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Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Crunch time

There's a Cabinet meeting to come, and none of us have seen May's draft agreement, and more importantly Parliament hasn't seen it. So I'm not going to join in a chorus of hysterical skirt-waving until there's something to shriek about. 

Of more import this morning is Merkel's call for an integrated European Internal Security Force - see John Vasc's comment to the piece below for an overview.


Sackerson said...

Do you read that as a sort of EU National Guard, or merely the seed of the full EU Army once the EU is a complete nation?

Raedwald said...

To be frank, I think they're seriously rattled - and rightly - at the risks of a catastrophic global downturn on the horizon that leaves the ECB with no shots left in its locker, and the prospect of the collapse of the Eurozone. Brexit, Italy and Trump and a resurgence of national consciousness all add to the risk.

The rule of law, in the event of collapse, must be upheld. Looting, rape, robbery, anarchy are just an empty supermarket away. If national police / armed forces can't cope with keeping order, a trans-EU mobile support resource makes some sense. We can all agree that populations must be protected and that force may be needed.

My concerns are over questions of governance and deployment. It would be an utter disaster to leave such decisions in the hands of unelected officials in Brussels - on a global scale, the UN may have much larger problems to resource. But those silly bastards in Brussels always try to secure a power advantage from every crisis - and they're doing so again here.

If the proposal was merely to set up an EU rapid response capability that could be deployed - and only deployed - at the request on a national democratically elected government, there would be not so much to disagree with.

The drawn faces, increasingly robust pronouncements and declining economic stats each month tell me that something is brewing.

Mr Ecks said...

The crash --caused by the worlds political shite--has been coming for decades Radders.

It speaks volumes that you are daft enough to trust the same political scum to wield thug squads to "sort out" the crisis they themselves have caused by their profligate and crazy policies.

If any EU saviours show up anywhere near my area then the partisan war is on right away. I'm getting older and since I have to die of something then better to fall in the battle against the shite-scum of the Earth than rot in some NHS death house.

Dave_G said...

Given the parlous state of EU finances (the Euro) the banks need an excuse to pump more money into the economies but NOT to give the likes of Italy any reason to increase their budgets as a result - hence plowing it into military production.

God alone knows how much the USA economy revolves around MIC expenditure - the EU are looking to do the same. More can kicking. Same end result.

Anonymous said...

"If national police / armed forces can't cope with keeping order, a trans-EU mobile support resource makes some sense. "

The locals being bosses around by foreign troops - yeah, that would go down really well!

Budgie said...

We do know some things already: the £39bn bribe; that the "deal" will be based on Chequers; the establishment fear of change; the establishment desperation to keep us locked into the EU; the EU's own vindictiveness; and that we will not actually leave on 29 March 2019. If ever.

John Brown said...

Mr. Raedwald, You write :

“If the proposal was merely to set up an EU rapid response capability that could be deployed - and only deployed - at the request on a national democratically elected government, there would be not so much to disagree with.”

Are you sure that this would be your only criteria in any and all circumstances ?

For instance, what if the disorder is caused by a “democratically elected government” reneging on a very important and popular manifesto pledge that the EU Commission later decides it wishes to over-rule ?

Tony Harrison said...

Sometimes, Radders, I wonder if you're getting a bit rarefied in that mountain air: the idea of some EU transnational force on "peacekeeping" duties seems at first surreal, then scary. Let's see, Bundeswehr squaddies dropping in to discourage Greeks from turning over a supermarket or two? Hmm, the historical precedents are not promising, in fact the suggestion of such a thing might be enough to get fiery-tempered Club Med folk hopping mad on a grand scale - come to think of it, it wouldn't go down too well in (say) Holland or Denmark either...
And they'd have to use non-local military, of course: the Romans always did this, and the French CRS units are always employed in areas away from their places of recruitment .

Cascadian said...

As EU bounces from one disaster to another, it is hard to keep up with the unhinged comments.

Considering they have been discussing a rapid response force for a decade and it is still no nearer to being operative, why be concerned? Plain fact is without money (and that has been proven by being unable to fund NATO) nothing will happen.

The EU is tapped out, disastrous enviro policies mean they are beholden to Russia to avoid freezing in the dark, no EU army can provide security against that degree of stupidity. They will do as Russia demands-or else! Tax revenues are being depleted in every country at a fierce rate to appease the gimmegrants. If President Trump applies an import tax on krautmobiles the German economy goes tits up, the EU goes tits up.

Populists (the choice of the beleaguered plebs) and sensible Eastern Europe countries have the elitists on the run, Verhoefstad, Tusk, Junker, Macron and Merkel know they are finished. Hence the unhinged comments.

If yUK had any kind of a leader she would realise that it is pointless to "negotiate" with these walking-dead, by just walking away and withholding any payments she could precipitate the end of the EU, instead she begs to be humiliated. Remind me again about how wimmin leaders are so much more capable.

Budgie said...

Cascadian, Let me remind you again that wimmin leaders are so much more capable than a boiled egg. There, satisfied??
Exit stage left, cackling deliriously . . . . .

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

With the EU and British elites never missing an opportunity to insult Trump I think they are getting ready for the collapse of NATO. What benefit does the US get from propping up NATO apart from an enormous bill?

The time will come when Trump decides that the future belongs to the Asia/Pacific region and that's where he will concentrate US interests, leaving the EU to become ever more irrelevant.