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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

'Head Choppers are really cuddly bunnies' says Con

It's good to see that Con Coughlin is back on form today with a glowing tribute to the selfless and altruistic kindness of the Saudis, who have nothing but British interests at heart. In return, says Con, we owe it to those kind, gentle head-choppers to defend them in 'the court of global opinion'. 

Not only are they under threat from the wicked crane-hangers, but they are currently the subject of unwarranted Yemeni aggression, says Con. If some journalist was hamburgered, and this is by no means proven, and it's possible that persons of Saudi extraction just may have been responsible for something that may or may not have happened, is no reason to obstruct KSA in exercising its kind and selfless consideration for a number of Brits who have grown immensely wealthy from the relationship, nor should our misplaced concerns over press freedom and human rights lead us to restrict those individuals from becoming ever richer from those relationships. 

Allowing the Saudis to subvert our society, corrupt our ministeries, stuff gold into the mouths of Quisling backers, pervert our laws and distort our economy to the detriment of the vast majority of British people is a good thing, says Con, and we should not allow the alleged, unproven primitive head-chopping butchery of Mr Khashoggi to impair it.

Daily Mail shares the evidence of Saudi barbarity


Stephen J said...
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Stephen J said...

Methinks you are reading a bit too much between Con's lines Raedwald.... :)

What is it about that word CON, it seems to precede everything rotten in this world today?

CONservative Party, CONtrol, CONfidence trick, oh and my favourite... us ordinary folk, no longer citizens, not even subjects.

Just CONfused, CONtemptible CONsumers.

Bereft of their purported democracy, disarmed and here to be completely ignored.

rapscallion said...

Just as I have little to no time for Putin and his thugs, the same goes for the KSA and their sword weilding thugs.

In both cases, I have not seen sufficient evidence to prove or dispove these actions one way or the other.

Mr Ecks said...

Piss on the lot of them.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

I've already blogged about this:

Essentially the Gulf States have us over a barrel: there is enough oil money invested in Western countries such that the Gulf states can exert an extreme amount of influence over our governments.

The death of a single journalist isn't of much consequence in the great scheme of things, except to show the complete lack of respect for life the Saudis have.

But when it comes to the importation of extreme salafist/Wahabbi Islam, with Saudi money building Mosques and importing Imams, we should really be putting a stop to it or regulating it. But can governments do that without severe impact on the economy of their country? In the UK it could mean stopping arms sales, the closure of container ports, a big drop on the stock exchange, a crash of property prices in London.... in other words severe financial hardship.

Anonymous said...

There is hardly any doubt that SA is one of the most repulsive nations in the world. Everything Raedwald writes is true.

I believe their is a Great Game afoot. Post 9/11, and the West's massive intervention in the Muslim world, with Iraq broken, there is a play for the leader of the Islamic world.

Turkey, with Erdogan is fast becoming an Islamic nation, and has an aim to become the leader of a proto-caliphate. The Arab world, with SA and Egypt, would prefer that Saudi Arabia take up that role, and demand a permanent SC membership. The outside player is Iran, a potential nuclear state, though America is breaking its economy. All are playing for power in societies in great ferment, as Islam tries to come to terms with the 21st century.

So this Khassoggi business could be a Levantine political plot. Levantine politics makes Machiavelli look innocent.


Anonymous said...


Technically Khassoggi is missing, and has vanished. As there is no body, its hard to say what has happened.

Khassoggi is no saint. What if this is a Levantine plot to screw the Saudi royal family and Saudi Arabia. It is certainly in Turkey's, ISIS's, Taleban's and Khassogi's interest. Coincidence that this happened just when Turkey released American Pastor Andrew Brunson, to improve its worsening relationship with America.


Anonymous said...


There speaks the mate of Con.

'nothing happened'.

and to the skint sailor

"in other words severe financial hardship"

If that is what it takes, better to be poor and free than working as a slave in a Barbary seraglio.

Raedwald said...

Anon 13.50 - I agree.

Allowing the subversion of our nation by a foreign power to keep a wealthy clique wealthy stinks.

yes, BAe will take a hit, the MoD will lose civil-servant-paying wonga but we can throw out scores of subversive Salafist imams currently costing the *ordinary* taxpayer billions in police and security costs to monitor and contain ...

Thud said...

Don't care, the more of each other they kill the happier I am.

Cascadian said...

Raedwald says "we can throw out scores of subversive Salafist imams currently costing the *ordinary* taxpayer billions in police and security" costs"..........IF ONLY YOU COULD, who here has any confidence that has the ability or inclination to do such a thing? Because diversity innit!

You now have tooled up plod in the streets threatening citizens if you intimate they might be islamists.

You would beggar yUK, for some nebulous belief that you are the GB of yore harassing slavers on the high seas.

There is such a thing as choosing your fights, Khashoggi is not even worth the loss of ten quid. It seems that the world is drinking at the same UN moron fountain as christia freeland (canaduh minister of disasters) who created a costly problem with KSA by interfering with the wimminz rites.

Dave_G said...

Given that Khashoggi's demise had to be planned well in advance (the hit team weren't 'just passing') there was significant prelude to this event and, probably, a lot more hidden reasons for his disposal.
If the audio tapes of Khashoggi's dismemberment are genuine then their broadcast will likely bring about significant change in KSA, certainly in their influence in the region.
This could play very handily into Trumps sphere of influence as it would be very easy (relatively speaking) to exploit the KSA's 'delicate' position on this matter - as I'm sure he will.......

Anonymous said...

If the recording was published nothing would change in KSA. It isn’t Kansas. FFS they chop off hands for theft. They don’t share the western respect for life. They respect power. Even a peace treaty is just a truce until the opportunity for an ambush or a stab in the back presents itself.

I enjoy reading Con in the Telegraph. You can always tell when he’s had a boozy lunch paid for by the “MoD”.

Anonymous said...

He really should have known better. Poor chap.

Anonymous said...

The programmes on BBC1 about the Assad regime was illuminating. As someone here mentions, they are not to be trusted, nothing is quite what it seems, to them cheating,is their way of life.

Anonymous said...

The Ugly Terror Truth About Jamal Khashoggi

Its worth considering that this is a region where dropping chemical weapons on your own civilians to demonise the enemy is considered acceptable. Too it can be justified acceptable losses. Particularly so if the gains are great. They are in this case.

We are seeing a Great Game for the leadership of the Islamic world with three major players - Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran. Yemen, Iraq and Syria are major pieces too. Of course America and Israel are major players.

Levantine politics is so murky it makes Balkan politics look transparent.