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Monday, 20 July 2020

The cost of the Chinese dollar

It's awkward for the left. Their liking for China's state communist regime and support for the autocracy's dictators, the dreadful old waxworks, has come under strain in recent months as the disguise has come off and the CCP has been revealed as the brutal and inhuman force driving the sino jackboot. If you haven't seen Marr interviewing the Chinese ambassador yesterday on the concentration camp transports, I recommend it. The wolf warrior's wax almost melted. He clearly hadn't expected questions such as this from a comrade of the red banner, a fellow-traveller on the lefty path. If China's behaviour has been so egregious that even the British left are deserting them, things must be serious.

After having promised extended UK citizenship rights to Hong Kong's 3m potential BNO passport holders (Brexitcorp™  need not worry - not even a tenth of that number are likely to want to come to the UK) Raab is expected to suspend the UK's extradition treaty with China later today. This, after Huawei, will encourage China to make it even more difficult for its citizens to come to the UK, either to shop or study. Whilst this may be good news for the folk living within coach-trip drop-off from Bicester Village, Covid and the Chinese hiatus are causing deep gloom in the worst of the woke re-education camps that badge themselves as 'universities' - and the Scots will be the hardest hit.

Confident of ever more money flowing from London to Scotland to pay for it, the SNP bravely offered free degrees to not only native Scots but to EU citizens. In reality, it's been the PRC that has been picking up much of the tab. The CCP clearly regards UK universities as outposts of their own ideology, safe spaces for PRC ideologues. Glasgow University depends on fees from Chinese students for 31% of its income, the Mail reports. Edinburgh is at 20%. And it's not just the re-education camps - the local student economy in everything from bedsits to Bok Choi will be hit.

Already in Scotland the free Uni thing is turning sour as native Scots are finding their access is severely limited due to the SNP's economic mismanagement. The re-education camps are going to have to downsize a few barracks blocks. And short of Wee Nippy announcing that Scotland will become a Special Administrative Region of the PRC if they vote for independence, changes must be made. I suspect EU students are about to be axed from the free access programme, with Sturgeon seeking to put the blame on London. 


DJK said...

"...with Sturgeon seeking to put the blame on London." But she does this no matter what the subject.

Actually, I'm authoratively told that foreign student applications are higher than ever for the next academic year at Edinburgh.

jim said...

Money has no smell. Especially when it's your mortgage on the line. We all knew about China's darker little secrets but chose not to ask questions. Now global politics is stirring the pot and we are all supposed to act like virgins. Get real, they have the money, the students eager for the Hogwarts experience, we have the ivy clad ancient stones and the illusion of respectability and somewhere to spend money.

But now we lead the civilised world in CV19 and not so attractive to the Chinese, Heidelberg and Paris look a safer bet. Bad news in the short term and possibly worse news when Chinese student discover that UK unis had sold their academic standards at the altar of Mammon.

Now in order to cover their incompetence handling Covid our politicians are trying to make a virtue out of necessity, the Chinese don't want to come here, the Yanks are being beastly as well. The rest of Europe will soak up the business and our politicians can bang the virtue drum. A mugs game, the only lead we have is Covid Incompetence Studies.

DeeDee99 said...

Watch Marr? Not for several years now and I won't be ever again.

I believe it was Cameron and Osborne who thought cosying up to Communist China was a marvellous idea and worth a bit of kow-towing. The same pair who wanted to keep us shackled to the anti-democratic EU. What a credit to democracy those two were.

In that respect, at least, the current Government is an improvement. Shame they've completely wrecked the economy and, according to the Government Report in today's DT, their disgraceful lockdown may cause the deaths of 200,000 from cancers; suicides and other treatable illnesses (but not Wuhan Flu).

Roll on Face Nappy Friday - and the final nail in the coffin of the High Street.

Anonymous said...

What is this about 'Brexitcorp' worrying about Hong Kong immigrants?

I'm a Registered Supporter of the Brexit Party an, like many I know, would be delighted to welcome talented, industrious law-abiding immigrants,.

It is complete nonsense, indeed a lie, to put about the idea that Brexit Party supporters are ant-immigrant.

As an individual I am anti-uncontrollede immigration and illegal immigration.

Janes Strong

Stephen J said...

With the upcoming instruction that we must muzzle ourselves before going to a shop or be fined £100, the so-called CON-servative government reveals its true direction of travel...

... and it is no different to the MSM and the Labour Party.

It seems like conservatives have only one option if they want to remain as conservatives, namely join or vote for the Brexit Party.

You know the one Raedwald, they organise meetings where everyone can speak and they run surveys on future policy, they welcome supporters from all strands of political thought.... Yes even conservatives! And they give us something to vote for, as opposed to just more kneejerk reaction.

Dave_G said...


Theres a campaign of 'disobedience' in the USA over face diapers and more and more people are making political statements out of (being forced into) wearing them by redefining what is considered a 'mask'.

Examples range from masks made from transparent gauze right up to full rubber gimp suits (not that I have either the nerve or the figure for one!) but I plan to experiment with a blue paper mask that has had an accident with a hole punch - a colander in effect!

I'd like to wear one to show my contempt for Sturgeon/SNP - suggestions welcome.

DeeDee99 said...

@ Stephen J

According to Gavin Williamson (aged 12 and three quarters) this morning it IS safe for me to go into Pret a Manger without wearing a face nappy. But it isn't safe for me to go into my local bakers to buy a loaf of bread.

What a clever virus Wuhan Flu is ...... it can tell the difference between a sandwich bar and a bakers. And it knows that sitting in a pub for several hours without a face nappy is perfectly safe; but popping into my local hardware store for 5 minutes without one is potentially lethal.

Since there is no legal standard for the Government's compulsory face nappy, I shall be buying some netting today which I shall wear in Sainsbury.

Sobers said...

"Brexitcorp™ need not worry - not even a tenth of that number are likely to want to come to the UK)"

Yeah right. Is your name Tony 'Only 15 thousand Eastern Europeans will want to come to UK' Blair?

Ed P said...

DD(( - how about a ripped (torn) piece of cloth for your face-covering?

You could call it your veil of tears

I'll get my coat...

Greg T said...

NOT "just" the left, either.
Far too many people wanted & still want a quick buck, captalists, all of them - & China was seen as a route to that.
[ As jim noted - "money has no smell" - all bloody guilty ]
I wouldn't go near the bastards with your bargepole - if only because The Boss was actually in Xinjiang last year & she was "not impressed" - shall we say?

marr crucified the chines man

Anonymous said...

What a load of tripe.

People right across the political spectrum are willing to turn a blind eye to China's disrespect for basic rights if there's advantage to be gained such as money to be made.

And you know it.

Span Ows said...

anon 15:13.

That is the point of the post, the worm seems to be turning. Big time.

Dave_G said...

Span. The globalist bankers need a war. They need a new bogey man too as the Russia hoax has fallen flat and no-one would respect a decision to attack Russia any more.

The Chinese however have 'deliberately poisoned us all', are cheating at economics and trade, are using expansionist policies especially in the South China Sea, are suppressing freedom in HK and have now been caught abusing (yet again) more human rights - all in all a good selection of bogey men excuses to bomb the shit out of them with nary a complaint from anyone.

Oh,still banging on about Putin (gas pipes, vote rigging, cyber crime etc) certainly won't end any time soon - especially if TPTB think China couldn't be beaten in a war. Then they'll fall back on the Putin bad excuse and carry on regardless.

Anonymous said...

It's a bit rich, for people who want to pull out of the UN and out of ECHR, to bleat about any other country's human rights record.

Span Ows said...

Dave_G 17:20, "The globalist bankers need a war."


Raedwald said...

Anon 20.45 - yeah, surely anyone can see the equivalance between denying imprisoned murderers, rapists and terrorists the vote and driving millions of innocents into concentration camps at gunpoint ..

Greg t said...

THIS WEEK - but next week, which rights will be quietly removed, eh?
Anyway we were a founder member of the EHCR, it is nothing to do with the EU ... so why do some peole want to remove safegaurds?

Stephen J said...

The difference between "natural" rights and rights of "claim".

There are rights that all people can enjoy without impinging on those rights for other people: e.g. the rights to life, liberty and fraternity. On the other hand a right to property is a claim rather than a right, and the ECHR began with the former but has added the latter since its inception in th 1940's.

Churchill was willing to sign up to the initiative because he believed that British subjects already had the rights, so signing up to them was neither here nor there.