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Sunday, 1 September 2019

English teachers have a day out in Ipswich

Ipswich town centre saw its largest ever gathering of English and geography teachers on Saturday, as a score or more of pro-EU protesters descended on Cornhill to recite something together quietly and in perfect cadence. Though inaudible to those at the back, it is believed they were objecting to the actions of the government. They dispersed at 3.45 pm, and it is believed many headed for the nearby Bring-and-Buy sale in St Matthews.

English and geography teachers gather in Ipswich
It is also believed that similar gatherings of teachers were held elsewhere in the UK, but these have gone largely unreported by the national media.


Stephen J said...

If only...

Dave_G said...

Meanwhile the rest of the country with democracy on their side sit patiently (for now) and await due process and Brexit to be properly implemented.

We have no toys to throw - for now.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Ask them "what are the benefits of staying in the EU?"

Ask them if they are aware of the forthcoming changes due to 'ever greater union'.

Smoking Scot said...

Well that blows the claim that it was really the old gits who made Brexit happen. And when "our lot" pop their clogs, then the vote'll change to all luvvy duvvy for Big Brother.

Seems the Remainers have a similar age issue, with one biddy in the photo who's obviously a long retired teacher

Scrobs. said...

I bet they were all worried about their upcoming 'Baker day' on Monday too!

Just wait until the Librarians get on their hind legs, it'll be utter carnage!

Anonymous said...

"M mmm" said Ollie to Stanley,

"it's another fine mess!"

Indeed a calamity and only going one way - down.

To wit, some of the teechurs will be of the same ilk, a Marxist bunch of soshul engineering wankerati, whom allow their charges days off to go off to London to seize up the capital in extinction rebellion events #Iluvgreta.

Here, it should nay must be noted that, these very well paid public servants are rather not too fussed about their charges futures, aiding, wishing for blackouts and a financial armageddon it 'the green agenda' will idubitably consequently cause.
Yes, in the event of this nation striving for the lunatic target of ZeroCaron. It begs, whose going to pay their big salaries, how will the country be able to provide lighting and heating for schools?

Though it should also be remarked that, although back in the days of cold classrooms, no IT, blackboard and chalk. It might be noted by some, that, academic achievement of pupils was far higher, of better standard and the nation a beacon, a manufacturing and industrial hub. A hub indeed, full of very well qualified British engineers, architects design scientists and doctors. Alas, we're told that we have to import these skills these days and while ever more kids fill UK schoolroom places, there does seem to be somewhat of a disconnect, somewhere there - does there not and are post modern teechurs the problem and never any part of a solution?

Read, mark, inwardly digest we were told and we had to listen or else.

Span Ows said...

How many was the percentage of "left-wing" or Labour-voting teachers in the polls/info? Something extremely high, 85, 95%? With the Uni proffies probably reaching 99%.

JPM said...

But when the same people turned up at Farage's Sunday lunch pub, in clown outfits and with party squeakers, you all screeched that they were "TERRORISTS".

Didn't you?

Make up what passes for your minds, eh?

Stephen J said...

@JPM: you are a fucking idiot mate.

Two fat ugly words...

Jo Brand.

JPM said...

"Jo Brand not funny, News Quiz not funny, Stewart Lee not funny, Andy Hamilton not funny, Russell Brand not funny, Frankie Boyle not funny, Sue Perkins not funny, Eddie Izzard not funny, Ricky Gervais not funny, Steve Coogan not funny, Now Show not funny, HIGNFY not funny, Stephen Fry not funny, Sandy Toksvig not funny, Arthur Smith not funny, Steve Bell not funny, Private Eye not funny, DaiIy Mash not funny - European Union will never take away English Sense of Humour", boasts right-writes.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen J said...

Apart from the last sentence, I have never read anything more accurate from this feller.

The UK did not need the EU to produce a bunch of cloned cretins to man the airwaves, we have always had the BBC. I have to say, that cheery has managed to pick the stars even from that great firmament, though you missed Sandi Toxic and the Brigstock creature. I am sure there are others... Oh yes, that son of a London bus driver, Mr. Khan, he who spends most of his time obsessing about the POTUS whilst ignoring the murder and mayhem that surrounds him. Oh no... he is supposed to be the mayor.

Next thing you know, the BBC will be sending the cameras to witness what happens when the battery acid that they have effectively supplied is actually used.

JPM said...

What a wonderful day it is, yes folks, what a wonderful day it is, for looking inside a Brexit Party voter's head, at the pea-sized object rattling about, and saying "how about that for freedom of movement"?

Stephen J said...

Remainer brain...

Man vs idea?


Idea too tricky.

JPM said...

Battery acid?

Someone should be charged.

Here's a tip.

Comedians. Are. Not. To. Be. Taken. Seriously.

I think that the late Jo Cox would have settled for a milkshake too.

Mark said...


Jo brand is not a comedian, neither is Terry Christian. And neither are you.