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Friday, 11 October 2019

Turkey is a Rogue State and must be treated as such

Long time readers will no doubt recall I have been consistent for many years in promoting the dangers of our alliances with both KSA and Turkey, the two greatest fomenters of conflict, terrorism and instability in Europe. I have been consistent in advocating the expulsion of Turkey from NATO. Back in July I even congratulated the Telegraph's Con Coughlin for unusually lunching with the right MOD briefer and writing -
When Turkey joined Nato back in 1952, the idea was that it would help to protect Nato’s eastern flank from Moscow’s aggression. Now that is clearly no longer the case, and European leaders should join their American counterparts in facing up to the fact that Turkey under Mr Erdogan is a lost cause. The days when Turkey had a genuine interest in cementing its ties with the West by joining the European Union are long gone. Instead, we have a country that openly associates with those who wish to do us harm.

Consequently, now that Mr Erdogan has demonstrated that he feels more at home in Moscow than he does in Brussels, we should acknowledge where Turkey’s true interests lie, and terminate its NATO membership.
As far back as 2015 I was of the opinion that only internal action by the Turkish people to remove Erdogan could turn things around but was later forced to admit the failure of that course -
Well, the coup was tried - and failed. Tens of thousands of civil servants have been dismissed, hundreds of the most senior military officers imprisoned, and at least a score of them judicially murdered in custody ('fell out of a window' 'had a heart attack' etc). Erdogan appreciated his isolation and moved to make an ally of Russia, with $20bn of arms purchases. It is pertinent that at least some of that money comes from the EU, the billion-Euro bribes for not sending migrants across the Greek border.
Turkey's invasion of northern Syria can hardly come as a surprise to anyone. That a NATO member can undertake such unlawful aggression without the sanction of immediate expulsion is a disgrace. That Turkey can threaten Europe with a tsunami of 3.6m migrants if anyone objects to its unlawful invasion is proof if proof were needed that Turkey is now a rogue state.

On the subject of baddies, a word of advice to shirt-and-tie characters who are desperate to cultivate a cool image with designer stubble. Like a teenager with a face full of bumfluff trying to grow a moustache, make sure you have enough facial hair before you try - or you just look dirty and unshaven. EU commissioner Johannes Hahn and XR's Rupert Reid please note. 

EU functionary Johannes Hahn and XR man with a suit Rupert Reid


JPM said...

Turkey was a more modern, progressive country in 1952 than it is today in some important ways.

States can move back as well as forward.

US and UK take note.

Smoking Scot said...

And you're correct on both counts. Those at the top in KSA and Turkey are lethal bastards with the means to reach out close to anywhere.

Loads more executions scheduled in Saudi for "dissidents", with even a Facebook slight being enough to have you beheaded in public. Source is Press TV, today.

In Turkey its prison. Again it's just an association to the wrong person, no matter how trivial that'll get you incarcerated for decades. They'll be lucky to leave it with their sanity.

What they're doing in Yemen and parts of Kurdistan (aka Northern Syria) is just outright slaughter.

For what? Essentially their ego.

We continue to be saddled with concepts our politicians thought sensible post WW2. Some have been corrupted, some are way past their sell by date and NATO is no exception; the leadership in Turkey is no friend of the West.

(I shan't get going on the guy who heads up Israel, who's cut from the same cloth).

In all cases I emphasise it's only their politicos, not the people they claim to represent.

Dave_G said...

Turkey and KSA are good examples of the way that Europe will go if we allow a 7th Century belief to over ride modern needs and an ability to debate.

They aren't 'politically-motivated' countries but religiously active countries that pose a threat to every individual that refuse to submit to them.

Turkey leans towards (and is accepted by) Russia purely as a failure of Western policy and interference with the ME. No one can say that Western 'influence' in the ME has been anything other than a total and utter disaster.

As for unshaven XR-like people - was anyone else as disgusted as I was over the overtly propagandist QT last night where there was hardly a single voiced opposition to the absolute drivel XR was spouting and even the audience failed to raise one objection over the lies of climate catastrophe or the manipulation of the facts?

Disgraceful bias and propaganda exercise by the BBC.

Mark said...

We did cheerful, which is why we voted to leave the EU

JPM said...

Yes, you believed the lie that eighty million Turks were headed for the UK, along with all the other tripe.

Or said that you did, as an excuse.

leila said...

To add to Raedwald's wise words the Duran with Peter Lavelle from Cross Talk has an excellent summary of the Turkish /Kurd situation voicing support for Trump's withdrawal with reasons. Re the climate nonsense we are being propelled into disaster. The choice of the small angry woman, whom one dare not criticize is a brilliant propaganda move. The sight of our politicians fawning over her was nauseating.The future looks very bleak.

Mark said...

Who ever claimed 80 million would?

Just the 3.6 million "refugees" Erdogan will send towards Greece then should the EU not behave like the whipped bitch he knows it is.

Don't worry though Getmany will sort it.

DeeDee99 said...

Erdogan's latest threat to flood Europe with Muslim migrants/terrorists should have come as no surprise to the Kommissars. But I guess from their behaviour they've never read any Kipling:

"It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
To puff and look important and to say: --
"Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
We will therefore pay you cash to go away."

And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
But we've proved it again and again,
That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
You never get rid of the Dane."

Dave_G said...

Cheesy - quite clearly you have lost the argument and are clutching at straws to justify your position over the Referendum result. Turkey had nothing, zip, ziltch etc to do with a vote to leave and you are seriously deluded if you think this is the case.

If you plan on using everyone's individual concern as an excuse for 'voting the wrong way' then you are truly a nutjob of the first order. There is clear evidence that the people of the UK had issues with EU membership for DECADES before the Referendum and never, at any time, were issues such as Turkey brought forward as a reason for wanting to leave.

First and foremost is and always has been our sovereignty and independence. Never forget that. If you, personally, want your country and your life to be run by unrepresentative, un-elected and un-accountable (who also have FULL IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION for anything they do on behalf of the EU) lapdogs then go join them - leave the rest of us in peace.

Dave_G said...

Of course, Erdogans 'threat' to unleash 3.6m refugees isn't an actual threat as far as the EU are concerned - it's something the EU want to happen so they can get all the immigrants they desire yet blame someone else for it.

Anonymous said...

JPM said @ 07:09
Turkey was a more modern, progressive country in 1952 than it is today in some important ways.

It really wasn't mate. My elderly next door neighbour worked there for 6 years in the 1950's. After the war he took his REME experience into civvy street and helped build power plants all over the Third World. He told me Turkey was the second worst place he'd ever worked: untrustworthy, lazy backstabbing misogynists and paedophiles. The British blokes preferred to live on site and rarely mixed with the locals who tried to sell their daughters to them for sex. Ditto Egypt.


Mark said...


The troll doesn't know his arse from a grand piano - about anything!

That said, I slmost admire the sheer bone headed refusal to admit defeat.

JPM said...

As Peter Hitchens wrote a few months back, the whole understood point of NATO was as a counter to the powerful, authoritarian Soviet Union, not against "Moscow", whatever the nature of a future Russia.

The USSR has been dissolved however, and Hitchens argues plausibly that in response so should be NATO.

Raedwald apparently makes the confusion hoped for by those wishing to use NATO for a different purpose from its original one.

Mark said...

See above!