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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Nervous Hague can't hear the approaching tumbrils

Poor William Hague, a deluded and deeply confused Patrician unable to comprehend the events unfolding around him, exposes his deficient cognition in the Telegraph again this morning. Deselecting Remainer Tory MPs is mistaken, he avers. This is the man who gave us both the Patrician Party constitution that robbed local associations of much of their authority and institutionalised control in a weak and narrow metropolitan elite, and who more recently urged Tory MPs to put this same undemocratic and factionalist Party elite before either country or constituency. He still thinks it's all about Brexit.

Dear William, our party is splitting, as is Labour. Politics is re-aligning, Pompey against Caesar. On your side the pompous Patrician elite, the political class, half-a-Parliament of privilege and an immense sense of entitlement, a sort of Social Democrat cross-party consensus defending your grasp on power. On the other, the Gilets jaunes, Caesar's horny handed legions, ready to take back control, to shoulder responsibility, to reform, renew and democratise. Our MPs also sit on both sides of the House.

And because our Party is splitting, and because 70% of party members out in the shires and suburbs support the Leave insurgency, of course they will use whatever little power you have left them to ensure they have as many MPs in the Commons as possible come the next election. Which will not be fought under your current Leader.

Their actions in deselecting Remainers are very much in the interests of our country, wholly in the interests of those constituencies, and greatly to the advantage of our Party, which, purged, renewed and democratised, will once again lead One Nation in the interests of all our people, not only your own narrow privileged elite.

So I'm afraid you must just suck it up.  


DeeDee99 said...

Every one of the "rebels" Hague pleads should not be challenged voted in favour of the EU Referendum; pledged to respect the result and stood on a General Election manifesto that promised to leave the EU, Single Market and Customs Union.

He now pleads that the liars and cheats should be allowed to keep their jobs with no fear of retribution and where they will feel empowered to lie and cheat their Constituents in the future with no fear of retribution.

All these arrogant "Elites" believe in is appeasement. Well we don't. The treacherous creep who is MP for West Dorset, Oliver Letwin, has apparently indicated that he's standing down at the next election so he doesn't have to face the fury of his leave-voting Constituents. The CON Party won't stand a hope in hell of getting my vote if he's still in place.

IcyPurplepants said...

I completely agree with you Raedwald! It's funny (in a sort of crying into your beer kind of way), but the only argument the Tories currently have is "at least we're not Labour".

Vote for May's Withdrawal Agreement or else we'll get a General Election and Labour might win.
Stick with the Tories, or else you'll get Labour.
Don't deselect our MPs, or we'll be just like Labour.

It's the same as the arguments around the EU - we have to remain or everything bad you can possibly think of will happen.

The argument is essentially the same - no positive cases are being made for either, only negative ones. I'm so sick of it all.

What seems to be completely beyond their understanding is that the current herd of Tories Labour; socialists except wearing conservative clothes. It makes absolutely no real difference to the direction of this country whether the Tories are in power, or Labour - we're heading in the same direction; down.

At least if we deselect a bunch of these buffoons, we may get the realignment of politics we need so badly!

IcyPurplepants said...

That should have said "the current herd of Tories *ARE* Labour" (it didn't like my bold tag!)

DiscoveredJoys said...

I've written elsewhere that Brexit is almost a side issue... the democratic deficit in our own Parliament could be toxic for far longer. If people (finally) turn away from their MPs (of any stripe) how will Parliament govern?

The key change in the electorate appears to be the realisation that you can choose who will represent you - and the choice is not dependent on how your friends or parents have 'always voted'. Personally I'll next vote for whoever is the best pro-Brexit/post-Brexit candidate, and I might vote for someone completely different the next time. And if there is no suitable candidate I'll vote for a 'joke' candidate or write 'none of the above' on my ballot paper.

Charles said...

Politicians no longer even try to understand the truth. If you look at Cameron, he knew he had to go if he lost so he should have said so from the beginning of the campaign. The fact that he did not means, thankfully that no one can trust him in public life again, which is a blessing.

Deselect the lot of them. If an MP said I want to remain, campaigned and won on that basis then fine, he or she is doing what they said they would do. To stand behind a leave manifesto, claim to support leaving and then trying to prevent it happening means that that MP cannot be trusted and it is in the country’s interest for them to go.

I look forward to the next election, my Tory MP does not answer my letters so he is not getting my vote, in fact he never has and with May in charge I have no idea who to vote for in this corner of the world.

William Hague worked for McKinsey, a bunch of management consultants. He has no experience of the real world, how normal is someone who addresses a party conference as a teenager. Behind the cod northern accent lies an ocean of shallowness and entitlement. The Telegraph should know better than to give him room.

Anonymous said...

" If people (finally) turn away from their MPs (of any stripe) how will Parliament govern?"

A new set of MPs will arrive, as they did after the passage of the Reform Bill. What we have at present is a load of rotten boroughs: MPs are selected, not by their constituents but by the aristocracy in the Conservative Central Office and the Labour equivalent.

Vote for an independent who has lived locally for at least ten years.

Don Cox

Jack the dog said...

Hague's dribbling has become rather pathetic to be honest.

He's totally lost touch with reality.

Shame on the Telegraph for continuing to allow him to humiliate himself.

John in Cheshire said...

The likes of Mr Hague and Mr Adonis make the case for a culling of the HoL.

An important job for the next government should be to democratise the selection of candidates for parliamentary seats, putting selection in the hands of the electorate in each constituency, together with their remuneration and limited expenses.

The boundary changes need to be implemented, the number of MPs need to be reduced and they need to be held accountable and sackable by their constituents when they underperform.

As for the HoL, the numbers need to be reduced to about 200, they must be elected for a fixed term and also be sackable. They should also have a name change, so they can't prance around ' lording it' over the rest of us; servant sounds like a good choice of title, to constantly remind them who's in charge.

Anonymous said...

How very strange.

To propose a political party, based mainly on a side taken in a dispute, which will be settled and in the past by the next GE.

The piece reads like Pol Pot's manifesto, as ever.

Jack the dog said...

Pol Pot's manifesto? Coming from you that's probably a compliment!


Raedwald said...

Yep the troll is projecting again

They're also in denial - like the Stasi who wouldn't believe the wall was coming down until they saw the columns of Trabis leaving ...

jack ketch said...

until they saw the columns of Trabis leaving ... claim their 'citizenship' (und, wohlbemerkt "Begrüßungsgeld") of an EEC-soon-to-be-EU country. Thousands fleeing-at least for a few hours-a one party, isolated socialist state, ruled by an out of touch elite?

Raedwald said...

Yeah - but I'd be more convinced that the EU was a paradise of freedom and liberty if tens of thousands of migrants weren't trying desperately, and risking their lives to do so, to leave it's open shelter for the UK ..

jack ketch said...

risking their lives to do so, to leave it's open shelter for the UK .. Raed

Risking their lives trying to cross a border which we will only be able to defend or control after Brexit, right? I do wonder why those tracksuited and heavily tanned young men were running to the back of the lorry in front of us last week in Calais (baccy run to help keep the Belgian economy solid). I assume they earn beer money by testing the back doors of lorries, making sure the driver has secured his load according to all EU regulations and the French traffic code. Some I am told even check the underside of lorries for contraventions of the fine particle emissions directives.

Andy said...

It appears that the yellow vests have popped up in Latvia. There is also a growing resentment towards the EU there. Having suffered under the USSR for decades that must be a damning indictment of the EUSSR. Also noted recently, pound land sells yellow vests. They might come in handy.

Helvetix said...

Tumbrils are the least of your worries … From today's FT - Having spent so much of their own money, they will never move client money back again — even if there is an EU trade deal. As BofA made clear, Brexit has already permanently cost Britain: “There isn’t a return. That bridge has been pulled up.”

Budgie said...

helvetix, Nobody sensible takes any notice of the FT on Brexit.

Helvetix said...

Replying to Budgie … There's news and there's opinion. Sensible people differentiate between the two.