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Tuesday, 11 December 2018

What medication is she on?

It's almost unbelievable. The woman has become the laughing stock of Europe and beyond. And she has the front to pile mendacity upon mendacity without blinking a bovine eyelash. Either her self-delusion is so overwhelming, so all-consuming, that she actually believes the incredible piffle she spouts or she knows she is lying through her arse.

What will it take to drag the bloody woman out of Downing Street? She's already won the accolade of Britain's worst postwar PM, beating even the dire 'a big boy did it and ran away' Brown. 

William Hague breaks from his naked oil-wrestling in the Parliament gym to plead in the Telegraph "The Tories are on the edge of their greatest crisis in modern times - MPs must rally together", an even more incredible plea for members to abandon their consciences, their sense of justice and right, their patriotism and their honour in order to put Party before country and save this disaster of a PM. You're away with the fairies, William. 

And for what? To delay for a few days the inevitable rejection by Parliament of the Robbins Treaty? 

Every day her stubborn stupidity degrades our nation, destroys international confidence in our democratic competence. The Conservative Party, including the oily Hague, must come to its senses and rid itself of this Prime Minister.


Anonymous said...

Strong and stable as ever.

May's "strength" was typified by the way she arranged for Damian Green to evict Norman Baker from the Home Office. She saw Baker as an interloper and plotted to get rid of him. She succeeded. It's the only sort of thing she's good at.

I have come to believe that it was the election result that unhinged her. Always a strange personality, the rejection of her personally sent her over the edge. Like her attitude to the police, this rude treatment by the electorate made her need to punish us.

That's the only explanation I can think of for her to propose the destruction of her own country. We are governed by a mentally disturbed PM. For the second time this century.

JohnofEnfield said...

Well at least one of the three options is dead. Now to fight off the Remainer “People’s vote” purely on the grounds of it being blatantly undemocratic. That only leaves “No deal”. I can’t see a “Fourth way” emerging at this stage “Norway+-“ or “Canada+-“ & the EU is not nimble enough to delta off May’s deal. In any case the unspoken issue in the negotiations so far is the devastating, utterly devastating, effect that “No deal” will have on Eire. Varadkar has greatly overplayed his hand & the EU will not have enough money to prop him up.

Jack the dog said...

As I have been saying for some weeks now, it is clear to me she is completely insane.

It is a shameful reflection on her husband, cabinet colleagues and private secretaries that they haven't had her carted discreetly away and set in motion a replacement.

DeeDee99 said...

I think, like Brown, she's Asperger's. She simply doesn't understand how normal people behave and interact.

Hague's article in the DT is a disgrace; calling for MPs to unite around a Surrender Agreement in order to "save" the Conservative Party ..... with never a thought for the country or the 17.4 million who voted to LEAVE the EU and TAKE BACK CONTROL.

And he had the serve to claim that the Conservative Party serves people who want low taxes and sensible government. Precious little evidence of that since Maggie was deposed.

Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

Well I put her on the same pedestal with Attlee and Heath...

Three PM's skilled at performing malignant deeds on behalf of personal delusion.

I was reminded of Heath yesterday when LBC dragged Heseltine out to tell us that Mrs May should take stock now and then call a referendum on her deal or remain. He reckons that this is a no-brainer now, because so many of the old bigots who voted to leave had died since 2016. Clearly one has been left behind.

Of course, we are reminded every day of the Attlee effect by the communistic presence of the NHS.

Together these people have done untold damage to our people.

It is the one failing of our constitution, that a determined psychotic deviant can make it to the top...

Churchill warned us of Attlee, with his many gybes at the man, but he still got through.

The French tried to tell us about Heath and May has been a problem since she first became Home Secretary.

I think DD has it right, there must be something like Aspergers at work with these people... They have NO empathy.

I knew it when following Cameron's "mistake". one by one, those that campaigned to leave, fell by the wayside. Commenters and bloggers seemed to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I kept saying that she was put there for a reason. I argued with my MP when he appeared on my doorstep during the last election. At the time I just did not realise how involved he was with this deviant bitch, but I let him have it anyway.

I had a feeling before but when the election was called, I realised that of the two possibilities, both worked in her favour. Either she increased her majority, so that she could completely ignore the Tory leavers, or she could lose to Labour, which is what she did, in which case she could stand aside and watch brexit fail.

The actual result was even more exquisite, in that she actually had to prostitute herself in the process of ignoring her mandate.

jack ketch said...

Tusk has already said that they, the EU,will do whatever they can to help her so sometime after Xmas , i expect, Oily and Barnier will come up with some sort of fudge, Maybot will return from Europe waving a fudge wrapper of a letter of 'explanation',the backstop will be renamed as 'stop gap' or 'mind the gap' to emphasis its transitory nature and the tory brexiteers will cave in to a man (I use the term loosely). Until then there will be wall to wall Project Fear-No Deal/2nd Referendum/Corbyn PM.

'Plus ce change' as them Frenchies do say.

Mr Ecks said...

She is a mental case. Determined that her shite is going to be forced on us.

However--it seems to me that by putting the vote to the last minute she is also limiting the scope for action of any rival remain traitors--as if she is determined that it is to be her sell out or none. All the other crap--cancel leaving, the People's Wank etc --are being squeezed out as well.

Project Fear is ONLY to give her cowards an excuse to do what they want to anyway. So we need to intensify our own Project Fear . The fear of Tory scum MPs being out on their unemployed arses walking the cold streets of Corbyn's Britain if they don't do as we told them to and accept WTO Rules Brexit.

Write/email/tweet--re-double our efforts. Put all pressure on the bastards.

DiscoveredJoys said...

She has had a successful career as an office manager (she now has the boss's job after all) by delaying any decision until opposition has died away or something else has taken on more importance. Plus she can say one thing and do another without blinking an eye. Although many people have rumbled her ways, the tactics have worked well enough up until now.

However the UK is not an office to be managed, and it is certainly not a branch office of the EU.

Dioclese said...

Another accolade for Mrs May is that she is nominated in no less than three out of the five categories for "Cunt of the Year 2018". This is a first in the competition. Well done, dear...


Tony Harrison said...

@Discovered Joys: "Although many people have rumbled her ways, the tactics have worked well enough up until now." And it is utterly damning of her Party. Even those of us who became impatient/disgusted with the Tories in the 1990s (when I stopped voting for them) are still goggling open-mouthed at the vast, gobsmacking, surreal incompetence of a Party which, having installed May in 2016 during a moment of madness or apathy, has let her rampage around screwing up Brexit like a rabid, incontinent, adolescent Jack Russel in a roomful of rats. They lack not just cojones, but decency and common sense.

Cascadian said...

DisMay is exposing the feminist "manager" pathology-she can never be wrong. She says she has listened, but it is obvious she has not learned.

Helpfully, the Grenfell fire enquiry today issued comments about Dany Cotton another over-promoted woman "leader" of the LFB who believes she would not change a thing about how the fire was fought, dwell on that.

'Mr Friedman called the night of the fire a 'devastating episode of looking without seeing and hearing without listening'.

The maybot (stolen from jack ketch) shows exactly the same traits, they were obvious at the Home Office, but for reasons best known to the conmen party totally ignored.

jack ketch said...

The maybot (stolen from jack ketch)

As honoured as I am by your theft, it is hardly an original ketchianism. Here in the yUK she is referred as the 'maybot' by many ...and that's when they are being kind.

John Brown said...

All those who believe in democracy, freedom and sovereignty need to stop voting for elitist pro-EU candidates, whichever party to which they belong, or they will find, if it has not happened already, that they will have lost their only means of exercising power through the ballot box as the unelected and un-removable EU elites take total control.

To keep voting for these candidates is the definition of insanity as they never intend to represent their constituents.

jack ketch said...

Of course she can't out the bloody car... childlocks are designed to prevent children exiting unsupervised by adults. There's an allegory in there somewhere.

Budgie said...

The problem is not just Theresa May, but the 250+ Tory MPs (and 200+ Labour MPs) all gunning for a version of Remain. They have somehow got into their heads that what we voted for was a renegotiation. Many of the arguments they raise were discussed within eurosceptic circles one and two decades ago. But the government refused to listen to our expertise.

Some aspects of the DWA are sensible - what I would term the mundane technical agreements dealing with who owns what, and recognition of professional qualifications, etc, etc. In general any agreement we would make (or have) with another - non-EU - nation will probably be safe to make with the EU.

Mrs May made great play with the UK N.I./Eire border. Yet that was a border between sovereign nations before we each joined the EU. So after the UK leaves the EU, the border will revert to being one between sovereign nations. The fact that Eire is run from Brussels is irrelevant to that principle.

So, have MPs learnt anything out of the chaos they have created by failing to implement our Leave outcome choice? Certainly the only chance we have is to remove Mrs May and get a Brexit PM instead. But even if that happens I am not sanguine. The problem is that most MPs are as thick as two short planks.

Anonymous said...

I dislike May as much as anybody here, but also note that in delaying the vote she has, in fact, also delayed the possibility that parliament votes for the withdrawal agreement. The House rises on 20th December and returns on 7th January, and no votes can happen in that period.

John Brown said...

Anonymous, I’m not sure I agree with your analysis…

I think Mrs. May’s and her pro-EU elites’ (Treasury, BBC, CBI etc) strategy is to continue with their incessant dire predictions for “crashing out”, but without making any serious plans for this possibility, whilst constantly kicking the can down the road with any further “negotiations” with the EU until there is no time left and Mrs. May/the EU gives the final ultimatum at the lat minute that it is either their deal or “crashing out” expecting a remainer Parliament to select the former.

They will give the country the excuse that “crashing out” will be so ghastly that it had to be avoided at all costs even if it meant given up our freedom, democracy and sovereignty in perpetuity to a foreign power.

Anonymous said...

With Christmas upon us soon she'll have some time to think and, perhaps, she'll conclude..

The official world, the corridors of power, the dilemmas of conscience and egotism - she disliked them all - C.P. Snow, Homecomings 1956


Anonymous said...

Back stop?
Butt plug?
Wassa difrence?

Budgie said...

John Brown, Agreed. Unfortunately.