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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

And they're OUT! The party b'long us!

It's now People vs. Parliament

Here is the full list of the EU's collaborators and Quislings who will now have the whip withdrawn and who will not stand as Conservative MPs at the forthcoming election; they've been purged from our Party -

As I've written many times before, this crisis is about very much more than Brexit. Brexit is the proxy through which all those who oppose the patrician class, the political elites, the privileged metropolitan globalist winners and their corporatist backers are united. Yesterday the EU's most vocal Quislings were identified beyond doubt and expunged from the Conservative Party, which now heads the spearhead against the supranationalists. The Conservatives are now truly the parliamentary party of the people - and I am proud to be a member.

It really doesn't matter what Bill the Remoaner parliament passes today. It's an irrelevance. It can be revoked. Two things are certain - the United Kingdom WILL leave the EU, and there WILL be a general election.

If the Quisling parliament refuses the 2/3rd majority needed on a no-confidence motion by the FTPA, Boris can introduce a simple Bill to over-ride the FTPA provisions on this occasion; it will need just a simple majority. Loyal Tories may even be supported by Labour rebels and the SNP, who are predicted to increase their seats (below) from 35 to 50 if an election is held now.

All in all, excellent stuff! We're finally moving. 


JPM said...

Yes, that's the case, pretty well.

All that you have to do now is to get a traditionally moderate British electorate to vote for an extreme reactionary, single-issue party.

It didn't go so well for ukip, did it?

Mark said...

Which party is that?

Sackerson said...

@JPM: again, lapsing into emotive-speak when you are capable of so much better. Is it "extreme reactionary" to wish to manage your own affairs? Perhaps I should go ahead with my old idea of printing a set of sticky labels for SJWs and other intolerant propagandists to use instead of thoughtful debate. You disappoint.

"Who but must laugh, if such a man there be?
Who would not weep, if Atticus were he?"

Anonymous said...

The BBC last night..

"This extraordinary list of Tory rebels includes some surprising names, Ken Clarke is one."

Not only do the BBC not have a clue, they are a phenominal waste of money.

DeeDee99 said...

Rabbie Burns had a good description for MPs like these: "Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!"

These Quislings aren't trying to stop No Deal. They're trying to stop Brexit and they've shown themselves prepared to wreck our Constitution and Democracy in order to do it. They disgust me.

Sadly, even IF Boris withdraws the whip and forces a General Election I don't trust him to deliver a real, clean-break Brexit. He's made it perfectly clear that he just wants to re-work the Barnier/Robbins Surrender Treaty.

JPM said...

The British electorate do not like doctrinal parties. They generally hated Militant Tendency in Labour.

The Conservatives have fallen into this, driven by Entryism yet again - and this site encouraged that fervently.

Momentum account for only eight per cent of Labour members on the other hand, and they are a pretty moderate, pro-European Union movement anyway, sometimes at odds with Jeremy Corbyn on these matters too.

That will become clear during any campaign.

DiscoveredJoys said...

I've read that UK Brexit proposals include the very public abandonment of the 'backstop' and also the less public reformulation of the rest of the WA to exclude the UK military, change to independent arbitration, and some other significant matters.

Would a defanged WA be acceptable as a 'deal'? I would prefer a clean Brexit, but I'd go along with a defanged WA if it meant we left real soon now.

I'm sure that the Remainer faction is aware of the existence of a possible defanged WA... but I imagine that their anti-constitutional shenanigans are their response. They want us to remain(!) chained to the EU. In which case they can FRO, and when they get there FRO again. 21 deselections is a good start.

Mr Ecks said...

JPM--Can the "centreist" bullshit Cheesy. Being a traitor--like you and the rest of remain--is a very extreme position.

If BoJo does not go for reviving Treason May's shite--and she swallowed the whip yesterday: wonderful revenge from BoJo for the Chequers "walk up the drive" humiliation she pulled--and agrees a compact with TBP then the GE is a good move.

The treason bill can simply be denied Royal Assent. Another move already pioneered by Bliar some years ago. Then Jizz can have a GE or sit and X off the days to a No deal Brexit on 31/10/19. Let's see how the little Marxist prick does campaigning on a platform of handing over the UK to EU control.

Stephen J said...

The ones that we should be worrying about have still not put their heads above the parapet. Even Johnson only chose the Brexit team because he thought it would provide him with career opportunities.

There are hundreds of them in the remain supporting parliamentary tories.

OUR PARTY is the BREXIT party.

The tories look like toast to me, I thought that Oliver Leftwing's gybe to Johnson was probably unintentionally really funny, since even though he thought he was talking about Boris, he was really talking about himself and his VERY funny remark. The funny thing is that his echo chamber is the whole nation.

Theresa MayBot is still an MP, is still under the Tory whip and is still a treacherous remainer, like most of her mates who a couple of months before her inescapable ejection all though t that she was brilliant... most excellent and just the right person to bang your desk for.

Absolutely sickening.

Rossa said...

Guido has posted this morning about pro-Govt peers in the HoL blocking Hilary Benn’s No Deal legislation. I was a bit surprised as the HoL has always been seen as a majority for Remain. Boris certainly seems to have rallied the troops. I hope they are successful in talking it out.

Sackerson said...

@DiscoveredJoys: unfortunately there are so many fangs in the dWA, far more than just the Irish backstop:

Charles said...

Even if the Bill passes Corbyn has said he will then back a GE. If the Conservatives win, not a cert unless they do a deal with TBP in the north, then they can vote down the bill in the new parliament and leave when they wish.

If there is a majority Conservative govt in the next parliament they would be well advised to cancel the BBC charter, on the grounds that the BBC reneged on funding over 75 licences and offer their part of the airwaves to the highest bidder as a subscription service. Oh joy. They could also turn off the funding for Channel 4. I think ITV and Sky would be so happy they would help to drown out the screams of the liberal left.

Raedwald said...

Ah yes. We can tell that Momentum are 'moderate' socialists because their thugs only spit on, bully, harass, assault and intimidate those who disagree with them, rather than shooting them.

IcyPurplepants said...

I truly wish I could share your optimism Mr Radders.

I can't help feeling we're being done up like kippers here - we have a General Election, Boris refuses to do a deal with Farage and campaigns on a re-hashed Surrender Treaty, meanwhile Farage campaigns on WTO exit, and everyone else on Remain/Revoke.

Essentially being a 3-way-split-the-brexit-vote, 2nd referendum that the non-democrats have sought since 24th June.

I said before, during and after the referendum that even if we voted to leave, we would never be allowed to. Whilst I could have never imagined the scenario taking 3 years, I still think it's true.

I sincerely hope I am wrong, I want more (local) democracy, not less (or the death of it).

I would take small satisfaction in future votes (which I would not bother taking part in) where some of the currently howling remainers win, but are then ignored. Implausible? This is the precedent.

JPM said...

Please explain how having a vote, where the options are absolutely clear and there is no room for misrepresentation can be "undemocratic"?

I don't want one, incidentally. Some people will only learn the hard way, and the European Union is far better without the UK, I think.

Mark said...


I thought we'd had that.

But in this second vote you don't want, "remain" is not an absolutely clear option and is open to interpretation (putting it mildly).

Perhaps that's why there was so little mention of it in the referendum we actually had.

JPM said...

If you want a smile, just try to imagine what would have happened if a Labour leader, elected only by a bunch of militant tendency entryists, propped up by Sinn Fein, say, and with no majority to boot, tried to ignore the supremacy of Parliament and the rule of law?

No, the real Establishment would never have let even the beginnings of it get anywhere near happening, would they?

Now, that tells you who they really are, doesn't it?

IcyPurplepants said...

@JPM - Of course it is democratic in the purest meaning of the word, and this is how the weasels will try to get their revocation through whilst all the while pretending that they did try to honour the referendum.

So it is not the vote per-se that is undemocratic, but the way we have come to it, by doing everything they can to avoid implementing the result of the referendum, very much is.

I take a small amount of re-assurance that the Lords are planning to fillibuster the legislation, with 86 amendments tabled.

"...the time it will take the upper chamber to hear and vote on each amendment, as its rules compel it to do, would take up continuous 24/7 sitting until Saturday."

Dioclese said...

I am staggered that a commenter on this site could possibly describe Momentum as 'moderate'

Momentum are fascists, plain and simple. Their tactics come straight out of the rule book that Hitler wrote in the 1930s...

JPM said...

No, Momentum's ideas on Europe come from a great anti-fascist:

"Hard as it is to say now.. I look forward to a United States of Europe, in which the barriers between the nations will be greatly minimised and unrestricted travel will be possible."
Winston Churchill, 1942

"We must build a kind of United States of Europe.. The structure of the United States of Europe, if well and truly built, will be such as to make the material strength of a single state less important.. If at first all the States of Europe are not willing or able to join the Union, we must nevertheless proceed to assemble and combine those who will and those who can."
Winston Churchill, 1946

"Britain will have to play her full part as a member of the European family."
Churchill, May 1947, speaking at Albert Hall as Chairman and Founder of the United Europe Movement

"We cannot aim at anything less than the Union of Europe as a whole, and we look forward with confidence to the day when that Union will be achieved....We aim at the eventual participation of all the peoples throughout the continent whose society and way of life are in accord with the [European] Charter of Human Rights."
Churchill, May 1948, speech to Council of Europe in Holland.

Are you with Winston, or are you a traitor?

Momentum are only eight percent of Labour members too.

Dave_G said...

When will the people start to make objections that really make a difference? No taxation without representation perhaps?

We have NEVER been less 'represented' as we are now so I see no reason why I or anyone should hand over any amount of money in taxation to give these despicable betrayers of democracy the wherewithal to progress their abuse.

A campaign of witholding taxes until proper democracy is restored and Brexit is enacted in the form it was offered - leaving the EU, returning our borders and controls and stopping our payments etc.

If the EU is so paranoid about keeping their income stream to survive I can only imagine our own Government are just as paranoid about the public refusing to 'pay' for their own betrayal.

The shennanigans of Parliament is made to be the be-all and end-all of what matters. Parliament can go fuck themselves if they don't do as the voters demand of them. And I certainly don't want to pay for the privilege of being shat upon.

JPM said...

Quite, Dave.

So why were three million tax-paying, or tax-liable, fellow Europeans living here denied a vote?

Dave_G said...

@JPM - we can do all that Churchill mentioned but we don't have to do it under central rule of a 'government' that is dictatorial, unelected and unremovable.

You don't like what the current Government is doing re Brexit so 'support' the efforts to 'remove it' and replace it with one that does 'what you want'.

What will you do when it comes to the EU doing something equally repugnant at some future time and you 'don't like it'? Or are you going to claim that occasion will never come about?

Your motives and intentions are purile, transparent and the example you give - plus my response here - exposes the absolute ridicule you deserve for wanting to progress it.

If you truly believed in what Churchill dreamed of you would understand the need for a DEMOCRATIC process that pursued the aims of the PEOPLE and not the state.

Dave_G said...

@JPM - you make an assumption that the 3 million Europeans living/working here are all pro-EU.

That is as cuntish as I've ever heard an assumption to be. Or have you missed the goings-on in France, Germany, Italy etc ?

Sackerson said...

@JPM 10:49 - naturally I dissociate myself from the vulgar abuse that you sometimes draw here, but...

Your Churchill quotations are interesting yet even in them you may detect a degree of qualification:

1942: barriers "greatly minimised" [without specifying British inclusion]
1946: building a USE [again, not necessarily including GB]
1947: "European family" implies cooperation but not necessarily subordination
1948: "participation of all the peoples throughout the continent" "union of Europe" - again ambiguous as to whether we are to be considered Continental

For a counter-view, please see Andrew Roberts:

And those that have the time may enjoy the immensely readable (translated into English) memoirs of Jean Monnet - free online and downloadable in various forms:

- a great man but whose vision needs modifying in the light of later events.

Dave_G said...

@Sackerson (and other contributors) - I apologise for any offensive remarks I make and have no wish to offend sensibilities other than to express my utter abhorence of attitudes of the likes of JPM who is as guilty as any of our traitorous Pols in wishing our freedoms and democracy away.

To them they deserve every insult they get.

Anonymous said...

JPM said @ 07:01

'All that you have to do now is to get a traditionally moderate British electorate to vote for an extreme reactionary, single-issue party.'

You are seriously deluded mate. I'd voted Labour all my life but after '97 the politics Blair introduced brought that to an end. What's happening now is the death throes of Blairism. The Conservative Party became a Blairite centre-left party under Cameron and everybody knows it. So to differentiate itself the Labour Party moved further to the left - in your words it became an 'extreme reactionary party', with one mission: a socialist society.

As for that pig-in-a-dress the EU it's corporate communism with appointed troughers running the show. Why do you think they run everything past Merkel first? Why do you think May went to see her the day before she met with the Cabinet at Chequers? Europes biggest economy is why. Fucking money again. The EU isn't about People it's about POWER and MONEY. Wake up, the EU is a proto-globalist no nations no borders experiment with a bad ending.


Anonymous said...

Dont worry Dave; sometimes a prick like JPM needs to be called a prick.

RAC Esq. said...

@ 11:38

Absolutely. No need to mince words with a provocateur.

JPM said...

Most of the seventeen million Leave voters whom I meet are patriots. That is, they do not hate the other three-quarters of their fellow countrymen and women with the same vehemence that the fanatics amongst them do. That is, those who frequent websites intended to draw exactly that kind.

Dave_G said...

What's 'fanatical' about upholding democracy and abiding by the will of the majority?

You should also note that all the violence and all the hatred extend from the left and that, in a democratic society the 'losers' would have the morals to STFU and accept the result as they clearly do when it goes 'their' way.

You and all the losers are simple hypocrites - but excessively large ones at that.

RAC Esq. said...

@ 12:03

If you come online to stir the shit you must expect what you get.
Some may wish to bandy words with you, but for most life is too short and patience worn too thin.

Dave_G said...

...and in Raeds position I would take offence at having his blog referred to as a place that 'draws fanatics'.

There is nothing fanatical about upholding democracy - but only a supplicant to Globalism would reject that concept.

RAC Esq. said...

Errr um well actually it does Dave_G, it draws jpm

Jock Ular said...

Is that new dog in No. 10 going to be homeless again?

Dave_G said...

@ Jock - no I believe his intention is to marry her.

Dave_G said...

If Brexit is delayed yet again, does the date for the Lisbon Treaty changes/implementations make any difference to how we might 'ever' leave?

Jock Ular said...


I was referring to Dilyn, but I see what you did there :-)

RAC Esq. said...

@ 15:50


Charles said...

I am reminded of Neil Kinnock’s comment when Gordon Brown assumes control of the Labour Party as the new PM. “At last we have got our party back!” That ended well did it not?

I have no sympathy for a bunch of passed it grandees who thought they were unsackable. I nearly crashed the car when I heard that Churchill’s grandson was being kicked out. Really if your only claim to fame is being the offspring of the offspring you really are pretty sad, as well being from what I can see, thick, self entitled and useless. Ditto for the rest of them. However the search for party purity does mean losing a few of those pesky voters.

I can see the country relying heavily on Nigel to clear up the mess.