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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Forced Muslim integration - painful but necessary

I'm going to annoy some regular commentors by re-stating that I have a problem with the Islamic faith, not Muslims and with primitive native fetishes, not people with brown skin. Muslims are never going to be deported en masse, sent to concentration camps, compulsorily sterilised or chemically lobotomised. So get over it. Those that are here legally are here to stay, and we can act to modify any exhibition of deviant behaviour within the law but that's it. 

Even a year ago writing the paragraph above would still have been seen as the action of a right-wing extremist, a racist or a dangerous swivel-eyed loony by the coercive, bullying and illiberal neo-libs. Today it's mainstream. This week the floodgates have opened and the pushback by a sensible, humane and intelligent majority against the bigoted zealotry of lefty neolibs is gaining momentum.

First the Policy Exchange survey, watered and bowdlerised but still effective, graded the way.  Then came the Casey Review, which pulled no punches at all. Trevor Phillips followed-up with a hard hitting piece entitled "White liberals have speeded segregation in the UK. The great struggle now is to reverse it" and today I delight in another piece in the Telegraph by Allison Pearson;
It sounds good – but what the Casey report really tells us is unbearably bleak. Immigration needs to be restricted, marriages to “cousins” must be stopped (that means closing any ruses about coming in through Europe, too). Any man whose wife needs his permission to leave the house is not a patriarch, he’s a criminal. Islamic schools that brainwash their pupils, and treat boys differently from girls, must be closed. It’s no good pretending that all “faith schools” are equal; how many “British Catholic” primaries do you know that are incubating extremists? There is no place in a liberal, equal society for sharia courts. Oh, and ban the wretched burka, please.
And on that final point even Mutti Merkel is a convert. Yes, trash the ghastly dehumanising rags and let's see the faces of our fellow citizens. Forcing the backward and superstitious Muslim people of Britain to integrate will hurt both them and us - but it's entirely necessary.


Bernard said...

You can take a horse to water, but you can never make him drink.
The word 'forced' is totally out of place here.

Anonymous said...

Harry says;

I broadly agree with most of that. I read the Casey Review and realised the truth is far worse than I thought.

It is too late.

No amount of laws or forcing change will work. There isn't the will in the system or populace to carry it out. I have called the last three General Elections correctly, predicted the Brexit and Trump victories and I tell you this - we are being colonised.

Anonymous said...

It will not work.

Wives will still be beaten, arranged marriages will continue, the indoctrination of hate will continue in the mosques and prisons, 2nd and 3rd Generation Muslims are still radicalised, converts are as bad. Sharia courts will still be held, ghettos will still form, sharia enforcers will still patrol, intimidation will continue.

Generalising; they do not want to integrate, to believe otherwise is to fool oneself.

barnacle bill said...

Radders you are not going to upset me with your comments/views on Islam. Quite frankly it is an abomination of a so called "reglion". It is the beliefs of a stone tooled culture lost in some backward land.

Unfortunately due to the treacherous actions of our political elites both at home and abroad the floodgates were flung open to allow hordes of these mongrels into our lands. Mainly under the flag of "multi-culturalism" but we know in our country it was out of spite and to rub our faces into this shite.

Whilst the awakening is to be welcomed it has now come about two generations too late. Nature is against us as they are just going to outbreed us. Short of a civil war we are not going to be able to change this.

My only consolation is that we maybe able to enlighten them enough for our grnadchildren to have some sort of positive future.

Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders is correct, it is not too late, things can never be made perfect but they can be made better and finally there is a general understanding of what is necessary which will lead to political will.

Our main enemy in my view is the BBC which still has a massively negative effect on political discourse in the UK.

Now is not the time to do it (Brexit must come first and political capital is just that, capital, to be spent wisely priority by priority) but once that is unstoppably underway, and ideally before the next GE, the BBC must be broken up and sold off.

Excise the cancer.

Anonymous said...

Things will be sorted at the most primal level.

Anglo's haven't often had to fight for their own homeland - and when they did - thinks of the Norman invasion, it didn't work out too well for them.

The Normans were ruthless, the Islamists moreso.

The UK will have to go through the forge again, who knows what alloy will emerge.

DeeDee99 said...

The phrase "if it isn't hurting, it isn't working" applies to Muslim integration.

We must stop tiptoing around their religious and cultural sensitivities and apologising for requiring them to act like civilised human beings. They chose/choose to live in a modern "liberal" western country and they must abide by the laws and cultural norms of that society. If they don't like it and don't want to, they have the same rights as the rest of us to emigrate somewhere else they prefer and which will take them in.

They and their "liberal" cheerleaders will howl; claim discrimination; plead "human rights," pull the victimhood card and no doubt some will resort to violence (as usual) .... but British law MUST be applied to them en masse. And Pearson is quite right - Muslim Faith schools should be closed down and cousin marriage must be made illegal, along with any immigration for the sole purpose of marriage.

Will it happen? I doubt it. The Government and the entire British establishment is far too cowardly.

Mr Ecks said...

We cannot--unless they kick off jihadi big-style--round up and deport.

But we can:

1--Allow zero more in. And that includes family reunions
2-Take the vote of them--that alone will do heaps to defuse the problems. No more power/voting block. And no more scum like Jack Straw
3- We can stop the public-paid breeding progamme. Recognise their marriages fully. And allow them just the one --or else bigamy charges and deportation. Only benefits ever for one man, one wife and max of 2 kids. Not a penny more plus only enough housing benefit to house those four. Any more women/kids in tow? Your problem.
4- No more mosques ever and halal banned.
5-Saudi money banned.
6- A small bounty for any who take their families and go for good. Cheaper than civil war.

That is the kind of thing that can be done.

Also a mass purge of all taxpayer financed leftism. In politics, education, the police. All the Cultural Marxist scum who have started the campaign to make us a 2nd class minority in our own country must be removed from the taxpayer's tit.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, there will be nothing done until the ECHR is booted out of Britain and cut away out of British jurisdiction and that's about as likely to happen as is a total Brexit.

Secondly, as was pointed out elsewhere, it really is too late, the numbers are incredible, the people have been duped and no one [the authorities] is even near telling the truth about the numbers but lets say ± 7 million and counting? Local councils, if figures were, could be actually collated would have an approximate per capita figure but then our local councils have been so thoroughly infiltrated, wrested away by means, facilitators; legal. elected and employees devoted to one thing only - encouraging mass immigration from the sub continent, the Maghreb, the Horn.

Thirdly, they come here to western Europe, they live it large on benefits are coached, propagandized in the Mosque and by Theocrats who care not a jot about living conditions and care of their adherents but only of numbers. Their creed is primarily political, this is no religion, it teaches coercion, domination and is overtly Fascistic in all that it does, commanding blind obedience, there is no compromise, the only thing it respects is hard force and harder than that.

Fourthly, say they are escaping persecution and poverty but wish only poverty, hate, persecution and death on their new hosts, bloodsucking - is all they know and conquest is all they do.

Mass deportations? Why would Kashmir and Pakistan, Algeria, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Afghanistan - want them back?

There's only two ways it can go, either immediate and total submission to their creed or, a future of unending war resulting in, segregation of this island and eventually in time, total submission.

Anonymous said...

They are fighting a cultural war, we are not, indeed the likes of the BBC are fighting for them.

Islam needs to be exposed for what it is and ridiculed back to a dusty shelf in a reference library.

But before this can be done we need to bin the idea that 'offence' is in the eye of the beholder and not defined by a common standard, an idea that is destroying our culture from the inside.

H said...

The will is lacking to force integration - for the moment, anyway. Even the obvious step of barring entry from muslim majority countries in not being seriously proposed.

Anonymous said...

I think all faith schools should be closed or at least changed to non-faith schools.

There should be, in Britain as in the USA, no teaching of religion in schools.

Encouraging faith schools is one of the worst things Blair did.

Faith is guesswork aggressively defended.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Whilst in a mobile phone shop yesterday I got talking to the Muslim lad (from Bangladesh) who was serving me.

Being an arse, I started talking politics.

One thing that came clearly from the conversation was that 9-11 was an inside job and that muslims have no responsibility whatsoever for extremism.

I think we're wasting our time on the integration message - the belief that muslims are the victims of some huge conspiracy is too ingrained - this lad is not the first muslim I have had this conversation with.

As has been discussed many times, the tribal "belonging" trumps all others, and defacto precludes integration.

The UK is screwed. We have fucked our kids over badly.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I come from a Multicultural background and an area of the North that had no problem with Poles, Ukranians, the first wave of Indians and Pakistanis, all who gladly accepted integration and the better life that living in the UK gave. We all lived together, kids played together, no problem.

Then the second wave of lower class Indians and especially Pakistanis started to arrive. They moved into the lowest cost houses and tended not to integrate and instead stuck together. Eventually in small areas these new immigrants became the majority. Because these areas were the lowest cost housing and the residents did little to improve things, they became little more than ghettos.

Its this self-imposed segregation that causes a lot of the ill feeling, breeds extremism on both sides and works against the multicultural ideal.

Integration has to be the ideal, whilst at the same time respecting each others traditions.

Supporting all these minorities by supplying interpreters, or multi-language forms or whatever has to be phased out, so that these communities cease to exist in a bubble. Forcing is a harsh word, but refusing to enable the ongoing isolation of these communities is a small but essential way forward.

Anonymous said...

This is a serious subject that needing attending to thirty years ago, but it's too late now. The Muslim demographic really hit its stride between the 2001 and 2011 census and from now on their number will double every decade. They don't need to integrate (a lot of them know that already). Muslims will be the majority in the West Midlands before 2040 and we know from their history it's their way or no way. They'll want self-determination at some point. That's when it'll get violent.

Raedwald said:

'Forcing the backward and superstitious Muslim people of Britain to integrate will hurt both them and us..'


1. Who exactly will be doing this forcing?

2. We had no say in them being here so why should we suffer?


RAC said...

1/ Deport any convicted criminals.
2/ One wife only.
3/ Importing brides/relatives banned.
4/ All benefits cease after second child.
5/ Halal slaughter banned, import of halal meat banned.
6/ Building of further mosques banned.
7/ Parents of children born in this country who cannot speak English on reaching school age charged with criminal neglect.
8/ All signage to be in English, all else removed.
9/ All govmt., NHS etc., leaflets/communications to be written in English only.
10/ Cease providing interpreters for all official purposes.
11/ Increased scrutiny of corner shops taxi firms etc., by HMRC
12/ Introduce national ID card, issued only after rigorous checks.
13/ Severe penalties for employers/landlords of illegal immigrants.
14/ Stop the BBC from broadcasting multicultural propaganda, via a watchdog on its programs and removal of senior management as necessary.
15/ Severe penalties for people smugglers/enablers.
16/ People caught trying to enter the country illegally instantly deported without any sort of hearing.
17/ Stop pandering to every one who "feels" insulted/threatened/discriminated against.
18/ Stop listening to fucking sob stories, most of which are made up or exaggerated,life's a bitch for everybody, we're not the worlds nanny.
That's just off the top of my head, there's probably a lot more that could be done. It's obvious that people come to this country because they think it's better than the country of their birth, they'd hardly come if they thought it was worse. So if it's so good they want to come here why do they want to change it into something different once they're here.

RAC said...

19/ No one of foreign lineage allowed to stand for govmt.,/ local govmt., or be employed in the civil service unless they be third generation all born in this country.

Anonymous said...

Come off it.
There has been years of indoctrination of the white young.
The police are totally dedicated to stopping 'racism'. 'Diversity' is worshiped at all levels of government.
You lot voted this all in.
You let the BBC go on about Britain being a land of immigrants. You let 'devolution 'happen.
Sex assault show trials fill the media. Foreign languages fill the air.
So eat your curry and wait to die.

Anonymous said...

"I think we're wasting our time on the integration message - the belief that muslims are the victims of some huge conspiracy is too ingrained - this lad is not the first muslim I have had this conversation with."

There is no such thing as 'magic dirt'

Western civilisation is a unique product of Western European geography, environment and genotype.

You won't find it among natives in Africa, nor Australia. You can't create it by proximity either.

G. Tingey said...

I agree 150% (yes I know) with what Radders has said - with one small caveat.
However, the rest of you are a disgrace.
Islam is as variable as christianity.
Most of its followers are deluded but harmless.
Consider the sufi & the ahmadiayah ( which I can never spell properly ) ...
Completely peaceable - & much -persecuted by the islamists.

The others, however, the militants - well they are classical autocratic religious believers.

Oh yes, that caveat:
Islamic schools that brainwash their pupils, and treat boys differently from girls, must be closed. It’s no good pretending that all “faith schools” are equal; how many “British Catholic” primaries do you know that are incubating extremists?
Actually, wrong.
The RC church persists in its pernicious brainwashing & treats girls as inferior.

All religious schools MUSt be closed - if only to show that we are fair & uncompromising of=n any from of brainwashing.

#Declation of interest - as you mostly know - I'm an atheist.
[ No comments about the communist religion, either, please! ]

John Dub said...

"The RC church persists in its pernicious brainwashing & treats girls as inferior."

As someone who prospered through 14 years of RC education, I can confidently state you're talking shit.

G. Tingey said...

John Dub
And I can state confidently that you are brainwashed, so badly that you can't see it.

No marriage of priests, no female priests.
Oh - dare I say: "Magadalene Laundries" ??

Anonymous said...

DP111 writes..

The Islamic presence in Europe is foreign in every way, racial, cultural and religious, and needs be turned back.

It has come about due to a serious lack of education, and ignorance of Islam and history, of the political elite.

Lets look at what we are up against. With Islam there will be no compromise. Not because of us, but Islam will not accept a compromise, unless they are losing. Every canonical text of Islam forbids an abiding peace with the Infidel. A compromise treaty (Hudna), can hold for a maximum ten years with the specific purpose for Muslims to reorganise and re-arm, and start the war again.

This will not end until Islam is victorious, and Sharia is established throughout Christendom, the long term goal of Islam, or it is pushed back out of Europe, as it was at the Gates of Vienna in 1684.

Muslims don't even have to wage war. All they have to do is to sit tight and let demography do the rest. Once Muslims are more then 30% of the population, its sharia legally, implemented by parliament. Goodbye Western civilisation. Lost through the ignorance and stupidity of our political elite.