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Thursday 23 July 2020

EU manages a deal that angers everyone

Just when you thought the farce that is the EU couldn't sink any lower, they've managed to agree a Covid recovery plan that has angered just about everyone. Spain and Italy are furious because they don't get enough, Germany Austria and the Netherlands furious because they're paying for what they are getting. The French are in a rage with Macron - who is hiding from them in his big gold palace; the Poles and Hungarians are ticked that any money is tied to changing their national mandates for Brussels' ones. The European Parliament is very cross with two of the EU's Presidents, VDL and Charles Michel. The Italians are incensed with Conte, the Dutch with Rutte. The Irish are demented that in Brexit year they will pay more and get less, and the Commission is vexed that Ireland has just won a tax fight against them. I've never known a deal be so successful in pitting so many of the EU's actors against eachother.

Unelected bureaucrats think they're happy because the deal has just ratcheted up federal power and authority, but at the cost of a big hit to public satisfaction, which will grow as the utter inadequacy of the MFF and Covid package becomes clear.

What's even more absurd is that they only got this deal because no-one wanted to go on record for this recent round being the longest ever European Council summit. It just beat the longest, we are told, by fifteen minutes. So glad. Pleased to see it's the PR merchants driving the talks not the national interests of 420m people and 27 nations.

The European Parliament, politico EU reports, wanted a deal €266bn bigger than Michel's starting point; instead they've got one about €130bn smaller.  Charles Michel's summary of the summit process - "Europe is united, Europe is present. We have demonstrated that the magic of the European project works because when we think that it is impossible, there is a spring in our step thanks to respect and cooperation." - must surely rank with Lyndon Johnson's 1964 Vietnam pledge that "We are not about to send American boys nine or ten thousand miles away from home to do what Asian boys ought to be doing for themselves."

Boy, aren't we glad we left. 


mikebravo said...

We are going to need a big bail out when the High Street's shops all close down because people will be pissed off about wearing useless masks and avoid going.
How much longer can this country put up with Bozo the Libertarian/Authoritarian Clown in charge.

FPBE teardrops said...

We would have been on the hook for £80bn.

Bailing out Spain’s economy at the expense of our own.

DiscoveredJoys said...


How much longer can this country put up with Bozo the Libertarian/Authoritarian Clown in charge?

Have you any alternative in mind? Not Corbyn, he's gone. Not Sir IKEA he has yet to show he can pull a politcal party back from the brink. Whoever is the latest LibDem failure? Nigel Farage (a man with no team). The SNP (ha ha).

So back to other Tories as alternatives. The Remainers have disgraced themselves, no-one trusts Gove, Rishy Sunak perhaps in time but but yet.

Perhaps Boris will turn out to be another figurehead PM like Cameron, perhaps Boris will hit his stride once Covid is in retreat.

But there is no obvious alternative at the moment.

Raedwald said...

We can't discount Brexitcorp™ of course - they're still regularly polling between 0.2 and 1%.

And Boris will take us out of Europe - and earn his place in the hall of fame - and then contunue the business of reforming the State, something that NO other figure on the realistic political spectrum can do.

If you want to reverse State Capture, you need to back us rather than sniping.

mikebravo said...

Come off it Raedwald. It is not sniping to point out that Bozo is a failure.

After 5 months of Covid the plan is for everybody to wear face coverings. The test, trace and isolate gig has turned out to be useless - surprise surprise. Who is going to answer personal questions asked by some oik who speaks in some jafaican/turkish patois.
Hospitalised patients still being put into general hospitals rather than isolation.
He and his government are incompetent. If masks are good now why were they not 5 months ago? Nothing I have read says they are of any use whatsoever.

Asking who would be better is pointless, they are all as useles as each other. I am not going to clap for a loser just because the others are no better.
I am particularly looking forward to not being able to light a fire in my sitting room next winter because of the libertarian PM.

Span Ows said...

The mask argument has been had, here and elsewhere, the "We can't discount Brexitcorp™ of course - they're still regularly polling between 0.2 and 1%" is a bit snide - but typicala round the web - considering that we would not have PM BoJo without he who started "Brexitcorp".

btw, I LOL at the last paragraph: I simply couldn't believe Charles Michel actually said that. Embarrassing, nay sad, stuff

DeeDee99 said...

In the absence of a Brexit/Reform candidate, I'll be voting NONE OF THE ABOVE.

I only lent the CONs my vote in December and after the utterly disgraceful behaviour of the past few months, now including Pratcock's face nappy lunacy, they don't deserve and won't get it again.

Sobers said...

"The test, trace and isolate gig has turned out to be useless - surprise surprise. Who is going to answer personal questions asked by some oik who speaks in some jafaican/turkish patois."

Or indeed tell who they have been in contact with, knowing that said people will then be told to stop working for 2 weeks. That concept might make perfect sense to civil servants, with their nice safe salaried jobs, safe in the knowledge if they have to isolate themselves for 2 weeks they'll still get paid, and have a job to go back to afterwards, a bit different for people who work for themselves, or have marginal employment status, or who have friends and family members who do. Most people won't want to put the people around them into financial trouble, so they'll just keep quiet about who they've been in contact with.

"I am particularly looking forward to not being able to light a fire in my sitting room next winter because of the libertarian PM."

How come?

Dave_G said...

It would appear that many leading politicians across the globe are seeing support for their policies disappear in the face of growing economic and social unrest - ours are no better and the way Government treats people (the mask farce for one, the actual plandemic for another) is just amplifying the unrest and disabusing voters. Like DD there is no way I'm voting Tory (or any of the current parties) with a choice of a socialist/communist future or one based on policy falsehoods like 'green energy'. Difficult to decide which is worse really.

Such policies are only going to make the situation worse too and the signs of coming conflict are all there including closure of embassies, rise of leftist policies and censorship of conservative voices.

We are spiraling towards war and all due to the BANKS and their manipulation of economies; the EU, BoE and Fed being perfect examples of how NOT to run economies.

There is only one leader that seems to have a respectable level of control and that's Putin FFS.

We're seeing the papering over of the cracks - distraction politics on a global scale - and it can't go on for too much longer. Someone, somewhere is going to make the first move.

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Stephen J said...

Is this the "BrexitCorp" that is seeing our final withdrawal from the EU through?

At the moment they might not poll that well in a general election, even if it did win the previous election, but without it, we would NOT be leaving the EU at all! Mrs. May (forchristssake) would still be PM.

I was one of the 1000 people in my constituency who voted with my heart and put my moniker next to a candidate that drives a bus for London Transport (not Sad Dick's father), mainly because he would rather tell the truth and lose, than lie through his teeth and win.

So take a running jump Raedwald.

I still do not believe that we are going to leave the EU in any meaningful way. For that to happen we need to vote for a Brexit Party majority, and not "lend" votes to any Tom Dick or Harry that is able to lie convincingly. Such people are by definition, untrustworthy. So why enable them to take a job as a trustee of our nation?