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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Theresa May's legacy will be the destruction of the Conservative Party

Prime Ministers are famously focused on their legacy. The illusions of control they enjoy in office inevitably blind them to the reality that all political careers end in failure, and that their legacy is one factor not under their command. Bloody Blair is remembered now only for duping the nation into his dodgy war in Iraq, the dilettante Cameron for losing the referendum, clumsy Gordon for his fiscal incompetence, the sordid Major (and Slugger Prescott both) for improper coitus. Though Prescott has a punch to offset his lustful coupling and Major the Cones Hotline.

I've no idea what Theresa May imagined her political legacy would be, but it's now looking almost certain that she'll be remembered as the PM that destroyed the Conservative Party.

More than 70% of ordinary party members such as myself are Leave supporters. And actually much more than supporters - most of us are Leave activists. If May, as now looks increasingly likely, fails to deliver a Real Brexit, too many of us will be unable to support the party at the next election. There is no other party for us; Batten's Muslim-baiters are unconscionable and Farage, though a sterling chap, values Brexit above Democracy - and I can't help. 

The next General Election after May's Brexit failure will finish the Conservative Party. She will have gone, clutching at the flotsam of an undistinguished career, and remembered only for her betrayal of her nation's democratic traditions and of her party. 

With that failure will come Corby's Marxists. Trident will be decommissioned, our UN seat surrendered to the EU and England's hills covered in windmills. Defence spending will he halved and what remains of the economy devastated. It's about time the youngsters had a taste of what we've fought to hold at bay - perhaps each generation needs to see Socialism in action to believe its malignity.

Edit - Update
At last - something about which almost everyone can agree. Those who think the government are crap over Brexit is up about 80%, whilst those who think the government aren't crap are down to about 15%, with about 5% 'don't knows'.  


Domo said...

"Batten's Muslim-baiters are unconscionable"

I'd rather they weren't the best option, but if his is the only party that respects my vote, he's going to get it.

Anonymous said...

Why do you say that Farage prefers Brexit to Democracy?

James Strong

Raedwald said...

James - the way he's constituted BrexitCorp, a quasi-party owned by its large shareholders that excludes volunteers and activists (there's still no confirmation that it has actual 'members') from any say in management or policy; no NEC, but a 'board of directors' appointed by the 'Leader'.

Fine as a repository for a protest vote I suppose so long as there's no danger of them actually gaining power.

rapscallion said...

"Batten's Muslim-baiters" Really Radders? Perhaps Islam Realists then, because the demographics are going to count, that is unless you cannot see that given time we'll end up with a Caliphate in Britain unless we do something about it, but to you its "unconscionable" Maybe you'll get to enjoy the vibrant culture of 7th century barbarity?

UKIP want to leave the EU, currently the only party that does, and if you actually really want to leave it then you should be voting for it. But no, you'd rather not vote for the naughty boys from the wrong side of the tracks because you tories have "standards" apparently. Good grief!

Smoking Scot said...

I suppose we will have to give up our seat at the UN and hand it over to the EU.

The German Finance Minister asked France to do that in November last year and received an immediate rebuff.

So while talking the globalist talk, even Macron couldn't give up the prestige of helping shape the future.

Some are sure to pout about it, however by that time we'll be well crushed and compliant to the wishes of the elite.

DeeDee99 said...

The pro-EU Establishment obvious thinks it can get away with trashing our democracy and betraying the 17.4 million who voted for independence; and then bribe, threaten and bully us into trooping into the polling booths to vote CONservatives for fear of the alternative.

I hope the British people are better than that. They have witnessed the most disgraceful "dictatorship of the Elite" with the Prime Minister, Civil Service and Mother of Parliaments doing everything in their power to deny the British people what they voted for: the right for their own Parliament to govern the country and be accountable to the governed.

My vote will go to, in this order:

The Brexit Party - or whatever replaces it
UKIP - despite the Muslim-baiting
A genuine, Brexit-supporting Independent

The CON Party is dead to me.

jack ketch said...

May has already said (for what any of her utterances are worth) that she will not lead the party into the next GE. My money is on Javid being the next leader and the Great British sheeples voting for him in droves, the way Americans did for Obama....'heal the nation' and all that guff. After Brexshite goes down in whatever form the Tories will do what they always do , put party before nation, and 'let bygones' and 'come together for the good of the nation' and Javid will be their choice.

Stephen J said...

"Farage, though a sterling chap, values Brexit above Democracy "

Surely honouring "brexit" is the definition of support for democracy?

Nigel's distrust of party democracy is borne entirely out of his experience with UKIP, he was never allowed to actually lead, however, it was his belief in democracy that caused that situation to arise.

When he was setting UKIP up in the first place, he had quite a battle with the likes of Batten and Sked who did not believe in contesting elections, they just wanted it to be a pressure group, indeed there was a massive battle over whether to contest the EP elections at all. Farage argued that the only way to get the "remainers" to take notice was to threaten their fat arses that were so comfortable on those green leather benches.

It is the bitter experience of democratising the whole of UKIP that has led to his belief that the party itself should be more like a mixture of the two concepts. You set up a structure with a firm, unwavering intention.

In the case of UKIP that meant, the aim was to campaign for a referendum to leave the EU.

What the oh so democratic UKIP did was to develop policies and a cabinet and be a sort of pretend government, the actual point of UKIP was lost along the way, in exchange for constant infighting. It is absolutely amazing just how successful it ended up being.

His Brexit Party is modelled on the arguably more successful Referendum Party...

Of course when the party leader/owner unfortunately dies before the objective has been met, the party folds. It is clear though that that party would have been the more successful had Jammy not expired at the wrong moment.

Believing in the concept of citizen triggered binding direct democracy is where Nigel stands, it is where I stand too. i.e. There is a desire for a particular democratic test, and you set up a powerful corporate structure to campaign for it, you do not waver. When that objective has been achieved you go back to what you were doing beforehand.

The idea is not to have a need to squat on a sweaty leather seat at the taxpayer's expense by way of reward for telling electors that you will do what they want, whilst knowing yourself so well that all you want is a reward for hoodwinking voters into paying for your lifestyle.

I predict that once the betrayal has unfolded completely, Nigel will leave for America, and we will never hear from him again.

And do you know what...?

We don't deserve him, we will have lost probably the finest campaign leader since Churchill and his wartime leadership.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Alternatively lend your vote to UKIP or Farage until a proper Brexit is achieved, and then switch back to a revived Labour or Conservative party.

I doubt that, even now, UKIP or Farage would win enough seats to form a majority - but they might win enough seats to reshape the Parlimentary aversion to Brexit. Plus it would shatter the cosy 'buggins turn nature' of having only two main parties and revive their attention to the electorate.

Raedwald said...

right writes - thankyou for that; the best concise summary I've seen of the background, and makes many things clear.

I am second-to-none in my personal admiration for Nigel, and deeply conscious of the cost to him of this consuming commitment.

Charles said...

Do you know if Corbyn closed Eton it might be worth it. Too much privelidge is bad for the individual and the country.

More realistically I wonder if May will stand and lose her seat, she might understand that legacy. I agree if the Tories get 70 seats they will be doing well, they will keep their remain seats with remain MPs but lose the rest. They will also lose because activists will not get out the vote. Labour will suffer, but not as much as they are not in power, they will get in, wreck the joint and then we will see who climbs out of the wreckage....

Mr Ecks said...

Ketch--what is left of the FBPE remainiac rump have some very bad times coming.

Radders--you are right about the Tories but beyond stupid with your blulabour Islam-sucking. A small amount of remedial reading about the Religion of Peace should be enough but your arrogance and stupidity is too great to be defeated. UKIP would get us the Brexit we want if you voted in a GE ONE TIME. But no--your sanctimonious pseudo-leftist virtue signalling cockrot is more important to you--cause Franco--blah,blah etc.

If the Bitch gets her shite through the plan is the EU piss on us for 5 years and then we crawl back to them. The stupid BluLabour cunt doesn't understand ordinary psychology let alone British psychology. And all the time the globo-elite --of which the EU is a part--will be trying to flop ordinary folk lower than whaleshit using eco-freakery as with Macron. And Britain will be pissed on even more so.

So no --the WA won't stick. We could be rid of it very quickly via UKIP.

Mr Ecks said...

Oh and Jizza has pissed on his own gang of shite with his Brexit treason. But of course--in the non-biased world of Radders--Labour voters are too tribal and stupid to no longer vote for a traitor like Jizz. Islamo clit-cutters, stabbers and bombers must be respected but his own countrymen can be dismissed.

Well they won't be switching the vote to the fucking Tories that is for sure. And most of the UK doesn't give a shite for migrant takeover. Which is the reason--his new imported voting force--that Jizz and his Bliarite handlers think they can piss on the vey white working class that founded Labour. UKIP will profit from their votes.

Stephen J said...

I don't suppose Mr Ecks could actually be Roger Melly in disguise?

I think we should be told.

Arsenal Fan 36"s greatest tribute act said...

Ecky, dear oh dear.

You won. And you'll get Britain's first Muslim PM as a result by the looks of it, as Jack said.

Mr Ecks said...

Right Writes--Since we are trading insults-Is Nige going to take you with him to the USA--which should it lose Trump will be no better off than the UK--to use as a footstool?

All right lets talk sense. UKIP/Farage in-fighting is and always was foolish. Farage vs North vs --whatever-- too many ego men. For the sake of sense and not being fucked by globalist evil Farage/UKIP/ For Britain should reach some kind of deal not to split the vote. And if needs be endorse voting for the other where their own party is less viable. Farage will go better in the South than Batten and vice versa in the North. The important thing is that being against our general enemies is better than politicking and fighting each other. Who cares about the bad blood in UKIP's history. All politics is the same but lets not be fools enough to be unable to co-operate. Our enemies manage it enough.

Frisby said...

Still going on about this fictional "betrayal" fury, and "real" Brexit, Raedwald?

This is how it is for many Leave voters:

A Leave supporter cannot remember if he is actually against Britain’s EU membership or if he just says he is to wind up Remainers.

Electrical contractor Stephen Malley thinks he voted Brexit, although his first clear memory around the referendum is claiming he did to irritate some arsehole Remain voters in a pub.

He said: “Certainly I don’t give a toss about the EU, and never did. But I’m addicted to the outraged reactions I get when I say I voted Brexit.

“Thing is, I don’t want everyone losing their jobs. The weak pound’s done me no favours. Signing trade deals with Cambodia or wherever’s fuck all to me.

“But ‘taking back control’ sounds tough like the tagline to a Jason Statham film and ‘you lost, get over it’ is something I rarely get to say as a Coventry City fan.

“Maybe I just like antagonising people because, let’s face it, there’s an attention-seeking twat inside all of us. Anyway too late to change now.”

Malley has admitted that perhaps not every Remain voter is a rich, sneering Londoner who goes skiing with their au pair, adding: “But most of them are.”

Mr Ecks said...

Frisby--the fuckwits correspondent.

Keep stirring it remainiac. Each time the likes of you open your fetid gobs the determination to get out of the EU increases. And that load of rambling wank shows your intellectual quality as well.

Domo said...

There's nothing wrong with For "my way or the highway" approach, as long as everyone accepts that in the medium term, everyone will take the highway.

Mr Ecks said...

Arse 36--So what if chrome-dome Savid Javid replaces the Fish Faced Cow. Whoever replaces her it is a only until the next GE and then goodbye Tories anyway.

What is he going to do? Help the EU use May's BRINO to piss on the UK? That will do wonders for the Tory vote. Introduce some more RoP-sucking measures into UK law --like Sad Dicks bikini ban UK wide? More solid votes for the Tory Party--not.

Raedwald said...

Frisby stay OT please

John Brown said...

Reported by Comment Central on 25/02/2019 re an NCC meeting on Saturday 23/02/2019 :

“…..the National Conservative Convention (a conference of local association chairs) agreed by 72 to 15 votes a motion to leave the EU on time, and not to rule out “no deal,” but to rule out a second referendum. The motion concluded that anything else “would betray the 2016 people’s vote and damage democracy and our party for a generation.”

Mrs. May and the 200 Conservative Party MPs who voted for her to continue as party leader and hence PM will destroy the Conservative Party as it no longer represents a majority of the membership.

I will in future be voting for Brexit supporting candidates and in the meantime purchasing fewer EU goods to help where I can to reduce our £100bn/year trading deficit with the EU.

Dave_G said...

Raed's description of BrexitCorp doesn't sound so scary. We all lament the lack of business accumen of our politicians and here's an opportunity to create UK PLC with shareholders that value their efforts and contribution to making the country profitable and efficient.

As shareholders (voters) we can still influence the outcome (somewhat) and lacking a suitable alternative that seeks to support the majority mindest then bring it on. I might even countenance a bonus percentage of GDP to the 'party/members' as dividend for results.

But equally, to discount the Islam issue is to step back in time to the days of the Common Market and fail to realise where it will lead to.

Frisby said...

That Batten has made ukip a Safe Space for Muslim-baiters - as he has - is ironic.

The similarity between believers in the One True Brexit, or in Pure Conservatism, and those they abhor is remarkable. They cry "traitor", just as the second do "blasphemer" or "apostate", and both seem to claim to be entitled to judge, to convict, and to sentence, generally to death, if many of the blog comments across the media are to be believed.

The humourless halfwits of both sorts deserve each other if you ask me.

At least ukip and Farbage between them will split the lunatic vote.

Raedwald said...

Dave - I always maintain that our focus should be on globalism, not Muslims. Migration is just one of the ploys globalists use to undermine coherent societies - treat the disease, not the symptom.

Besides, Muslims are used by the globalists just as much as we are - and as I frequently say, you can't blame immigrants for immigration. Blame the politicians who are working hand in glove with the globalists, blame the globalists, but to act like knuckle-dragging savages ourselves lets the real culprits off the hook.

Arsenal Fan 36's greatest tribute act said...

Ecky, looks like you need someone like France's socialist Hollande, to get that burkha ban, doesn't it? Not much chance with Javid, I suspect.

Raedwald said...

.... and of course the globalist dags trolling on here and elsewhere, desperate to stir up trouble, foment racial hatred, add their bile and nastiness, who seek only to provoke dissent amongst the anti-globalists.

Arsenal fan 36 (is that your IQ or your collar size?) and Frisby are useful as they reveal themselves as just shit-clagged clumps of wool hanging from the arse of globalism.

mongoose said...

Hold on, folks. Last weekends poll had Cons on 40% and Jezza's lot on 30%.

The fix is in for Brino and that will be enough for the rumpus to settle down. Those among us who are more politically alert than the average bear may have noticed but few others will. The real work starts on March 30th. It is just the end of the beginning.

Mr Ecks said...

Mongoose--If they ask ten people that is still a poll. The polls are run by leftist conmen. Because they talk to some shower that means what exactly? The polls got it wrong every time--and they were trying to use their "results" for political purposes as well.

Arse 36--A Burka ban is a waste of time. Merely attacking the symptom and of no use against the takeover. No more mass migrants and no more subsidised breeding program. Benefit for one man, one woman and two kids--not a penny more. No three women in tow with two kids each etc.
No votes for migrants or their families for 100 years after arriving.
That would help solve the problem not stupid bag bans.

Frisby--Free speech should not need a "safe space". Leftist bullshit needs purging from the language. Make Marxist jargon "hatespeech" for a couple of years before restoring free speech and ending Hatespeech bullshit laws for good.

Aresenal Fan 36's greatest tribute act said...

"For 100 years after arriving"? That goes for Americans and for Australians, does it Ecky?

You won't find bigger globalists than Trump and Robert Mercer, it's just that you like the idea of their kind of globe, where you can buy a gun at the corner shop, and massacre those whom you hate, I suspect.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I'm still for UKIP, as the Muslim question will be a big issue in politics in the next decade or two. Questions need to be asked and policies formulated in advance of issues arising from Muslim majority rule in cities around the UK.

If (as an example) Birmingham, Bradford or Luton Town Council imposes Sharia law in its metropolitan area as opposed to UK law, what would a UK government do? Have the debate now rather than run around like a headless chicken when it eventually happens.

We're already seeing Muslim parents opposing the teaching of the "No Outsiders" policy in school with 98% of kids being Muslim. No diversity or equality being imposed there. The same school that was part of the "Trojan Horse" scandal only a few years ago.

But what happens when the Muslim community are a majority, does equality go out of the window at that point? If so, and if that is in direct opposition to UK law, how do the government react? Should it be opposed, should diversity be enforced, or should lack of diversity and equality be tolerated in small parts of our country where there is a Muslim Majority? Should it be accepted? What happens then to the minority that want to live by the UKs equality rules? Do they move, or stay and just suck it up, being a minority?

The questions around multiculturalism, Muslims and their active refusal to tolerate Western Values is a debate that needs to happen.

Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring the issues only increases the chances of the issue being settled violently.

Having lived in an area where there is a significant number of Muslims in the community, I can see issues arising in the future.

I saw the community that stands apart, that does not integrate, where people work, rest, play and pray apart from the wider community. The insular community where things like Rotherham can happen and be excused, where equality is actively supressed. As for diversity, I can tell you the tolerance we give them is not reciprocated.

We need to talk about it.

Raedwald said...

Duh ... Trump's a globalist? That must explain the tariffs, then, and the insistence on 'Made in America'. Dumbass.

Go and learn the difference between a capitalist and a globalist, rather than just parotting from your 'rent a quote' cribsheet without knowing what the words mean.

Raedwald said...


If (as an example) Birmingham, Bradford or Luton Town Council imposes Sharia law in its metropolitan area as opposed to UK law, what would a UK government do?

Take over running the Council directly. There is NO power in law for local government to give regard to any form of 'law' other than English and Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish law. It's simply ultra vires and can not happen.

Oh sure, Muslim dominated Councils will try to push the boundaries with crony appointments, grants to Muslim organisations and so on - but when they tried that in Tower Hamlets Bosh! Special Measures with an appointed external CE dismantling all the corrupt yamayama.

Yes, we need to talk about it - otherwise myths, fake news and fomenting of conflict by external agents provocateurs such as our globalist dags on here can cause problems.

When Muslims break the law they must be pursued and prosecuted just as rigourously as anyone else - as is happening now, far too late, in those big Muslim towns and cities. No argument.

Mark said...


Absolutely. This is NOT a Muslim country and I strongly suspect that most Muslims don't want it to be either.

I think where we differ from countries like Sweden is that we had, prior to 1997, we had Muslim immigrants who were reasonably well integrated. Since 97 there has been a policy of bringing in savages and weaponising them against the indigenous population (and any immigrants who want to genuinely integrate).

Muslims who spout anti Jew bile or anything else need to feel the full force of the law, as do mosques harbouring hate preachers. Muslims who are willing to root out spewers of bile need to know they will be protected.

People are getting angry and we need to find out just how much of a problem Muslims actually are. Muslims at large will need to decide where they stand and we need to allow them to do this (How much intimidation of muslims by other muslims goes on unseen)

If Muslims, or a significant proportion of them actually approve of sharia and all the rest of it, in 20 years they may well have it. But it likely will be in some Gaza strip like hell that they won't be allowed to leave.

Don't think something like that couldn't happen.

All we've had is attacks from their fanatics. Don't assume ours will stay quiet for ever.

mikebravo said...

Very well put.

mikebravo said...

I think Mr Ecks is Capt Ranty reincarnated. And I mean that in a good way.

Raedwald said...

36 collar - deleted for hate content

Raedwald said...

Frisby - deleted for hate content

Anonymous said...

Raedwald. Look up the words "fact" and "hate".

They are not synonyms. Your brittle, feeble propaganda is exposed.

Dave_G said...

Raed, I agree that we should concentrate on Globalists/ism as the root cause however we seldom see their main protagonists (not politicians as they are but their servants) such as the banksters, media owners and major corporatists brought to account and placed under a microscope but cries of 'conspiracy theorist' and 'anti Semitism' seem to be the default setting to close down such debate.

Mark said...

Anon, could you please tell the plod twatter patrol that.

Raedwald said...

Dave - I take your point. Take the VW emissions fraud.

In the whole of the EU not one VW executive has been arrested or indicted for this massive global fraud; the only guy serving jail time is a VW VP who was in the US when the scandal broke. He tried to escape using false documents but was caught in Florida, indicted, and is doing Federal time.

An excellent example of the probity of US justice against globalist fraudsters compared to an EU regime of complicity and corruption that hides globalist crime like Iran hides Hezbollah.

Not one UK banker has served jail time for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Raed, yeah. Policing, arresting people for crimes that is, is a national, not an EU matter. So the fault lies with the member nations' prosecution services etc., not with the EU institutions. No one has been arrested for the destruction of national assets for political reasons here either, e.g. the blowing of railway bridges by Beeching and the flooding of workable mines by Thatcher etc., nor for much besides.

Mr Ecks said...

Radders--Re VW--it is a non event. There is sodall wrong with diesels that is not eco-freak lying bullshit.

The green freakshow is the Globo elites chosen method of flopping ordinary people into poverty and misery. Macron's antics illustrate the point. We are to be impoverished and made unable to resist the Global gang.

Bankers are the tail not the dog. That is the scummy state and always has been.

Frank said...

This government just don't seem to get it, precipitating yet another own goal for the Leave voters.

Net migration to the UK from countries outside the European Union has hit its highest level for 15 years, the Office for National Statistics says. Figures show 261,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year ending September 2018 - the highest since 2004.

We Remain voters did try to explain, but they wouldn't have it.

Raedwald said...

Glad you pointed that out - but you forgot to mention that 217,000 of tose non-EU arrivals last year are here on study visas, to benefit from the UK's first class universities - the finest in Europe.

In contrast to the UK, which has 5 universities in the global top 20, the EU27 have none. Nada. Zilch. Not a single world class university.

In consequence, all the clever Malaysians, Japanese, Australians, Americans and so on flock to the UK - earning the country £4.8bn each year in fees alone, and boosting UK GDP by £25bn a year.

It strikes me the EU27 could benefit from sending some bright European kids here to study, and benefit from the finest undergradute programmes in Europe. Visa applications will be welcome!

Frank said...

Codswallop as ever, Raedwald. Re-read my post.

The figure is the **difference** between those arriving and those leaving. Nearly as many students leave as arrive, so they are pretty well accounted for.

Raedwald said...

Read, dipshit -

"The number coming to the UK for work has fallen to 231,000, its lowest level since 2014. It follows a fall in the number of EU citizens arriving to work.

By contrast, the overall number of people arriving in the UK to study has increased to 217,000, with non-EU student immigration at its highest level since 2011."

So that's the Brexit effect - record employment levels, highest economic growth in Europe, substantial inward investment, the pound at its highest against the Euro since 2017, record numbrs of student and work visas issued to non-=EU nationals, who are flocking here to spend, pay tax, learn and develop lifelong bonds with Britain.

We're a success story. In contrast to a collapsing, sclerotic EU, riddled with corruption, fraud, inefficiency.

Thud said...

So I don't vote Cons and we get Corby? so Cons it is for me then all day long.

Domo said...

"This government just don't seem to get it, precipitating yet another own goal for the Leave voters.

Net migration to the UK from countries outside the European Union has hit its highest level for 15 years, the Office for National Statistics says. Figures show 261,000 more non-EU citizens came to the UK than left in the year ending September 2018 - the highest since 2004.

We Remain voters did try to explain, but they wouldn't have it."

Maybe Brown people are just less of an issue for Leave voters than Remainiacs?

Anonymous said...

Mark said...
"I think where we differ from countries like Sweden is that we had, prior to 1997, we had Muslim immigrants who were reasonably well integrated"

So who were all those thousands of people who rioted in Bradford in 1989, over Salman Rushdie's book, under Thatcher then?

And were those suicide bombers on London Transport in 2005 - who were all British - all under nine years old, Mark?

Yes, New Labour messed up over immigration, but you can't blame everything on them.

Budgie said...

Raedwald, On 26 Feb you commented about pseudonyms. You did not list my main reason: that I wish my arguments to be heard and appreciated (or otherwise) for their rationality, not for who I am, not what my experiences or educational qualifications are, not even for my beliefs (if any), and not because of my forebears.

I have already broken that by recounting my family's involvement - on Mrs Budgie's side - with Katyn and the Gulags. Talking to a number of the survivors of both is a humbling, and frightening, experience.

I will break it again. I wish I did not have to. I have two long standing (male) Muslim friends. True, one is an Ahmadiyya, so hated by some of the more excitable of the other sects, but the other is Sunni. I was close enough to be invited by one of them to his son's wedding celebration. They both know I'm in UKIP.

I have no problem whatsoever with a person's religion (or with none). If Islam was merely one of the world's great religions (as I thought a decade ago) there would be no issue. I have no problems with Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Jews, Mormons, Catholics, Hindus, Orthodox or Protestant Christians, etc, or even Jehovah's Witnesses.

The (originally) English compact arose out of the persecutions of the C15th, C16th and C17th. It is, essentially, to keep your religion private, where the state is secular apart from the "official" religion which it does not impose. Partly because Islam is a political ideology as well as a religious ideology, Muslims in general do not accept our compact.

This is a problem; and it will have to be discussed openly. I believe UKIP is trying to do that.

jack ketch said...

@Budgie that has to be one of the best comments I have read from you so far.

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

Dear Raedwald,

I have noticed the "debate" on your blog growing very heated over the last few months as the Leave date approaches. As someone watching this debacle unfold from the far side of the world I am wondering if, in the case of Brexit being somehow denied by May & Co, do you think there will actually be violence in the streets of England?

Mark said...

Anon, quick scan on Wikipedia that well known Tory der sturmer.

Since 2001, hundred terrorist related deaths, most attributed to Islam. 1971-2001, 125 attributed to the IRA, 305 the Lockerbie bomb.

Things changed after 97.

Rioting is one thing. Driving vans at people is something totally different. We didn't have "islamophobia", tell MAMA, etc.

Raedwald said...

sgt 73rd

see the source document here, written by two war studies academics

Anonymous said...

Budgie, well said. I'm not sure that a totalitarian doctrine should enjoy the same protections as what many consider to be a true religion, simply by calling itself one. You appear to agree.

Mark. Things changed more after September 11th 2001, alas. The facts are, that nearly all attacks in the UK have been by UK born-and-raised people, and the worst was by those born here before Blair was even PM.

Mark said...

Anon, yes many of them may have been born here but it's the changes after 97 that have turned them into terrorists.

Don't forget that Muslim terrorists tried to destroy the world trade centre in 1993. Cack handed attempt maybe but the intent was to kill thousands.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, Mark, I don't think that the either the ERG or the rest of the Tories are willing to have the open conversation that Budgie outlines.

However, Continental politics are different, and that very discourse is taking place, notably in Scandinavia.

The main change since 1997 is the continued development of the internet, with the result that sectarian enmities have become globalised and ramified.

This is not a time for isolationism.

Mark said...

Anon, no mainstream political party appears willing to acknowledge the reality of Islam which is one of the drivers of what is dismissed as "populism".

Islam is a problem that will need to be confronted. I'm hoping this can be done peacefully, but to even start this process the problem has to be acknowledged and all themselves is bury it's head in the sand. The EU is no usr whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Of course the EU is of no use, Mark. These matters, like most, are way outside the very limited scope of the Treaties.

Would you rather that they were not?

Mark said...

Anon, then why was the EU threatening countries who didn't want to take "migrants" with sanctions?

Raedwald said...

Part of the aim of the globalists - an aim shared by the followers of the Federasts of the EU - is to destroy national cultural congruence in Europe. It's not specifically Muslims - any non-Christian non-European people would do; African animists and athiests are also fine. That's why the EU wants to force migrants on EU nations - and why the Vizegrad 4 and others are resisting.

Peter Sutherland, ex-Goldman Sachs Chairman, ex-EU Commissioner, ex-Irish government minister, one of the fathers of the despoilation of European nationality made the EU's aims quite explicit in this regard - as he said to a HoL select committee

"If one looks at the key arguments and issues relating to the need for migration, the demographic is the most fundamental for many countries of destination. The demographic challenges in a number of European Member States, however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states, are absolutely unquestionable. They are vital in terms of a crucial dynamic for economic growth. A declining and ageing population is destructive of prosperity—forgetting entirely about the moral aspect of migration. ... So demographics are a key element of the debate, and a key argument for the development of—I hesitate to use the word because people have attacked it—multicultural states. It is impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the alternative argument can survive, because states have to become more open in terms of the people who inhabit them, as the United Kingdom has demonstrated."

Anonymous said...

Mark, it's off-topic, but the EU's failure of late has been precisely the opposite, that is, to enforce the Dublin Agreement, meaning that Italy and Greece have had to bear the brunt of the US/UK-generated refugee crisis alone. That is the main reason for recent changes in Italian opinion.

That was an ad-hoc agreement, not specified in any Treaty as I understand it.

Yes, we know that many are not genuine refugees too.

Raedwald said...

I should add that Sutherland's 'ageing population' excuse is just bollocks; Sutherland knew, as Merkel knew, that AI would automate 30% - 40% of jobs in Europe by the mid 2030s - the next 15 years. They tried to use demographics to destroy European cultural identity - and the EU shares that aim.

I cannot express too strongly my loathing and contempt for their malignity.


For the impact on individual nations of AI

Raedwald said...

Italy's previous pro-EU governments left the country's Mediterraanean borders wide open and encouraged NGO taxi-ships to shuttle 000's of migrants (not refugees, please) from a mile off the Libyan cost to Italy. It was only Salvini that closed the borders and banned the NGO taxis - result? minimal new migration

As for Greece, it was the EU's fascist chum Turkey that helpfully assisted migrants to cross from the Turkish mainland to the Greek islands until they got what they wanted - billions of Euros from EU taxpayers to bribe the Turks to stop.

Mark said...

Indeed Radders.

I suspect that "ageing" western nations are probably best placed to deal with it, which may explain Sutherlands urgency.

Anonymous said...

Only people can have aims, not pieces of paper.

So, who are MEPs who want to destroy the nations of Europe? Because if there is no majority among them for anything, then it will not happen, as didn't TTIP, for instance.

Your recent comments read very much like conspiracy-theory unchained again, I'm sorry to say.

Raedwald said...

MEPs are vain little non-entities more concerned with chiselling their expenses and per diems than anything else. The EP is a cosmetic irrelevance. Conversely the Commission and the Council are cementing their own power - QMV has replaced the veto, and they are even now refining inventive ways in which punitive sanctions can now be applied against defaulters without Poland being able to help Hungary or vice versa.

Your brainwashed defence of the worst excesses of the EU reminds me of someone captured and conditioned by a religious cult - you deal with any item of criticism in exactly the same way a Moonie does. And when you have no defence (which is frankly about 85% of the time) you resort to ad-hominem responses. That's a fact.

Anonymous said...

If the EP is an irrelevance, then how did it block the globalist TTIP?

The Commission and the Council of Ministers are answerable to Tusk's council of the twenty-eight leaders, so which of them are they?

Who are the MEPs and leaders who want to destroy their own countries? Come on. All I want is some evidence for your claim. If it's OK then I'll accept it.

Raedwald said...

If you're really are unable to understand the way things work in Brussels I can't help you.

Your question is simply dumb - like asking "What is the best colour?"

Anonymous said...

I know very well how the EU institutions work. That is why, like any reasonable person, I'd like some evidence for your bizarre claims about the key people in them, and for those as to their intentions.

Anything. Your earlier quote amounts to no more than someone's analysis as to the ways of the modern world, and says nothing as to endorsement or aims.

Raedwald said...

Can I recommend you spend some time reading some of the better poltical memoires - say 2nd half of the 20th century? This will provide you with insights into how policies are made and decided in the modern world, away from the public eye and the theatre of the minuted democratic institutions.

Alternatively, I recommend some of the many good quality public lectures given by political insiders which will allow you to gain an insight into practical politics

Finally, I'd recoommend you subscribe to some of the better quality political blogs (in addition to this one, I mean) - Guido is good.

If in six months you still can't understand how these things come to pass, please contact me again.

terence patrick hewett said...

Dáithíerix the Gael’s adventures in Britannia:

After an unsuccessful rebellion in Britannia led by Queen Boudathatchica the Roman tyrant Bibulous Junker has invaded and conquered Britannia but only after surmounting great difficulties caused by the Britons’ habit of breaking off battle for 15 minutes every half-hour to drink an infusion of dried herbs.

But two villages remain independent – one village in Hibernia called Tír na nÓg and the other village in Britannia called Camalot - or as it is affectionately called by the locals - Camelcach. One villager called Prematurclimax is dispatched to Hibernia to enlist the help of the druid Fintanobollix to supply magic poitín to the Brittonic rebels. It is decided to send the warrior Dáithíerix who isPrematurclimax’s first cousin once removed - and Obolix the Cloch Fhada maker and delivery-man to help transport a barrel of the poitín. But while beating up a Roman galley in the Muir Éireann, Obolix mentions the mission, which is reported to the Roman high command in Britain.

Meanwhile, the druid Fintanobollix’s Brittonic cousin Faragentorix also a druid and part-time kipper salesman - warns Bibulous Junker to beware The Ides of March. He turns out to be right - on the XXIXth of March Monstrus Selmayronicus who is Bibulous Junker’s second-in-command and whose sanity is sadly Descendit in Latrina assassinates Bibulous Junker in the Senate. Monstrus Selmayronicus is IV Denarii short of a Solidus and has made his horse Coveneoborus a Consul and Senator Hoganheroicus Tribune of the Pagus.

In Londinium - the barrel of smuggled poitín is confiscated by the Romans from a pub cellar owned by the gimp Dipsomaniax - along with all the barrels of warm beer and boxes of chateau-cardboard. The Roman army sets about tasting everything, trying to find which one has the poitín and soon the whole maniple is hopelessly banjaxed. Whereupon Dáithíerix and Obolix steal all the barrels labelled “Dipsomaniax” - but Obolix is himself molto umbriago and starts a scrap with some Roman legionaries.

During the commotion a passing knacker steals the cart with the barrels. Prematurclimax and Dáithíerix leave Obolix at Dipsomaniax’s pub to sleep off his head but while Prematurclimax and Dáithíerix go in search of the Brittonic messer - the Romans capture the sleeping Obolix and Dipsomaniax and raze the pub.

Obolix wakes up in the Tower of Londinium and frees Dipsomaniax and after a search to find the poitín they discover it has been used as a pick-me-up for a camógaíocht team. After this team wins their game, the protagonists seize the poitín and escape by boat down the river Thamesis where the Romans destroy the barrel and release the poitín into the water which causes a widespread and embarrassing erectoral problem in the male population for some months to come.

Back at Camalot, Dáithíerix eases the Britons' disappointment by feigning to make the poitín with herbs later revealed to be tea. With this psychological boost the village prevails against the Romans.

Dáithíerix and Obolix return home to celebrate with poitín all round. Tea will never catch on here says the druid Fintanobollix but his other cousin the druid Bassettorix thinks it may just do that.

jack ketch said...

Dáithíerix and Obolix-TPH (the real one i hope)

You should also mention the Seaspawn Episode, where Shadesofgraylingus pays BIG groats to Chunnderix the God of The Underworld between Gaul and Britain....

terence patrick hewett said...

Jack - you have to be Irish to understand it - but you are neither Irish nor English and can't really understand anything:

Oh, Fintan, Oh, Fintan, Oh, Fintan, Oh Fuck,
It’s grand to here you,
A Dubliner fuck,

The people of Dún Laoghaires
All believe in feeries
Defenestration near is
Of Daibhí we espy

But really it’s the same old song
I am right and you are wrong
Ten thousand years of histry is
In error and a dreadful pis
But don’t you worry we have got
A brave new world you sorry lot
We’ll give it to you front or rear
We’ll not give up
We have no fear

A mote there is
In this grand plan
The intertubes disturbs our glister
The nightmare of dictators scan
Forever – Look Behind You Mister

terence patrick hewett said...

To paraphrase Groucho Marx:

“I don’t know what they have to say,
It makes no difference anyway:
Whatever it is, it’s offensive.
No matter what it is or who commenced it.
It’s offensive.

Your proposition may be good,
But let’s have one thing understood:
Whatever it is, it’s offensive.
And even when you’ve changed it or condensed it.
It’s offensive.”

The great man in action:

terence patrick hewett said...

Smoug barstaads,
Smoug barstaads,
That leech all creation,
And sit upon the heap,
Of decadent onanation.

Raedwald said...

Jeez who dug up J.P. Donleavy?

jack ketch said...

"Jeez who dug up J.P. Donleavy?"

Any friend of Behan's has to have had something going him. Although one might do better to replace 'dug up' with 'uncorked'....

terence patrick hewett said...

Pulling yr leg lads...

Balanchine said...

Have a read of my blog Radders, if Mrs May does this she could well be the toast of the party!


Raedwald said...

Like most folks I know, I read The Ginger Man in my late teens, and everything else he wrote in the years after. I lost count of the number of copies lent at Uni never to be returned and I'm sure I bought Balthazar B at least seven times.

His books are full of snippets of bawdy poteen-soaked nonsense verse amid deeper insights

“But Jesus, when you don't have any money, the problem is food. When you have money, it's sex. When you have both it's health, you worry about getting rupture or something. If everything is simply jake then you're frightened of death.”