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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Boris spot-on about the head-choppers & crane-hangers

Boris' leaked comments about the primitive native barbarism of the uncivilised head-choppers of Saudi Arabia and the crane-hangers of Iran are actually spot on. The effete old maids of the FCO, perhaps the most utterly useless bunch of tossers in charge of foreign policy since the Dutch fleet sailed up the Thames to poop in the king's river, are having camp vapours at the honesty. 

Of course these two champions of the Sunni and Shia branches of the Islamic superstition are fighting proxy wars all over the Middle East of the most primitive barbarity, but wars waged with all the technological weapons that these oil-rich spear chuckers haven't the wit or the means to make for themselves. Half of Europe is shovelling in the cash whilst maintaining the pretence that the Islamic savages are actually allies. 

As Boris might say, Pish.


Anonymous said...

Well I s'pose the lefties gotta love someone....

...They hate everyone else.


Mr Ecks said...

Sack the entire Senior Civil Service en masse without a penny compensation and confiscate their pensions.

That would be a giant step towards getting our country back.

Call "em to meetings, have muscle on site, sack the bastards on the spot and the heavies escort them off-premises without even a chance to return to their desks ( so we can see what they have been hiding).

One minute the bastards think they are running the show--5 minutes later they are out on the street without even their overcoats scratching their heads.

Fuckin' A as they say.

DeeDee99 said...

I was one of those who didn't have a fit of the vapours when BoJo became Foreign Minister .... I thought he'd shake up the ossified Mandarins in the FCO and he's delivering quite nicely.

We should stop treating the barbarians in Saudi Arabia as an ally and start calling them what they are.

leila said...

Wonderful plan of action Mr Ecks When do we leave??

Bojo seemed to retract his previous spoutings in the Marr show. And of course he spouts inflammatory nonsense about Russia.

G. Tingey said...

Mr Ecks
Your scheme is as practical a Brexit, unfortunately.
Quite a lot of civil servants do their best to do a good job.
I think people might notice if their pensions, for instance, stopped being paid ....
[ I certainly would ]

Sebastian Weetabix said...

Civil servants are only carrying out policy, as directed by the turds we elect.

If you had summary dismissal and loss of pension rights inflicted for doing as you've been told you might feel a little sore about it.

Dave_G said...

Any Government job seems to come with an automatic disclaimer for any responsibility whatsoever.

The private employment market rewards people according to their level of responsibility with the caution that a fcukup means repercussions (job loss etc) - obviously not applicable to higher management ;).

It's well past time the same standards were applied across our public employment positions too - including all levels of management/seniority.

Anonymous said...

Harry says;

If only I were at liberty to spill the beans and cough my guts about the FCO.

Suffice to say, I've been around, travelled extensively, gone to war(s) & beat the clock, done more than my bit, but It is my sad duty to report that during all of that the most unpleasant, least trustworthy and blinkered to the point of stupidity people I met were career FCO wallahs.

Mr Ecks said...

Tingey--I didn't suggest sacking the entire civil service--just the treasonous cunts at the top.

And anyone who thinks that lot are "only obeying orders" is away with the fairies.

The poli-pigs come and go. The real dirty work is in the hands of the SCS scum.

Do you think May has the brains to scheme up the tyrannical shite that is being pushed thro' during her reign?

SCS every time.

Anonymous said...

Did he say 'proxy wars' or 'poxy wars' only it's hard to tell the difference these days what with there being so much bollocks in the MSM just now. That Boris, he's got a mouth like the trigger on a match rifle. Silly old sausage.


Sad news about Greg Lake who died yesterday of cancer, age 69. The house I was born in, in Poole, is just down the road from where he lived. He would have been ten when I was born and I know folk who went to school with him. Greg was a true English Genius.

Seems very apt: (the last 40 secs especially)

Greg Lake - I Believe In Father Christmas

Aleppo Codex, Israel, proxy wars followed by the final war - it's all there if you care to look. We're being set up.


James Higham said...

It all slowly comes our way.

Anonymous said...

It's pick a side time.

The Brits have jump ship, the Ities have followed, the yanks have gone against the grain... Whats not to like...

It's all unfolding into a quagmire of uncertainty! Or is it?

One thing that should be of comfort. The father the son and the holy ghost. Is on their tail.

There are ones that lead, and those that follow. Those that follow have stepped outside there standing, because they think wealth will protect them from the consequences of their actions.

Spears against the long bow. I know where my money would be wagered.

Boris was spot on.

Flaxen Saxon said...

Good man that Boris. Islam is a barbaric system devoid of any civilised attributes. I abhor all religion, regardless of creed and dogma, that said, I hate Islam even more.

john savage said...

Meanwhile in Turkey....

Anonymous said...

FS 7.14

Ha,Maybe Islam against the long bow? ;-)

Elby the Beserk said...

Maybe - but he couldn't be more wrong on Syria


I recently visited Syria with Lord Hylton and Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali, at the invitation of Christian and Muslim leaders. We went to many places, including Aleppo, and met many people from many backgrounds.

Everyone we met was deeply disturbed by the British government's policy of commitment to "regime change". Syrians, although understandably critical of President Assad, appreciate his protection of minorities and the rights of women. They dread his overthrow believing that this will lead to takeover by Isis and other extremists, creating chaos similar to that experienced by Iraq and Libya after western intervention.

The consistent plea of the Syrian people whom we met is for the right to determine their own future. I hop we will respect that right"

Baroness Cox & Lord Hylton
House of Lords
Letter to The Times, October 14t