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Friday 9 December 2016

Top Human Rights lawyer to be struck off for lack of integrity

P.Shiner - to be struck off
The first of a number of corrupt human rights lawyers to face legal action is set to be struck-off after admitting a raft of charges of recklessness and lack of integrity. Shiner is contesting a further raft of dishonesty charges, which if proven could lead to his being jailed. 

Shiner's firm PIL has already been shut down. Other 'human rights' lawyers who were part of the frenzy of improper and unprofessional bottom-feeding coprophagia led by Shiner and his firm may also now face charges. 

Even as Shiner's life now lies in ruins - some justice, many will think, for the misery and persecution his scum-sucking business brought to members and ex-members of HM Armed Forces - other bottom-feeding scum lawyers are even now unearthing unreliable anecdotes and prejudiced memories of the Troubles in the province of Northern Ireland. Their aim is to find wrongdoing in the actions of members of HM Armed Forces in order to extort 'compensation' from UK taxpayers to meet both their own fat fees and a payoff for any 'victims' they can find.

They will no doubt by now be on notice as to how they proceed. Shiner's downfall is not only for his own malfeasance but pour encourager les autres.


Poisonedchalice said...

Stick this bastard in prison! Oh, and while we're at it, expose the fact that he is closely associated with Jezza and Scummi Chakrapatti and all the other Labour scum, who have stood allied with these abuses of our brave men and women.

"Public Interest" (lawyers) - oh yes! It is definitely on our interest to watch this twat's descent into hell.

DeeDee99 said...

It's a start.......

Weekend Yachtsman said...

For a Christmas present, can we hear something similar about that Blair woman?

Anonymous said...

There are no good features to a 'closed shop', unless you are in it.

Unless outrageous fees and an ability to hide in the bushes are requisite.


Anonymous said...


A "top yuman rites lawyer" oh puhleeze leave it out, 'shinner' this numpty is just a minion, a patsy.

I point you to this, a rather well penned effort and when he - LITTLEJOHN is in full flow, if the prose leaves something to be desired then the pith is piercingly, deliciously piquant:

Any faith I had in the judiciary went out of the window during the Leveson Inquisition into the Press, conducted by Sir Brian — or My Noble Lord, or His Royal Majesty, or El Presidente, or whatever he calls himself this week — Leveson, who displayed a level of understanding of my trade which bordered on the cretinous.

His reward was to be appointed Chief High Executioner, or something, on the thick end of a couple of hundred thousand sovs a year. Cue Gilbert & Sullivan, and bring on the dancing girls.

There was a dopey bird on the wireless yesterday, claiming to represent Britain's 15,500 barristers, accusing the Daily Mail of behaving like Hitler for daring to question the impartiality of judges. Oh, for heaven's sake, grow up, pet. Your puerile hyperbole only serves to prove our point.

And who knew that we had 15,500 barristers in Britain, on top of the assorted solicitors, paralegals and PPI parasites? What do they all do, apart from make a bloody nuisance of themselves?

Look, for the record, I acknowledge that we need the rule of law. But I have the utmost contempt for most of its practitioners, who think they are the law, rather than its mere custodians. In the immortal words of Tony Hancock: 'Magna Carta — did she die in vain?'

Maybe it was always thus. Peter Cook was making a good living poking fun at judges in the Sixties. But the rot really set in after the Labour landslide in 1997. Don't forget that Blair claimed the incorporation of the corrupt European 'yuman rites' act into British law was his proudest achievement in politics.


This scum sucking cunt - SHINER was set to tick he was doing the bidding of his masters, no more, no less.

Scheisser, and was tacitly lorded as he was cheered on, encouraged through and by the establishment, particularly those bottom dwellers in the scum party, it is these same fekkers who are ruling on, should I say cocking a snook at the plebs, and the JUNE referendum which by means of the order from the people to the executive to immediately facilitate BREXIT.

Yuman rites lawyers, the superbly misnamed supreme court of the juggling self anointed law makers - yes MAKERS - this is malice aforethought in Bliars' legacy and strings of the muppet pulled, done by her majesty Cherie Bliar - know the enemies of the people: know who are the real deconstructionists.

The lavs are the party representing the nu social engineers of the lawyer classes and they want to bind you into ceaseless servitude and then into darkness.

It's the ECHR which is the enemy of the people, until we eject it and it's praetorian grinders of shysters, the country, the nation, BRITAIN will be forever slaves of and to the Socialists, the scum suckers who bow to the establishment. Yer see it puts 'us' down at the bottom and well below the immigrant/minority - the ECHR in all it does and acts = white Apartheid.

Nick Drew said...

Picture the scene in Shyster, Shyster & Partners right now ...

Shyster 1: Can you imagine how many people tried to break into professional football when they were kids ?!?

Shyster 2: And a goodly percentage of them will have passed through the gates of big soccer clubs ...

Shyster 1: Who are rolling in £££, and really don't need the grief !!!!

Shyster 2: And some of them even have agents, that have already schooled them in the gentle art of demanding astronomical payments !!!!!!!

[They wet themselves]

English Pensioner said...

He's probably already made his fortune and should have been hit in his pocket. As it is it looks as if he will have a very comfortable retirement.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

A bit of good news ,,,

I did see assorted legal press and professional bodies singing Shiner's praises as the "biggest HR fee earner" and a pointer / guiding light to further opportunities enabled by the assorted HR laws.

I'd just parachute the lad into downtown Raquaa - I would... if I could.

He should be categorically stripped of his ill gotten gains - his POCA parasite colleagues - scenting money should be set on him. That I would actually pay to see.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they proceeds of crime? Personally, I wouldn't let the fucker live to enjoy any of it, choking to death on his (detached) bollocks being thrust down his throat, maybe. On the other hand, what about a bit of head-chopping or crane-hanging?

Besides, what cunt wears glasses like that?

Anonymous said...

A cross dresser, they belong to his wife.

Penseivat said...

A possible reason that Shineris still free is that the Criminal Protection Society see so much of themselves in him. Money, or power and privilege stand well above their alleged respect for law and justice, though it is now apparent that there is little connection between the two.

Penseivat said...

A possible reason that Shineris still free is that the Criminal Protection Society see so much of themselves in him. Money, or power and privilege stand well above their alleged respect for law and justice, though it is now apparent that there is little connection between the two.