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Friday, 30 November 2018

Operation Hysteria - Day 2

Operation Hysteria continued yesterday with a pathetically weak and dithery interview on 'Today' by Ben Wallace, before he left to open the International Handcuff Exhibition. Wallace is a minister who struggles to make his presence felt; he must have endured a multitude of social events with his interlocutor's gaze fixed over his shoulder seeking someone more interesting with whom to talk. 

'Today' managed to tease from him that Brexit would end the EU wide security agreement under which we exchanged information. But surely we do this already under a number of bi-lateral agreements that would continue? Well, yes. And there will be nothing stopping a security official from the UK picking up the phone to his opposite number to warn of a threat? Well, No. And neither we or our security counterparts in Europe will stand idle and keep silent about a terrorist or security situation? Well, No. So there will be little difference? 

It is simply not credible that the UK will leave either itself or other European nations more vulnerable to terrorism by cutting links and co-operation. Brexit or no Brexit, we will share and security and law enforcement professionals in Europe will share with us (except perhaps Germany, which protects herself against the EU by not only having a law that prohibits the export of wealth but also the export of intelligence). What we will escape is the EU laying claim to our formidable strengths in SIS, MI5 and GCHQ, and with a satellite network of our own (the cost of a single year's EU membership) we will stand as a bridge between the US and Five Eyes and the EU. Let us not forget that since the US was enumerated amongst the EU's potential future enemies, we need a fusible link, a filter, that can start to restrict the flow of sensitive defence intel to the EU. 

Meanwhile, the markets have shrugged-off the economic hysteria just as our C@W friends said that they would. It also emerged that Carney's Halloween figures were 'scenarios' rather than 'projections'. The difference is as follows. Projections are an honest assessment of the economic effects of various Brexit options, given the likely behaviours of the parties and alternatives available. The Bank's scenarios are based upon there being no alternative goods, services, trade routes, sources, contracts, deals and markets other than those lost through no longer being part of the single market, upon the UK not having one single entrepreneur who will be flexible enough to react, nor a single business that innovates, invents or substitutes and nary a government but one that continues to be hidebound with pettifogging EU rules. In other words it's not worth the paper it was printed on.    


DeeDee99 said...

If this is the standard of Project Fear V2, it's going to become Project Hilarity.

International trade to look forward to today. "No more gloom and doom."

I predict that this will be enthusiastically positive with Liam Fox talking up the prospects of the UK negotiating valuable Trade Treaties with a variety of 3rd party countries:

America ..... whoops, President Trump has already effectively ruled that out;
Australia ... oh dear, they've already said that if the UK remains in the Customs Union that will prevent a meaningful trade treaty. And no doubt others will reach the same conclusion.

Charles said...

I would assume that Fox, Gove and Leadsome all intend not to stand in the next election and have been offered peerages to prop up May in the short term. If May is forced out will anyone put her in the Lords? Surely they understand that propping up this Premier will end their careers, if they were long term committed Remainers then they would have a portion of the electorate to appeal to, but as spineless Brexiteers they are toast. To be honest given the circumstances under which the previous minister of defence lost his portfolio I have always had my doubts about having him anywhere near power, I had never heard of Leadsome until she failed to become leader and Gove, I am convinced is a closet Remainer who campaigned to leave expecting to lose.

The position her deal puts the armed forces and security in is invidious.

I have to say that holding a debate between the two least charismatic people in the country to decide the most important issue of the last 70 years has the correct element of black farce.

Stephen J said...

Indeed Raedwald, those link between civilised neighbours cannot and should not be severed.

It would be very good to remove the hated and primitive "European Arrest Warrant" which flies totally in the face of habeas corpus. They are welcome to it. It will also remove Merkel's proposed ramping up of the EUGendfor mob and their polite request...

Ihre Papiere, Bitte!

For politicians and bureaucrats cannot be trusted to remember who pays for them to exist.

Apparently today, our glorious leader is to tell the world's leading globalists, that "her deal' will be good for globalism and globalists the world over...

Whoopsie Daisy!

But thanks for the heads up Tessa.

Anonymous said...

"...not worth the paper it is written on."

Paper? Will we still have paper post Brexit?

The locusts, those damn locusts.

Domo said...

It's interesting to note how quickly the experts are backing down now brexit is the default.

Carney has no wish to be the man who was catastrophically wrong, twice.
He'll be job hunting in a year or two, and a loyal fool is still a fool

Dave_G said...

Some media commentators are already berating Carney for his politically-motivated Brexit scenario prediction. People in such positions should stick to their mandate of predictions to steer the BANKS policies, not the countries.

The BoE's own chart showing the course of Brexit shows a steady growth and, tellingly, shows ZERO response to the actual result of the Brexit vote despite all the dire predictions made by Carney et al before the results were known.

Hoisted by their own petard is, I believe, the correct expression....

Scrobs. said...

Nice to see the government whips trying to be nice, rather like Joe Maplin's second in command.

Any Tory with even half a spine should kick the awful May stitch-up into touch, as she won't be around to offer any favours soon!

Unfortunately, my MP is Greg Clark, a committed remainer, so he won't get my vote next time.

Budgie said...

The view that the USA is a potential enemy of the EU has some credibility because the EU sees itself as a grand competitor to the USA. The EU has always modeled itself on the USA, whilst being the last to admit it. Some of the political overlays of WW2 just won't go away.

I am told that we do not share all security information with the rest of the EU. The reason given is that they are somewhat porous. Not that Theresa May would be aware of this in her delusional world.

Bear in mind that Mrs May is a fanatical adherent of the EAW. Yet another reason why she insists on a revolving-door Remain. Her Remain fanaticism is bad enough, but lying about it is worse, especially when everyone else can see the evidence in black and white.

Anonymous said...

The EU seems more like the USSR and its Eastern European empire than like the USA.

There is absolutely no resemblance between the constitutions of the USA and the EU. If there was, I would have voted to Remain.

Don Cox

Sobers said...

They're making the same mistake they did 2 years ago. Being so over the top its laughable. Its a joke now - some accident will happen and some wag will wisecrack 'It was Brexit what dun it!'

Bill Quango MP said...

Best read of the read. Great post.

John in Cheshire said...

I have realised why I think Mrs May is of the sinister bent. She hates President Trump. Ask Christopher Steele if he had any encouragement in his endeavours by our lying and treacherous leadership and if so by whom.

Budgie said...

Don Cox, My sloppy wording. I do not suppose that the EU succeeds in modeling itself on the EU. It doesn't. The EU falls far short of the USA's constitution, as you rightly say. I meant the EU's external form - a federal superstate - is, I believe, unconsciously modeled on the USA, because it sees itself as the world rival to the USA.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Tweet of the day from Martin Durkin

If Theresa May had been half as aggressive, disdainful and Machiavellian to EU bureaucrats as she is to the British people, the EU would be paying US to leave and apologising for any inconvenience.

John Dub said...

It's pretty well known THAT GCHQ was involved in the dossier.

Hence Robert Hannigan, former boss, resigning 3 days after Trumps inauguration...