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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Fury Unbound

The airwaves are filled with Remainer ploys, asinine suggestions, has-been political relics such as Bloody Blair and the deeply sordid John Major all engaged in a final all-out assault against Brexit. Heseltine, dusty and dried as a mummy is wheeled into the studio to wheeze, croak and crumble. Corbyn desperately clutches at a potential referendum to stop the tearing of his party asunder, to the rage of vast numbers of Labour voters who only voted Labour in 2017 because of the Party's manifesto promises. Fifth-column cabinet ministers who lied to voters and to their colleagues and cast false votes in our Parliament now reveal themselves as saboteurs and turncoats, too greedy to forego the privileges of office but too desperate to disguise their base treachery any longer.

But whilst Remainers have the State media and all but three of our national papers (the Daily Remain having already deserted) and any number of tricksy, crooked, dishonest and contrived ploys, those who support Brexit have righteous passion and the furious indignation of 17.4m voters watching British democracy being destroyed.

That anger is palpable. The intensity of that indignation if Brexit is frustrated will raise a storm of fury never before seen in Britain, an anger unbound by restraint at our democracy trampled. The mood I detect is implacable, and is as willing to see Britain destroyed from within by bitterness and violent schism as it is to face the hardships from a Clean Brexit.

Unless Remain withdraws from the brink, concedes that they lost, and abandons these plots to frustrate Brexit, I fear most deeply for our future. 


jack ketch said...

Oh do calm down , dear. Tomorrow the news will be full of the opposite message and it will appear that May is perfectly happy to drive us off that looming cliff edge if Johnny Foreigner won't give in the UK's tantrums.

Haven't you yet cottoned on to May's tactic for getting her agreement through? Day one, frighten the Remainers with a 'no deal scenario' , then day 2 the scare the ERG with a 'No Brexit' one.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy listening to a good traditional Brit Brexiter "W-w-w-e w-w-was ROBBED!" Whinge fest as much as the next remainer but it really isn't necessary; tomorrow or the day after things will look in your favour again.

Span Ows said...

Jack, things haven't looked in Brexit's favour since 25th June 2016. Cameron's running away on 24th was the beginning of this process. I see nothing wrong nor whining about Raedwald's blog-post, in fact it seems tame for the rumblings I am seeing and hearing.

DeeDee99 said...

The Establishment is banking on complacency and the British national character of sucking-up whatever crap the governing class throw at us; complaining about it but in the end meekly complying.

I think they're in for a helluva shock if they block Brexit.

A few years ago, there was a famous cartoon in The Sun which featured a cemetery and some UKIP-branded undertakers lowering the LibDem coffin into a hole. With two more holes dug for the Conservative and Labour Parties.

Well it won't be UKIP doing the burying .... but it will be whichever Party emerges which represents the wishes of the 17.4 million who voted to LEAVE the EU.

Mark said...

If May had some way of getting her deal through, why hasn't she done it? First try December and it was slaughtered. Next vote will be March, what has changed?

Leave, as written in law, is 29th March. On 30th March we are no longer a member and none of the treaties apply. How do they ignore that? I for one will be very interested to find out.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which is the more lamentable.

If the grotesque distortions and misrepresentations in this blog are done with cynical knowing intent, then the dedication to a dismal purpose is truly horrifying.

If, on the other hand, they are sincerely believed by the writer, then the extent to which the human mind can be manipulated to become like that is depressing in the extreme.

You decide.

Raedwald said...

That anon 8.04 - Is he/she a Progressive, Primitive or a Philistine?

You decide.

Blly Marlene said...

Oh Jack! The ‘whinge fest’ has been 90% from Remain. How else can you justify those simply trying to enact the vote of 17.4m being branded ‘right wing extremists’?

I agree with Mark. The default WTO exit is enshrined in primary law. To upturn that Act of Parliament will require additional primary legislation. That must be complete by 29 March. Clearly an impossibility.

If anybody knows different, please state your case.

DiscoveredJoys said...

@ Anonymous, 08:04

Then you have to explain why pro Remain disaster news is trumpeted by most of the newspapers and broadcast media yet factual corrections barely get whispered somewhat later.

Air planes will be grounded on 30 March!11!1! vs an agreement for air planes to continue flying as normal for at least 12 months.

Channel ports to be gridlocked forever!!1!11!!! Channel port operators say they are well prepared for the UK to leave on WTO terms.

Tens of thousands of banking and finance staff to leave the City of London!!1!!!1! Actually a couple of hundred are setting up continental offices.

Medicines will run out killing loads of people!!1!!1!!! No they won't and the NHS has set up a supply hub in Belgium, just in case.

A second referendum is the only way forward!!! An extension of the A50 process is the only way forward!!! We *must* Remain!!! We can leave but must stay in a single market and customs union!!! Or, just leave under WTO terms and sort out trade agreements with the EU later.

Leaving without a deal will be an economic catastrophe!!! We'll crash out!!! Has there been any substantiated proof provided for these assertions?

It seems to me that the grotesque distortions and misrepresentations are manufactured by those who wish to Remain. Their motivations are their own.

John Brown said...

Is the Remainer plan now to vote through Parliament Mrs. May’s/the EU’s WA and then offer the UK public a choice between this terrible surrender deal and remain ?

So we will have a majority of MPs voting to accept the awful “leave” WA and then campaigning for remain ?

This, together with both the main parties reneging on their election manifestos to respect the referendum result, shows how the EU is destroying our democracy.

Wherever possible I will be boycotting Remain candidates and EU goods.

Anonymous said...

Many, perhaps most of the 17.4 million are traditional British, moderate, reasonable people, capable of seeing both sides and the need for compromise to avert disaster.

For them, their votes were the result of a considered balance-of-preference, not of an all consuming, screaming hatred, like they were for a handful on this blog and its writer.

There will be no "fury" from them.

Jack the dog said...

I think Jack Ketch is probably right in that it is imposible to understand what May wants to happen or thinks is going to happen from her words or her actions, her inputs and the actual outputs have become completely disconnected.

We'll only know on March 30th and even then they'll lie to us, and continue to spray tax payers' money up the wall for as long as Brussels asks them to.

If Brexit is somehow denied, or more realistically, offered in some homeopathic version then I don't think the reaction will be particularly violent, but the idea that the issue will go away is totally wrong.

The British people weren't somehow gifted democracy by a benevolent aristocracy. We took it, with rather less obvious force than in some (most ì) other places.

And we'll take Brexit as well. That is for sure.

The political rumblings will go on for years if necessary but it will happen.

And in the mean while the likelihood is that events on the continent will render the whole exercise unnecessary anyway!

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dave_G said...

There is an air of inevitability surrounding the eventual conclusion to Brexit but I retain a certain amount of optimism that regardless of the outcome there will be significant changes to our political makeup post the exit date.

The 2-party state is broken beyond repair - socialism is seen in its true light (spending other peoples money) and Globalism/Corporatism is attacked by populists across Europe.

If we end up with a solid right-of-centre political party that encompasses the ideals of true Toryism, with room for genuine kippers and the disaffected from Lib/Lab parties then we will have some form of representation that could deal with any post-Brexit issues in a form that will be strong enough to actually make things happen.

As strong as the will of the 17.4m is I suspect those same 17.4m are as fed up with the trifecta we're currently saddled with and are looking for change - BIG change.

As for Radders thoughts on the disaffection of those who want a real Brexit I can only echo his sentiments. The feelings and spoken thoughts of outrage are all around us - and I live in Scotland, a supposedly pro-EU environment although you'd be hard pressed to find anyone local to me that gives credence to either the EU or the SNP. There is genuine anger bordering on thoughts of actual protest in abundance.

The Government really need to be aware of this.

terence patrick hewett said...

We are having a political civil war and the good thing about it is that all the cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork - we now know exactly who the traitors are - we know exactly who is willing to sell their country - not for money but because they hate this country and everything it stands for.

Treason has always been treated as a crime infinitely worse than murder because it is the murder of a whole nation - and was punished accordingly at Tyburn.

John Brown said...

Jack the dog said...

"I think Jack Ketch is probably right in that it is imposible to understand what May wants to happen or thinks is going to happen from her words or her actions, her inputs and the actual outputs have become completely disconnected."

I don't think Mrs. May cares what is the final outcome as long as it appears Parliament and not herself who has made the decision and she remains PM.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Since Theresa May's resolve appears to be crumpling yet again might I suggest a new pithy quote for her to bear in mind:

"No Deal is better than no democracy."

terence patrick hewett said...

I doubt that Jack Ketch would have either the courage or the guts to help jews in the 1930s - Jack Ketch is a coward - he cannot even give us his name.

Budgie said...

Anon 8:39 said: "Many, perhaps most of the 17.4 million are traditional British, moderate, reasonable people, ...". Exactly - and we voted to Leave, which was plainly understood to mean leaving the EU treaties.

After decades of controversy and debate the compromise was to have a Referendum to settle the matter democratically. Except that Remains like you are trying to overturn the result. Which is a cheat. The 17.4m traditional British don't like cheats.

The EU made the mistake of fobbing off Cameron; the UK establishment made the mistake of underestimating our determination to Leave. It's not just a few Leave commenters on here, I do not know a single Leave voter who is not angry at the cheating, lying Remain establishment. And most Remain voters I talked to during the campaign did not admire the EU, they just didn't want the boat rocked.

terence patrick hewett said...

Mr Jack-Turd-Shit: you do not understand what is to be English:

It was Christmas Day in the workhouse
The snow white walls were black
Along came the Workhouse Master
With his suit cut out of a sack.

In came the Christmas pudding
When a voice that shattered glass
Said: "We don't want your Christmas pudding
You can stick it with the rest of the unwanted presents"

The workhouse master then arose
And prepared to carve the duck
He said: "Who wants the parson's nose?"
And the prisoners shouted: "You have it yourself sir."

The vicar brought his bible
And read out little bits
Said one old crone at the back of the hall
"This man gets on very well with everybody"

The workhouse mistress then began
To hand out Christmas parcels
The paupers tore the wrappers off
And began to wipe their eyes; which were full of tears.

The master rose to make a speech
But just before he started
The mistress, who was fifteen stone,
Gave three loud cheers and nearly choked herself

And all the paupers then began
To pull their Christmas crackers
One pauper held his too low down
And blew off both his paper hat; and the man's next to him.

A steaming bowl of white bread sauce
Was handed round to some
An aged gourmet called aloud
"This bread sauce tastes like it was made by a continental chef"

Mince pie with custard was the next
And each received a bit
One pauper said: "This mince pie's nice
"But the custard tastes like the bread sauce we had in the last verse!"

The mistress dishing out the food
Dropped custard down her front
She cried: "Aren't I a silly girl?"
And the inmates answered: "You're a perfect picture as always Ma'am!"

"This pudding," said the master
"Is solid, hard and thick
"How am I going to cut it?"
And a man cried: "Use your penknife sir; the one with the pearl handle"

The mistress asked the vicar
To entertain his flock
He said: "What would you like to see?"
And they cried: "Let's see your conjuring tricks, they're always worth watching".

"Your reverence may I be excused?"
Said one benign old chap
"I don't like conjuring tricks
"I'd sooner have a carol or two around the fire"

So then they all began to sing
Which shook the workhouse walls.
"Merry Christmas!" cried the Master
And the inmates shouted: "Best of luck to you as well sir!"

jack ketch said...

Jack Ketch is a coward - he cannot even give us his name.

You mean Raedwald isn't our host's real name? Budgie isn't really an annoying small caged bird? Most people who comment here are probably aware of my real name, my location and my other nicks- or would know where to find them if they could be arsed....although lord only knows why they would want to.
If I recall aright Dicky Doubledaze went out of his way to post my ID around most of the Scribelus blogs. Mind you he thought I worked at the Priory....

Where on Earth did the non-sequitur about the Jews come from?!

Raedwald said...

Steady all ...

Sadly, pseudonyms are still needed for a variety of reasons

- Commenters work in the public sector or HM armed forces and need to avoid being discriminated against for mainstream political views
- Commenters face violence or harassment from disturbed individuals - I have a mentally unbalanced stalker who gives me the creeps
- Posters are young, vulnerable, or in other ways can really be hurt by the bruising invective out here and pseudonyms keep the hurt at arms' length
- There are bigots and nutters out there much given to violence
- Identity fraud is rampant and I'm not going to help the buggers

So stop the name calling please. It's Labour's Yvette Cooper who wants to bring in laws to stop internet anonymity, not our side.

Mark said...

Agreed Radders.

Besides, we can't actually speak Jack Ketch's real name as to do raises the devil.

jack ketch said...

we can't actually speak Jack Ketch's real name as to do raises the devil.-Mark

*SNORK*! I'm flattered. But in truth most Brits have trouble pronouncing my current surname (I've had several over the years) as I took The Bestes Frau In The World's highly Prussian surname and she mine (Yes I know 'pass the bucket' cutes).

jack ketch said...

Raed, is it *really* TPH posting, it seems rather unlike him?

Raedwald said...

Jack - my thoughts. I do apologise but if you can bear it I can keep deleting them whenever I dip in. Shall I get rid rid of the earlier ones? I must copy that comic verse down - just the job for a lagered-up ronde with the Munchen buddies

Thud said...

Granted I don't get around much but I don't know anybody who really cares what happens now, I did and now I don't and I'm certainly not looking to go out rioting etc regardless of the outcome.

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch said: "Where on Earth did the non-sequitur about the Jews come from?"

Probably from the same stable as the non-sequitur about "Brexϟϟhiteurs" came from?

jack ketch said...

Shall I get rid rid of the earlier ones?-Raed

Please don't,unless they bother you, they don't bother me and I'd hate for people to think i had gone running to you to have them deleted.

Sobers said...

"There will be no "fury" from them."

Don't count on that. I'm the least sort of revolutionary person you could imagine, if we don't get a proper Brexit I'll be on the barricades with the hotter heads than mine that undoubtedly exist, I'm that incensed by the entire thing.

Raedwald said...

Anon - act like a grown-up and argue your case on fact and reason, not jejune insults and name calling.

My deleting finger is warm.

jack ketch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Raed seems to me to think that his readers are not capable of identifying "jejune insults and name calling" for themselves, and of drawing their own conclusions.

Raedwald said...

Christ, it's not even as if you've got a sense of humour - you're utterly humourless, a grey joyless little streak of dark nastiness without a redeeming virtue. So no. I'm fed up with you - I've given you every chance to argue, disagree and present your case. But all we get is this juvenile nonsense that devalues the thoughtful and cogent comments of others. So You're now on default delete.

Charles said...

Yes I go along with the point raised here that if Brexit is scuppered then the issue will not go away. A lot of people will have seen how their MP has behaved and will either support them or through them out. I think the Tories might scrape 70 seats in the next election, not only did they call the referendum, they then could not deliver the result. Labour should be just as worried, many people will have been disillusioned with Corbyn and as for the TIG lot they are toast.

Anyone fancy starting a middle of the road free market type Brexit party? Could include grammar schools, closing 50% of the universities and replacing them with good technical colleges, that sort of thing....

Budgie said...

Gardner Fisher, With that list I expect you mean UKIP? I don't agree with all UKIP policies (I don't like subsidising STEMM subjects) but there's an awful lot of good stuff in the manifesto like scrapping DfID, scrapping HS2, and scrapping the Climate Change Act 2008.

Span Ows said...

Anon 08:39

"Many, perhaps most of the 17.4 million are traditional British, moderate, reasonable people, capable of seeing both sides and the need for compromise to avert disaster.

For them, their votes were the result of a considered balance-of-preference..."

face-palm...your first paragraph probably describes all the contributors to this blog two years ago. Events since have changed them (and me); YOU are making the same mistake as the London bubble MPs and Remainers.

Dioclese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dioclese said...

Ah I do so miss Dicky and his deeply meaningful insights. Disabled toilet!...

Anonymous said...

Penny drops. Rees-Mogg no longer resistant to the backdrop. Won't be long till he agrees to SM rules in order to access his 'offshore' business.

Frisby said...

Anon 1052

Yes, the country will probably leave on something like the already agreed terms, and then on a trade deal based on those. Future rapprochement or distancing from the EU can then be GE manifesto matters for parties, as they should always have been. We'll be back in the CU and SM before long whatever.