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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Living under Lockdown

Well, it's here. Boris had no choice. And whilst my underlying beliefs remain unchanged, there are no libertarians in a plague or in a war of national existence. Just as our forefathers accepted conscription and rationing, we must accept lockdown. Breaching the terms is as treasonous as ignoring the black-out and shining a light up to enemy bombers.

We've had lockdown here for a week already. The local Spar is fine - after an initial run on toilet paper, the staff worked with a fury to get stuff onto the shelves faster than folk were taking it off, with the result that yesterday the shelves and aisles were groaning with Easter stuff. I have some migrants from Italy - they come every year. Black Redstarts. Usually two pairs. So rare in the UK that I once had to spend (planning condition) £300,000 installing a 'brown roof' on a new building for them; much to the chagrin of the client. The ecology people said they liked old bombsites, with plenty of demolition rubble, burnt wood and fireweed. Actually, they just like flies - or insects anyway - each pair eating some 1.5kg during the breeding season. And whilst the locals regard them as a bloody nuisance, I welcome them. They're ugly, they can't sing for shit and they're not entertaining like tits, but just for the untold millions that they cost UK developers, they're fab.

Stay safe all and let's take care of each other.
EU/EEA and the UK Sum of Cases Sum of Deaths
Italy 59138 5476
Spain 28572 1720
Germany 24774 94
France 16018 674
United_Kingdom 5683 281
Netherlands 4204 179
Austria 3631 16
Belgium 3401 75
Norway 2132 7
Sweden 1906 21
Portugal 1600 14
Denmark 1395 13
Czech_Republic 1165 1
Ireland 906 4
Luxembourg 798 8
Poland 634 7
Finland 626 1
Greece 624 15
Iceland 568 1
Romania 433 2
Slovenia 414 1
Estonia 326 0
Croatia 235 1
Bulgaria 185 3
Slovakia 185 0
Hungary 167 7
Lithuania 143 1
Latvia 139 0
Cyprus 95 0
Malta 90 0
Liechtenstein 46 0
Total 160233 8622


Span Ows said...

I used to see laods when I lived in Spain although your immigrants may be from a lot further afield than Italy. Morocco, Somali, Yemen, India to name a few spots.

"Breaching the terms is as treasonous as ignoring the black-out and shining a light up to enemy bombers."

No way. Hyperbole of the finest order.

Mr Ecks said...

Faux-patriotic shite Radders.

In 3 weeks the economic rot will be irreversible and the coro will be revealed as a damp squib flu+.

Then all the morons laving Blojo's arse today will discover their job/business/livelihood/home/family future is down the pan. Wait until millions --including 5 million s/e --former Tory core voters whose plight Blojob is ignoring--are trying to sign on to a useless socialistic BluLabour system that takes 16 wks from claim to dole cheque BEFORE millions of extra claims hove into view.

And once all these people know that they have lost everything because of a hysterical reaction to a minor danger then the morons praising the Dear Leader will instead be baying for his blood. And those most approving of his tinpot tyranny will be baying the loudest.

BTW--Don't be playing with yourself yet Cheese--Jizz wanted to do even worse--but then leftist scum have such very short and convenient memories.

Stephen J said...

The cure seems to be worse than the disease. Certainly in statistical terms anyway.

I cannot help thinking that globalist government is already preparing to take massive advantage of this disproportionality, they are uniting to create a world wide "beneficial crisis".

As you mention yourself here Raedwald, under wartime conditions the obvious action is to ramp up industrial production and send our young people off to fight and possibly die.

Well this situation is out by 180 degrees. production is grinding to a halt, and the old are being locked in to die alone, either of loneliness, or coming soon, starvation. Unlike your mountain side, the shops here have been emptied out and there appears to be no signs of any attempt to maintain stocks.

I reckon that this might be the start of the global communitarian push, the final destruction of any independence being a significant aim of that evil form of administration.

Your recent discussions here, regarding the future of AI being one of the main beneficiaries of this "crisis"., another will be the final elimination of cash.

The biggest danger is not the virus, although it does seem to be quite aggressive in the way, with the help of government, it is spreading globally, even if the death rate is being largely manifested amongst people like me, old and with compromised immune response... Pesky nationists!

Life will never be the same, despite (not Brexit this time) herd immunity.

As Dave_G has been pointing out, the numbers do not tally.


DeeDee99 said...

What a shame Boris didn't listen to Nigel and stop the daily dozens of flights from heavily infected Italy (and elsewhere) 3 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, he put the interests of the Airlines in maintaining their flight-slots for a few weeks above the health and well-being of the British people.

He had no choice now, because of the Government's own action/inaction.

Stephen J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen J said...

As far as I am aware Dee Dee, people are still flying in from abroad, including some of the worst affected areas, such as Iran, China and Italy. Unless that has changed since yesterday?

@Span Ows... There is no shortage of "upstarts" here either, and I fully expect them to have quite aggressive feeding habits.

I forgot to mention that just for once, Dr. North makes a really salient point. Johnson is being forced into this somewhat draconian action, whether or not it is disproportionate, and I would suggest not, even though I don't like him that much.

His point... There has been a continuous weakening of the local institutions that historically have been set up to manage this kind of challenge to civil society in favour of centralised ' cheaper and less efficient management, mostly managed by the communist NHS.

Raedwald said...

I'm really glad that Richard North has discovered Localism - we've only been banging on about it here since 2007.

Yes, there are future blog pieces to come on how after this is over we really need a Big Bang devolution of powers. Our local gemeinde of 2,500 souls has a Burgermeister on whose door one can knock or whom one can phone if unhappy, with a town hall and staff of eight. And he has real powers, and local people are glad of them.

Dave_G said...

I look at this 'crisis' thus:

Ordinary, annual, influenza is (potentially) fatal to anyone over 85 and suffering underlying health issues.

Covid-19 'flu' is (potentially) fatal to anyone over 75 and suffering underlying health issues.

Don't believe me? Look at the numbers for annual influenza deaths and compare to the TOTAL (so far, admittedly but no signs of it being disproportionately exceeded) for Covid-19.

Any other panic-inducing, social-media exploiting, globalist-pushing explanation is hyperbolic shite. And the general populations reliance on social media must take a lot of the blame for this too - the BBC? Well, whay else would we expect from those shills?

The next three weeks will reveal the REAL purpose behind this scaremongering - and the climate alarmist tossers must be cursing themselves for not having the same impact they have clearly sought over the years.

Anyone running a 'book' on when London riots kick off?

JohnofEnfield said...

Hear hear. The “cure” is going to be far far worse than the “bite”.

JPM said...

If help comes for the self-employed, then it will be based on income according to HMRC records.

What will tax-dodging, cash-in-hand, brexit-party-voting white van man do?

Stephen J said...

Apart from leaving me with a deep contempt of the words and underlying hatred from jpm, there is a ring of truth behind his last words.

Independently minded people, and others who make all or some of their livelihoods from cash based dealing are going to be hit disproportionately hard in the near future, if not right now.

However, I think that there is a bit of a misnomer currently spreading amongst some of the more independently minded commentators, that nationalism is becoming the norm amongst states that have until recently appeared to be united, particularly within the remaining 27 member states of the EU.

I have noticed, that these newly "independently minded" nationalist leaders, are all saying exactly the same things, and enacting exactly the same draconian new laws, even though similar civil contingency stuff (even though mostly treated like pissing on the wheel of a hackney carriage) already exists. i.e. the pure fascist objective that set Mussolini on his road to power in 1913, that ordinary folk are more motivated by nation, than they are by ism, so they have to hide behind the nationalist cloak of invisibility.

In other words, they are rushing to appear to be responding to the needs of the people that elected them, but are actually just as globalist minded as they have been since the whole globalist thing began to make serious inroads into hard won civil liberties.

JPM said...

But Raedwald, basically, yes.

That's that.

Let's hope that it's for as short a time as possible.

Raedwald said...

No government on earth is going to recompense tax-evading workers for their ilegal losses. For those who have under-declared their incomes, tough shit.

The rest of us who pay honest tax have been paying their share for common goods - tax evaders aren't robbing 'the government', they're robbing me. I might need that unavailable ventilator they should have paid for instead of that flash new motor for themselves.

Stephen J said...

I am not sure how many flash motors are in the possession of fruit pickers and waiting/cleaning staff from Romania, etc.?

As for the possessors of such new flash motors, none of them of course receive them in lieu of cash payment for services rendered to the swamp.

Of course there are always those that are indeed, evading taxation, like globalist companies that continuously fly under the wire for at least some of their activities.

The point that I was really making was that part of the purpose of the new authoritarianism which is is being implemented as part of the developing "beneficial crisis" is the abolition of bank backed cash.

Barter banter.

Anonymous said...

JPM said 09:53

'What will tax-dodging, cash-in-hand, brexit-party-voting white van man do?'

You need help mate. Seriously hate like yours eats away your humanity. When this isolation finishes you should ask your GP for psychotherapy.


Mark said...

And let's not forget the glorious members of the euro reichstag who can claim vast expenses without providing receipts.

Our troll worships at this altar.

Dave_G said...

JPM said "What will tax-dodging, cash-in-hand, brexit-party-voting white van man do?"

Well, if they did the same as the socialist supporting, dindunuffin gimmegrants I reckon you'd be ok with that?

Raedwald said...

Stephen - I've got every sympathy with the fruit pickers and waiters - they're not the ones with the flash cars, but the fruit farmers and the restaurant owners are, avoiding NI, insurance etc out of pure greed. No-one who doesn't pay national minimum wage (because this just puts the costs onto taxpayers) or who evades paying tax doesn't deserve help - they're freeloaders.

Bucko said...

Tax evaders aren't robbing you or the Government, they're stopping the Government robbing them
That ventilator could just as easily be paid for out of the millions the Government squanders on nonsense on a daily basis

As for the lockdown, it's a hideous and very dangerous over reaction, which is just pandering to the frightened screams of the Facebook generation

Boris has no need, justification or right to impose a lockdown and we certainly don't have to accept it
(Although we probably will)

Raedwald said...

Bucko - fine. But they can't then expect any help from that same government (i.e. us) when they need defence, health care, the police, someone to mend the roads or enforce the law. You're either a citizen or an outlaw - and only citizens get help.

Bucko said...

True to an extent, but when the Government takes so much and wastes so much, I see it as much less black and white than that

Anonymous said...

Only citizens get help?

Or you can wash up on the South coast in a rubber dinghy and get instantly lavished with the wealth of the state..

Raedwald said...

Well if everyone paid their taxes we culd afford more Border Force officers, cutters and drones to prevent it happening ...

Dave_G said...

We pay enough tax to pave the streets in gold - paying and 'spending responsibly' don't seem to go together these days.

G. Tingey said...

IF there is a conspiracy it is by the ultra-rich ( And I don't mean mere millionaires, either )
IF that conspiracy exists - then we are considerably more fucked than any "communtarian" nightmare would be - a return to the really bad days of a mixture of Feudalism & the US Gilded Age & explotation of ordinary hard-working people.
Incidentally I agree about the cash-in-hand white van men, conning the rest of us, gammons the lot of them, to the last red-faced ignorant & greedy man.

Anonymous said...

@Stephen j

I've gone through the arrivals/pending arrivals at Heathrow today. It is quite staggering how many flights are still coming in.

China (Beijing) 4
Italy (Milan and Rome) 11
Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) 30
Iran (Tehran) 1
Usa (Various) 112
Germany (Stuttgart and Berlin) 23
France (Paris and Nice) 16
Canada (Vancouver and Toronto) 47

This list doesn't include all the other flights from all over the world e.g. Portugal 12, Abu Dhabi 26, Singapore 33, Netherlands 26 etc. etc.

I'd say at least 90% are not UK carriers so who are the Govt. 'protecting' and why?

As far as I know none of the travellers aboard these planes are being tested or going into quarantine on arrival.

Smoking Scot said...

Maybe it's different in your area GT. My experience in Edinburgh is the Poles who are big on the cash in hand.

And as the younger ones are only in the UK to avoid National Service, some are not registered anywhere.

It's been many years since I had Scottish tradesman who offered a discount, equivalent to VAT, if paid in cash.

Another area are the few remaining back street mechanics. I use one because he's miles better than the youngsters the Honda dealer use to service scooters (experienced ones take the motorbikes). With him it's always cash.

Span Ows said...

Anon re flights 20:07.

That is incredible given that most flights were being cancelled. Also many of the planes could be nearly empty but even with a handful of passengers a danger persists...and any checks would have be easier to deal with.

A close family memmber returned from Taiwan two weeks ago, Chinese airline into Franfurt, two trains back to UK. Not a simgle temperature check, question or anything. Craziness. I arrive two days ago (not to Heathrow) and the same thing...when THREE WEEKS ago in a regional airport of small LatAm country they had individual extra passport checks ("Where have you been" etc), temperature gun, questions re health.

Anonymous said...

I know it's the Mail - but will be interesting to see whose model is correct - the Imperial College one or the one from Oxford the Mail is leading with - I'm guessing peer review is still used prior to publication?

Stephen J said...

I do not think that Mr. Tingey has the faintest idea what "communitarianism" is.

It does not apply to the hidden mega rich, neither does it apply to their political stooges, it does however apply to everyone else, and it is characterised by the end of anonymous money (cash), the replacement of that with free credits, for workers whether (currently) working, or as in acting terms "resting".

However, we MUST all be ready to "volunteer" in the military sense of the word...

It is what Africans, be they those that still practise the craft, or those that were victims of it both at the hands of other Africans, or pirates and plantation owners of the past... i.e. SLAVERY!

It is the great unsaid implication of the impact that AI will have...

Luddites can only be wrong for a certain amount of time.. Eventually they will be correct in their observations...

Unlike Malthusians, who were not and never will be right.

As for conspiracy which implies a hidden agenda… There is nothing hidden (conspiratorial) about this agenda, many people lefties and their very closely related (indistinguishable) but superficially hated, far right (deliberate misnomer) have been unwittingly campaigning for it for most of the twentieth century… They call it “progressive” or “radical” politics.

Some of the little signals that have been appearing during this current viral outbreak, are completely unrelated to controlling its spread, or even its overall impact on any particular social group.

The non acceptance of cash by way of payment for any good or service is becoming increasingly apparent. The continuing open spreading of this exquisite little inconvenience, made clear by the continuing arrival of people at the airports. The simultaneous mandated contorted mechanisms that we must use to acquire goods and service from SME’s, versus the tacit acceptance that we of course can continue to use the services of national and multinational businesses, either online or in person (once per day (ha ha)).

The restrictions on local travel, by foot, bicycle or private car that are rapidly ramping up daily.

Oh and let us not forget the flooding of fourth estate level media, from the “flooding” of the internet with information that cannot be trusted but that is infused with a degree of officialdom through to the total exclusion of any non-approved story or commentary in the national or international press, who are ALL saying the same things… e.g. “isn’t it strange that national leaders, however globalist or EU minded, are suddenly being ultra nationalist… even though this ultra nationalism is spouting exactly the same policy… globalist/communitarian policy… yes the language is starting to become more apparent.

Oh no Greg… No conspiracy, it is as plain as the nose on your face.

Dave_G said...

Far too many inconsistencies and questions to be answered for my liking. Even the Governments own documentation reveals over 26,000 died DIRECTLY from simple influenza (and the complications thereof) in 2018. We've had 400(? prove it...) deaths from Covid so far this year......

Total lockdown? But not for annual influenza? And the economic consequences and actions taken to deflect it? Beyond hysterical.

Then we have a media campaign of scaremongering (just watched someone talking about how their mother died in awful circumstances at age 80 from - supposedly - Covid. My own mother died 6 weeks ago - not of Covid but at age 80 and under not-very-pleasant-to-observe circumstances but did I get national TV coverage to reflect my upset???

There is something totally WRONG about the whole thing - the climate loons have tried determinedly to get this level of shut-down for their own distorted reasons (all totally fabricated and scientifically unproven) and now we have .Gov actually ACHIEVING the same effect with equally dubious/unreliable evidence.

We all want to know - WHY. My take....? Where are all the military assets right now? What is happening across the globe with troop/weapon movement? If you wanted to project a conflict you'd want to do it while everyone else was distracted and talking about something entirely different.

What is happening to gold prices?

But that makes me a conspiracy theorist....

Span Ows said...

Dave_G most people I know are voicing the same things, that includes a few EU 'immigrants'. They've been through things in Soviet times we have not known but they all have their spidey-sense tingling now...

JPM, Euro lost ground against the pound? Can you tell us why? "Who'd 'a' thought it eh?"

jim said...

Some serious chin stroking will take place in 3 weeks time.

If the EU infection and death rates start rolling off fairly well then that will encourage keeping going with the present policies, however ruinous. However, getting back to normal will depend on how the rest of the world reacts. I feel that will not be quick.

If the numbers are still going up or constant then we have a problem. Do we chuck more money at the problem or sacrifice people. We may not have much choice in 3 weeks time. The nature of the game may have changed. Social unrest may loom.

Then there is the USA. They are at a very early stage, they have a chaotic health system and a chaotic government. If their infection and death rates are still going up then the prospects of the Western world getting back to normal look poor. Good news Eastwards though.

To cheer you all up Google Tom Lehrer and "I got it from Agnes", I different lurgi but you get the idea.

Span Ows said...

Jim re lurgi/lurgy: nail head.

USA is very well prepared but who knows how things will pan out. LatAm is very well prpeared for prevention (3 weeks ahead of UK) but poorly prepared to cope for a major breakout.

Dave_G said...

The incident of CEO's leaving companies was at its highest ever shortly before this 'crisis'. Similarly, CEO's cashed in their share options just prior to the collapse of the markets - as well as a few members of the American Congress......

Today a convoy of military vehicles passed through my local village - never happened before in my experience. I found this out AFTER my previous post too........ just a lucky guess???

Span Ows said...

The CEO thing is interesting but probably largely unconnected in my opinion, evenly spread over the whole year and other factors at play. That said there were 150+ more than in 2008 (the massive recession year)