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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Another Brexit disappointment

Hugely disappointing result tonight.

It confirms that none of the tensions between a largely Remain parliamentary party and a largely Leave party membership are being resolved. This will not go away; Conservative MPs have kicked the can just a few metres down the road, and their spineless self-interest will return to haunt them.

Brexit has been two and a half years of disappointments and losses since the vote. Tonight is no different. 

Peckers up. New battle tomorrow.


dustybloke said...

Conservative Party 1867-2018 RIH.

I can't say Peace, so Hell it is.

Corbyn and McDonnell it is then.



PeterS said...

There's only violence left.

Budgie said...

Yes, I tend to agree, John Miller. It's the end of the road for the UK. Who will trust the UK after this? Our friends? Because our enemies in the EU and elsewhere know now we will roll over.

Mrs May will get her Chequers deal - her transition to submission - and England will crawl on our knees to plead for re-entry to the EU within a decade to make official what will be the reality.

And all because the stupid party-before-country Tories will not grab the opportunities of Leave and run with them. The irrelevant compensation is that with any luck the Tory party will disappear.

Domo said...

Disappointing but not unexpected.

The last successful challenge was when Thatcher unseated Heath.

Doesn't really change anything

The default is still a clean Brexit

There's no chance the ToryDup can whip through this deal, and there's no reason for Corbyn to help, Mays failure to prepare for a clean Brexit will all but guaretee Corbyn a stonking majority in 2022, at which point he can do whatever he pleases.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Alternatively you could argue that the vote (although disappointing) further weakens May and so the EU is even more unlikely to modify the draft WA and May is even less likely to get it through Parliament some time in January.

I don't think Corbyn can swing a Confidence motion because they cannot offer a detailed alternative that has any likelihood of being agreed before 29 March 2019. Which means that Clean Brexit is still the default option and there is still enough Conservative ProBrexit feeling to undermine an A50 extension or a cancellation of Brexit.

Dangerous times though.

John Brown said...

The Conservative Party MPs will always be pro-EU until the Conservative voters stop voting for these people.

It is insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Dave_G said...

Concerns for a Corbyn Government in 2022. are far too optimistic. Four years to establish a new opposition is more than enough given the public discontent with the current shambolic parties.
I'll vote for a dressed up dog than any of the existing traitorous rabble.

Mr Ecks said...

If they hope to win a GE with the worst POS PM ever--who nearly lost before she was a busted flush then they exist in a world of fantasy and it will be revealed to them.

I think the DUP will hold the line on their promise: they will stop Jizz's no confidence vote so long as her crap deal does NOT go through. If she gets it through or tries to switch to some other sell out the DUP will bring on a GE. Socialism might as well get the blame for our destruction.

It is good that the vote didn't occur earlier. She still can't get her turd through and the EU has told her to fuck off. She isn't going to join in the other shite--cancel Brexit , People's Wank etc because she is a mental case who won't accept any outcome save that we are sold out and betrayed HER WAY.Every time she gets away or evades her doom it seems to strengthen her immense stupidity and pig-headedness. Good. She has nowhere to go. And March 2019 approaches relentlessly.

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall much mischievous encouragement and prompting to join the Labour party for £3 and vote for Corbyn to make them "unelectable".
How's that working out? I couldn't stomach the thought of joining Labour and as funny as the "joke" seemed there was a risk. It might have seemed a small risk but sod's law plays to those odds and often wins.

I wonder if the £3 voters were played all along. Stranger things have happened. Look at May's election for example. She held all the cards yet followed SPAD advice that seemed to have been designed to make her fail.

Who programmed the Robot?

John M said...

Two two years on and our illustrious representatives in Parliament have demonstrated that they are still putting their own personal and political ambitions ahead of the people, that they know all about arguing but nothing about getting an important job done, and that all their posturing is more important than even a sliver of certainty for the UK, the EU, their peoples and their businesses.

They are a useless pox, the whole lot of them. But since so many of them now want "a people's vote", I say give it to them, on the condition that since the current inhabitants are all so collectively useless, that NO sitting or former member of Parliament should be able to stand for re-election.

That's right - kick the whole lot of them out... after all since they have proved themselves useless, why would anyone want to re-elect them just to carry on the same all over again?

Viva la revolutione !

Genrikh Yagoda said...

To all the loyal Tory voters here that seem to cling on to this serially treacherous party (Heath EEC lies, Major Maastricht lies) all I can say is : ha ha ha - you've got what you voted for.

May is quite the worst PM I've ever come across, and I've had the vote since the '60s.

It's been obvious for a long while she's been put in place by those who want the destruction of the UK - just look at her record as Home Secretary and the last two years as PM.

I truly hope the Tory party is destroyed now.

May the Tories and all their supporters rest in Hell.

DeeDee99 said...

Oh well. The CONs voted for obliteration.

We now know there are (probably) 200 MPs who will vote for her Surrender Document and 450 who won't. Unless she and the EU make substantial changes, which they won't.

So I predict she'll break another Manifesto Commitment and agree to keep the UK in the Customs Union and Single Market in perpetuity in order to get the votes of enough Labour MPs to get it through ..... mirroring Heath's treachery when he took us into the EEC with no mandate.

And that - finally - should split the CON Party.

rapscallion said...

I hate to say this Radders, but I told you so. Gutless, spineless and traitorous scum the lot of them, and all your beloved effin' Tories.

I agree with Budgie - but it will lead to what PeterS suggests

Stephen J said...

So where to now?

We need a new political party, one that will campaign to lead us out of the EU and fatally wound the party based "representative democracy" system, through the promotion of "direct democracy".

We could call it something like “Independence for the UK” perhaps....?

Wait a minute, I am sure I remember that there used to be one?

Indeed, I might have been a member once?

.... Witterings of a wasted life, waiting for Godot in Blighty.

As the Sun said....

Don’t forget to turn the light off if you are the last one to leave.

Mr Ecks said...


The Tory MPs are traitors --but to hear socialistic scum (ie you) talking about others going to Hell when the shite of socialism-- like-- you kiss the arse of a Death Cult with 150 million murders on their hands would be funny if it wasn't shocking and disgraceful.

You are human sewage and if Tory MPs are going to Hell as they deserve--a la Dante the deep cold Hell reserved for traitors--part of your punishment Red will be that the likes of you crawl around to be humiliated as their servants.

Peter MacFarlane said...

Is this woman really going to be allowed to sell us, bound hand and foot, to our enemies?

Can nothing at all be done?

Oh well, Corbyn it is then; these shysters must be taught a lesson.

I know despair is a sin, but I am getting awfully close.

Domo said...

"Can nothing at all be done?"
My worst case scenario remains a full scale nuclear war between the EU and UK so things are barely even "bad" yet.

Tony Harrison said...

@Domo - your "full scale nuclear war" would have to be with France, since none of the others has any nukes. Bit close for comfort, surely - fallout and all that. And I have my 2nd home to consider, don't want that vapourised, or my neighbours... A small nuke on the Berlaymont Building might be acceptable.

Oldrightie said...

if millions joined and helped fund they would sweep the floor in 2022 or even earlier. Time the 17,410,742 got serious. That's how to do it.

jack ketch said...

@ Oldrightie : They could only afford a broken swastika as an emblem? Oh sorry, my bad it's a clever.

John in Cheshire said...

The Conservative Party took us into the EEC by lies and deception; Mr Heath, the traitor.
The Conservative Party took us deep into the fabric of the EC and EU by lies and deception; Messrs Major and Brown, the traitors.
The Conservative Party is doing its damnedest to prevent us Leaving the EU by lies and deception; Mrs May, the traitor.

There seems to be a pattern here.

Raedwald said...

Oldrightie - I suspect that 17,410,000 of us would rather not be associated with a disfunctional group of race hate bigots. What the other 742 do is up to them, of course - but I suspect some of them might belong to the other race-hate bigots lot.

Dave_G said...


effectively stating that UKIP and ForBritain supporters are 'rabid racists' is akin to the likes of Clinton claiming Republican supporters are 'deplorable' and I take issue with your 'insult' as one who DID vote UKIP at the last election.

Most supporters of 'anti-Muslim' parties do so for entirely different reasons than you infer. Might I suggest that those party supporters have no truck with any race, religion, creed, whatever that come to this country to INTEGRATE and adapt to OUR ways.

But since you seem wedded to the media line that all opposition to Islam is by default racist I don't know where to go with this.....

Raedwald said...

Ah, I was actually thinking about EDL rather than UKIP ... but I expect you know best.

Yep, I also voted UKIP in 2010 - for the party under Farage, before it went to pieces.

No anti-Muslim party - and let's be clear, these parties want to victimise Britons of Muslim faith, not stand in theological opposition to articles of non-Christian belief - will ever, ever, ever gain electoral traction in this nation. And that's something of which I can be proud.

Cameron made clear the limits of unacceptable Islamism. That should be a decent enough definition for us all.

And I'm wedded not to any media line, but to my own freedom of conscience and moral judgement on this.

Dave_G said...

Cameron made clear the limits of unacceptable Islamism. That should be a decent enough definition for us all.

Maybe someone should tell them then. They don't appear to have listened.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage has no party at present and is not intending to get involved unless and until the democratic vote is overturned ie in the case of no Brexit. UKIP isn't the same party I voted for.

Now this is interesting:

Some quotes from the declaration:

"Free from vested interests, the SDP seeks the common good in Britain’s national interest. We represent neither capital nor labour, not private industry nor the public sector, but only the welfare of the British people and residents of these islands. We seek a path where all the constituent elements of our society can grow and prosper."

"First and foremost, we are democrats. The scale and vehemence of the reaction against the result of the 2016 EU referendum by Britain’s cultural and political elites was striking. The evident disdain of the Westminster class for, among others, many elderly and low income voters revealed that the powerful only tolerate democracy when their view prevails. The authority of the establishment to decide what happens has been challenged and the SDP stands behind the referendum mandate. Respect for all voters implies respect for the result."

"We are committed to maintaining strong, independent Armed Forces and Intelligence Services to protect our country against external military and nuclear threats as well as from terrorism and cyber-warfare.

"We consider the progressive desire for people to shed their national identities and unite in a pan-European or universal civilisation to be a recipe for conflict and hopelessly utopian – as unrealistic and harmful as the dismal communist project."

They may be small but so was UKIP...

Cascadian said...

The politicians sleep too easily in yUK. That problem will not be solved by new parties that take a minimum 5 years to become viable and effective. MPs need to be anxious about potential violence, the same kind their constituents deal with every day.

The answer lies with you and your neighbours, if Holland and Belgium can rouse themselves to action

why are the anglo-plebs so docile?

Note, even this analysis goes to extreme lengths to identify a major issue-gimmegrants both legal and illegal.

Raedwald said...

Cascadian - or perhaps we can see through rabble-rousers, or maybe the 4 year prison sentence meted out to the rabble-rouser who stirred folk on facebook to riot in 2011 was salutory.

And of course we have an extradition treaty with many nations, including Canada.

Stephen J said...


Nah, there is nothing right about that lot, just another version of socialism... "national socialism"...

Ye gods, even the loathsome Batten rejected her.

Tony Harrison said...

Anonymous at 00.56: they're social democrats, 'nuff said. Like the Tories. looked at their site: "our hard-won welfare state. Britain’s immigration policy must be skills-based, needs-based, legal and subject to democratic control [no mention of mass extra-European immigration]...the UK must lead by example in being at the forefront of global action to combat climate change and pollution from plastics and other sources. Government must incentivise business to develop new environmentally friendly technologies. We believe that animals are sentient beings…" etc
They might as well say that The Guardian will be compulsory reading.

Budgie said...

Nigel Farage is a great guy. I have been next to him at conferences and in pubs as he has worked the crowd. The UK owes him a lot. If Farage had wanted to lead UKIP again he could have just walked in at any time over the last couple of years. But he put himself outside UKIP well before Gerard Batten became leader.

Exactly the same things were said about Farage (he's extreme right, fascist, racist, etc, etc) as is now being said about Batten. Social (dis)opprobation works. That's why the "left"/statists do it. I think Farage simply got tired: he gave up fighting for what is right - but rejected by the establishment - so he's drifted into being a sort of Tory without a home.

Cascadian said...

Raedwald-the brit parliament seems to tolerate IRA sympathizers very well, as well as momentum rabble-rousers.

Since when was a perfect history a requirement for members?

Not sure about the reference to canaduh.