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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Anti-democrats fighting like rats to retain power

The anti-democrats in parliament determined to block Brexit are fighting like trapped rats to try to cling onto power. It will do them no good. There is a hurricane coming - a storm of popular anger that will sweep them from their corrupt sinecures, flush them like recalcitrant turds, smash the barriers they have built against the peoples' will.

There is a Twitter meme doing the rounds; a capcha grid of the sort you must complete here to post a comment. The squares are filled with a view of the Commons chamber and the caption "Select all squares with a c**t". It pretty much sums up the mood of the nation.

Not only Corbyn's Labour are scared of the electorate. Up to a third or more of sitting MPs face being wiped out, swept away in the democratic storm at the hands of the Conservatives, Brexit or LibDems, and along with them any other MPs in Leave-voting constituencies that have betrayed their voters. This is the last we'll see of Yvette Cooper.

An election is inevitable and this time it will be People vs. Parliament. 

For the first time since 1945, the people of Britain are remembering the power of universal suffrage and the secret ballot, and the anti-democratic rats are cowed in fear of their only nemesis - Democracy.

A tsunami of popular anger will sweep away the anti-democrats in parliament


Stephen J said...

And before we cast our vote we need to cast our minds back to the last time that we believed the effin' Tories and voted for them.

The tories always let you down.

Just remember that.

So if you are not a socialist, or a social democrat, the three traditional parties have broken trust over and over and we need something new (or old).

How about a little bit of honour, a smattering of conscience, and just a touch of ability, peppered with a little loyalty...?

Oh, I forgot, this is politics, we are supposed to be governed by the lowest common denominator.

Dave_G said...

.Gov has had three years to prepare the ground for the next GE and I doubt any result will be as clean and decisive as we would want or expect it to be.

TBP discovered this - and the media conveniently covered it up - in the Rotherham by-election and that was but a taste of what is in store for us all, pushed, not only by the Labour agitators but encouraged and financed by the EU subversives and, no doubt, the likes of Soros (in some way - his name/money always seems to be at the heart of anti-democratic practises).

Raed, much as I consider your enthusiasm for the popular voters to rise up and reject the corruption of Parliament the corruption has gone much, much further than that and Parliament will survive this event much as they do on every occasion of their despicable behaviour.

The stitch-up has been organised and in place ever since Cameron lost the referendum momentum and is about to be executing its final process in the coming months.

Thereafter we can only hope that the people take to the streets.

JPM said...

Go and ask Brenda From Bristol what she thinks, and report back, Raedwald.

RAC Esq. said...

Election, after every thing has been locked down and unalterable, what use is that. what use is another three year wait and a handfull of referendums.
Either Boris has a plan that is so deep it is impenetrable or it's a complete fuck up.
At the moment it looks like our vote has been made worthless.

DeeDee99 said...

At the moment there is no general election. The Remainer tosspots in Parliament, in all parties, are determined to get us signed up into EU vassalage before they permit one. That will render any future General Election pretty meaningless, since the EU will be our permanent Overlord able to dictate rules, regulations and laws.

And when a GE is finally granted, FPTP is going to save a large number of the tossers unless Boris does a deal with Farage. At the moment that looks unlikely since Farage is demanding a clean-break Brexit and Boris is aiming to present us with a re-worked Surrender Treaty.

I am reminded of the old saying "if voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal."

Mark said...

The ball is now completely in their court, whoever "they" actually are.

Tories, or whoever else genuinely supports an actual brexit can say with justification that their hands are completely tied. These quislings? Well, ask 10, get 10 different answers.

Do you really think this is some sort of organised and co-ordinated plot? (it can be interpreted that way of course)

If anything it just "the enemy is over there - charge". Now they find themselves stuck in no man's land in front of the barbed wire. It's every man for himself now and I'm not sure they will be able to get back to their own lines. Are there any lines for them to get back to? Will the supporting fire they are expecting materialise? I don't see that the EU has actually promised any.

RAC Esq. said...

Screw the Cons, screw worrying about a split vote, when, if a GE comes just vote TBP.

Rossa said...

So if Boris was to ignore this anti No Deal law, prorogue Parliament next week, then lose a no confidence vote (because he’s ignored the law) he can call a GE. Doesn’t need 2/3rds then. It would also mean the GE would be after 31 October, so we’d already be out with no deal.

JPM said...

What a laugh. You quite wrongly and cynically describe the European Union's Parliament as a "rubber-stamping agency" for the Commission, and yet want the UK's very own to be absolutely that for a minority government, led by a man elected by just ninety thousand out of sixty-seven million people.


Raedwald said...

The first poll after the events of the past two days will be interesting - (i) How will Corbyn's support stack up? (ii) how will our joint balance of 46% of the vote (33% CON 13% TBP last time) change? Will the 46% increase or support just move from one side to the other?

Only votes count.

RAC Esq. said...

Oh FFS stop juggling numbers, what matters who's the best fraudster. All these bastards need to be shitting out bits of their teeth.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen J said...

The biggest problem here, and the reason that parliament has managed to go to war with the people, is the "Fixed Term Parliament Act", which might work where there is a written constitution and the people have a remedy for a diseased parliament.

Cameron and Clegg removed ours which was the knowledge that if a government could not maintain a majority, it MUST fall..

That awful Maybot woman would have been gone long ago, if the people still had sovereign power. It seems to me, that as the EU takes that away from Westminster at Westminsters invitation, so they take ours without our permission.

JPM said...

As for "anti democrats", well, cast back your minds - if you can - to when ukip seriously claimed that they could win a Commons majority, something about an "earthquake" as I recall.

Well it was all about a "sovereign Parliament" then, wasn't it?

They would simply repeal the European Communities Act and be done with it, wouldn't they? None of this silly "will of the people" crap for them, oh, no. No referendum, sod what the buggers thought, no Article Fifty or anything. Parliament Is Sovereign, said Farage.

Fortunately for him and his shower, their tame Establishment press has done the people's forgetting for them on the point, hasn't it?

What hypocritical low-life they are.

Stephen J said...

@JPM... I expect Farage thought then, long before the referendum and its ensuing remainder shenanigans, that there was honour in government and parliament, that it would cleave to the constitution perhaps.

Note that UKIP policy changed to a campaign for a referendum in 2003(ish) which was around the time that blair's most egregious excesses started to become apparent.

Mr Ecks said...

UKIP got us the 2016 vote Cheesy. People back then thought the Tories might still have had some honour.

BoJo needs a GE. A deal with TBP is essential. With that remain scum like Cheesy and his ilk will be tasting their own vomit for the rest of their lives.

Without such a deal there is danger.

John Brown said...

We have witnessed a Speaker led coup by a remainer Parliament which, through the use of the FTPA, could be in power until 2022.

The great danger is that during this time this remainer Parliament, which includes BTW over 250 Conservative MPs (277 voted for the WA at the third attempt) will now re-introduce and vote for the WA treaty where we will be accepting EU laws, budgets, taxes, fines and policies (trade, energy, environment, foreign, immigration etc) but without representation or veto and with no lawful means of exit pretending this to be respecting the EU referendum result to leave the EU.

A treaty where Mr. Macron described the UK position thus :

“The UK will be trapped in a customs union after Brexit unless Downing Street offers European fishermen full access to British waters during the coming trade negotiations.”

And which was described by Mr. Verhofstadt’s staff as reducing the UK to EU colony status.

Anonymous said...

Get back to the cooking lager, Ecks eh?

david morris said...

"This is the last we'll see of Yvette Cooper",

You jest, of course.

In the event she disappears from the HoC, she'll pop up like a nasty case of STD, all over the BBC/Graun/C4.

Mark said...

The background to all of this is an EU that is coming apart. Remainiacs should ask themselves what it is likely to look like in 5 or 10 years. What do they think they are handing this country over to?

Are all these "populists" - Salvini, Orban, Le Pen, Nige - just pathetic demagogues for losers?

And what if some actual fascist, some actual nasty - but genuinely charismatic - fascist appears. One who actually starts doing what all you remainiacs have been creaming your drawers over.

You seem totally unable to grasp that the political circus you have brought to town makes that far more likely.

"And when the devil turns on you Roper, all the laws having been cut down, where do you hide?

Sackerson said...

If a binding plebiscite and associated Acts of Parliament have no force, and if this legislature can take over and defeat this Executive in the exercise of its powers and duties, then no future Executive is safe, either.

I wonder whether the spoiled children in Parliament understand the implications of their anarchic behaviour. Our system of government is willing chaos on itself and the country.

JPM said...

Wrong, r-w.

It was ukip policy in 2014 simply to repeal the ECA with no referendum and no Article Fifty:

Farage is an utter hypocrite, as are his apologists.

His voters can't remember what he said, or much else, luckily for him.

JPM said...

Here's more, oh, the irony, ukip declaring that Parliament is supreme, and none of this "will of the people" bollocks:

Don't you just love hypocrisy?

Mark said...


"Don't you just love hypocrisy"

Why do think you're allowed to post here?

Liberista said...

Sir, i do not share your optimism, and i rather subscrive to the opinion expressed here

the criminals who pose as the rulers of the UK will lie, cheat, steal and even kill in order to preserve the status quo, and to ensure the continuation of the absurd experiment of social engineering called EU

look at what happened in italy.
parliament and the president of the republic conspired in order to eliminate LEga from the government, and resume the forced substitution of italian population with riffraff coming from the worst places of the planet

all ministers have been replaced with EU loyalists and stauch supporters of open borders.

i would rather argue that short of the european people growing a good pair, and a suitable amount of large caliber pitchforks, it is all over for freedom in the EUSSR

DiscoveredJoys said...

Every now and again the Conservative Party (in its various forms) goes through a major policy U Turn. That's why it has lasted so long.

The only pressing question at the moment is whether or not Boris is leading the Conservative Party in a new direction - Brexit. It's too early to say, but in 50 years time all the froth about party grandees being expelled, the indecision from Labour, the questionable constitutional actions, will perhaps just be minor footnotes in history books. Sound and fury signifying nothing.

Anonymous said...

Flew in to London this morning. Anybody else notice that the "Goods to Declare" doorway when exiting the luggage hall in Heathrow T5 has been blocked up? Everybody just walks through the Green channel.

Border control gone AWOL? BREXIT preparations?

Anonymous said...

Recommend that everybody listens to an old Genesis song "Land of Confusion". Very Apt.

Ravenscar. said...

Rightfully MPs are vexed, for OUT AND AWAY FROM THE BERLIN DIKTATORS, the Legislature would be forced kicking and sceaming back to what it once was, as a screen procedure for scrutinizing prospectuses of new law.

Fucking hell they might have to earn their corn for the first time in 46 odd years and work for a living, what horror is that?

Mind you looking at 'em, we need some proper people in there on the green and red benches, more preferably people who have at least 10 work experience outside of politics and not thus, some parachuted wonk Marxist spad made good.

OUT is only the end of the end of the beginning.

jas said...
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