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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Yes, Vladimir Putin should be TIME's person of the year

The headline of Jonathan Freedland's piece in the Guardian is about the only accurate thing in the article. Truly, the Guardian has found its niche in a post-truth world in which omission, distortion and misrepresentation of the truth pads the pages of even the broadsheets. But of course the post-truth meme has a corollary; an informed readership that is post-credulous. We simply don't believe them any more. And with good reason. 

Yes, everyone admits, Boris was quite right, absolutely spot-on about Saudi Arabia, but as a member of the establishment he is required to lie to the public. His fault was not to lie for his government. And if the establishment grudgingly admits that it's lying about KSA, it won't take much to squeeze the admission that they lied over Yugoslavia, Iraq (whoops - got that one already), Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya and Syria. Only patsies such as Jonathan and Con over at the Telegraph still trot out the feeble old establishment ordure. But the post-credulous don't buy it. 

I was enjoying drinks with some undergrads from Vienna a couple of weeks ago. Without any diminution of their proper patriotism (for Germany and Denmark as well as for Austria) they all expressed their admiration for Putin. He's everything they want our own leaders to be - smart, ruthless, patriotic, daring, skilled and cynical. And yes. For all his successes evident in 2016, he deserves TIME's appellation more than Trump. Russia has just the GDP of Italy yet still strides the world stage like a colossus. And outsmarts and outfoxes all of Europe's dull, failing, ineffective unelected officials with all their dreary policy blunders. 

What a perfect time for that leprous old fossil, himself the very Father of Fake News, bloody Blair to appear with the intention of founding a new public disinformation service, pumping out prime fake news better than the rest. And he may even have an establishment fair wind; a well informed comment over at CAW reveals that
Raedwald, I strongly suspect it is the National Security Council not the "the numpties at the FCO" that is responsible for the UK line on Syria, and I suspect the NSC is strongly under the influence of the Cabinet Office / Joint Intelligence Committee / PM. For example the new-ish £1+ billion Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) seems to be driving UK spending in Syria now, and that has been under NSC control since 2015, using money largely transferred away from DfID. (eg spending on the White Helmets is now cumulatively £32+ million, part of "capacity building for civil society"). Also £5.3+m for "media activists" - bloggers, tweeters and facebookers? More alarming £1.4 million UK CSSF money spent on the "Syrian rebel coalition's lobbying bill in Washington DC and the UN" - pretty weird stuff.
So who better than Blair to head up the government's own fake news channels? New Blair - New Disinformation?


Anonymous said...

On whose say so?

Dave, Osborne, Soros, Berlin/the KSA disinformation bureau - who the fuck sanctions monies paid to al Nusra and al Qaeda?

FFS, the HMG_UK department of funny tricks and funding the wogs of the world is now directly funding terrorists, I wonder did they also indirectly arm and aid Gerry Adams and the boyos - just to protect the people.

Conclusion, just who is it that they're trying {DifD?MI6?CssF?FCO?the cabinet?] to protect - it's not Britons that's for bloody certain.

And now Bliar adds in his ha'penneth - oh goody if we weren't fucked already = we will be.

HMG are total Wankers.

Nigel Sedgwick said...

"Post-credulous readership": I just love that!

Best regards

mikebravo said...


"Post-credulous readership": I just love that!

Beat me to it.

Anonymous said...

BBC Conditioning Service


Thurday morning, BBC Radio 3 presenter says: "Donald Trump is Time magazine's person of the year, as were Hitler and Stalin.

Thursday afternoon, BBC Radio 5 presenter says: "Trump becomes Time magazine's person of the year; like Hitler and Stalin before him.

Thursday evening, BBC Question Time's David Dimbleby replying to Nigel Farage's answer to an audience member's question on Donald Trump being named Time magazine's person of he year: "so was Hitler and Stalin".

Ouput: Trump is a cruel and evil dictator.


anon 2 said...

Thank you, Raedwald - for "post-credulous" readership. I think it'll catch on, and I hope you'll get the credit!

RAC said...

Fake news? what fake news .................just in case you've not seen this yet

Anonymous said...

Steve 10 December 2016 at 16:06 The real output is TV thrown in skip and radio permanently set to classic fm , live in a bbc free zone.

G. Tingey said...

ALMOST 100% correct
Unfortunately wrong over ex-Yugoslavia, I'm afraid.
Milosovic wanted a war, that he thought he could get away with ( & Tudman was only marginally better, incidentally. )

Sackerson said...

Like Nigel Sedgwick, I like "post-credulous". It's the new Gutenberg communication revolution - the scriptures are no longer mediated.

Budgie said...

Of course Freedland is on the BBC a lot, the BBC being the TV/Radio arm of the Grauniad. You can do something about it: don't buy a TV licence. It is the only way to bring down the BBC because the Tory government certainly won't. And you won't miss the BBC propaganda either.

John Dub said...

Yup. My BBC licence went years ago.

I've no need to be demoralised on a daily basis.