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Sunday 9 December 2018

Politicians must either be Globalists or democratic representatives

Those who imagine a tax strike is the most effective way to combat a government in thrall to the CBI, the FTSE100 and the industrialists of the ERT haven't thought things through. Politicians haven't sold their souls so that soldiers and sailors might be paid, warships fuelled and repaired or motorway bridges built. They couldn't care less about a tax strike - because their benefits come from their close relationship with global business, facilitated through a corrupt network of government officials across Europe. The PM's own husband represents a multi-billion dollar global hedge fund, and globalist dags such as that creature Blair are mired in faecal lucre from the parasitic firms that dominate the planet. 

Any effective action to persuade politicians to forgo material self-interest by aligning themselves with the globalists must therefore be prompted by the actions of millions of consumers against globalist 'Remainer' firms - the members of the CBI. ERT and so on. Given that many of them have established themselves as Oligopolies or even Monopolies this is not easy - but either we break them now, or they break us forever, serfs sans a national or cultural identity, without a congruent morality, subject to a supernational unelected tyranny. 

Both Labour and Conservative parties have benefited from an over-close support of the globalists. For the unions, a fat wedge and decent conditions for members working in the public sector or for large multinational corporations is an utterly selfish strategy; they don't fight for the millions on zero-hours contracts, striving within SMEs or fighting against unemployment. We have a two-tier labour market, and the unions represent the fat, privileged beneficiaries of global corporations; they support big government, over-regulation that throttles SMEs and innovation, not British working people, not jobless youths in the rust-belt. And the Conservative party is just as culpable - under Cameron the Party actually imagined that donations from the global firms could replace real members - that the Party could do away with a troublesome membership and just stitch things up with old school chums on the boards of their sponsors. 

A fight against the globalists is therefore a fight that unites left and right in a democratic alliance against the antidemocratic tyranny of globalism. Our Parliamentary system of allowing personal and financial interests that could dominate a member's judgement also needs re-appraisal; here are the holdings of one wealthy Remainer, whose devotion to the EU and the globalists is doubtless from unsullied personal conviction and has nothing at all to do with the value of his portfolio:-
The following shareholdings are held jointly with my wife, and were controlled by a blind management trust whilst I was a member of the government:
Air Liquide
Royal Dutch Shell
Rio Tinto
Rolls Royce
RPC group
Smith and Nephew
Reckitt Benckiser Group
Astra Zeneca
Smith and Nephew
Until 6 April 2018, Glaxo Smith Kline (Updated 08 May 2018)
RELX Group plc (formerly Reed Elsevier)
United Technologies
Anglo American Platinum Ltd
BHP Billiton
Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing NPV
(Registered 06 October 2014)

Pfizer Inc. (Registered 05 July 2016)

Primary Health Properties (Registered 05 July 2016)

Dr Pepper Snapple Group (Registered 05 July 2016)

General Accident (Registered 20 February 2017)

RSA Insurance Group plc (Registered 20 February 2017)

Aberdeen Asian Smaller Co Inv Trust (Registered 20 February 2017)

Until 6 April 2018, F and C Global Smaller Cos. (Registered 20 February 2017; updated 08 May 2018)

Until 6 April 2018, Pearson plc. (Registered 20 February 2017; updated 08 May 2018)

Until 6 April 2018, Standard Chartered (Registered 20 February 2017; updated 08 May 2018)

Schroder Asian (Registered 20 February 2017)

From 6 April 2018, Land Securities Group (Registered 08 May 2018)

From 6 April 2018, Croda International (Registered 08 May 2018)

From 6 April 2018, Biotech Growth Trust (Registered 08 May 2018)

From 6 April 2018, Worldwide Healthcare Trust (Registered 08 May 2018)

From 6 April 2018, Henderson Far East Income Ltd (Registered 08 May 2018)

From 6 April 2018, HG Capital Trusts plc (Registered 08 May 2018)
Corporate globalists aren't capitalists - they're parasites and predators, growing and expanding by mergers and takeovers, with tangled webs of their DNA inserted into the very nucleii of other global corporates and uniting them in a dark web of greed and corruption. They are our enemy. 


Stephen J said...

In short Raedwald, these "representatives" do not represent us, or our interests.

Tell me something new, it is why I have been droning on and on, seemingly endlessly, about the need for direct democracy. Small groups raising awareness about single issues pertinent to their locale.

It is the only way that democracy can work.

The only alternative is a written constitution, that is impossible to violate, and that isn't going to happen all the while men are malleable.

Sackerson said...

Do not grieve...

Jack the dog said...

Radders you are quite right and that is the new alignment in politics which is going to supplant the outdated left right model. If the Tories do split as a result of treason Mays incompetence and double dealing one half of it will form the nucleus of this new alignment, together with grassroots labour leave voters and white van man.

It will be interesting to see how many tory mps have the wit and the moral stature to take the high road.

R-w I cannot agree that a written constitution would solve our problems or even be a step forward, mainly for pragmatic reasons that we we know who'd write it. A written constitution has to be written by moral and intellectual titans otherwise it becomes nothing more than a tool to ratchet up the tyranny.

If we were t have one it would be drafted by the likes of oily robbins and tony blair. It would be a disaster, running to 22000 pages of useless verbosity.

DeeDee99 said...

Left-wing virtue-signallers manage to bully companies into changing their behaviour if they've transgressed the "diversity, transgender, multi-cultural, climate change" agendas.

It should be possible for the Brexit campaigners to organise a negative-publicity campaign for a global multi-national who is seeking to deny us our right to Sovereignty and democracy. We've already had a taster of what can be achieved when the sales of Marmite apparently plummeted after the attempt by Unilever to move out of the UK.

Ultimately, the revolving door between Westminster/Whitehall and the global multinationals has to be closed off. Clegg's recent appointment at Facebook is a case in point. But how we do that is another matter. Turkeys don't vote for Christmas.

Stephen J said...

@Jack the dog... I am glad that you agree with me that a written constitution is not feasible.

But did you have to put it in such a negative manner?

Anonymous said...

A lot in this post that sets off my own train of thought - I have been disgusted by the perversion of what a society should be about in this country, and others EU-wide.

For instance, we really should all be taking on the online giants (we all know who) These companies make huge profits and pay low wages; they also deprive the small retailer of a business in our city centres.
Yes, they are convenient, and maybe that’s the way the free market operates, but there should be a duty of obligation somewhere to put something back in and allow others a chance.

Good intentions can also be the road to dependency hell - the Blair/Brown government introduced a minimum wage and provided a low bar to which every multi-national was allowed to settle down.
Add to this a policy of those low wages being bailed out by the tax payer in the form of ‘tax credits’ and we can see that money is being drained away for no obvious benefit to the country as a whole.

One of my hopes on leaving the EU is that our country can reboot, return to some common sense, and that we in the UK can look to give our young people a chance in life.

One more point - the money men have us by the balls; we are dependent upon them for our pensions.

God, I’m beginning to sound like Corbyn (pierces eyes)

Dave_G said...

Cash is king. We need to take away the control that those who issue our money use to hold over us.

Attempts to curtail the banks are met with assassination - and it doesn't matter how famous you may be, they'll still have a go at you - so we know what the most sensitive and effective issue is.

Whether it's indicative or not I don't know but I'm finding myself doing far more trade on a barter basis than I ever have. Maybe we should be encouraging this? But, then again, my rural location makes people far more self reliant.

John Brown said...

Where can one obtain a list of CBI members ? I rang them myself last week to be told it was a secret list.

I think it is important that leavers stop voting for the remainer plants (often pretending to be Eurosceptics) that both main parties, but particularly the Conservatives, select as Parliamentary candidates.

It is undemocratic for a majority remainer Parliament to cause constitutional mayhem in their efforts to overturn the referendum result when in constituency terms it was 64:36 to leave.

Leavers can also reduce their purchases from the EU. I have not bought any French agricultural products since 1990 when French farmers set fire to one truckload of live British sheep, killing 219 of them as well as poisoning, slitting throats and dousing others with insecticide.

I intend to make sure I do not buy any Irish goods and I certainly wouldn’t be purchasing a German car after the diesel emissions testing scam for which no company or person has yet been punished.

DiscoveredJoys said...

I've said before that the EU is the modern equivalent of the Hansa League. It may not have started out that way but you can easily formulate a cynical foundation as 'long term profits rather than short term losses due to war'.

Budgie said...

At the beginning of this year I started to consciously avoid buying EU products as an ongoing personal response to the EU's belligerence and intransigence. I felt that every EU product avoided was a little victory. I did not immediately discuss it, nor had anyone suggested it. After a bit I mentioned what I was doing to others, and was surprised that they were already doing the same, all uncoordinated.

Hopefully this is becoming widespread, and the EU corporatists will be affected. I don't feel guilty if I do buy EU: this is not a finger-wagging campaign. But just as you don't buy double-glazing from a belligerent salesman the EU also can get stuffed.

Dave_G said...

Politicians need to be curtailed and contained.

Pay them £250k/annum.

On condition they have ZERO outside interests, ZERO contact with any 'policy-pushers', ZERO relatives working for/with them, appropriate business accumen for their post and FULL accountability for their performance.

John Vasc said...

Owning those shares is not a sign of a fanatic, it's a sign of someone who wants to make money out of shares.

I own quite a lot of the shares and ITs on that list, and I am a fanatical Leaver.

Ravenscar. said...

Damn right Radders, well said.

jack ketch said...

I started to consciously avoid buying EU products Budgie

If only more Brits would feel the same way! I get sick to death of Lidls having sold out of their good German "specials" by the time I get there. All the more stollen and lebkuchen for me :)

Anonymous said...

Boycotting is one solution but a more effective method of crippling EU groceries would be to surreptitiously poke a couple of holes in the packaging of each item.

A cocktail stick should suffice.

Several thousands of quids worth of shelf stock rendered unsaleable in just a few hours.

To make it more fun, you could wear a ‘People’s Vote’ badge to confound CCTV.

Not that I am suggesting this of course.......