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Monday, 19 November 2018

Throw out May's poisonous renegade deal

If you have not done so already, I urge you to read the Speccie's '40 horrors' - unacceptable terms lurking in the poisonous treaty that May sought to bounce her government into accepting, after giving them fifteen minutes to skim-read the 500+ page document in a small room with the heating turned off*. A sample;
3. The European Court of Justice is decreed to be our highest court, governing the entire Agreement – Art. 4. stipulates that both citizens and resident companies can use it. Art 4.2 orders our courts to recognise this. “If the European Commission considers that the United Kingdom has failed to fulfil an obligation under the Treaties or under Part Four of this Agreement before the end of the transition period, the European Commission may, within 4 years after the end of the transition period, bring the matter before the Court of Justice of the European Union”. (Art. 87)
4. The jurisdiction of the ECJ will last until eight years after the end of the transition period. (Article 158).

5. The UK will still be bound by any future changes to EU law in which it will have no say, not to mention having to comply with current law. (Article 6(2))
Even more tellingly, then read the government's rebuttals, rushed out to the Speccie over the weekend. They are feeble. So feeble, and rebutting so little, that rather than lessening the impact of the Speccie's fatal analysis, they actually underline its accuracy. Downing Street's own defence of the renegade deal is itself damning. 

It is also being reported in the Sun that Martin Selmayr has delighted in the humiliation the poisonous deal would impose on the United Kingdom - the loss of Northern Ireland was the price the UK would pay for leaving, they report him saying.   

For those who say this is not a war, pray tell me the difference? 

And our Prime Minister is a Petain, an appeaser, waving the white flag and offering the enemy our abject surrender. 

No, there is no way our nation and peoples can ever live with this treacherous treaty. Rejecting it, throwing it back at Selmayr and his corrupt cabal, will hurt our GDP but we must reject the idea that Brexit is just an economic process. It is not. It is about our nation, our freedom, our constitution (unwritten) our laws and our way of life. And I'm not about to surrender ANY of those. 

* This may only be partially true


dustybloke said...

When I read it, it seemed to me that May asked Merkel and Macron to dream up their wildest fantasies, then had OR write them down.

If we sign the deal we cease to be a country. We become the first State of the new EU, exactly like California or Texas in the USA, except they have a right to set their own State taxes and have a representation in the Federal Government. We can't even do those basic things.

If the BBC were indeed a State Broadcaster it would be pointing this out to the citizens, but with the BBC the opposite is true.

How a Prime Minister thinks her job is to do this is unbelievable. It is no exaggeration to say that this is treason

DeeDee99 said...

I wish I had faith that CONservative MPs will reject this abject surrender and rid us of this Quisling.

Sadly, I don't. Their priorities are Self, Party, Country. And a large proportion of them WANT us to remain in the EU - humiliated, powerless and trapped in perpetuity.

How any Prime Minister could set out to betray their nation like this is beyond me.

APL said...

"And our Prime Minister is a Petain, an appeaser, waving the white flag and offering the enemy our abject surrender."

Just the latest in the long list of Tory appeasers; Chamberlain, Heath, Major, Cameron, May.

Cuffleyburgers said...

For what it's worth I have written twice to my MP and signed the petition to leave immediately without further ado.

My gut feeling is that this abomination will not get through parliament, but what happens then is unknown.

My guess would be an article 50 extension will be forced on the UK (spun as graciously conceded to the UK) as they are desperate to avoid a no-deal, which May will obviously accept.

Abd then six months down the line the whole lot will come back again like fucking groundhog day, until May is defenestrated, either metaphorically, or ideally, literally; rinse and repeat until the Tories manage to find themselves a leader with balls (metaphorically and probably literally).

aurelian2 said...

What little information there is has been obscured in a fog of media speculation about contending personalities. The confusion benefits the EU and, I conjecture, has been deliberately engendered by its agents. The obfuscation is so complete that it can only exist through deliberate policy.

In contrast, the engaging podcast "The Worst horrors inside Hotel California", by Professor Prins at the Briefings for Brexit website, provides much information and expert analysis. The news is very bad indeed, alas.

John in Cheshire said...

If what Jeff Taylor reports, from a Times report, is true then the police must be instructed to investigate and prosecute those involved:

DiscoveredJoys said...

It's possible that a clean Brexit might adversely affect our GDP briefly, but the chances are that our GDP will then increase rather more later as WTO rules are extended to more countries.

And this, I expect, is why the EU is so keen on 'a level playing field' and is trying to fit us with shackles and handcuffs to prevent us showing the rEU up as a protectionist con for big business and Commission clerks.

*If* That Woman manages to agree the current deal *and* get it through Parliament I predict that it won't last. It will be such a raw 'deal' that new political parties will arise to defeat it.

mikebravo said...

How much is it possible to loathe the useless tories without resorting to smashing things up?
They are the worst sort of bastards. I do not believe a word that any of them say. I'll bet that they wave this pile of shite through with the help of half the scum party and all the limpdums and SNP.


Cull the Badgers said...

May cannot be separated from the draft agreement. She believes in it; she is defending it to the death; she is one of the EU's people. She knows too she is inextricably bound with it because if it goes she goes.

So she must be removed now, no delay. The weak and spineless MPs who have not put in a letter to Sir Graham Brady, such as those like Dominic Raab who say they oppose the document but say they still support the PM are a disgrace and are a serious part of the problem. John Redwood too as far as I can gauge who will not say if he has sent a letter. Party comes before the country with people like that. And anyone who supports the document is a traitor.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

There's a Godwin's Law style video comparing Guy Verhostadt to a certain Austrian gent - it uses a speech in the EU parliament:

"And that is the real problem colleagues , why there is such a problem colleagues because member states are reluctant to transfer new sovereignty and powers to the European Union and we all know that the only way out of this crisis is new transfer of powers to the European Union"

delivered in a shouty handwaving fashion with I daresay a few drops of saliva - some might call it impassioned....

It rather looks as if Mr. (Herr?) Verhofstadt would like to dispatch EU security forces to Western Region 1(b) and his colleagues on site are doing what they can to suppress the revolt.

Astonishingly The Sunday Times reports over the weekend that No10 has schemed overtly trying to crash the UK's financial markets to inflict pain on leave - and has tasked The Army putting troops on the streets in the event that "No Deal" has a kick-off element....

what a mess....

Anonymous said...

What possible use could Germany have for one million low-IQ men of fighting age?

Elby the Beserk said...

Required reading also - Scruton on the Nation State

And QC Martin Howe on how May's agreement is in reality our terms of submission, which could lock us into the EU for ever. With even less say.

Pass these on far and wide...

Val said...

This whole thing makes me feel sick. Mrs May is being propped up because she is a woman, because she is so steely & determined in face of the EU - BUT she is using those talents against us, her country, her party, instead of for us.
She is finished no matter what now and if the Tories don't get us out of this mess by dumping her and electing a Brexiteer to get us out, they are finished too. The lies and deception are unbelievable - she has the brass neck to preach to the nation that this disastrous deal is what we voted for, that black is white, in spite of it being plain to see she is selling us to the enemy - I say selling, in reality it is giving because we get nothing in return. I cannot stomach watching or listening to her anymore, I cannot believe the treachery of this vicar's daughter who apparently loves her country but is willing to toss it away and cling onto her office even though apart from stamina has no talent to bring to the job.

Tony Harrison said...

Re the suggestion by "Discovered Joys" of new political parties, I'd like to think he was right - but history is not encouraging. The mass of English voters have always seemed to me frankly supine and/or indifferent to their fate. Every so often they dump either Labour or the Tories in favour of the other lot, but more in the sense of a change for its won sake - as if it were some sort of game - than out of deep-rooted conviction. At the moment, May's Withdrawal Document is so utterly shockingly bad, as RW has summarised, that one would think any right-minded populace might have m,arched on Downing Street equipped with pitchforks and tumbrils. In reality, informed observers speculate about whether it might actually get through and bind us hand & foot to Brussels in an act of terminal, humiliating surrender.
Attempts at forming new political parties have failed: the SDP had high profile folk, and it crashed; UKIP gained 12.6% of the vote in 2015, for one seat - stymied by our electoral system, arranged so as to make it all but impossible for newcomers to get anywhere...
I don't know what the answer is. I don't know how to stir the somnolent TV-addled Brits into the sort of fury that May eminently deserves.

Raedwald said...

Many thanks for the links

Anon 10.36 I'm pretty sure you're using 'shorthand' - there's no difference in IQ between migrants in Germany and Germans the same age - if anything the migrants will have as a population cohort a marginally higher IQ than the natives as they're the ones who've succeeded in overcoming many daunting obstacles to get there.

I'm assuming you mean unskilled, uneducated and possibly credulous, facing challenges in adapting to German cultural norms, sort of thing.

And yes, they're also physically fit and of fighting age. So I take your point.

Oldrightie said...

For one moment, Mr John Miller, your reference to OR had me concerned until I realised you mean Oily "Goebells" Robbins. This OR believes, like millions of others, we are being punished and tormented by the deep state and the likes of the ghastly remainer May in cahoots with the 4th Reich servile EUSSR. Punished for daring to vote leave.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

That Verhoftstadt video is still up on Twitter

Google are though scampering around determinedly deleting from YouTube - I am on the naughty step.

Raedwald said...

APL - I have deleted your comment.

The site you quote for evidence is a one-man German far right reference site that actually admits its IQ figures are 'contrived'

Any more race hate stuff and you're out.

Raedwald said...

Tony, with many apologies I have deleted your comment.

This is NOT a thread about Muslim immigration to Germany - please find another site to discuss this on.

I'm going to be ruthless about this, folks - Brexit is far too important an issue to play games with.

Andy5759 said...

This late in the day I have picked up the Telegraph, pages six and seven appear to give a good argument for keeping May where she is. Echoing your previous post. Is she being devious?Yes. With whom? All of us, both sides. Time will tell whether she and OR are doing what they are paid for. I'm going to have another pint while I can.

Sgt 73rd Regt said...

So Basically if this agreement is passed by your Parliament you will be:- The United Kingdom, province of the European Union, a vassal state of a foreign power. To think that the country of my ancestors, the land that produced the Magna Carta, the basis for the laws and democracy that English speaking nations are the proud inheritors of, has now been reduced to this!!!

If ever there was a time for the Queen to break with tradition and refuse assent to this bill when presented to Parliament it is now. My best wishes to all true Englishmen for the fight that is to come. I say defy the EU and let them do their worst, you will find there are still many countries that will be happy to trade with you.

John Brown said...

Since the EU considers the lack of a “hard” Irish border to be of paramount importance in the negotiations for the UK to leave the EU (despite both Mr. Varadkar and Mr. Juncker both guaranteeing there would be no “hard” border even in the event of a “no deal”) and because N.I. voted to remain in the EU, should not the possibility of the unification of the island be explored ?

Or alternatively, N.I. could become an independent state within the EU which would currently satisfy polling in both N.I. and Ireland.

An independent N.I. would not be the smallest state, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta are all still smaller and they would receive structural funding from the EU.

jack ketch said...

If some haruspex were to read the entrails of a freshly slaughtered Tory MP (not a species know for their abundance of guts) I'm betting he'd prophecy that the ERG attempts to get May removed will fail miserably and that May will get the bill through the house.

Tony Harrison said...

RW, disappointed that you deleted my post - first time here... I've been banned a couple of times from the ConHome site, but that's a quisling-right outfit run by control freaks, and I know you're not one of those. I thought my post (with relevant, useful citations) was entirely apposite in the context of your references to appeasement and surrender, not to mention the impotence and self-harm at the core of the EU bureaucracy.

Cuffleyburgers said...


This appalling proposal that May has come up with is surely unconstitutional, because under our constitution parliament is sovereign and no parliament can bind future parliaments.

Even with in the EU there was a fig leaf that being article 50.

If this abortion is passed, then parliament will very obviously and unequivocally no longer be sovereign and our inability to escape will inexrtricably bind future parliaments.

I curious to know why Gina Miller isn't protesting vociferously and threatening to take everybody to court?

jack ketch said...


Apparently the Speccy was reporting this afternoon on twitter that a lot of Tory MPs are "just looking for an excuse" to vote for the bill :(

May may just need to find a big enough bribe for the DUP.....

Budgie said...

Having read chunks of the Draft Withdrawal Agreement (DWA) itself, the Explainer document, the Spectator's 40 Horrors, and other comments, it is clear that the DWA is a truly dreadful and one-sided treaty. It is certainly not Leave. It is unnecessarily complicated and could be split into probably a dozen units. But then the government wants to put you off.

The DWA locks us into the EU, EU laws (Art 127), EU payments, EU foreign policy (Art 129), EU control of our fish (Art130), EU Defence (Art 156), and EU courts (Art 131) until January 2021 at the earliest (Art 126), without any representation. It can be extended apparently to 2099 (Art 132). Financial and other obligations exist beyond the end of the transition (eg Arts 140, 148, 154).

At least for the duration of the transition the UK must use EU tariffs (Annex 1 Art 3) - so no trade deals. Even if the early date (1 Jan 2021) transpires we will still be locked into the new EU single customs territory (Protocols Art 6, Annex 1 Art 4), and effectively the single market, and Defence and Security provisions.

These provisions are not Leave. Some of the straightforward technical provisions would be needed to Leave, even with the (supposed) "No (trade) Deal" (ie: the WTO deal). But the DWA is shot through with a flavour consequent upon EU arrogance and UK appeasement. And, honest, I've run out of matchsticks to hold my eyes open.

Mr Ecks said...

Ketch--If you lost your business because of Brexit--which I don't believe unless it was some EU-scum sucking caper and deserved to sink--then you will lose whatever is keeping you afloat once Jizza gets in . Which is what May's gang of arseholes are setting themselves up for.

As for the Speccy's claims--there are a rump of remainiacs everywhere in every media--everything in the media should taken with a bucket of salt.

As for the 48 letters--well it was a nice try but the fact that if after declaring her brazen treason not enough of them have the balls it proves the ERG were right not to rush into it. The vast majority of the UK now is against Treason and her deal--17.4 plus millions of decent former remain voters who believe in accepting democratic votes and have seen sneering remain and EU global elite scum up close these past two years.

Because of our corrupted system those millions have no direct voice against political scum .