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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Shooting the first rioter - a London timeline

If one thing is clear from the chaotic scenes on TV and social media of the undisciplined selfishness at our supermarkets, it is clear that the UK is not the place that many liked to think it was. And London, filthy, crowded, raw London with the highest multi-drug resistant TB rates outside Iraq, Ethiopia and Afghanistan, is worst of all. When Quentin Reynolds described the resilience of Londoners on Humphrey Jennings's 'London Can Take It' he was documenting a very different London to today's city.

Watching the fights break out over toilet roll at a time when there was no food shortage and the chip shops were open, one has to wonder what it will be like when food shortages start to bite, as they surely will. People who have never used their kitchens in London will be lost. Me? I love to cook. So my shelves are already full with dried ingredients and the staples - polpa, coconut milk, onions, dried onions, garlic, garlic paste, tomato paste, and herbs and spices in ranks of big Kilner jars (tip: never again buy those sully little supermarket bottles. Order your Turmeric, smoked Paprika, peppercorns, Garam Masala, mustard powder etc in 200g packets - 200g of Turmeric is the same price as one of those little curvy 28g jars.

When the pizza and cocaine run short - and you can bet the crisis is affecting the supply chains for illegal drugs as well as everything else - then tempers will also run short. Someone will pull out a zombie knife in Tesco. A shop worker will die in a pool of blood, and armed troops will be posted to London's supermarkets. A wilding gang will run at a guarded supermarket entrance, and a young soldier will open fire.

It hasn't even started yet.


DeeDee99 said...

In my gentile little west country town, the Manager of our Sainsbury's was making announcements yesterday that anyone being abusive to his staff would be immediately and permanently barred from the store. Now that's not a machete .... but in a quiet "very English" little town in an affluent area its an indication that we are not the people we once were.

There's not a loo roll to be had here! Goodness only knows how they'll behave when there's no quiche.

Sackerson said...

@DeeDee99: will it give the "quiche of death" to middle-class shopping, perhaps?

JPM said...

Maybe, but not in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Warsaw etc. as yet, eh?

What a "patriot" you are.

The euro's nudging ninety-five pence, incidentally. now

Mr Ecks said...

The Euro can nudge its dick Cheese as you do. It still won't survive.

Welfarism has turned folk into weak selfish scum--as has family decay. Both products of socialist evil. And the import of assorted bad manners and customs from every 3rd world shithole hasn't helped. London is not an English city any more.

Now Blojo's stupid antics will cause far worse. Protect the elderly but stop the rest of this shutdown nonsense. For a Puny Plague--itself the product of more socialist evil--that is less dangerous than the common cold--which kills 4500 Americans every year.

Also you sitting around your Austrian bolthole gloating about worse too come here sits ill Radders. Kindly stop it.

Smoking Scot said...

Doubtless it's one of the reasons they haven't tried it yet. There are similar housing estates and drug issues in France, so our decision makers can get a feel of what's likely from them and the Italians.

One thing is the duration. In China some places were in total lockdown for 42 days, though they'd been told initially it would be two to three weeks.

Folk can handle ten days, but cabin fever sets in after that. Never talked about were those with mental health issues as well as undocumented people from the countryside in China. My understanding is those they caught were sent to quarantine units or asylums, however some with the virus just died in whatever place they used for shelter.

So it's not straightforward in London, partly because it has a large number of street people and illegals - and facilities for those illegals can be unfit for human habitation. They may not have any issues with the virus if infected, but they are carriers.

On the flip there was broad support in Italy for something to be done - and people do still support it, so much that they'll alert the authorities if they see someone breaking it. Video sites have several clips of people climbing out of their apartment and in one case falling most painfully. Same as happened in China.

I'm sure that when the time comes they'll produce a poll showing overwhelming support for a lockdown. It better be a good poll and the authorities must be wary of results from the no go areas of London.

Mark said...

Start posting dick pics. Please! (If you haven't got a dick BTW, download a few)

DeeDee99 said...

Never seen that film before Radders, so thanks for posting it.

What a generation that was. And it's the remains of that generation we're now trying to protect - including the elderly aunt and uncle I visited yesterday to check they were OK and take them some groceries. People should remember that when they whinge about the actions we're being asked to take.

DAD said...

Rioting has started in Germany against 'lock down' in a 'refugee' facility.

Raedwald said...

Yes, cheesy - just as well I stocked my € account when the £ was €1.20, eh?

Works both ways. I've just ordered 10 hand towels from Debenhams and paid from my € account - bargain. I'm encouraging everyone I know here to place orders with UK online retailers - Screwfix, Machine Mart, Charnwood, the lot, as all those cheap Chinese tools and fixings will run short before they get the production lines going again and for the € zone, British goods will never be cheaper

Glad to do my bit for the British economy ;)

Dave_G said...

It's well recognised that people 'pile in' to currencies just before they collapse.

BTW Raed, my turmeric supply costs £4/kg.

You're shopping at the wrong places.

Smoking Scot said...

@ Mark

Boss doesn't allow porn. In this case... thankfully!

Nor should one mock the afflicted, nor those in extreme pain.

Masochists who get their rocks off on being constantly insulted, rebuffed and humiliated, well yes that's fine, so long as you understand they'll ALWAYS come back for more.

Mark said...

Yes, I had been wondering.

The sheer persistence of the troll is quite remarkable.

Unknown said...

The book "Nordenholt's Million" by Connington is worth reading.

First published in 1923, it describes the collapse of law and order in London when crop failure wipes out food supplies. A science fiction classic.

Don Cox

Mark said...

This is a first world country but parts of it - essentially certain areas of the larger shitties - resemble the third world. This is true of many western nations.

We all know why these difference have arisen.

I live in the first world and my main impression is one of exasperation more than anything else. I can't imagine (nor do I expect) much more than the odd harsh word or maybe minor scuffle.

I expect what Radders describes in the third world sooner or later though.

Edward Spalton said...

Discussing the situation a couple of weeks ago over the internet with a few friends of mature years - they were facing up to their own mortality and making their personal arrangements in a sensible way . They also felt “:Britain can take it” etc and that the situation was overhyped by dodgy foreigners and their friends.I was the only one to say that my fear was a general breakdown of law and order. . I find it very difficult to find anybody who thinks even that one step ahead. Back in the Sixties we felt that Harold Wilson’s appeals to “The Dunkirk spirit” were a bit ludicrous and old fashioned.

Nowadays such appeals make me feel embarrassed . I was very cross around fifteen years ago when Tony Robinson told a meeting of London schoolchildren that people opposed to the EU were “:just sad old gits who hadn’t got over the war” . Now I begin to feel he might just have had a point !

I have taken to playing Noel Coward’s “,There are Bad Times Just Around the Corner” to cheer things up.

The trouble is that nobody has much confidence in our politicians or institutions and experience shows they are right. If Johnson tells everybody that the supply position is secure, people will rush to the supermarkets..

JPM said...

Nah, the riots will happen in Leave-voting strongholds, over scratch cards, cheese strings, and Pet Munchies.

David said...

Strange undercurrent of panic at Sainsbury’s Dog Kennel Hill this morning and huge queues. Think there is going to be a rerun of 2011 when every food shop was stripped bare by the looters.

JPM said...

PS, all the bidet-using nations of the Mainland must be rather amused, by the Anglo-Saxons fighting over bog rolls.

Mark said...

If you troll so

Anonymous said...

JPM said @ 11:11

'PS, all the bidet-using nations of the Mainland must be rather amused, by the Anglo-Saxons fighting over bog rolls.'

The vast majority of us 'Anglo-Saxons' aren't 'fighting over bog rolls' mate. Just a few, who may have heard or read something somewhere about the problems in socialist Venezuela. You claim you're an Englishman but take every opportunity to sneer at us. You are indeed utlendisc - to me at least you come over as the type who fell in with the Normans against his own kin.

Whether in this life or the next you will answer for your betrayal.


JPM said...

I see that Lidl and Aldi are having problems, with Leave voters opening cans of their own brand baked beans, to check that they taste acceptably identically sweet to Heinz's, and then putting them back on the shelf.

Oldrightie said...

Say what you like about every puerile action is only done by "leave" voters, Junior Prick Moron, aka JPM. A free from the EUSSR nation has left a huge number of sour grape "remainers" in a very nasty place. Their own sour minds.

Anonymous said...

Lidl and Aldi can apparently see who voted for leave in a secret ballot.
I remember the riots being worst in Remain areas, Tottenham, Brixton and other "vibrant areas"

Anonymous said...

Don’t feed the JPM troll. It gets off on your collective reactions. Ignore it, eventually it will seek stimulation elsewhere.

Smoking Scot said...

It does indeed, however it's a symbiotic relationship. Blog master gets far more repeat hits mainly because people pop by to see what's happened with the useful minion.

Minion has today extended the comment thread by over 50% for what is a routine opinion piece.

It benefits both and once in a while we get to chortle at a witty put down.

Dave_G said...

The longer this goes on and the longer the BBC gets to up the hysteria over the issue the more I'm convinced that sections of inner London will be 'encouraged' to start a riot just to 'keep it real' for the rest of us.

Some of the scenes played out on the news tonight are reminiscent of ACTING - a woman CRYING in her car because she can't find fresh fruit and veg to 'give her a balanced diet so she can work to help the sick'...... FOR FUCKS SAKE!

This has gone beyond parody. NOTHING about the pending economic collapse and bank takeover of everything we own. Nothing. Just a MANUFACTURED hysteria designed to distract and keep us voluntarily locked up until 'they' have their solution in place - by which time any opportunity for protest will be gone.

We have 1257 hospitals in the UK and 140 deaths from CV (notably no information on those that died - maybe a motorcyclist decapitated in a horror accident? - a suitable candidate for the CV-death tag that a 'slack' coroners investigation (in the planning) can pass off to keep the scare going). Around one death per TEN hospitals. This is a SCAM of epic proportion.

Virus worries? Forget it. Plan for total economic collapse and a loss of every penny you have.

Mad. All of it.

Span Ows said...

Maybe, but not in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Warsaw etc. as yet, eh?

You "know" this how?

The euro's nudging ninety-five pence, incidentally. now

And I'm still waiting for you to tell us why. The way you keep asking I was hoping you could enlighten us.

Thud said...

The regular blog troll is usually just a figure of fun and gives us all a chance to have a dig at him and all his euro buddies but given present situation he is pretty much up in the collaborator and traitor dept for me and should be treated as such.

Span Ows said...

Thud, I was thinking the same thing but then the level of Remain mushy brain syndrome doesn't just go away.

G. Tingey said...

Reading this some days later ( Tues 24th ) it's wall-to-wall bollocks, as are the racist & stupid comments.