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Monday, 16 December 2019

Reasons why Labour lost - by Labour

It is quite clear that Labour's resounding defeat, according to the Party, had nothing to do with Jeremy Corbyn, the Party's extremism, anti-semitism, sheer nastiness, risk to the nation or betrayal of the referendum result and the Party's voters outside the metropolitan heartlands. Here is why, according to Labour, they lost -
  • It was the Jews / Israel. Lady Tonge said "The pro-Israel lobby won our General Election by lying about Jeremy Corbyn"
  • Voters are too stupid to understand the Party- Emily Thornberry, Lady Nugee 
  • Not everyone on the left-dominated Twitter agrees with me, therefore Twitter lost the election - Lily Allen
  • It was the voters fault. They're simply not worthy of the Party - Jeremy Corbyn
  • It was the billionaire owned media (of which only the Telegraph backed Brexit for the last 3 years)
  • Not enough luvvies came out in support of the party. 
  • Because we didn't lower the voting age to 11 and allow the EU to vote
The petulance level in London has risen to 9 on the Coogan scale and police and emergency services are braced to deal with copious tears and widespread whining when the Withdrawal Bill gets re-tabled.

Of course we'll also know very very soon whether the Lords needs swamping with 500 new Brexit peers just prior to its radical reform .. it's up to you, your Lordships.


Anonymous said...

'Brexit?' was the question.

Corbyn declined to give an answer.

Analysis: he never wanted to win.

dustybloke said...

In thei dotage, Swinson and Sturgeon should make a monthly pilgrimage to the Kings Head in Stoke and buy everyone in the public bar a pint as a small token of their gratitude for the English working classes who saved then from themselves. They could so easily have become the most hated pair of politicians in history for levering the despised minority Labour Party into power.

DeeDee99 said...

As a child, my eldest son loved Disney's Fantasia and as he was obsessed by dinosaurs, he particularly enjoyed the Rite of Spring. The Labour Party reminds me of the final few minutes where, after being the most feared animals on the planet, the climate has changed and the last dinosaurs march off into the distance, falling one, by one.

Adapt or die. And the Labour Party is choosing to die.

WHAT radical reform of the House of Frauds is planned then Raedwald? Their Fraudships were simply planning to downsize a bit. That's neither radical nor reform - just downsizing.

Scrobs. said...

I thought it was the so-called climate change people, all that hot air, credits, quotas - bollocks in fact!

Span Ows said...

"Not quite whimsy" does it an injustice; I would say 'Not quite the whole truth'. Their response is truly staggering. Not just Labour, LD too: "we need to have a long hard think after lengthy assessment to where we may have gone wrong"...(can't remember exact words, Ed Davey)

JPM said...

The reason for which Labour lost is that more people voted Conservative than Labour in some parts of the country, simply enough.

The reasons for which they did that are the more interesting, and relate rather perhaps to perceptions about the Tories.

Raedwald's silly list of caricatures, of some of the more foolish comments on the web is just that.

Whatever, it looks like there won't be another election for five years, moreover, no European ones. Farage is already quickly fading from view.

Bring on that reshuffle, Al.

Span Ows said...


"Raedwald's silly list of caricatures, of some of the more foolish comments on the web is just that."

Look and listen to Corbyn, Burgon et al actually speaking, not reports, not gossip, the words coming out of their mouths. It beggars belief.

mikebravo said...

The election was the second referendum that all the luvvies were clamouring for.
Labour and limpdums were remain again.
They lost again.
No doubt we need a third referendum to make sure that the thickos really know what they are voting for!

JPM said...

Yes, some people in positions in the Labour Party have said apparently silly things too, but Raedwald has omitted their qualifications, and the fact that they were often giving a list of co-factors.

It's his blog and he can do what he likes.

Those who were out on the stump like me recognise that the impression of Corbyn was one of the larger ones, as were a couple of of the policies, which were very easily misrepresented. This has been widely stated by major Labour figures too.

But the fact that the polls recovered rapidly once the media were required to be - even slightly - more even handed tells the story of yet another and there are more.

Well, you've got a single-party state for five years now and - oh the irony - a real Rubber-Stamping Parliament.


Mark said...

The troll voted for Biris, we all know that!

DiscoveredJoys said...

But, but, if you look outside your Metropolitan Labour identity politics you'll have no identity at all. And without the comfort of your political perspective how will you know that you are right and everybody else must be an -ist, a -phobic, have -ism type of ultimate evil person?

The very last people who should carry out an analysis are the top team. They didn't get to where they were on Wednesday by having doubts about their views.

JPM said...

I'm from now post-industrial Nowhereland in the Midlands, sunbeam.

State school educated, not one of these fake "down in the street" privately-educated phoneys like Ecky.

terence patrick hewett said...

It's the Russians.

Mark said...

I think you'll find quite a few "down in the street" privately educated phoneys in the labour party.

JPM said...

Interesting then that ex-miner, Leave-backing Dennis Skinner lost his seat too.

But identity politics is absolutely the routine of the right.

White - identity.

English - identity.

Working class - identity.

Northern - identity on steroids.

Labour urgently need to ditch this silly pandering to self-centred and time-wasting minorities though. We have equality laws. That will do.

The Labour movement is about lifting the standing of the ordinary man and woman, who generally lead busy, demanding lives, with the inescapable priorities which that imposes upon them.

People could sometimes be forgiven for thinking that it had forgotten that.

Mark said...

I'm not sure which "analysis" is more delusional: Grandad semtex or the house troll.

We are going to be entertained by these cretins for YEARS.

Dave_G said...

JPM and much of the Labour leadership should be afforded tax relief on Anusol for the butt-reaming they took.

Mark said...

I'm reaming of a white christmas....

Smoking Scot said...

It's just a few weeks since we had people saying Boris was likely to be the shortest serving PM ever. If those you highlight represent the opposition, then Boris may become our never ending PM.

Admire him I do, but he - like anyone - needs a real threat to keep him and the party on their toes. I really cannot see where that might come from, unless Labour do a "New 2".

JPM said...

No, Scot, not with a majority of eighty and all those eager-to-please new MPs.

My better half suspects that the clique who are really in power in this country might have some dirt on him however, but that's speculation on a number of levels.

Span Ows said...

FFS JPM, how many more of these wonders are you going to 'reveal'? There are TONS of stories about Boris; you can bet that every facet of the media spectrum has some dirt.

Anonymous said...

Apart from a brief period in the 80's the Left have had it their own way for most of my adult life - my engineering apprenticeship included an hour of 'humanities' (secured by the Unions) as part of my one day a week at technical college. The freak that taught it was a screaming Marxist who handed out copies of The Little Red Schoolbook. He fell down the stairwell. Two floors.

50 years of Leftism and they're dug in like an Alabama tick. It'll take more than one administration to shift them now. On the other hand maybe they won't, because these days most Tories also like the signalling thing - plus Boris is an amnesty for illegals advocate who also thinks that the one C02 molecule that man produces out of more than 85,000 molecules of air is somehow roasting the planet.

Happy days.


Raedwald said...

JPM - calm it down now. Let the wind out of your sails. Please.

SG said...

The recriminations, vicious infighting and blood-letting begins:

Long may this ‘period of reflection’ continue...

John Brown said...

The Labour party lost because they reneged on their promise to uphold the EU referendum result with many Labour MPs seen to be actively pursuing the thwarting of Brexit.

Many of Labour’s leave voters could not trust Mr. Corbyn to deliver Brexit who appeared to have thrown away his principles as a lifelong Eurosceptic in the pursuit of power.

They believed him to be unpatriotic, a danger to the security of the country and highly likely to destroy the country’s finances.

It is truly worrying that he still got as much as a 32% share of the vote.

Span Ows said...

John Brown, yep, NOBODY is mentioning that. Gordon Brown got 29%...bad but nowhere near as bad as Corbyn.

OK, the youth vote but the age groups up to 44 (forty four years of age all prefered Labour (there are graphs out there). This is the clearest sign yet that this most definitely was the 2nd Referendum, nobody under 46 has lived naything but in the EU.

John Brown said...

PS :

I forgot to add Labour's conference policy to "extend feedom of movement".

To the whole world ?