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Monday, 15 October 2018

Plausible deniability - West decides to believe Saudi lies

It was the threat of oil at $200/bbl that erased any doubts in the President's mind. King Salman told him the silly Grand Vizier had done it and the US administration decided to believe it. Of course we understand, said the US ambassador. Your Grand Vizier was just a little overzealous in questioning Mr Khashoggi and instead of waving his biro about mistakenly reached for his chopping sword and chopped the poor journalist into several box-sized pieces by accident. It was a mistake anyone could have made. Phew. Well that's kicked the recession back into 2019 and we're still hoping something will turn up. 

The Saudi king has no doubt promised the harshest punishment to be meted out to the offender - his wives are to be banned from their London and Paris shoplifting trips for a month. 

Meanwhile the Salafist fanatics continue pouring Saudi blood money into Europe to subvert Islamic moderates, continue to export Islamist imams to preach hate and death and through bribes, kickbacks and corruption have fouled those charged with preventing such abuses. The dead of 9/11 cry out from their ashpit graves for justice, for the indictment of the Saudi backers of the massacre. And the Western press puffs out its cockerel chest in boast and braggadocio about press freedom and quietly closes down all news stories about the murder of a fellow journalist by the Saudis in their Turkish consulate. 

Gentlemen, you disgust me.


Domo said...

The US is a net exporter of Oil
The POTUS has a pretty minor interest in global oil prices these days, Russia is of course always interested raising them.

Its all a bit of nothing, the saudi government killed a saudi citizen, they do that all the time.

Span Ows said...

...they do it every day, sometimes publicly (or is that taboo these days). too much money involved, they spend billions we all turn a blind eye knowing they are throwing stones at us behind our backs. Roll on end-of-oil, they'll be back to nomad goat-fuckers within two decades.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


That report Cameron commissioned seems unlikely to see the light ...

Yes... an outbreak of Mahdism would top things off nicely.

Anonymous said...

More than just oil.

Cascadian said...

There is a lot wrong with the world, and plenty of things to be disgusted about. Forgive me if I do not find the death of Mr Khashsoggi compelling enough to disrupt an alliance that is finally having major success against Daesh in Iran, Yemen, Syria and the Paleswinian problem ie Hamas.

The death of one "journalist" is like the joke of a hundred solicitors at the bottom of the sea-just a good start. Painful as it is for the remaining family.

If journalism wishes to restore its tarnished image let them investigate the death of four people at Benghazi and Dr Kelly's untimely demise.

As to Saudi Arabia, as much as I despise their funding of terrorist storehouses (Mosques) in the West, they do seem to be modernizing at a rapid rate, and are showing a willingness to take on terrorists at their own expense. Their example of refusing the dregs of islam into their country is an example that yUK, the EU and canaduh could profitably follow.

Stephen J said...

Move along now people, nothing to see here...

Now look what PUTIN has done now!

He has done the washing up without his gloves on, the evil bastard!

Quick, to the sanctions department, apply some new ones now.

Ahhh, look at the puppies.

Cuffleyburgers said...

No normal journalist - a muslim brotherhood enthusiast with dirt on 9/11.

Obviously there are hundreds of conspiracy theories and the truth will probably emerge blinking into the light a few years from now when nobody can remember what this was all about.

In the mean while this would be a good time to recognise that the alliance between the west and the saudis, while it has enriched lots of disreputable individuals on both sides has done precious little for the common man in either place; quite the contrary in fact, Saudis despite MBS and his potemkin reforms, KSA continues to be a fundamentalist cesspit exporting violence hatred and death to the west as well as to Yemen. The exporting of saudi terror cells and wahhabist preachers has led to social division and bloodshed all over Europe and even the USA.

Fracking means western economies no longer need to suck up to these people in order to keep the lights on; it is high time to end our so-called alliance and treat them like the 3rd party they should be.

And then a thorough purge of all the corrupt bastards in the West who have been perpetuating the idiotic war on terror and lining their pockets with Saudi blood money.

Thud said...

Cuffley pretty much said it all for me with the addition that I do like KSA being at the Iranians throat...fuck em all.

John in Cheshire said...

Remember Death of a Princess? No, not Diana, the Saudi Princess.
That changed a lot, didn't it?

Dave_G said...

Comparisons between the various countries responses to Khashoggi's murder and Skripal's ATTEMPTED murder could be drawn - but that would lead to the expected cries of 'hypocrisy' and probably little else.

Khashoggi's own background opens up more channels of potential enquiry than the authorities would lead you to believe:

His grandfather was the personal doctor of King Al Saud, founder of Saudi Arabia

His uncle was billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, who was close to Nixon, Thatcher and sold his yacht to Donald Trump

His cousin was Dodi Al Fayed, who was Diana's lover and was killed with her when their car crashed

He spent SEVEN YEARS with Bin Laden and the Taliban

....but questions of which there are none......... what else did Khashoggi know that required his offing?

Charles said...

It would appear that he was a man with a past that caught up with him. Very rude of the Saudi’s to take action in Turkey but technically he was in Saudi when he died.

No point expecting civilised behaviour from Saudi, funny that the Labour crowd are not all over this, must be confused as the crime was committed by those of the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

It's a pity Khashoggi didn't live to write his autobiography.

Mark The Skint Sailor said...

The west is bought and paid for with Gulf state oil money. We cannot do anything against them without suffering financial consequences.

Either a run on the stock market, cancellation of arms deals or turning off the oil supply. There are many ways the gulf states can hurt us.

It's the easiest way to explain the apparent protected status of a certain religion.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! When Macron called out your Brexit bedfellows he was told not to poke his nose into domestic matters.