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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Drugs? Pass the spliffy, Doris

I have a confession to make. Up to the age of about 35. I smoked a fair bit of whacky baccy. Yes, I did inhale - as deeply as I could. It started with Radio Caroline - from the circles of the oceans to the centre of your mind I think the jingle went - actually a leaky trawler somewhere off Clacton, but the 'pirate radio' thing plus hours of pure stoner programming plus natural teenage rebellion did it for me. Leb Red, Roccy, Afghan black, crumbly blonde - we were aficionados, hashish snobs. Between listening in intent rapture to vinyl on the hifi (those album covers came in very handy) and laughing to the point of actual pain, we put the world to rights. This blog I think is a legacy of the latter memories. No, I didn't touch class As. Ever. It was a matter of principal. After my mid thirties, hashish just put me to sleep quite quickly. Buying a sixteenth  therefore became something of a wasted investment; settle down, roll a spliff, open a beer, put a Steely Dan album on and Zonk - wake up three hours later with sofa-neck.

I suspect many of my age cohort, we 'gammon' Brexiteers, have a common experience. We really don't give a toss about drug use. It's the hypocrisy we can't stand; Gove, a cocaine-snorter (a tedious breed whom I avoid and will not befriend) who banned teachers for life for doing the same. No wonder Govey babbles so rapidly - it's his coke muscle memory. Shame he didn't learn either morality or honour from his Scottish foster parents. He was and is a shit.

Adultery we can also accept, if not condone. Even - whether from John Gielgud or George Michael - cottaging in public lavatories induces no more than a slight pursing of the lips and half shake of the head in puzzlement. Likewise porn. What we can't accept is kiddie-fiddling, dishonesty and hypocrisy - bad news for professional politicians for whom the latter two have become almost qualifying traits.

So Govey, your campaign is dead. Not for being a dreary unimaginative coke-tooting ponce, but for your two-faced hypocrisy and the fact you were forced to admit it before the Sundays splashed the story.


Dave_G said...

True. Who cares about private matters? Politicians need only hold the publics faith in democracy and abide by rules they swear to. Anything else (positive) would be a bonus.

Instead we see nearly all politicians corrupted by their power/office and/or co-opted by external forces (EU/Globalists/Corporatists etc) not to mention (probably) real-or-invented threats by the 'I' institutes.

So far - and I have my suspicions even now - Farage has avoided such accusation though his performance after his loss in South Thanet leaves so many unanswered questions, not just about him but the whole process of his loss but also his 'future career path' since that event.

There most certainly IS a Deep State in the UK and it's far deeper and far more insidious than we can possibly understand.

DeeDee99 said...

I've never tried any non-prescription drug. I don't object to a politician smoking a bit of weed when they were younger, but actually I do object to the idea of a Prime Minister who knowingly took an illegal Class A drug, even if it was prior to entering politics. In fact that was the time when the individual should have said to him/herself "err, since I've knowingly broken the law and taken illegal substances, best I stay in civvy street." But that would require honour, integrity and self-awareness: something Gove (and many of our senior politicians lack).

But yes, with Gove in particular there is also the nasty smell of Class A hypocrisy - and he has displayed duplicitous behaviour which rivals that of Treason May herself. So his application to become the Prime Minister can be filed in the bin.

Jack the dog said...

Nail. Head. Gove is a weasel.

Stephen J said...

As Dave_G says, there are a good many things for politicians to hide or be ashamed of, but having an occasional bifter, is not among them.

In fact, they would be less odious if they did it and just shut up (channelling Gavin Williamson).

In your 36 year old situation Raedwald, I would have given up the beer, it is this that makes you soporific.

As for coca, I have no idea what people see in it, good for having a tooth out, but there it ends. It says something about the Gove, and what it says, as you hinted, is that he is not suitable, as you say, cokeheads are extremely tedious.

Peter Hitchens, a housewife from Surbiton is 56 and married.

RAC said...

............there is, furthermore some reason to believe both marijuana and hashish can affect short term...thingy..whatsitsname

So that's it, they weren't traitors after all, the dope addled feckers just forgot what we voted for /s

Ravenscar. said...

"Likewise porn. What we can't accept is kiddie-fiddling, dishonesty and hypocrisy - bad news for professional politicians for whom the latter two have become almost qualifying traits."

Aye! you do have a way with words kiddo and for striking right down to the quick.

so right, so true.

May, the Lord God deliver us all from weevil MPs and sanctimonious tossers.............. how does it go?

"Do as I say but not as, I can and will do", the leitmotif of modern Britain and signature tune of: the 'great and the good'.

rapscallion said...

I'm with DeeDee99 on this one and like him I have never tried any non-presciptive drug. I've just never been interested enough in it, and as I was in the RN from 16 onwards, doing so would not have improved my career prospects.
I don't have a criminal record either.

No, what annoys the shit outta me is the rank stench of hypocrisy. I can deal with all the activities that whilst not illegal are unsavoury, but are not my cup of tea, but having some scrote like Gove take a class A drug as if it's a bit of a laugh, and then puts himself forward for PM is taking the pi$$. Given time he'd be moralising about something we do that isn't illegal, but of which he strongly dissapproves - like voting for the Brexit Party.

Well, he and the horse he rode into town on can f**k right off

RAC said...

Ah, it's all coming back to me now.
Wasn't it a dishonest kiddie-fiddling hypocrite who lied us into the common market in the first place?

DiscoveredJoys said...

Although I have no personal experience I'm of the view that in principle people should be free to do anything they want as long as it harms no one else. However those choices are not free of social consequences.

So if Gove used cocaine I'm not bothered... but you have to ask yourself if his choices carry consequences for how we value his suitability for public life. There are some who claim that he was too successful as Secretary of State for Education... perhaps he could be successful as PM? Yet we're not likely to debate the issue clearly when so many are playing up his past indiscretions for their own purposes.

For what it is worth I don't think he would meet my requirements for PM. I am almost totally consumed with at getting out of the EU, and I don't think he is.

Mark said...

Like a number of posters I've never tried any drugs either. Again, it's the stink of hypocrisy that stick in the craw.

I am a fat bastard though, who's meat consumption would put Henry, eight of that name, to shame.

That makes me an evil baby raping, planet destroying, uncaring nazi parasite apparently (and don't get them started on a Brexit evil baby raping....)

Never understood how people who snort, have snorted Cliff knows what can be so self righteous and precious about food but there you go.

Or is that another topic. Tofu all round in the subsidised HoC restaurant of course.

Mr Ecks said...

Gove is a treacherous scum-snake hypocrite and back-stabber and he looks the part. He is also a gutless turd whose wife wears the pants.

To Hell with him. Lets pray his campaign is finished.

Anonymous said...

Really, not much has changed since 1819. Human nature stays the same, and the rats and weasels do their thing.

England in 1819

An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying King;
Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
Through public scorn,—mud from a muddy spring;
Rulers who neither see nor feel nor know,
But leechlike to their fainting country cling
Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow.
A people starved and stabbed in th'untilled field;
An army, whom liberticide and prey
Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield;
Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay;
Religion Christless, Godless—a book sealed;
A senate, Time’s worst statute, unrepealed—
Are graves from which a glorious Phantom may
Burst, to illumine our tempestuous day.

Cheerful Edward said...

Well, it was Tory voters who put in this shower of low-life.

Not guilty.

Span Ows said...

I took one puff once and coughed my guts up (never been a smoker) after graduation. Beer, wine champagne no problem but the weed (dired in the microwave, grown in an old ladies garden) wasn't for me.

Never Charlie, no white horse, no Ebeneezer or anything else either...just alcohol, and like Mark, a bit porky :-)

If it's illegal Gove should resign, but then look at Osborne (and Vaz!) and probably most of the others.

Bill Sticker said...

In the days of my mis-spent youth I tried a lot of things. Never cocaine. Although I got to know a few coke-heads while working in the city of London. I remember a lot of them had watery eyes, tended to sniff a lot and seemed a bit manic at times. Too fixated on their habit.

What really put me off was the thought of needing nasal reconstruction (Cocaine abuse causes septal deviation I believe).

As for Gove, no. Too inconstant, no gravitas.