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Wednesday, 12 December 2018

On Tenterhooks ...

Well, we're underway.

By 10pm UK time we'll know if we're lumbered with a time-expired failure of a PM to further drag the nation into chaos, despair and division, or whether my Party's MPs are giving the nation a fair chance of coming out of this with something salvaged. 

The ERG will settle on a single candidate. One Brexiteer MUST be on the ballot that will come to we members over Christmas - and I hope to God the Party uses an e-voting option rather than relying on the Christmas post. 

I hope and pray the Lord guides the conduct of our MPs today for the good of our nation and people.


DeeDee99 said...

I have no faith whatsoever in CON MPs to vote to rid the Party of her for the good of the nation.

They might do it to preserve their own careers, because if they keep her in place, many of them are going to find their political careers finished at the first opportunity the electorate gets.

Tony Harrison said...

Must say RW, I admire the way you refer to the Tories as "my Party": it might be redolent of the Charge of the Light Brigade, but by God it's bold... I've never belonged to any political Party, though I was very tempted to join UKIP; these days, it would stick in my throat to think of joining the Tories - the indolent self-regarding cowards who first put May into Downing Street, then hovered about wringing their hands while she made a vast, humiliating pig's ear of Brexit. They might not even manage to ous her this evening - then what? She presses on with presenting (eventually, when she can't procrastinate any longer) her abysmal WA to the House - and it's not even guaranteed that will fail... Labour might be loathsome and destructive, but the Tories are criminally culpable. The bastards need shooting.

Charles said...

Her morals would shame a third rate estate agent. If you take a point of view diametrically opposite the one she expresses you cannot go far wrong. Therefore an alternative deal is possible, the backstop is not needed, a WTO deal is actually quite good.

I am tempted to put a bottle of fizz on ice but it is still possible for the idiots to put the wrong people on the ballot or to vote for Theresa May, in which case I fear that RW may not have much of a party to belong to in the future.

Stephen J said...

Well apart from once being a member of the SPGB (Socialist Party of Great Britain), the mad lot that Vanessa Redgrave supports, and being a long time member of UKIP, it never occurred to me to belong to the established parties, even though I have voted CONservative a number of times.

Arron Banks suggested that leave supporters join the tories in order to get a vote on the maybot's replacement, I briefly toyed with that idea and then foolishly renewed my UKIP membership only to see Batten take over. In the end though, and regardless of Batten, I really don't think I could have stomached being a member of the "blues" as that boy Barwell called them when he doorstepped me, just looking at him was enough to make me retch.

So anyway, it seems that unless there is an assumption (Batten style) that your chance has come... God speed and make sure it is a leaver and not a faux one like that creep Gove.

Personally, my dream ticket would be interchangeably, Johnson/Rees-Mogg in the First Lord and Chief Secretary of the Treasury roles, with Lord Farage as Foreign Secretary. I would abolish the Brexit department it was always a sham. David Davis as Home Secretary, since he has a feel for our constitution and fair play.

Any Tory MP or peer that will not serve in a cabinet with those four, can eff off, they won't be worth having.

John in Cheshire said...

A short while ago I heard Terry the Sneak's speech to the MSM and thought there must be many more like me who have just stopped listening to her; she has nothing to say that I'm even remotely interested in hearing.

Budgie said...

The fact that we are on tenterhooks to see whether the Conservative party will honour the Leave deal we mandated in the 2016 legal national Referendum, or not, says it all about how far down the Tory party has sunk.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Sadly I predict that she will win the confidence vote and she will carry on regardless. But everybody else will see that she is (more) damaged politically and she still won't get the WA through Parliament.

On the brighter side her intransigence means that a WTO Brexit by default is more likely.

rapscallion said...

It doesn't say much about your party Radders, that a) it got us into this mess in the first place b)Is full of treasonous Remainers, and c) Can only be trusted to do the right thing after they've exhausted all other avenues of failure, and which they should have done in the first place.

Peter MacFarlane said...

@DiscoveredJoys: I think you are correct, she will win the vote and carry on regardless. You are right again to say that she won't get her surrender instrument through parliament.

BUT at that point (by an amendment passed only last week, which nobody seems to have noticed), the House of Commons then takes charge of the Brexit process - and the HoC is of course stuffed with Remainers.

I reckon their first move will be to annul the Art. 50 letter (which the ECJ have given them permission to do, of course) and cancel the whole business, or else delay it which will become indefinite and therefore comes to the same thing.

What do we do then? Anyone got a yellow vest handy?

Dave_G said...

The level of disgust and mistrust in our Parliament has never been as high as it currently is.

Do they understand how perilous their situation really is? Despite the massed media and BBC efforts to cover the issue up, the public - as I interact, know and understand of them - is simply livid with anger at the way our democracy is being usurped.

No one, not even the pundits, can call this one. In, out, shambolic halfway house.... it's anyone's guess but the increasing mention of 'no brexit' is disturbingly common and, perhaps, indicative of the final outcome.

This can only stoke public anger past the point of passive protest that I, for one, would be only too happy to join.

I can't put into words what I'm prepared to do to release this anger for fear it would be picked up by the spooks and I'd be having plod on my doorstep but suffice to say it wouldn't be 'legal'.

Writing to my MP has been a fruitless and pointless exercise, showing me that he is singularly determined to do what HE wants and not what the public voted for therefore 'he' is a target for anti-support in any election (for what it's worth - which I suspect is 'not a lot').

Jesus Christ - we're being royally fucked over and this HAS to stop.

Bill Quango MP said...

Betfair has the prime minister with an 80% chance of ending the day still in her job.

Sad if true.

Domo said...

c) Can only be trusted to do the right thing after they've exhausted all other avenues of failure, and which they should have done in the first place.

Works well enough for the colonies

Domo said...

It had 6:1 against Brexit and Trump too...

Thud said...

Christmas has come early for corby.

Charles said...

Given that everyone is out saying they back May and Gove, having had a quick phone around and finding he had no chance at all, has come out in support, I reckon she is toast. BBC has a majority backing May, but not a great one, and I look forward to seeing her panic and wild sheep stare as she is led out to pasture.

Anonymous said...

It is always worth reminding oneself that the Conservatives' official line, and the view of most Conservative MPs, is Remain. That's also the view of most Labour MPs and the uniform view of Lib Dems, SNP and Plaid. If at the time of the last election, or even when May became PM, a Brexiteer had been elected at Conservaive leader, they would have been pulled down by now.

jack ketch said...

One Brexiteer MUST be on the ballot that will come to we members over Christmas

As Moog's pathetic attempt failed to get enough letters in and this time round it seemed to take a whiles as well, I could imagine she might win. If she does then she is safe for another year, something those who wrote to Grady needed to have kept in mind.

May may well just manage slip into her telfon coated kitten heels and return to the EU stronger than she was before.

Johnson looks like a possibility -Jo not Boris but we may also end up with the first Muslim PM.

DeeDee99 said...

Looks like she'll survive, but badly damaged and unable to get her WA through. A completely lame duck PM. The Brexiteers options then are (a) to prevent every piece of Government legislation from passing until she stands down; (b) resign the Tory Whip and bring down the Government, sitting as Independents for Brexit.

Alternatively, the DUP could tell the Party Grandees that the Supply and Confidence deal is suspended under this PM.

Dioclese said...

They will move hell and high water to keep Boris off the ballot paper and make sure there are two remainers.

If that happens, I forecast that Farage's new political party may have quite a few MPs by the end of January.

jack ketch said...

They will move hell and high water to keep Boris off the ballot paper
and make sure there are two remainers.

In the eyes of many Tory MPs Boris is a total bounder , Davis to have less spine than a jelly fish,
Raab ineffectual and Moog ...the less said the better. All are
considered by a lot of Tories to be...nearly.... as treacherous as

Mr Ecks said...

Piss on the opinions of Tory MP traitors Ketch.

Here is how it goes;

1--Keep May--only a question of time before the DUP step away and Corbyn is PM. Lets hope he gets his dirty fingernails into the prosperous hides of remainiacs like you from day one Ketch.

2--They replace her with some POS remain stooge out of her Cabinet of Traitors. Can't renegotiate the deal so might try one of the sellouts --People's Wank, cancel Brexit etc. Big trouble all around and DUP step away. Corbyn again.

3-Johnson--or whoever--Brexit PM in. No Deal Brexit. Tory Party survives and has a chance to put the members in charge and purge middle-class leftist MPs. ZaNu in big trouble. Britain begins a marvellous new future.

Simple as That.

Cascadian said...

Time to trot out the well-worn dog-eared phrase: When all is said and done, more will be said than done.

The dreary spectacle of the 22 committee requiring six months to obtain enough votes to challenge DisMay says it all, there is no enthusiasm to replace her. There are just too many indolent conmen MPs that like all the EU jollys and the easy life. Dismay will survive, more cans will be kicked, Brexit will NOT happen in March, it may never happen.

With any luck this will tear bluliebour apart and another party will be destroyed, hopefully making may for an election and a parliament of rugged individuals rather than the effete mob occupying it presently as a parliamentary party. I believe party politics are done, time for true representatives with less self-interest.

Budgie said...

Cascadian, Brexit was not going to happen on 29 March 2019 anyway. The date can be delayed by Ministerial fiat (EU Withdrawal Act 2018), but why bother when Theresa May's DWA isn't Brexit? The DWA is the "transition" version of Chequers, which is a revolving-door Remain.

The vast majority of our MPs are rotten, jelly-like entities, only concerned with the short-sighted aim of preserving their jobs. They have nearly achieved the destruction of our democracy. The only possible outcome that saves the UK is a WTO deal.

But the Tory party is too rotten to do it, and too indescribably stupid. And Mrs May is well on the way to victory thanks to the pusillanimous peculating bastard Tory MPs. I hope I'm wrong, but hope never wins wars.

jack ketch said...

prosperous hides of remainiacs like you from day one Ketch.

-Mr X

I think that that must be the first time my hide or any other bit of me has been described as prosperous. I don't even have the money round to buy a new dishwasher. Perhaps you meant "preposterous"?

Mr Ecks said...


Under Corbyn you will be eating out of cans --if you continue to eat--cos you won't be able to afford dishes.

jack ketch said...

@X, Cans? tin CANS?? Are you mad?!?! Comrade Corbyn will need all the tin he can get to make his 'Glorious Worker Hero Of The 10 Year Plan' medals. We'll be scavenging out wheelie bins.

Looks like the ERG have done for a no deal Brexit. May will find a finger of fudge that's just enough to appease the DUP and her abortion of a plan will pass. Well played Nodealers, well played.