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Thursday, 19 December 2019

Bigoted thugs? No thanks.

The Conservative party is a broad church, and I am happy with the socially liberal membership policies of the party which are backed by an unequivocal set of membership rules that exclude any manifestation of racism, bigotry or discrimination based on class, caste, colour or sexuality. It does mean there are certain folk with whom I would not feel comfortable having in the party. Members and supporters of the 'Britain First' fascist movement  are among those for whom our party should offer no shelter from the collapse of the far-right. There is, to be frank, no place in our party for any of these thugs - and suggestions in the Indescribablyawful that BF members have been encouraged to infiltrate the party must be taken seriously. You're not wanted.

Fascist thugs - Not wanted in the Conservative Party
This was a problem that faced Nigel when he set up BrexitCorp™, and one of the reasons he structured it as he did, with no members to embarrass him as they had done in UKIP, just contributors and supporters who could be easily disowned if exposed in the media. Largely it has worked, and he's managed to keep the entryist fascists at arms length.

One or two try to creep in under the wire. In Scotland ex-UKIP MEP David Coburn tried to sneak into the Conservative Party using the online application - but was quickly rumbled, and his membership rapidly invalidated by Scottish leader Jackson Carlaw. They've heard enough nasty remarks from this chap in the past under his UKIP coat.

Ooot - David Coburn

Labour made the mistake of making the fascists welcome in their party. Didn't turn out well.

Update 19.30
BF capo Paul Golding, jailed twice in the last 5 years for religiously aggravated harassment, also applied for party membership, and has also been rejected. The ES has the story.

BF Thug Golding - also ooot.


Stephen J said...

You would be hard pressed to find someone less racist than David Coburn... I have been in his company on several occasions, since he took over from my dad as the organiser for his area, which gradually grew smaller in terms of area as the party gained more members. He is one of those blokes who always has a ready quip, sometimes they are funny, more often they fall flat, he is typical of the type, he also shouts when he is whispering.

He is a gay Scottish antiques dealer. Usually people like him are not beastly to other minorities and it is a racing certainty that any problem he had with Humza Yousaf, was based on his support for dumbo incoherent nationalism and nothing to do with his race. As a Scottish member of UKIP he is fiercely loyal to... er... the UK.

Clumsy maybe, racist, no.

Bearing in mind some of the trash that the Tory party has inflicted on minor parties of all stripes in their continuing effort to destroy all competition, the monopolistic and clearly anti democratic party is definitely something I would not join, and frankly I am surprised that David tried to join.

Carlaw has done him a favour in my view.

JPM said...

Well, Raed, you urged people who did not adhere to Labour's ideals cynically to join that party so as to subvert its internal democracy, and boastfully claimed of having done so yourself, didn't you?

If you sup with the devil, as your party blatantly did for these scum's votes, then you need to use a very long spoon.

You did not, and many of the public now recognise that your party includes this mob.

You own this.

John in Cheshire said...

Anne Marie Waters talks a lot of sense.

Terence patrick hewett said...

Are sure it will all be foin

Span Ows said...

"In a poll on the encrypted Telegram app, 43 per cent of respondents on Britain First’s channel said they had joined the Conservatives."

So we're talking of 6 people? 10?

"Experts have said Mr Johnson had been 'using the language of the far right' and playing into extremist narratives."

What is this "language of the far right"?

"It seems very purposeful to me and it really harks back to the Second World War nostalgia in this debate..."

Britain First "senior officials" will have dozens of such stories precisely to raise their profile: the Independent and Graudiard will always leap-on and extrapolate for headlines giving them the wider cover they crave!

Has Baroness Warsi resigned yet?

Raedwald said...

JPM - You'd enjoy Sherelle Jacobs in the 'graph this morning -

"One almost feels sorry for the Corbynistas, as the London narrative – under the oleaginous hypnotism of Mr Blair – not so much shifts as slithers from Labour’s Brexit betrayal towards more comfortable BBC champagne socialist territory, namely, the far Left’s lack of economic credibility and the unique unpopularity of Steptoe."

Would I pay £3 to vote for the dream ticket of Diane Abbott and Richard Burgon? I don't think anyone needs to this time around ..

JPM said...

According to the Times on 27th November, Labour's plan had won the support of a hundred and sixty-three economists, Raed.

Whatever...ooh! Look over there!


You won't get rid of these entryists so easily. Many of them will have no previous membership of any party, and the Tories will rightly be saddled with the reputation of including them for some time to come.

Mark said...

Didn't win the votes of those who would have to pay though did it?

Given the "racist, nazi, bigot" mantra mindlessly spewed by speak your hate machines like you for the last few years, if Hitler himself was revived and became a member I doubt if anybody would notice.

Mr Ecks said...

Austrian economics is the only valid discipline Cheese--the 163 turds were just part of your gang.

As for your tripe Radders --BlueLabour and --for just one example--their love of Marxist eco-bullshit--could easily be what undoes the success Brexit (something the BluLab trash tried to destroy)has brought to the Tories.

Jizz boasted about how his Marxist evil would tax 60% of British car owners off the roads in 5 years to suck the dick of the totally deceitful Marxist-peddled global warming cockrot.

If Blojo thinks he is going to use stealth to play Jizz or Macron's game without all the trouble he has another think coming. He may be politically safe. He isn't safe from ordinary people who aren't going to let ANY flavour of socialist scum impoverish us in service to the globo elites UN Agendas.

Dave_G said...

Pity you used a picture of people demonstrating over child grooming to illustrate your point Raed. I would hardly call that 'racist' or an example of those we don't want in our society.

I'd take any number of people morally geared towards preventing child abuse than those who turn a blind eye to it and give them a free pass because it is 'culturally appropriate' for them to practice it.

And, surprisingly, I find myself in agreement with JPM over the 'infiltration' of a party to sow discontent - if you're party to such practice you can hardly object when it happens to your own side.

BTW there is a good article about Thatcher and her premonition for the future of the EU over on ZH this morning - sorry to go a bit OT but it's damned good reading:

JPM said...

Note to normal folk.

Ecky thinks that he is an "ordinary person".

Dave_G said...

@JPM - I think there are a lot more 'ordinary folk' who can see through the GW BS and definitely will object to policies that seek to punish them (always some form of financial punishment) to suit a political agenda - for that is all the climate alarmism is about.

There is no climate emergency
There is no extinction threat

There is a shit load of BS spouted about it.

Mark said...

The point surely is not "infiltration" of political parties here - alls fair in love and war and all that - it's the underlying party.

I doubt very much if someone genuinely of the "hard right" (or otherwise insert insult of choice) could have become tory leader.

But vicious, raging hate filled communists (not wannabes, actual hard line communists who wouldn"t have been out of place at Ldnin's side) became leader and deputy.

They then fought an election on insanity (I don't want to write war & peace here!) masquerading as a manifesto.

And they seemed to genuinely think they were going to win

JPM said...

You wrote it in bold type Dave.

I'm completely convinced.

There's no point to be made on anything with you Mark, because you are a cynic.

Mark said...

You've gone beyond a "personal god" or "pronouns". It would appear you have a personal dictionary.

Obviously came in handy when you were "studying engineering" at UCL, which I presume was university college Lahore.

John Brown said...

Any discrimination based upon natural and immutable components such as race is wrong.

However other components, such as religion and culture, are human constructs and are a lifestyle choice. They’re not all benign and equal and shouldn't be treated as such.

JPM said...

JB, I think that your point warrants discussion and development.

Especially where a totalitarian doctrine wrongly - by any reasonable standard - calls itself a religion and so profits from the Human Right to freedom of belief.

It think that ECHR perhaps needs to define "religion" more carefully, for the purposes of the Convention at least.

SG said...

Indeed JPM! Perhaps you should form a committee, or better still, a ‘presidium’ to consider this weighty matter? I suspect that a goodly number of ‘comrades’ are about to find themselves ‘un-busy’ in the near future, and thus likely to be available to assist with this vital task. Then again, you could just try reading Hannah Arendt’s ‘The Origins of Totalitarianism’. By the way, which ‘totalitarian doctrine’, rightly or wrongly, calls itself a religion?

Span Ows said...

we all know which one he means; we also know the one he hopes we think he means.

Mr Ecks said...

Cheese--the middle class Marxist-- thinks he is one of the people.

Not the millions that the scum of the left have put in the ground of course.

SG said...

Unlikely we will get a response. When confronted with evidence that threatens the straps on his ideological straight jacket he simply moves on to the next thread to continue his agitprop fueled devils advocacy.