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Thursday, 29 November 2018

May & Others - vs - British People & British Parliament

We have moved into an extraordinary position. Mrs May and her cabinet, with the CBI, the FTSE100 and the industrialists of the European Round Table, the EU Commission and all of the UK and Europe's career officials, bureaucrats and unelected functionaries on one side, and facing them in battle the people and Parliament of Britain. We are resisting the most enormous forces pitched into an offensive against us - they have power, wealth, resources and a tame media. What they don't have is democracy, and a Parliament currently showing a bit of spirit. Now she is throwing absolutely everything she's got into a final Blitzkrieg, one last gamble launched in the depths of winter, driving her forces toward Brussels. 

And despite the distortions and falsifications by that grubby little rag the Daily Mail of Survation polling, a Clean Brexit on WTO terms is more popular with the public than the Robbins Treaty by 41% to 35%. Lord Ashcroft will also be carrying out his own polling nearer to the 11th. 

Thanks to a leak, Guido has May's order of battle, and we will be posting rebuttals here of each attack on the truth by Operation Hysteria on the day following - thus today for Economic Hysteria, tomorrow for Security Hysteria and so on ....
November 28: Economy
November 29: Security
November 30: International trade
December 1: Digital
December 2: The Brexit deal
December 3: Money
December 4: Immigration
December 5: Transport
December 6: Industrial strategy
December 7: Brexit for the whole U.K.
December 8: Consumers
December 9: May vs Corbyn Debate
December 10: Agriculture and fish


Phil Hammond was the first of May's dags off the block yesterday - together with a quivering whine in support from the Bank. However, they shot their bolt with the lies and distortions of Project Fear at the time of the Referendum and now there are few credulous enough to give their silly projections much credence. One hint at the wider co-operation within May's forces came with the Bank's use of the term 'disorderly exit'. It is a phrase not commonly used in English about Brexit, you may think. And you would be right. It is the direct English translation from the German term* for a Clean Brexit and has been lifted straight from a Bundesbank document, according to one commentator yesterday. 

For a rebuttal of the Hammond hysteria, it would be redundant to repeat some of the most cogent stuff about on the web. I'd recommend giving our friends over at C@W a look for a telling post and knowledgeable comments on this. 

* 'ungeordneter Brexit'


Anonymous said...

Baroness Leadsom has capitulated.

‘I was on the verge of resigning - then I felt the soft touch of Ermine and the scales were lifted from my eyes’.

She, and Lady Gove will be shopping in Jermyn Street later today.

DeeDee99 said...

The dire threats that will be coming our way in the next couple of weeks aren't intended to persuade the population: they're aimed at Parliament and intended to scare the bejesus out of rebellious MPs and give them a way out to explain their volte face to their furious constituents:

"I know the EU have forced a bad deal onto our gallant Prime Minister, but the consequences of voting against this deal are so appalling I cannot, in all conscience, do it. Reluctantly, I must accept that this is the best deal we can get which respects the result of the Referendum."

The Establishment won't dare allow the British people another vote because they strongly suspect we'd vote LEAVE again.

Anonymous said...

Oh DeeDee.. how true. I can see it now.

A spine, a spine, our kingdom for a spine (or at least 650 of them!)

jack ketch said...

Problem is with both Hammond and Carney issuing dire warnings yesterday, some of the tory brexiteers will waiver. It really needs someone with some credibility to rebuff H&C's double whammy of fiscal fear. A political has-been turned shock jock (von Farage) or a Traitor To The Tory Party (the Moog) issuing rebuttals will convince no one on the tory benches, especially since Ken Clarke (Why oh why, Ken?)has signed up to the DWA. There have been 2 chancellors in recent times who are considered to have been 'great', whose opinions on finance still carry weight with the tories, Clarke is one and the other Nigel Lamont. Nigel-dans-le-south-of-France needs to issue a point by point rebuttal.

rapscallion said...

Well, well, more Project Fear. Which iteration is this one. Mk III, Mk IV or are we up to MK IX by now. I've lost track.

Spot on DeeDee99

Budgie said...

Jack Ketch said: "... since Ken Clarke (Why oh why, Ken?) has signed up to the DWA".

The answer is simple: the DWA is a revolving-door Remain - out of the EU's multi-lateral treaties; back in with new bi-lateral treaties. It's what he wants.

decnine said...

When the Portsmouth to Cherbourg ferry leaves the quayside, it is on course to crash into Gosport ... unless someone on the bridge has the wisdom to make a left turn past HMS Victory. Amazingly, collision with Gosport is avoided EVERY TIME!

Hammond's pathetic "forecast" is akin to assuming that nobody orders that left turn. It seems he doesn't grasp that the whole point of Brexit is for HM Government to be able to make its own policy adjustments to changed circumstances rather than waiting for Brussels to decide on an EU One Size Fits All (or at least all of Germany) solution.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think a rebuttal by Nigel Lamont would work.

Norman might though......

jack ketch said...

I don’t think a rebuttal by Nigel Lamont would work

Dead to rights. Since Nigel Lawson and Norman Lamont were in government I get them confused. I meant of course Norman Lamont....who isn't the one applying for French Residency.

Budgie said...

A long time ago, back in the 2010s, an awful lot of people predicted the imminent demise of the euro. I argued that the euro was a political project, not an economic one; and the EU establishment would bend every rule to keep it together.

The same process is happening before our eyes with Brexit. Every rule and law will be broken if it ensures we remain locked to the EU. For example the "transition" - now re-named the "implementation period" in the DWA - is nothing more than an extension to the Art50 process without the bother of getting 28 sub-states to conform to Art50/3.

Leave is a tremendous opportunity. An escape from servitude into independence. Can you see any of our MPs grasping it? Yes, there are a few who defend Leave stoutly, but crucially there is a complete absence of a spirit of adventure, of boldness, of can-do. It is a defeatist HoC. So Theresa May and the EU will defeat it.

Peter MacFarlane said...

All this endless navel-gazing about whether we'll be 1% worse off out of the EU or 1.8% - and after x number of years too, as if anyone could predict...

Do the Remoaners really think we decided how to vote based on whether we'd be a tiny fraction better or worse off? Really?

Having no principles themselves, I suppose they simply cannot grasp the concept of self-government, or understand why it matters to, oh, around 17 and a half million of us.

jack ketch said...

Do the Remoaners really think

It really doesn't matter what Remainers think,nor the 17.5 million, nor the BrexSShiteurs, nor the Brexiteers, nor the commentators here and on other Leave blogs. What matters is what the Tory MPs will believe, in particular those 'Leave' MPs who would, in their heart of stone cold black heart, would really rather we didn't Leave.

So far May is playing a blinder and looks on course to get it through with just a bit of skulduggery.

Jack the dog said...

Just a massive amount of skullduggery I think you meant.

She might succeed, at some point, but the cost will be decades of political strife which will most likely not finish until the EU itself folds over and turns up its toes, which happy event can't come soon enough.

The costs, human, economic, political, diplomatic will be incalculable.

And all for what? What the hell does mad treason May think she will gain? The thanks of a grateul nation?

More likely a bullet in the head at some point.

My view, as I have stated before, is that she is now clinically insane.

jack ketch said...

My view, as I have stated before, is that she is now clinically insane

Not a disqualification from political office as such. Whatever else she is, and I could think of a few choice words, one doesn't get to be leader of the Tories nor even PM by playing 'nice' or by being a fool (even if one does some really foolish things at times like betting on an unnecessary GE). Unless the 'No Dealers' up their game a lot very soon the DWA will pass....and sharply worded tweets @hammond or @carneyBOE will not cut it.

Maybe I'm overly pessimistic, I hope so.

Dave_G said...

Fears over Brexit are being massaged in the same way fear over climate change. All the computer models are WRONG and no one is taking any notice of the actual real world conditions.

Carney has the gall to make predictions of future economic conditions when the BoE singularly failed to spot the 2008 GLOBAL collapse.... never mind a 'minor' change in economics called Brexit.

If any economist had ANY clue as to what the future would hold they would be rolling in it - there are VAST fortunes to be made by calling these future conditions yet the money markets don't seem to be reflecting these pronouncements by Carney. Funny that.....

But stating a "tame media"??? Rather easy on them aren't you Radders?

The media are corrupt. Pure and simple. NONE of the media outlets will speak the truth nor reveal the corruption. They are controlled, bought and paid for, treasonous backstabbers of the worst kind.

Brexit, Globalism, Banking, Global Warming, Russia, Immigration, Islam, the EU etc etc etc ALL subjects that the media - AS A WHOLE - have neglected, sidelined, bent, re-worked or generally LIED to us about.

There needs to be a major counter-attack on the media.

leila said...

Keep hope! John Baron MP has written an open letter to May, dated today informing her for a page of reasons, that he will vote against her Withdrawal Agreement