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Friday, 16 November 2018

We need to leave May in office until .....

When the Conservatives fight the next election, we need to do so under a new Leader. That much is absolutely clear; Mrs May is finished. 

We also need to ensure we either leave the EU next March either with no deal, or a deal very different to the May-Robbins capitulation. So the first job is to ensure May's travesty is defeated in Parliament.

The Win situation would be the Neutron Bomb option - defeating the Robbins Treaty but keeping May in office to sort out the chaos and disruption that could have been avoided had she prepared contingency plans in time or sought a deal that the people of Britain could accept.  Since May has been responsible for the screw-up, it's only right she should be in office when it all goes down.

But as events of the last week have proven, outcomes are impossible to predict. Even in Brussels where they were discreetly chilling the champagne yesterday to celebrate Britain's humiliation, they're not now so sure. 

There are few Conservative party members and fewer Conservative MPs that have confidence in Mrs May, but don't discount the Doenitz Vanity*. Even as the Third Reich was collapsing in ruin and defeat, just days before her unconditional surrender, ambitious functionaries were still seeking appointment to government and ministerial posts. Better to have been a minister for 48 hours, they reckoned, then never to have been a minister at all.

You can be sure that there are enough Conservative MPs who think the same way to ensure she can fill her Cabinet table.  

*With the Daily Mail taking the role of the Völkischer Beobachter if this morning's edition is a guide ...


DeeDee99 said...

Treason May is behaving like a Dictator. We voted to LEAVE and TAKE BACK CONTROL; her stitch-up doesn't do that. What on earth gives her the right to impose vassalage on this country because it's what SHE wants?

She's been given plenty of opportunity and encouragement to change tack, but she won't. She's secretive, duplicitous, mendacious and entirely untrustworthy.

If this stitch-up goes through, it won't matter who the next Conservative Leader is, the Party will be severely punished for its betrayal.

She must be forced out now.

right-writes said...

Personally, I would rather see a proper "leave" cabinet, but the number of tory traitors who would sacrifice country at the altar of their sacred tory party is too great methinks.

Either way, I reckon that Rees-Mogg has got this right, he has wielded his elegant stiletto at just the right moment, the same manner that Howe made his "dead sheep" speech.

She is done for, and so is her capitulation. It is just a matter of when, does she, as you contend Raedwald hang on, at leat until March, or does she go now?

john cheshire said...

I've seen reports that Michel Barnier had been boasting to his EU cohorts that he "Broke Britain".

And there are still too many in our country who want us to be a member of an organisation with people like him in charge. Their stupidity or perfidy beggars belief.

Anonymous said...

The day after the referendum I predicted we would never leave. She did this on purpose. She had over two years to negotiate but left it until the last minute and declared "it's the best we can get".
Utter treason.

Gardener Fisher said...

I have thought for some time that we would get a bad deal, swallow it and then do a proper job several years later when the reality has set in. I think this is so bad Mrs May has over egged the pudding. Even her supine MPs can see that this will never fly.

Have you asked yourself why no one has asked her why she managed to lose two Brexit ministers so quickly? It proves that neither Raab or Davis had seen the documents until they were placed in front of them.

Regardless of whether you admire May or not, it is simply appalling practice to treat your colleagues this way and shows that she is totally unfit to run any large organisation, let alone a government.

DiscoveredJoys said...

That Woman needs to go now, preferably humiliated, so that whoever follows on realises that the Chequers-like deal is truly dead, left this mortal coil, cannot be ressurected (etc etc).

This is to head off any further EU punishment beating, or any willingness to accept one.

Declare no deal *now*. Pay no 'divorce' payment without sharing assets. Sort out any trade deal with the rEU at leisure, afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Rather chilling to hear the House ecstatic at her mention of ‘no BREXIT’ as an option.

I wonder where that came from if not a conscious reveal of a sub-conscious intent.

The media, at home and across the EU, certainly jumped aboard that one.

jack ketch said...

As the '22 seem deeply divided and May only needs to threaten the BrexitSShiteurs of the ERG and the DUP with a 2nd referendum if her abortion of a Brexit doesn't clear the Conmens, I expect she'll be around for a whiles yet...mores the pity. If a holder of one of the great offices of state had resigned yesterday too, Hammond or Javid then there might have been enough ground swell -or should that be 'swill'? But as it is there is no one who could realistically replace her...except maybe JoJo, he seems to have come out of this so far with his honour and integrity intact...and I never thought to say that about any member of the clan Johnson!

Mark said...

Janis Varoufakis (I've just bought his book and am about to start. Bizarrely he is still basically a believer in the reich) said two years ago that they were determined not to do any sort of deal. I cite him because whatever you think of the man he can hardly be called a little Englander or any other of the pantheon of peurile anti-christic insults they throw at us.

Only via no deal can they "punish" us. I suspect that no amount of prostration by May (or anybody else) would be enough. People seem to be forgetting that the so-called "european" so-called "parliament" has yet to formally vote as the Brussels politburo tells it to. Wonder which way that would be?

Is it just me, as I find myself strangely detached, almost morbidly fascinated by the whole thing.

The EU is evil, debased and degenerate and its arrogant hubris is just surreal. They will be trying to "punish" at the same time as trying to shit on Italy, dictate to Hungary, Poland etc etc while organising their you town Gestapo (sorry "army") to project their "empire of peace" from China, Russia and the US!

And this is what the even more delusional B-liar and his associated Vichy whores want to still surrender to? I almost want another referendum just to view the previously unscaled heights of delusional bollocks!

Tony Harrison said...

"Since May has been responsible for the screw-up, it's only right she should be in office when it all goes down."
No, no, no! Nice idea as a bit of fun perhaps, but in practice? One of May's characteristics is that she is really not very competent, even in her natural role as middle-ranking bureaucrat: her long stint at the Home Office was lacklustre, achieving very little - as we were reminded recently by the Commissioner of the Met, Cressida Dick. The idea of May's staying on and attempting to "sort out" anything at all is anathema to me and, I am very sure, to most people. She couldn't sort out a compost heap. Let her retire to obscurity and read the damning historical footnotes summing up her dismal Premiership.

rapscallion said...

No Radders. No, No, No. Bin the bitch as fast as possible. My preference would be to take her downriver, and pass through Traitor's Gate on her way to the Tower.

If there is a leadership election, she may well win, but I still can't see her getting it through Parliament. Even if the worst were to happen and this deal goes through then there is going to be real trouble.

I suspect there will be more Jo Cox's, and TPTB will clamp down like you wouldn't believe, BUT, come the next election they will be in very deep sh1t.

Dave_G said...

Interesting - if that's the word - that the Tory Party are so wedded to the concept of betrayal to achieve their aims. Camoron's desertion after the Brexit vote should have been enough of a warning and I strongly believe Mrs May's call for a snap election was done exactly (if at some incredible risk) to deliberately weaken her (Governments) position on the next level negotiations - which it most certainly did.
Everything since then has been one level of treason and betrayal after another with the Northern Irish issue being deliberately emphasized to make negotiations even more difficult than they could be.
May has betrayed her own cabinet on many occasions - Chequers and the latest 500-page suicide note are enough examples - and she is risking the position of many of her Parliamentary members who must fear loss of constitutional seats as being HER direct fault - the ONLY reason they won't commit to deposing her.... self preservation at its most disgusting level.
If we are forced into a GE will we be allowed to campaign, protest and 'force' another vote 'because we didn't like the result'? Maybe Ketch could advise?
It's past time to promote the advantages of a WTO exit, disabuse those of their alarmist concerns and move towards the ONLY answer that can possibly satisfy the majority.

No deal. No money. No subservience.

Oldrightie said...

Well said Dave G but I fear the global, American deep state is too powerful for us to be able to leave the EUSSR. As for this "deal". Was cobbled together within weeks of the referendum, I suspect and honed over two and a half years of can kicking.

Span Ows said...

Yes, agree with all the comments, she must go ASAP, Hammond too.

Cameron went because TPTB needed time, then May was selected not elected for exactly the same reason. Just hope there are 208 letters not just 48.

mongoose said...

Cameron was caught on film - within a couple of weeks of the vote - saying "It was a mistake, not a disaster." That is all you need to know. The fix has been in since then. The new weasel line - "in the national interest" - is just the latest manifestation this Iknowbestism.

Mr Ecks said...

You are right about No deal being best Radders.

But May "cleaning up"?

I doubt she is competent to wash her own dirty knickers.

Ketch--Threat of a 2nd vote? Are you still so delusional as to think your gang have a chance? The 16 million is long gone. There is you and 2-3 million remainiac middle class Marxist turds. Millions of former remain voters support abiding by a democratic vote and have now had two years of the antics of remain and their EU masters. Plus Treason May of course. Cheating would be your ONLY chance of winning.

Plus there is nothing to vote. The so-called "deal" isn't going through. She and her ( and your) masters have said that was the best they could do. So there is fuck all to vote about.

The other choice is No Deal WTO Rules or remain. We had that vote in June 2016 and you lost. Because you are a loser.

If May stays in she can only keep dragging the Tories down . She is a lame duck without the help of the DUP. It is not in ZaNu's interest to support her prob 99% of the time. So --while she is there--stasis. Nothing is likely to get through never mind her treason.

The ONLY chance of survival --and possibly --victory --the Tory Party has is a Brexit leader and a good Brexit. That alone will see Corbyn off and give them a chance. After that they will have to purge the Global Elite-sucking BluLabour scum from which they are drawing their MP candidates. But they can worry about that if they survive. If they leave her in to keep wrecking it will be the end of them.

Dave_G said...

Mr Ecks - interesting points you raise especially the Tory Party chance of survival being the 'saviour' of Brexit.

In America the people have awoken to an anti-Globalist leader in Trump and support for him and the Republicans is growing. The Tory Party must see the writing on the wall and decide if their personal pride is worth the savaging they'll receive at the hands of voters.

There simply cannot be any excuse to accept the deal as presented when a no deal WTO option, set against it, is seen to be infinitely more advantageous. It is only supposition, alarmism and scaremongering that 'supports' the idea that a WTO exit is a 'bad idea'. No FACTS at all.

Budgie said...

United Nations Resolution 1514 (Dec 1960) on decolonisation stated:

"1. The subjection of peoples to alien subjugation, domination and exploitation constitutes a denial of fundamental human rights . . . .

2. All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

3. Inadequacy of political, economic, social or educational preparedness should never serve as a pretext for delaying independence."

Self-determination is an internationally recognised right. We determined that we should Leave the subjugation of the EU.

Budgie said...

It is certainly a splendid idea to leave Theresa May in office since she would effectively destroy the Tory party. And good riddance.

However she would severely damage the UK in the meantime. And that really isn't a sensible notion.

For the sake of the nation she has to go now; and we will have to forego the pleasure of seeing the Tory party crash and burn for the moment.

jack ketch said...

Silly question time : Does May actually need to get it through parliament? I mean 'legally'-the morals of the thing aside? Wasn't the whole gripe about a 'meaningful vote' meaning absolutely nothing. Id she banking on that?

Raedwald said...

"The Government have committed to a vote on the final deal in
both Houses before it comes into force. This will cover both the
withdrawal agreement and our future relationship with the
European Union. I can confirm that the Government will bring
forward a motion on the final agreement, to be approved by both
Houses of Parliament before it is concluded. We expect and
intend that that will happen before the European Parliament
debates and votes on the final agreement.

This commitment does not appear in legislation. The Government has
stated that a ‘no’ vote would mean the agreement(s) would fall and the UK would leave the EU without any agreement. It does not intend to renegotiate the agreement(s) in the event of Parliament voting no."

But then, Mrs May tells lies.

jack ketch said...

Thank you Raed, so there is nothing legally preventing Mayn't from simply ignoring the 'no' vote for the 'good of the nation' and signing off on Chequers 2.whatever despite the will of Parliament? I asked because I think i caught a hint of that in her mouthings yesterday , along with the freudian slip about 'remain' still being an option. Either she puts on a good act or she seems suspiciously unworried at the moment...even to the extent of reappointing ruddy Rudd and some no-name for the Brexsec.

jack ketch said...

What on earth gives her the right to impose vassalage on this country because it's what SHE wants?

*using the 'logic' of the BrexSShiteurs* the democratic majority, the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, at the General Election gives her the right. The public gets what the public wants. The Great British public apparently believed her when she said 'brexit means brexit' so all the whining snowflakey brexSShiteurs need to man up, dry their eyes and accept THE DEMOCRATIC WILL etc etc etc

Do i hear howls of 'b-bb-b-but she LIED! Its NOT FAIR!' ? Welcome to the world of the remainers.

Remainers are babies said...

There is, A50 has begun.
It cannot be reversed. Legislative n would be required. And that requires a vote.

jack ketch said...

There is, A50 has begun.

Indeed it has and it may yet fulfill on the 29th of March but that is a separate issue and no bar to May deciding to implement chequers against the will of parliament, indeed she might claim that A50 makes it imperative that she implement chequers rather than a No Deal....for the good of us all of course.

No doubt I'm being overly pessimistic, I mean, Teresa would never go back on her word would she? Its not like she hasn't spent the last 2 years ensuring she can override not only parliament but the cabinet too if she feels she must SAVE the nation from the horrors of a NO DEAL exit.

Mr Ecks said...

She has pissed on almost everybody. But you propose that she commits one final act that will--in a single blast--render all the political piggies in Westminster obsolete in such a manner that every fucker on this planet will know it. A declaration that the EU is an empire and she is its official UK satrap. And the new Empire rules by decree and doesn't even need any Westminster rubberstampers.

Do you think even your fellow remain scum who are MPs are going to support themselves being out on their arses--since who needs them any more--for good in one fell swoop? The Fish Faced Cow declaring herself Supreme Commander, Top Dalek save only for Davros in Brussels?

Leaving aside that I and vast numbers of other Britons would turn out that day to stop that tyranny by any means including violence.

Also she promised them a vote--legally binding or not. MP scum mostly don't mind us being ignored but they won't like it being done to them at all.

Peter MacFarlane said...

"I have thought for some time that we would get a bad deal, swallow it and then do a proper job several years later "

No, Mrs. May's plan is we get a bad deal, swallow it, and then reverse the whole process several years later.

That is why she's determined to keep us so closely aligned with the wishes and requirements of her masters in Brussels: it'll make the rejoining process simpler when the time comes.

Probably she intends that a simple Act of Parliament, or maybe just and Order in Council, will be enough.

There will, of course, be no question of consulting the people - ever again.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, Indeed Theresa May does repeatedly tell lies about Brexit. Reading the contradictions between her Chequers foreword and the Chequers executive summary is eerie. Perhaps she is in the Remain Matrix; and no one has offered her the red pill.

To her, Leaves are thick, xenophobic, far-right, like the SS - people who only voted Leave because they were !sob! li-ied to by Boris !sob!. It is completely beyond her capability - like others in the Remain Matrix - to imagine the UK being independent, to even admit that nations as small as New Zealand aren't subjugated by the EU.

John Vasc said...

Raedwald, I certainly see a No-deal Brexit as the only current option for us - but for the life of me I can't see why you want to leave May i/c of it. Just to make her 'suffer' the ignominy of having the fruits of her deliberate non-preparation?
But May is a sociopath, incapable of suffering. And she's not suddenly going to become competent or honest between now and then. If Parliament dump her deal, as I hope (but still don't trust) they will, she's quite capable of conspiring with Labour, with the EU, with anybody, to get Art. 50 extended or revoked, without the agreement of Parliament. Or a second referendum rushed through with specially shortcut legislation and questions that will guarantee a victory for Remain. Or make a deliberate mess of WTO and the borders just to create such chaos that even the resolute will beg for some alternative.
And who suffers then? We do.
Do you know the one about the man who goes to the barbers, and the barber asks him if it's OK that his young apprentice cuts his hair? The chap says OK, the apprentice makes a complete pig's ear of it, and when right at the end the chap looks in the mirror and sees the mess the boy has made of his barnet, he calls the barber over and complains. The barber shakes his head irritably, with his left hand grabs hold of what's left of the guy's hair and turns to face the lad. 'Look here! He rants angrily, glaring at the apprentice. D'you call this a haircut?!' And on the word 'this', with his right hand he smacks the poor man's head an almighty blow.

Well there we are: with the British electorate in the barber's chair.

Tony Harrison said...

John Vasc, good call - though I see May as more psychopathic than sociopathic, despite the close relationship between these disorders. As "Psychology Today" puts it, "Psychopathy is among the most difficult disorders to spot. The psychopath can appear normal, even charming. Underneath, he lacks conscience and empathy, making him manipulative, volatile and often (but by no means always) criminal. They are objects of popular fascination and clinical anguish: adult psychopathy is largely impervious to treatment..."

Val said...

Mrs May is delusional, is still persisting with black is white. Just because she has come up with this travesty of a deal doesn't mean there is no better deal to be had, just that she hasn't managed it. Maybe she never intended to. Her qualities of steeliness and determination she has used against us instead of against the EU, they have become intransigence and pigheadedness. She is so rigid in her inflexibility I wonder if she is in need of a visit from the men in white coats. Certainly she does nothing to prop up the electorate's faith in politicians. All this talk of 'falling of a cliff' or 'crashing out' of the EU is just Project Fear again. Yes there may be some blips but we will manage them. Once out when we are in a position of strength beyond the sticky meddling tentacles of the EU we can negotiate/or not a new deal. She has to go, and the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most comments here. I find this from ZeroHedge truly frightening .....

Budgie said...

Val, I agree with most of what you say, but the implication that Theresa May has sat round a table with Barnier for a few weeks and thrashed out a deal is wrong.

The DWA is immensely (and unnecessarily) complicated; it has taken years to get here. It has been "negotiated" by UK civil servants and the eurocrats in Brussels. Mrs May has not been at the table. But she cannot be let off for this total shambles - she has authorised it every step of the way. And lied to her own Ministers as she has done so.