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Wednesday, 18 December 2019

The return of Internationalism?

Reading the newspapers this week has been not unlike Christmas day as a small child - not quite knowing which present to open next, whether to succumb to the intoxicating interest of the one just opened or move to unwrapping another. It's almost as though all those childhood Christmasses were just training for the utter, pervading exhilaration of this election victory. 

Among this cornucopia of bliss, dear readers, I bring you just one snippet this morning. That Boris has instructed his ministers to stay away from Davos this year. Davos, the home of globalism, of the world's supranationalists, the world government and world finance oligarchs, at whose feet pygmies such as Blair and Mandelson grovel in obeisance, a Soros-fest for the 1%. I'm convinced half the British public still confuse it with Davros, leader of the Daleks, the enemy of human civilisation.

The Telegraph quotes Boris from 2016
"It is in a sense a struggle between people who want to take back control, and a small group of people who do very well out of the current system and who know Christine Lagarde and can go “mwah mwah” with her at Davos, or whatever it happens to be. Of course they’re going to be in favour of the system."
Does that mark a return for Britain to Internationalism, to free trade, commerce, mutual prosperity but national independence for the UK? Brexit doesn't mean less interaction with the rest of the world - it means more. It means extending our friendships and sending out our commercial gents across the globe - and I'm sure we will shortly see the re-issue of that 50p piece and its heartening message

 Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations

No Davros this year for Conservatives


JPM said...

I think that we'll have to wait until Al's February reshuffle, to see what the actual Christmas presents are, Raed?

Nicky Morgan being made a peer so that she can come back might give us a clue, and that she said that she'd not serve under him too?

terence patrick hewett said...

Political re-alignment goes on apace. We all make mistakes but I suspect that what Boris and his team will achieve in his parliamentary terms will define politics for decades. Already the small mindedness, the mean-ness, the lack of ambition and the slave mentality of those whom we have fought for so long is being thrown into sharp relief.

DeeDee99 said...

And at least one negative ... Nicky Morgan elevated to the House of Frauds. She'll fit right in.

So the plans for "reform" which Raedwald mentioned the other day aren't going to see the light of day any time soon.

Andrew Douglas said...

Let’s see.
Let’s get out on 31st Jan.

NiMo in the Lords may be a ploy to lull the Lords and the BBC into a false sense of security.
We'll likely know when he does the real reshuffle.

I shared your doubts when he won the leadership. But his appointment of Dominic Cummings allayed a lot of those doubts.

As long as Cummings is imbedded in no 10, I think this will be a radical, reforming Government.

Dave_G said...

Raed said: "I'm convinced half the British public still confuse it [Davos] with Davros, leader of the Daleks, the enemy of human civilisation."

I'm sure they do - and they'd likely be right as wrong.

The more concentrated the power the less connect with those the power is wielded over. That's a 'given'.

DiscoveredJoys said...

The proverb "if you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas" means that spending time with undesirable people will cause you to take on their undesirable traits.

You could reasonable argue that being an EU member for so long has infested our political bodies and not for the better, overall. We've already decided to cast off the EU, why not distance ourselves from other peddlers of elite groupthink?

Billy Marlene said...

The one disappointment for me was that the disgraced Charlie Elphicke was replaced, in an act of jaw dropping nepotism, by non other than his wife. Can the Party be that bereft of a suitable candidate from Dover/Kent/any other Home County?

Smoking Scot said...

Good couple of days.

Madrid climate talks - zilch.

Legislation in the works to end the transition period by 31 Dec 2020.

The Davos business.

I suppose this means Mr. J won't be on the invite list for Bilderberg.

Span Ows said...

Very Trumpish, hope much more in a similar vein.

I agree with Andrew Douglas (08:26) re Nicky Morgan. She has no love of the BBC and be a 'shield'

Boris vin Chaud said...

With cable giving up its Boris bounce gains, foreign travel might be a tad out of reach for a nation that's becoming poorer. It's best to start tightening one's belt sooner rather than later.

JPM said...


That's on the news, just in, that the European Union's "rubber stamping" Parliament has just said that it is unlikely to rubber-stamp May's warmed-up deal, unless the bureaucratic mistreatment of our fellow Europeans here is addressed properly.

On the other hand, the real rubber-stamping assembly is now here, of course.

Mark said...


Guy weirdhaircut said that.

Unless there was a quick meeting held with amity and universal love by the wildly democratically selected representatives of 27 freedom loving nations all striving together for peace justice and the European way we all missed.

Smoking Scot said...

@ BvC

Sterling went up on speculation and it's given up some of it's gains only because Boris is setting a deadline for our departure.

Many institutions got burned on that one - and I chuckled.

The businesses community has heaved a sigh of relief because under Mr. C many would be put out of businesses (internet etc.).

The underlying fundamentals of UK PLC are excellent; way better than France, Germany and Italy, so staying in GBP will benefit those with a 12 to 18 month view.

The EU will be far weaker once we leave for a host of reasons - military, intelligence, diplomacy in there. The EUR, partly guaranteed by us, will be less desirable until their funding difficulties are resolved satisfactorily.

In due course I expect to see Sterling strengthen and may regain its old status as a safe haven. In the meantime do buy your holiday Euro's on the upside because it's a speculator's wet dream at the moment.

The rest, about poor and belt tightening is wishful thinking, unless you happen to be employed by some EU funded entity.

JPM said...

Mark, the European Union's Parliament generally divides along idealogical lines, not national ones.

That is why Farage's wastes-of-space are nearly always on the losing side, and Labour MEPs on the winning one.

Terence patrick hewett said...

The agenda the country is now following is Farages agenda. Losers? I think not.

Mark said...

And what ideological lines would they be?

Terence patrick hewett said...


Hopefully none at all.

JPM said...

OK, along party lines then, in so far as parties have ideologies.

The point still stands. They, MEPs, seldom divide along national lines.

Farage's agenda was to destroy the European Union, using this country's exit to start a hoped-for Domino Effect, irrespective of the damage that it did here or anywhere else.

He appears to have failed. Rather, to have invigorated the project.

He's probably just another US supremacist, I think.

Mark said...

Why do MEPs need numbers?

"Invigorated" I think in finance its what they call a dead cat bounce!