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Tuesday, 21 July 2020


I imagine it is kindness on the part of the government that allows 'Chief Nurse' Ruth May to encourage stories that she was dropped from the daily Covid briefings because she disagreed with the fact that Dominic Cummings did nothing wrong.

The alternative may be less palatable. It took only one appearance and one answer from Ms May for me to conclude that she simply wasn't up to it. At the podium she was an embarrassment. You can understand the Number 10 press office thinking - "let's have a nurse on, a nice reassuring homely nursey, spirit of the NHS, representative of the people .."

I'm not knocking nurses, but nurses are nurses, professors of epidemiology are professors of epidemiology and politicians driven and devious enough to have risen to ministerial level are, erm, politicians. And it really was better for Ms May that she was withdrawn when she was. She was never there in the first place for her scientific or public administration expertise, but as a misplaced bit of PR. Absent lions, Hilaire Belloc's Jim may have done no wrong.


Greg T said...

Cummings is vile scum & BoZo is a petty & vicious little Eton creep - look at his behaviour after the vacuous C Grayling was booted from fucking up another job!

DiscoveredJoys said...

There are still plenty of people who prefer to blame the Government for not locking down sooner, or for locking down at all, or for easing lockdown too soon, or for using a fresh local lockdown to limit an outbreak. Same for masks and social distancing. The fact that the Government is Tory and pro Brexit is just too tempting.

A few of these people may *later* be proved right, but the chances are they are simply ignorant, following whatever overblown media narrative appeals to them. So anybody who doesn't present a the agreed attitude during the national broadcast is a liability, potentially encouraging the naysayers into unwise behaviour.

It took overlong to get rid of Theresa May but Ruth May had no silent backing.

DeeDee99 said...

Morning Raedwald

You appear to be working from the basis that the other propagandists at the daily briefings weren't an embarrassment.

Although I have to say, my respect grew for Prof Whitty when he stood there and announced that, contrary to the Government's continual declaration that it was following the science, the decision to lock-down the entire country wasn't justified by the number of cases and was a political decision made in order to foster a feeling that "we were all in this together."

A little bit of honesty goes a long way, as IDS pointed out to the Government the other day.

Dave_G said...

Apart fron DD's meagre example you won't find any other declared or media-presented refutal of Government policy anywhere yet the numbers of customers we see in our premises who are relieved to hear us say 'masks NOT required in here' is a revelation.

If the media don't/won't show the reality then no one knows what the truth really is.

It's like pre-election times when your 'instinct' based on what your associates talk about is usually a correct prediction of outcome. Based on the publics response the current rules are 'ridiculous'.

No media = no hysteria.

jim said...

Sounds clever but strikes a slightly wrong note. Chief Nurse comes from the same fountain of British understatement as Chief Cashier and just as likely to draw ill informed comments.

I doubt anyone cares much whether the Chief Nurse appears or not. The main flap is over for now, there seems little point in having her on. Perhaps later - but then it might be a bit awkward - cross that bridge when we come to it. Have to find some stooge now we've queered that pitch.

Of more interest is Dommy and what he is doing to justify his fees. So far he just hangs around like a bad smell. We are told he is some kind of genius. The actualite is he is more of a hot-house flower. Crammed at home and pushed on for great things - but what do we see - a failure to realise greatness. When you look under hood at his and Govey's games at education, it cost a lot and achieved little. Much sparkle and glitter then the fizzle went out. Take him out the greenhouse and he wilts.

Therein lies the trouble, he pongs and does not and cannot achieve much. I'd say his days are numbered unless he comes up with something good PDQ. I doubt he can, can he be dropped as easily?

terence patrick hewett said...

@Greg t

The green eyed monster which doth mock,
The meat that it feeds upon.

Ed P said...

Nice one, tph!

Perhaps we should have a whip-round to buy the angry man some tranquilizers

Mark said...

I reckon he's got tattoo's of Dom and Boris on each arse cheek

Richard wolf said...

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Stephen J said...

"Binary options" sounds like a two horse race?