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Monday, 8 April 2019

'We are ruled by liars'

No polemic from me this morning, but I'd like to give an airing to the final para of a piece by Brendan O'Neill for Spiked;
And the second thing the war on No Deal / Brexit / democracy confirms is that we are ruled by liars. There is no other way to put it. They’re liars, charlatans, betrayers. These are people who promised to respect the referendum result. Who were returned to parliament on manifestos that said we would leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. Who said they would not block Brexit. Yvette Cooper herself, author of this latest reactionary assault on democracy, put out an election leaflet in which she expressly said she would not block Brexit; now she is at the forefront of blocking Brexit. The true mystery in British politics right now is how MPs are getting away with it. How they can be so brazenly anti-democratic and anti-people and not face serious repercussions. Those repercussions will now have to come at the ballot box. The political class needs to be ousted, with haste, and replaced by people who know what democracy means and who do not look upon the public as uneducated scum whose votes can be overridden at will.
Well yes. Yvette says any number of things; she'll house a migrant in one of her homes, that this home or that home is her real main residence .. it really doesn't mean any of it is true.


DeeDee99 said...

It's the arrogance of people who think they are special; untouchable and have a divine right to rule.

Every dictator and megalomaniac in history has had the same delusion ..... until the "mob" disabuses them of the notion.

Clarence said...

"We are ruled by liars"?

Yes, now that he has seen sense, Peter Oborne is of the same conclusion.

His recent honesty and decency is humbling for people on all sides.

Dave_G said...

Liars they may be but fools? Unless they have all, collectively, been 'got at' by some form of blackmail then I can't accept that they are foolish enough to try to subvert the democratic will of the people and think they won't be punished for it.

As careerists they must(?) know the consequence of their betrayal so what the hell are they playing at?

Their ONLY path to redemption would be to allow a No Deal Brexit and fight a General Election on the basis that they are the only ones to pull the UK's economy back from the brink (as they claim it will so-sink) and try to secure our votes to help them do it.

The Brexiteers would forgive them if they allowed a No Deal and the Remainers would (reluctantly - and given their over-emphasis by the media they aren't as numerous or influential as we're led to believe) seek to control the after-effects of a No Deal exit in the hope they could force another vote to REJOIN the EU in 5 years or so.

Any other route is simply suicide - and we all know that the self-serving scum have more irons in the fire than we are led to believe.

jack ketch said...

who do not look upon the public as uneducated scum whose votes can be overridden at will.

Perhaps because we are? Well maybe not 'undereducated scum' but certainly naive and gullible fools. If you voted for a candidate who had been a fervent Remainer right up to the plebis-cide and you believed his "will respect the referendum"; if you voted for someone who had suddenly turned his coat and was now a committed leaver; if you believed the nonsensical paroles such as 'Brexit means Brexit'; You truly thought they would be bound by the letter of their high gloss sales brochures and then you get all upset when they treat you for the patsies and 'marks' you are.

You play 3 card monte at the kerbside , you know you're going to get fleeced.

Your entire adult life you have known (or should have) that those 600+'s sole loyalty is to their party and own self interest. That those 600+ KNOW their only condition of employment is to sell you enough 'cake' every 5years to get you to vote for them. You did.

Stop your sniveling, wipe your nose,dry your eyes, man up and LEARN a lesson.

As 'Arry said : "yeah really it's all your fault for being such a poof, so why don't you stop wingeing and cheer the fuck up.
......but it don't change the fact that he stitched you up like a blind little gay boy, does it?"

Mr Ecks said...

Did the PUBLIC select Treason May Ketch? The bogus BlueLabour scum at the top of the Tory hierarchy selected the treacherous bitch. The rest of her remainiac cockrot is exactly that. From now on democracy is dead and things are going to get much more difficult for boss class scum from now on. Hopefully a lot more middle class remainiac pukes will be losing everything the way you did.


Dave_G said...

Is the only way out now a deal?

Maybe the deal could go something like - No Deal Brexit but the UK pays £10bn/year to access the single market with a sliding scale of reductions over a set period of time???

The EU don't want/can't afford to have 5th columnists within, they equally can't survive without the UK's MONEY and the political landscape is too fragile to allow the Brexit vote to be discarded.

Given the WA commits the UK to £39bn anyway, that could be four years (stretch to five or more) of an annual £10bn payment - i.e. the same as we paid as members anyway and on a sliding scale to nothing (or so they will claim, not that I ever forsee that being reached....) it gives the EU what they want and the voters what we want.

As much as I'd whinge and complain about giving them ANYTHING it might be a solution that a majority - including the EU themselves - find easier to swallow.

Raedwald said...

Ah Jack - for all the Remainiac EUphiles who are so used to the EU that they accept political corruption as the norm, perhaps one should say

Get the fuck out of London, yous dumb fucks. Get to Bruges.

Clarence. said...

Yes Jack. Refreshing as Jonathan Pie can be, I find his reticence to visit the point that you make so well to be his weakest aspect.

I'm surprised, that Peter Oborne's advising a long pause for reflection, with the possibility of a complete rethink on EU exit, has not provoked more rage and anguish from the usual quarters than it has so far, incidentally.

Raedwald said...

Nigel wrote

I came across this story on the BBC website and instantly thought of that old song, ‘It’s the same, the whole world over!’ I think it tends to prove that politics are the same everywhere and at every level. And it is too delicious not to share and I think the mood could do with lightening up a touch.

Villagers in Yenidoganlar near the Black Sea in Turkey woke up on Monday morning to find the playground dismantled and various parts dumped in a van, and some witnesses say they saw Mehmet Akyol "cut up the swings and slides because he was angry at the result," Mr Akyol was "muhtar" - elected village head - for 20 years before being ousted in the recent local election, and the playground had only been built two weeks before the vote.
The villagers said."He put up the playground to win votes, and pulled it down it when he lost," one told the DHA news agency, while a mother said she'd confronted the ex-mayor to ask "why are you upsetting our children?” Mr Akyol denied the accusations of being a sore loser. "I paid for the children's playground with my own money," he told DHA.

(Apols I mistakenly clicked this as spam)

Span Ows said...

Clarence 08:40

[Peter Oborne's] "recent honesty and decency is humbling for people on all sides."

However, his MOST recent stuff in Open Democracy is cant and waffle and BBC-esque omission and cherry-picking so...oh, that's the piece you meant isn't it?...never mind.

Mark said...

Peter Oborne wrote "the rise of political lying" which is certainly worth a read. He was also co-author of the pamphlet "the guilty men" about the scurrilous campaign against those who (thank Cliff!) kept us out of the madhouse of the euro. Again well worth a read.

I can't speak for his recent honesty but has done some good things in the past.

plantman said...

Despite its superficial attraction I, along with a large majority, voted against proportional representation for one overriding and simple reason. Looking at our European neighbours it's pretty obvious the same clique stays in power forever. )0K there are a few tweets and wriggles but the big parties will always find enough support to keep themselves on top - even if it is has happened in Germany where I believe the two main parties (supposedly rivals) cosied up to each other to keep their places at the trough. If I'm wrong on that I'm sure Jack will see me right.

It looks as if we've got precisely that possibility with what's happening with May and Corbyn.

This system has got to change before the anger erupts any more.

Mr Ecks said...

Oborne is a mental case who veers between occasional truth mired in a mass of shite. He is largely a waste of space.