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Friday, 12 April 2019

Parliaments we have known

British Parliamentary sittings have, over the years, been characterised as individual and distinct epochae taking their character from the sum of their members; we have

The Short Parliament
1640,  Sat for only three weeks

The Long Parliament
1640 - 1660 England was much engaged during this time with other matters

The Rump Parliament
1648 - To convene a court to lop off the King's noggin

The Rotten Parliament
2009, The Brown ministry, when MPs were found out in theft, fraud, peculation, lying and gross misuse of public funds. Everything from moat cleaning, duck houses, crystal grapefruit bowls, Bang and Olafson hi-fis was charged to the poor taxpayer, but only three of the hundreds of crooks ended up in prison

The Quite Short Parliament
Parliament sitting under the gaze of the diminutive Speaker Bercow, whose little legs swing boyishly from the Speaker's Chair without an elevated footstool. Like many small men, he compensates for lack of size with an outsized ego and profusion of self-love

The Anal Parliament
Going beyond the Rump, the 2017/19 Parliament is entirely up its own arse, incapable of representing the people by whom it was elected but unwilling to surrender power and privilege by facing those electors in the polls.

With the Maybe Parliamentary session that started in June 2017 now coming up to two years without a State Opening, the tourist industry, robe-making and carriage-wheeling industries are suffering and the sovereign must surely be wondering whether she'll manage another one in her reign.

One Parliament however that has been entirely unknown to British democracy since Edgar summoned his first Moot over a thousand years ago is the Honest Parliament.


Gary C. Sawyer said...

Coincidentally it is exactly fifteen hundred years since Edgar's ancestor Cerdic won the Battle of Charford, his own parliament or moot meeting at nearby Downton. He is probably looking down and wondering just why he bothered.

Raedwald said...

This is a whimsical post. I've decided to keep it that way ..

Anonymous said...

"This is a whimsical post"

No ironic one-liners allowed then, eh?

Raedwald said...

Whimsical, sardonic or amusing ironic one liners are welcome - but venomous, spiteful hate-posts are not. I could almost see the flecks of spittle on the previous ones and hear the grinding of teeth in puce-faced rage ;)

Mark said...

I believe it's a parliament of owls.

If only!

Ferdinand said...

Re removed comments, irony is in the eye of the beholder, I'd say, Raedwald.

But whatever our Parliament, it's a pity that it is in recess, 'cos whether or not Assange should be extradited would seem to be a question beyond the scope of the letter of Treaties, and one for the House.

I wonder if the date of his arrest had anything to do with that?

Anonymous said...

"Safe space" alert.

David said...

As I understand it, unless the Crown appears in parliament it cannot be opened. It is irrelevant who wears the Crown, it is the Crown itself that holds the authority.
So as you have said Parliament has yet to be officially opened.
Could it be that the last two years of betrayal,lying and obfuscation were just a dream/nightmare?

Ferdinand said...

Unlike The Mace, The Crown is an abstract entity. It is not the monarch, nor the trinket.

It is the State in all its apparitions, but can at times be represented by a natural person, such as HMQ.

Back to irony though.

To date, as far as I have seen, it is only left-wing parliamentarians and journalists, who are defending the right-wing libertarian Assange, from US statists and their UK puppets, who would very much like to silence him. I wonder what people here think about that?

Ravenscar. said...

"the honest Parliament"

ah Lord, would that it were made thus but not before Heaven I deem.

Val said...

As Mrs May appears to be part of the EU, she has the weasel words, the truth turned on it's head, it should be called the EU Parliament. Notice how she blames the MPs for lack of Brexit. 'We could have had Brexit by now if you had voted for my(EU) deal'. - Like telling a man in jail, 'you could be out of there if you just elect to be hung.'

Stephen J said...

I hope you will indulge me Raedwald... Here is something quite new, and it relates to your call for an honest parliament?

Here is Nigel's offer:

There was a point where I thought that he got right down to the nitty gritty...

...."we are going to provide British people with a decent, respectable, competent political vehicle that they can believe in and vote for."

Dave_G said...

...."we are going to provide British people with a decent, respectable, competent political vehicle that they can believe in and vote for."

...or is he simply going to split the vote with UKIP and spoil it for everyone? If he has the media's attention then there's something 'wrong' with what he's trying to do imho. The only people that get media attention (positive) are those the establishment/Globalists WANT to give attention to.

jack ketch said...

...or is he simply going to split the vote with UKIP and spoil it for everyone
-Dave G

That'd be my guess. I notice Right Writes didn't link to the party's ...oops almost said the 'w' word there! But it seems those nice lads over at 'Led By Donkeys' left him the .org, which was generous of them. If it had been me I would have sewn up everything up to and including But then again I expect they're banking on tbp posting some quotable quotes on their shiny new TOTALLY NON FASCIST website.

Anonymous said...

So who are this "we", who were around in 1640? The same "we" who won WWII?

Stephen J said...

Yes Dave_G, of course he will split the vote with UKIP.

As will the other parties, like the Greens, the Chukaheidi's, CONsrvatives and so on... You set out your stall and go for gold.

I was a member of UKIP for over 20 years (barring a couple of short breaks) and that party left me and many others, as it engaged in a new agenda.

So yes, I agree I do see UKIP and TBP splitting the brexit vote...

Between 5% and 10% for UKIP, with TBP taking up the slack.

BTW: I watched (unhappily) that lunchtime show "Politics or Whatever", it was only paying attention so that it could make fun of Farridge... I think the joke might have been at someone else's expense though.

Raedwald said...

Anon 18.19

Learn to read, dickhead

RAC said...

@ right-writes 16:40 Yes maybe something there, late in the day, running shoes on. Did anyone notice the disgusting disparaging remarks at the side of the screen. Some of the remainers are losing their minds, though it may well be down to just a handful of clowns.
Better call the roll see if anyone's missing ;-)

Ferdinand said...

The daft clown didn't even have the presence of mind to register his own url:

Span Ows said...

R-W, thanks for the link. Excellent.

Hopefully they are sensible enough to spread the protest vote, i.e. where UKIP fairly strong Brexit party stand back etc.

Rossa said...

In the immortal words of Jean-Claude Juncker, “when it becomes serious, you have to lie”, and it's now serious all the time.