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Saturday, 7 September 2019

All Out! Boris to go on strike

As the early Autumn chill bites, an environmentally-friendly coke brazier at the entrance to Downing Street warms both the government pickets and the policemen on duty. Michael Gove leans his strike placard against the railings and warms his hands at the glowing coals. He is talking football with one of the policemen.

" ..... and on the pitch, he moves like Nijinsky"

"Like a horse? Not sure I see that, Mr Gove"

"No no not the racehorse, the dan ....." they are assailed by a fug of heady gin vapours

"I demand to see the Prime Minister!" screeches Mother Soubry, for it is she

"Scab! Scab! Blackleg! Blackleg!" chants JRM languorously. He is wearing his lounge-lizard double-breasted boilersuit. Chalk striped. A police officer raises an eyebrow in warning.

"You can't" snaps Gove at Mother Soubry "he's on strike."

"But I've been deputed by the Commons to demand that he he obeys them! Either he gets on with it or we'll .... we will ....."

"You will what?" snarls Gove "trigger a general election? Yes please! Why do you think he's on strike? All you have to do is vote him out and we go to the country!"

"But we can't do that! Most of us would, er, um.. a lot of us would ..."

"Lose your seats? Be kicked out by voters? Be thrown on the scrapheap?"

Outside on Whitehall a furious squawking and a flurry of feathers indicated that the Leader of the Opposition was on his way to the House.

Mother Soubry sidles up to one of the policemen "Got any gin, love?" she asks plaintively


DeeDee99 said...

I'm disgusted and ashamed of our political class. How dare these arrogant, venal, incompetent, cowardly, treacherous nincompoops claim to be our betters and acting in the national interest.

JPM said...

Maybe because in your case, they are your betters, DeeDee?

Dave_G said...

Fuck. Right. Off. JPM you arrogant tw@t.

You don't even know DeeDee yet can make a statement such as you did even though DeeDee makes a statement based on actual evidence???

DeeDee is being poilte. I tend to tell it like it is and would refer to those politicians, as I have referred to you, as C***S - and based on your ability to argue, and dispute just like those despicable politicians I consider myself to be right on the nail.


RAC Esq. said...

Raed you show your Corbyn streak.

Raedwald said...

JPM - apart from the boorishness of your comment, Dee Dee, like the overwhelming majority of folk who visit, and the author of the site, is a democrat; that means we favour a system of representative democracy.

Of course, to supporters of the EU, an anti-democratic cabal based on the serfdom of the ruled and the dominance of the ├╝bermensch unelected EU masters, it is quite normal to consider those masters as their (your) betters.

To those who believe in democracy, our domestic representatives are our equals, or in the current undesirable time, our inferiors.

Glad to be able to clear that up. You've never really adjusted to the idea of living in a democracy, have you?

JPM said...

"Judge not that you be not judged"

I merely floated a proposition.

Smoking Scot said...

@ DeeDee

I'm going to assume that when you take on a job based on your employer's ethos, then you study the job description and do what's expected of you to the best of your ability.

In that case, yes you're perfectly correct in saying they're duplicitous shysters, with Anna Soubry and her cohorts self serving to the detriment of her constituents and the party on whose platform they stood for election.

And Diane Abbott, well she seems to be incapable of mastering any brief and she's pretty awful with numbers. To my mind she's an embarrassment who got where she is by bedding her boss.

I understand your frustration, indeed share it. Places like this help me deal with it and it's good to know I'm not a minority of one.

I also have to endure the twaffle coming from our lot in Holyrood and the possibility that the people in Westminster are actually helping their cause.

Span Ows said...

Most of them (I'd say at least 600) do NOT 'claim' to be our betters; very few have actually voiced such a sentiment. That said, they certainly act like a pseudo elite, totalitarian shysters, living in a bubble, steeped in their own self-estemm and seeped in self entitlement; most are walking talking examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, simply not seeing how outrageous their words and actions are.

JPM "I merely floated a proposition." No, you were intentionally crass and then without the grace to admit it. At least by your reply you presumably agree that they are "arrogant, venal, incompetent, cowardly, treacherous nincompoops".

Anonymous said...

I think that Boris should go to the EU and demand an extension. That'll piss them off for a start. "It's our right - we are members" he should remind them, "and we are nett contributors to the budget!"

Then, he should spring the surprise. "But we won't pay a penny after the 31st October, extension or no extension. We demand to be nett beneficiaries like the majority of the bloodsucking leeches that constitute member states. Now feck off!"

JPM said...

It's a sad fact of human nature, that some people can work themselves up into a murderous rage, about matters which have literally no material bearing upon their lives.

We see this over football, where the infantilised supporters will rage about whether such-and-such a side deserves relegation or promotion, say, and over what unfair referee's decision cost them this.

This foolballisation of politics has led us to the cretinous, infantile position in which the country now finds itself.

It makes literally no material difference to us, whether the law that says that our food must not contain poisons was passed in Westminster or in Brussels, but to these cretinised absolutists it would appear to be something over which they would kill or die.

Raedwald said...

So why don't they just accept the democratic vote of 17.4 million people and give up then? Why can't they accept losing? We've decided we want our future laws made here - they need to respect democracy. And Remainer MPs are the sorst of the lot.

Span Ows said...

JPM 13:07 "...but to these cretinised absolutists it would appear to be something over which they would kill or die."

Agreed, as they prove every day on Twitter and the like: hanging Boris was the mildest of hundreds of suggestions about the PM and others who merely want to leave the EU and be a succesful sovereign nation again: only fairer...and better...and more successful...and freer...

Chromatistes said...

A modest proposal: instead of an election deposit, candidates to provide a lamppost and suitable length of rope.

Anonymous said...

some thing i heard on the radio yesterday a two headed venoumos snake has been found somewhere in america they claim it is very rare but lets be honest there are thousands of these all over the world they are called politicons

Anonymous said...

JPM said @ 13:07

'It makes literally no material difference to us, whether the law that says that our food must not contain poisons was passed in Westminster or in Brussels..'

Current challenges to food safety are,

Increasing concentration of the supply chain

Changing diet trends

Price volatility

Climate change

Demographic imbalances

Decrease in agricultural productivity

Anti-microbial resistant emergence

Scarcity of energy and resources/Depletion of natural resources

So adaption is critical and with the UK out of the EU threats to food safety, where decisions need to be made quickly against an evolving threat, the country can meet the threat head on and without delay.

We act, we don't have to wait or get permissions from the European Food Standards Authority to resolve a problem. Local is best and we all learn from each other just like the Europeans learned from us over electrical safety all those years ago. Remember the BSI Kitemark is a world standard because it's British - and British is best.


Dave_G said...

LOL - Climate change and food safety - LOL

I tripped on my shoe laces the other day - damned climate change..... LOL.

Sobers said...

"So why don't they just accept the democratic vote of 17.4 million people and give up then? Why can't they accept losing?"

Because they don't understand what losing is. What one needs to understand is the the Remain element of the HoC, and their supporters outside it (which are not all Remainers by far, just the vocal ones) are all members of the same class - the one who for 30 years, ever since Thatcher basically, have been the winners of the political game. They are the sort of people who swan from politics to heading large charities, from heading quangos to think tanks, to well paid media jobs, to running NHS trusts, or whatever. They all swim in the same sea, move in the same circles. They are the movers and shakers in State funded circles. They consider they run the country, and for 30 years its always moved in the direction they agree with. Yes there might be a nominal Conservative government every now and again, but none of them ever do anything to reverse the flow of more regulation, more State control of everything, more immigration, more taxes, more public spending, more European integration. A Tory government might slow the advance a bit, but the direction of travel always remains the same.

So in their heads they have decided that what they want is the only way the country can move in. Its just the natural state of affairs to them. Anything else is immoral as far as they are concerned. Just suggesting slowing down the speed of travel generates plenty of vitriol at those who dare to question them, the very idea that someone might throw the supertanker into reverse doesn't even fit in their comprehension.

So all of this isn't really about the pros and cons of being in a supra-national body such as the EU any more. Its about a political class being faced for the first time ever with the word 'No'. Its so discombobulated them, the mask has slipped. No longer are the usual platitudes about 'working families' and 'democratic choice' even paid lip service. They have been thrown out as their naked desire for power is exposed. Its become a nothing less than a power struggle - who is to govern, the People, or the Political Class? Thats why they can't let Brexit happen, not because of any specific arguments about it, but because its become an existential fight - if they lose it they lose everything. If the voters can force the political class to leave the EU against their will, what other ideas might the people get?

DeeDee99 said...


In a supposed democracy, with universal adult suffrage, every vote is equal.
When it comes to a Referendum on a one-person-one-vote basis, NO-ONE is better than anyone else. That was the whole point of passing the decision on the EU to the people to decide, which is what Parliament did.
It is only post-Referendum, having lost, that the Establishment and Members of Parliament have declared themselves better than the 37 million who participated in the Referendum.
That doesn't MAKE them better. It makes them what I wrote in my original comment.

Ravenscar. said...

Just smile DeeDee, I know that you will.

All too often, the infants exhibit their utter ignorance and drivel out, make stupid remarks but really, do take it as a heartily paid compliment, because if the ack ack fire is getting so 'heated' then you're right over the drop zone.

DeeDee, I beg, Please don't allow it to put you off, I greatly admire and avidly read your insightful input.

Bill Quango MP said...

I went to Wembley Saturday.
4 - 0.
England beat Bulgaria. England were good. Bulgaria were not. Giving away two penalties.
It is mostly families at these events. Ever more likely to be an entire family. And, just as common, a mum, taking her boys.

82505 attended.

None deserve a vote?

fnord said...

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, say the most infurating thing about todays politics is that we are constantly being condescended to by our inferiors.

Boris vin Chaud said...


Lighten up lad. Remember to smile and approach life with a positive outlook. Now is not the time to make more work for the NHS.