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Sunday, 7 April 2019

Plus ca change ...

Some things never change; from the Telegraph
In 1938 John Reith, Director- General of the BBC, asked the German foreign minister to tell Hitler that the BBC was “not anti-Nazi”, adding that if his German opposite number were to visit, he would fly the swastika from Broadcasting House. Even after war was declared, the BBC decided not to allow Sir Horace Rumbold, a former ambassador to Berlin, to broadcast on Germany because he was “too anti‑Nazi”.
They've just replaced their love for the Nazis with love for the EU. 
Duff Cooper, who resigned from the Cabinet after Munich, told friends that if Chamberlain had “come back from Munich saying ‘peace with terrible, unmitigated, unparallelled dishonour’, perhaps I would have stayed. But peace with honour!” Harold Macmillan burnt Chamberlain in effigy on Guy Fawkes Night in 1938.
Theresa May, the deluded Chamberlain of our own age, has the same utterly misplaced faith in her own scrap of paper. She, too, I suspect will decorate many a Guy Fawkes Night bonfire in the autumn.


Oldrightie said...

Shame we can't burn the real thing.

Dioclese said...

I would agree with you were it not for the fact that I find it hard to justify the wood and firelighters required to burn such an effigy.

However, the real thing........

jack ketch said...

She, too, I suspect will decorate many a Guy Fawkes Night bonfire in the autumn.

She certainly decorated several German carni-fool floats during their of which those sneaky Germans lent the Anti-Brexit marchers. That one with her Pinocchio nose spearing the British economy depicted as a pin-striped, bowlered, City Gent.

One can only look forward to this year's 'guys' in Lewes.

Plantman said...

I'd find it much more satisfactory if the Lewes celebration torched the Palace of Westminster ( a replica would be a poor substitute)

Then the new set of politico's could be rehoused in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Slough - some of the surrounding work ethic might rub off on them (together with the national average wage and a proper standard expenses regime)

RAC said...

Well half the country, wouldn't piss on her if she was burning to death.

RAC said...

Brexit has made many people more aware of the bbc's pandering to europe. It needs some one with better writing skills than me to take the following points polish them up and frame them as a government petition to help save the bbc from the bad odor of it prostituting itself to a government which ensures its income.

Fail it will, but it would be amusing to hear the slime debating and denying that which we all know to be fact.

1/ At least half the country now firmly believe that the bbc blatantly skewed its coverage on all types of programing towards the remain option and portrayed the no deal option as catastrophic.

2/ At least half the country now firmly believe that the government blatantly used the bbc as a propaganda outlet for the remain position.

3/ At least half the country now firmly believe that the bbc's reliance on the government allowing its license fee creates an unhealthy relationship between the two, or at least the appearance of such.

The bbc is an eminent institution of historical, cultural and national importance. It is therefore essential for it to appear free from any sort of bias, real or imaginary. For this reason all bbc television output should be encrypted and made pay to view.

Val said...

Plantman - love it. Or rehoused in some failing forgotten town where every shop is either a charity shop, a take away with photos of food, betting shop or pound shop miles and miles from any thriving town or city and they are forced to use the public transport. Then see if they still want to plow billions into HS2.

Scrobs. said...

At what age, does anyone who reads your esteemed, and required reading columns, click the mouse and sit back, saying to one's self 'I don't really give a f*** any more?

I actually don't want to do this, as I feel deeply for the fuuture of my country, but there comes a time when I feel, as does Mrs O'Blene, that we have had just about enough of the charlatans, liars, leftie thieves, stupid 'conservatives' like Greg Clark, (my idiot MP), everyone connected with the EU's cabal of unelected wasters, and then there's the nasty lot in Kent County Bloody Council to contend with as well.

I don't watch the bbc any more, it's so awful, and I hardly ever read the online rags any more as they make me so sick of the reports of criminals getting away with lying, (Peterborough), and the rest.

So what's left?

A large Jack Daniels, and another poke in the eye at anyone even thinking of liking the scum we have in both the bbc and the house of expenses.

Well, it makes me feel better anyway.

Span Ows said...

"rehoused in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Slough"

And no second homes, a travel lodge for the MPs living more than 1 hour's drive away.

James said...

|Perhaps, if we could persuade just half of those who voted Leave to simultaneously cancel their TV license we could consign that organisation to the bin as well.

plantman said...

"and no second homes, a travel lodge …"

OK - but shared rooms to minimise expenses.

rac said...

@ Plantman yes Slough would be a good place. Did this subconsciously guide your choice.

John Betjeman

Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough

JS said...

Yes, I know people in Slough. Like everyone else sane they are planning to get out. Rocketing crime rate, sexual assaults, muggings, rapes and the odd murder. I'll let you guess the demographics involved.
Therefore an ideal place for MPs to suffer the consequences of their actions except that it is too close to London. They need to be in one of the deprived, enriched, northern or midlands cities where they can't just commute from a desirable London or home counties residence, ignoring life outside the bubble.