a pity her desired destination is Brino not Brexit.

Cull the Badgers said...

So, you still think that voting for Corbyn was a Good Thing. It was a stupid concept thought up by some stupid posh boys and many people should be deeply ashamed of themselves.

Nick Drew said...

@ His latest efforts, paid for by Azerbaijan, are to secure a landing place for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline. The Italians are naturally wary ...

Italian planning law allows local authorities to block anything - with no recourse to an appeal to the national level

requires a lot of well-stuffed brown envelopes ... so the Azeris will feel right at home: & probably a sweet-spot for Blair, too

Bill Quango MP said...

Corbyn Could yet break the Labour Party. Split it into two. As was the hope all along.
Could still happen. Though his “moderates” are as weak and fearful as are the brexiteers.

The Robbins plan is not dead until May says it is. And she is so very similar to Brown.
So purposeful, yet so insecure.
So determined yet so lacking confidence.
So wise, yet so reliant on a handful of key advisers

And having committed to a path, after endless delay and prevarication, that path cannot be untrod.

As all either had was the unshakeable faith that they,despite their obvious limitations, were the only people who could do the job required,

As Brown said after his 2010 defeat, meaning he never actually was elected, “I thought I could turn it around.”
Did you? Really? Because no one else did. That’s why there were three coups against you. Why your polling was so dire. Did you just think that “just happened?” Without any input from you?

Theresa has the same blinkered view of her own abilities. Dumb obstinacy being the chief one. And she doesn’t even have Brown’s excuse of actually being partially sighted.

Budgie said...

No, Raedwald, the mission is not accomplished. Far from it. Blair was already gone by the time you voted for Corbyn. And far from destroying the Labour party, Corbyn has re-invigorated it (600k members?). If anything it will be Corbyn's anti-semitism that will do for him (and Labour) rather than his extreme socialism. Either is a Pandora's box that should never have been opened.

Dan said...

Corbyn is the inevitable result of a confusion about what the Labour Party is supposed to be and do. The Conservatives have no such confliction; their party is there to be a government, and people who hold views incompatible with a party of government get booted out fairly rapidly.

Not so Labour; pretty much anything can rock up and join, as long as it is vaguely left-wing in views. The result is that the Labour membership is a ghastly rag-bag of Marxists, Trotskyites, Communists and various shades of authoritarian nincompoop that want to steal a living instead of earning one. This vast agglomeration all seems to work on the underlying principle that the world owes them a living and that anyone with money has gotten rich by illegal or immoral means.

As a result, when asked to vote for a leadership candidate, this vast red morass of stupidity tends to vote for one of their own; a similarly kleptocratic twerp that no sane voter in their right mind would follow.

In the last forty years or so, the Labour Party has had many leaders. All but one have successfully led the Labour Party to glorious electoral defeat. The one exception was wonderfully popular, and the most right-wing leader Labour have ever had: the now-reviled Tony Blair (who is still more popular than Corbyn).

There's a lesson there, one they refuse to learn.

Budgie said...

I don’t think the Conservative party is going to last much longer. It treats its own members, activists, and voters with the greatest contempt.

Corbyn's Labour party can completely destroy the Conservative party just by voting for Theresa May’s Chequers (Robbins) White Paper proposals. As soon as Labour twig this (yes, I know they’re slow witted), Mrs May will get her revolving-door Remain through Parliament by about 500:100 MPs.

The 100 or so mainly Tory Leaves will be comprehensively outmanoeuvred. The subsequent Conservative civil war will wipe them out entirely. Mission accomplished as far as Corbyn is concerned.

John M said...

The thing with Momentum is that they simply have no self awareness. Nobody can doubt thier commitment, but they do not understand that they need to appeal to a broader demographic in order to win power. They seem to assume that simply by grabbing the Labour Party voters will simply follow them, but history demonstrates that is not true. This is what Tony Blair understood very well and it secured him three terms in office.

Right now Momentum is like a small, highly aggressive army. They've infiltrated the castle, killed all the King's men, and installed thier chosen one on the Iron Throne. But whilst they pat themselves on the back with thier achievements in purging all naysayers from the castle keep, they have lost sight that outside the castle, all the peasants are packing up and moving to other counties, away from the raging Bolschevism.

It's all very grabbing the Labour Party, but if the electorate can't bear the smell and desert you what is the point? Momentum are going to commit Labour to a generation in opposition with thier intolerant and bullying methods. And in doing that, they will prove Blair and Mandelson absolutely right, not that they pay attention to anyone who tries to tell them that.

Raedwald said...

John M - concur.

Blair's organisational machine was frightening - the 'grid' that co-ordinated every public ministerial appearance, interview, statement, PR event and newspaper column; ruthless news management that ensured each day Labour's message, labour's agenda would make the news. Every SPAD, junior minister, assistant and press person made to wear a party pager all day each day, a tight grip on sinecures, appointments, new quangos and (as we now know) peerages and honours sold for party funds and favours. Never again can we let a Labour party of such capability trounce the Blue.

Corbyn has 600,000 twitter fans who pay a small subscription. Turning them into door knockers, envelope stuffers, tea makers, stall-manners and the smiley, friendly face of the party on the High Street is another matter. Elections are not won by offensive and aggressive twitter posts. Turning them into local councillors rationing a cake of decreasing size is even harder.

George said...

We don't even need a history book. Surely quite a few round here can remember Labour's last attempt to turn in this direction and how well it went for them.

Do we not remember Michael Foot? Or The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy? Or The Militant Tendency?

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this, but Kinnock jnr seems to have some functioning synsapses. He might even succeed where his father failed, to get a labour party that listens to we untermensch.