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Tuesday, 8 October 2019

People -v- Parliament: Round 3

With parliament prorogued today for the rest of the week, at least remain MPs will be unable for a few days to keep digging the hole they're in. Parliament is today held in greater contempt than at any point in my life. The one clear finding of today's Comres poll for the Telegraph is that the nation overwhelmingly blames parliament for the Brexit mess - Boris gets away relatively unscathed;

The public have quite accurately identified their enemies - and any election in the next month or two will irrevocably be coloured by the contest between people and parliament. I can tell you in advance that parliament will lose.

The privileged elite, having captured all the institutions of the State, naively assumed that they could do away with the will of the people, could dispense with democracy. MPs became deluded to the point of imagining that they were important as individuals, that their personal opinions on this matter were more important than the people to whom they had lied in 2017 to win their seats.

All they have done is to ensure that constitutional reform is now inevitable. Everything starts with the elector. Universal suffrage, the secret ballot and the right to associate and form and subscribe to political parties are fundamental to the security of every single citizen in our isles - leavers, remainers and those who don't care. If the elite try to subvert our system of representative democracy, we will constrain our representatives. If the Speaker abuses the privileges of the Chair, we will constrain the powers of the Speaker. If the Supreme Court starts to play politics, we will make its composition a political matter. Power in this nation is delivered via the ballot box, and votes are won not by threat, violence, closing the streets or silly stunts but by reason and argument, by establishing and maintaining a narrative that chimes with the lives and experiences of the electors. People -v- Parliament has lodged in the people's mind and cannot now easily be dislodged.

If you haven't yet seen it, I commend the 27 minute video in the post below. Just ordinary electors, real people, you and me, talking calmly to the camera. The elite will no doubt find it astonishing that we common folk value our democracy so highly.  


JPM said...

You're still pretending that a minority amongst the twenty-six percent of the people, who voted Leave, are "the people.

That's clearly silly, and it is why there will be no mass unrest if your wishes are not met.

Consider this.

Someone who grew up in London, in Manchester, or in Bristol likely feels far more at home in Paris, in Amsterdam, in Berlin, or in Rome, than they do in Halifax, in Macclesfield, or in Swansea.

You're playing identity politics, but you are mistaken as to what those identities are.

Mark said...


DiscoveredJoys said...

Dear Cheesy,

no matter how small you wangle the percentage of people who voted Leave to be, the percentage of people who voted Remain is smaller.

Raedwald said...

Brexit derangement syndrome - classic

However, it is representative of the anti-democrats who will not accept even the most basic tenet of democracy - the electoral majority. They've got a shock coming.

JPM said...

Most of us accept the verdicts of democratic votes and elections.

What we reject, however, are fanciful forecasts of public behaviour, based on wildly errant arithmetic and a blindness to demographics.

Mark said...

!!!!???? X10

I think this troll has Eric Cantona syndrome.

DeeDee99 said...

Unfortunately, the FPTP electoral system is going to return many of these anti-democrats to Parliament. For a start, the SNP will probably get around 4% of the overall vote - and 50 MPs.

There will be a clear-out - not least because some of the anti-democrats will decide to save themselves the embarrassment of losing and won't stand. But it will be a much smaller clear-out than we need, like the Expenses Scandal.

And even IF the Conservative Party manages to win a convincing majority (without a pact with Farage), can they really be trusted to renew our Constitution in a manner which isn't in their own interests and therefore the interests of the Establishment? I certainly don't.

And I firmly believe that that is one of the reasons Boris won't countenance a pact: because he knows Farage would make a REAL difference.

Anonymous said...

I think that DeeDee99 has it - we are speaking rosettes on donkeys here.

My city voted by a fair old margin to Leave the EU, but I know that the demographic will
dictate the voting in of a MP who has made it clear that he aims to overturn the referendum

One of the things that I am wary of - the forces that are at work are not for the status quo; they
want 'change' - but it may not be the change that we want.
The EU thrives on the 'beneficial crisis' - they create the turmoil, and have the ready-made answer
up their sleeves.
We are in one such situation now.

Please, if we advocate for change, steer clear of Citizens Assemblies - they'll be packed to the
rafters with Soros' Common Purpose-like NGO stooges; and those bastards won't be working in our interests.

Anonymous said...

"Most of us accept the verdicts of democratic votes and elections " you don't. That's why your mates are running off crying to the courts trying to overturn it. The liberals have openly said they will just ignore it as an example.

John Brown said...

The whole world is watching the UK and the EU to see if those in power are going to abide by the democratic decision made by the UK people to leave the EU or whether the EU, with its UK collaborators, has turned both into a South American dictatorship which pretends to be democratic but ignores referendums when it does not achieve the result it wants.

If losers consent no longer applies then democracy dies and Parliament will be to blame.

Parliament, the civil service, the corporates, the judiciary, our institutions etc. have all been corrupted by the EU using our money to achieve its aim of “ever closer union by stealth”.

Project fear is entirely based upon the EU turning nasty should we attempt to comply with the referendum result and leave without signing a new treaty which locks us into the EU and its institutions with no say or veto and from which there is no exit – described by Mr. Verhofstadt’s staff as “colonial status”.

The UK should be taking the EU to an International court for refusing to comply with the Lisbon Treaty Article 50 paragraph 2 and threatening us with sanctions and non-cooperation if we do not sign their surrender treaty.

Dave_G said...

The video Raed points to should be on the mainstream media channels. Not to promote the issue of Leave but to educate the Remainers as to WHY people voted that way for they seem to be ignorant of the basics of life and the issues that affect the MAJORITY.

One comment within the video rang alarm bells for me and that was the person that inferred a potential civil war if the vote to Leave wasn't upheld. It wasn't said with any malice - it was said as a heartfelt response to the fact that Leavers are being ignored. It has been my personal feeling that civil war is a distinct possibility and I find my own impressions on such issues to be fairly accurate (mainstream if you will) and that if others are so concerned with the outcome of Brexit that they openly and honestly suggest an uprising in the event of the vote being over turned then TPTB simply must take note - else the 'deplorables' they so smugly discount as 'racist, bigots, uneducated, xenophobes' etc really WILL take matters into their own hands.

John Brown said...

“The public have quite accurately identified their enemies - and any election in the next month or two will irrevocably be coloured by the contest between people and parliament.”

As long as the polls remain as they are I don’t believe we will have another GE until May 2022 and I wouldn’t put it past the current Speaker and the pro EU remain cabal in Parliament to change the rules and delay a GE until they have rigged a second referendum for full remain v surrender remain.

Mark said...

What remainiacs totally fail to grasp is that by wilfully ignoring the decent and law abiding majority, what they are doing is taking away from such people their inbuilt restraints.

The calculated, sneering offensiveness with which they do this adds fuel to the flames. The utter contempt for any "gammon" who warns of potential consequences is a blast of oxygen loaded with powered aluminium.

"Why, what are you going to do?"

Nothing, which is the point, other than put a cross on a piece of paper. That cross may be against a Tommy Robinson or somebody a hundred times worse.

If you call us morons, nazis, racists etc, etc etc, etc while at the same time whoring this country and its institutions to a clearly rancid, corrupt and failing wannabe euro-empire - for no reason OTHER than to spitefully and childish rub our noses in it (you can provide no practical argument as to the advantages of remaining: QED).

Well, don't be surprised if in future there is a knock on the door and representatives of the "peoples committee for the restoration of British sovereignty" want to ask you a few "questions".

The majority do nothing. They never do. They just stand aside.

Remainiacs, forget your puerile plotting and abuse of the law. Just realise where it can - will - lead.

DiscoveredJoys said...

Following a phone call between Merkel and Boris, a Number 10 spokesmand said:

"‘The call with Merkel showed the EU has adopted a new position. She made clear a deal is overwhelmingly unlikely and she thinks the EU has a veto on us leaving the Customs Union. Merkel said that if Germany wanted to leave the EU they could do it no problem but the UK cannot leave without leaving Northern Ireland behind in a customs union and in full alignment forever. She said that Ireland is the government’s special problem and Ireland must at least have a veto on NI leaving. Merkel said that the PM should tell Northern Ireland that it must stay in full alignment forever, but that even this would not eliminate customs issues.

‘It was a very useful clarifying moment in all sorts of ways. If this represents a new established position, then it means a deal is essentially impossible not just now but ever. It also made clear that they are willing to torpedo the Good Friday Agreement’"

Reported on Guido Fawkes, but not yet confirmed. It seems to me that the EU is making a land grab for NI - and that has been their overriding concern. We are better off out (completely).

Mark said...

So if Germany, which borders eight EU countries were to leave that would be no problem but we can't because we border one?

Did the old bag squarehead really say that?

DiscoveredJoys said...

@ Mark

That is what is being reported (including the BBC and Sky)... but the Germans are not confirming the contents of the call.

However I can't believe that 'Number 10' would brief out an easily refuted summary of the call.

Mark said...


A quick go-ogle, seems to be on guardian and new statesman as well so somebody seems to want to create an impression.

Looks like this whole backstop thing might be blowing up in their faces. I think Radders from a few posts bsvj is right.

Mr Ecks said...

The EU have fucked themselves and all remainaic scum like Cheesy. There is NO possible deal they will accept that does not destroy the UK and allow them to beat us economically.


Stephen J said...

As usual the only important thing to a tory is the effin tory party....

According to some reports, Doris will run on a no deal ticket in any upcoming election....

Of course if they win, following a media blitz and the latest revelations about Farage, Tice or their non-party, even though we don't know what they have done yet... take yer choice!

They will begin negotiations for a deal with the EU....

.... and so it goes.

Mr Ecks said...

r--You are talking out of your backside. The EU just said "Fuck Deals". So apart from fucking surrender or No Deal that is it.

rapscallion said...

Cheesy at 07:49

What an utter wanker you are. I grew up in London with a foreign born parent (Belgian since you ask), and yes I do feel at home anywhere in Europe, but I also feel just as much at home if not more so amongst my own people, my fellow Britons. I don't look down my nose at them like you do.

Oh, it's down to 26% from 37% now is it. In that case the Remain vote will still be less than the Leave vote. If you didn't vote, it doesn't count.

You have not shown any indication of accepting the verdict of a democratic vote, if anything it's been the opposite.

I refer you to this little nugget

Read it and weep Cheesy!

Raedwald said...

19:53 deleted for being utter bollocks. You clearly have no understanding whatsoever of the cost/benefit balances of the changes about to come. Don't waste your time.

SG said...

JPM said...
You're still pretending that a minority amongst the twenty-six percent of the people, who voted Leave, are "the people.

That's clearly silly, and it is why there will be no mass unrest if your wishes are not met.

Consider this.

Someone who grew up in London, in Manchester, or in Bristol likely feels far more at home in Paris, in Amsterdam, in Berlin, or in Rome, than they do in Halifax, in Macclesfield, or in Swansea.

JPM - and your evidence for this is what?

Stephen J said...

@X 18:04....

I think that you misunderstand my point.

I was advancing no thoughts as to the EU and its deeds or acts, since I want to leave because you can't trust their word or deed. The Irish (and my wife is Irish) are probably currently the worst. We English bailed the bastards out to the tune of £7bn.

No sir, my point was that bloody boris will run an election with a message designed to kill the Brexit Party by any means, and then when it has won... Just go back to trying to get a deal out of the EU. A case of banging one's head against a wall with the express aim of reuniting the Tory Party, which I have absolutely no care for, it is anti democratic and anti-English.

I want the nation to become an independent democracy. Then after that we can go after the shitty tory party.