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Friday, 19 October 2018

May's stupidity has screwed the negotiations from the start.

Mrs May caved in to Brussels from Day One. There are many who believe it has all been a deliberate plot - a conspiracy to wreck Brexit. I don't think so. I think it is rather the stubborn stupidity of a woman who values her abilities far above what they're worth. If I could buy Mrs May's strategic appreciation for it's market value and sell it for what she herself reckons it's worth, I'd make my fortune. Excluding the few wise heads in the FCO, her own cabinet and a willing battalion of external experts from the Brexit process and using instead her self-deluding small team of ditherers, incompetents, fools, cowards, Quislings and Treasury dullards, May's complicit dags, she conceded to the EU on every point. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

She's not fit to be Prime Minister of Great Britain. She's not fit to run a whelk stall.

Now she's faced with an impasse - either the UK stays part of the customs union for ever, a Satrap, vassal state, kow-towing to the anti-democracy that is the EU, or we split the Union. 

There's a third option. Screw them. No deal, and pick the bones out of that. 

Get rid of that Rasputin idiot Robbins. Let the Cabinet take charge. Keep the stupid woman as a figurehead, at least until next year; load her with bad-taste costume jewels and ridiculous, asinine shoes, but never, ever let her speak again.


John in Cheshire said...

Could she form a Dancing troupe; Dancing Terry and the Terretes ( or is that Tourettes). She could spend the time between now and March next year visiting all of the capital cities of the EU members where she could entertain the locals with improvised dance routines.

That should keep her well away from any opportunities to make any more mischief.

DiscoveredJoys said...

'No deal' is appearing to be more and more the 'best deal'. With everybody saying that there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, just get on with it.

Any divorce 'payments' can be sent to arbitration or dealt with at *our* leisure, probably after 29 March 2019.

mongoose said...

There never, never, never [insert as many as you like] could have been anything like a deal. A deal would have meant that the EU is a negotiable project, and it isn't. Any fule know that.

And therefore this is either a charade, a Remainer fix, both, or a master-plan to deliver a no deal exit. "Sorry, guys, nothing is agreed until it is all agreed. Goodbye." No, I don't think so either.

And we were not "allowed" to negotiate any free trade deals while the exit process happened? Do me a favour. Not allowed by? And what are you going to do with that empty threat? Throw us out, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

The fix was in from the start. How dare the plebs vote against the wonderful EU? When you listen to the Remainer luvvies they are genuinely shocked by the result.

Anonymous said...

But the good news is.........

One less Remainiac! Cry Baby Smegg has been seduced but FB and is off to The Valley, avec Lady Smegg too hopefully.

A true man of principle, not hypocritical in any way......

In 2016, he wrote in the Evening Standard: "I'm not especially bedazzled by Facebook. While I have good friends who work at the company, I actually find the messianic Californian new-worldy-touchy-feely culture of Facebook a little grating."

Budgie said...

Remember the "Kit-Kat Brexit" tapes ( The Sun said: "Bombshell tapes passed to The Sun reveal senior civil servants secretly pledging to continue spending taxpayers’ cash propping up Brussels defence and foreign projects ...".

Then there is the necessity that the No.10 EU Unit (Olly Robbins) will have been writing the Chequers plan for months. These things are not done in a fortnight. So that must take Chequers back at least as as far as the Kit-Kat statements reported in March this year.

In the meantime David Davis and Steve Baker at DExEU were writing their own White Paper. They may well have known that the No.10 EU Unit was advising Theresa May, but they could hardly have known that Chequers would be a replacement for their own Canada style proposal.

Then there is the fact that the EU gave an internal response to Chequers on the 5th July 2018, one day before Chequers was revealed to the Cabinet. That means, for the EU to have time to formulate its response, the UK must have given Chequers to the EU probably at least a week before.

Every one of these developments is a provable fact. Every one of them must have been authorised by Mrs May - she is after all the Prime Minister. This is not the "stubborn stupidity of a woman who values her abilities far above what they're worth", this has been deliberately constructed. The proof of the planning is in front of our eyes.

I am no conspiracy theorist. I was prepared to give Mrs May the benefit of the doubt in 2016. In 2017 I too thought Mrs May was merely incompetent. But 2018 has shown that she has lied to us and even to her own Ministers and civil servants. Above all the facts show that Chequers is the culmination of a series of decisions taken by Mrs May. She has planned this. She is culpable.

Domo said...

The problem is, the people who like the EU, have no idea what the EU is.

May and Co genuinely cant understand why the EU doesnt like Chequers,

Dave_G said...

May's promotion to PM was all part of the 'plan' (including Cameron's cowardly resignation) to throw as many spanners into the works as possible. The Irish border was a heaven sent opportunity to also create disarray. There are many issues in the move to Brexit that have been deliberately MADE to be more complicated and disruptive than they need be.

The whole world, bar the EU27, operate on WTO rules. How bad can that be for us?

The EU claim to be working on behalf of the EU27 - Bullshit. They are clearly operating in the interest of the cabal and their political agenda. The EU27 want to continue trade - that's all they want.

Countries don't do business - businesses do. Let businesses decide how they want to proceed after Brexit.

The EU want a border in Ireland. Let the EU build and maintain it. AND take the (c)rap for it.

Don't pay a CENT to the EU on Brexit day. We have no legal obligation.

The EU is finished as an on-going political construct - the current unrest can (and will) only get worse and there is NOTHING, bar the EU agreeing to 'populist' demands, that they can do to keep it on track. They either accept that it's over and change course to what the people want or they collapse entirely and bring about the civil unrest that follows.

This all precludes the EU not coming to an untimely end over the Euro crisis first,,,

Whatever - the EU is over. Finished. A busted flush. Bar the shouting.

anon 2 said...

"Keep the stupid woman as a figurehead, at least until next year; " .... We-e-e-e-e-e-ll, Raedders .....Perhaps; "better the devil you know than the devil you don't."
Fact is, though, she is an agent of the Devil - would probably have been burnt as a witch in more practical times . . .

However: "load her with bad-taste costume jewels and ridiculous, asinine shoes," No. No. No. The 'jewellery' is not just "bad-taste" it's OBSCENE. She surely knows its significations: people do inform women when they make such mistakes .... Though, perhaps, she thinks it 'sophisticated' and european, or somethihng. Either way, it's a mode of communication/expression, and so it should be included on your final ban: "but never, ever let her speak again."

Mr Ecks said...

As is increasingly common these days Radders--you are wrong.

The bitch knew from minute one that sabotage was the name of the game. She IS a fuckwit--lying her fat arse off for two years and then trying to pull an about face to label remain as Brexit gives everybody a clear idea of her level of genius and arrogance. Oily Robbins too. But now she must go. It looks increasingly unlikely she can get it through the HoC as even the Tory treason squad are getting the idea that accepting her bullshit will be their suicide note.

Span Ows said...

Budgie Dave_G and Mr Ecks all have it right, apologies to others if you've said the same thing.

This is most definitely the result of the plan from June 24th 2016 when Cameron resigned, then the ridiculous leadership 'contest'.

OUT-OUT-OUT. No deal (the best deal all along)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Well yes, but in fairness, David Cameron could have picked up the 'phone the day after, called the PMs of Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein and humbly asked whether they'd be OK with us rejoining EFTA, please pretty please. That might have taken a year to sort out, job done.

Instead, he flounced off like a great big pansy, and somehow, Mrs May, who made no secret of being a Remainer, was given the unenviable task of messing things up so badly for so long under TPTB grudgingly give 'us' a second referendum and 'we' grudgingly vote to Remain.

jack ketch said...

The bitch knew from minute one that sabotage was the name of the game
Mr X

I think , for once, von Farage hit the nail right on the head when he tweeted after the summit that M-AI's plan was to extend the whole transition period so that whoever wins (does anyone really believe it will be the tories??!) the next General Election will be able to scrap Brexit.

Stephen J said...

I usually agree with what you write here Raedwald, but not today.

She was installed right from the get go, and it was because she was recognised as the kind of person who could be manipulated by the powers that be.

Cast your mind back to the shenanigans that followed the resignation of the failed Cameron.

First we had Leadsom, who was removed during the first weekend, then Johnson, who was pushed out by Gove, and that was sold to us as Gove being untrustworthy, which meant that Gove couldn't get the job either...

Who did that leave?


Fox...? Hmmmm. God loves a trier.

Ah May, she looks like the sort of person who is happy , nay sees it as her life's work... to become Prime Minister.... Whoo hooo!!!!

And Tubby Isaacs ran a great whelk stall, it isn't actually that easy, she clearly hasn't got the foggiest idea about anything.

But even worse are the creeps that are keeping her in position.

Mrs Proudie of Barchester said...

Arrest or impeach the cow, she is a traitor to the people and a creature of Soros...every word she has uttered is a lie and a subterfuge...

Andy said...

She didn't need to call a general election unless she was hoping to lose seats to Labour, which happened. Now, as a result, we have the very real prospect of a Corbyn led government. What a happy coincidence for the treasonous plotters, or is it? This has been well thought-out over a long time. Leaking our negotiating points to EU (thanks for the reminder Budgie), agreeing to an eye watering payout before negotiations begin... Who could possibly believe in this crock of poo? It's high treason, it's a hanging offence.

DeeDee99 said...

I agree with every word of this except the conclusion. She must go - in true EU fashion - pour encourager les autres who would seek to tie us permanently to the EU as a vassal state or a milch-cow member, with no influence but used by the Kommissars as their personal bank whenever they need money.

She cannot be allowed to remain in No.10 after the shit-storm "government" she's created.

John Brown said...

I’m sorry Mr. Raedwald but although I normally agree with you this time I do not.

I believe we are seeing an establishment/corporate/Parliament/civil service/EU attempt to unlawfully seize power to illegally overturn a referendum result they were not expecting and do not like.

The CPP elected Mrs. May to pursue this task from the very beginning and she has been following Mr. Juncker’s modus operandi of “when it becomes serious you have to lie”.

Having failed to persuade the country to change its mind to give up freedom and sovereignty with threats of economic meltdown (again all through the summer) they are now using the Irish border to try to tell us that leaving the EU is impossible.

The Irish border was not mentioned by either side during the referendum – it wasn’t mentioned at all in the government booklet sent to every household - because it is simply not an issue.

There exists already a border between Eire and N.I. for VAT, excise duty, personal and corporation taxes and many laws and there are already ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras on the main highway between Dublin and Belfast which can be easily used to additionally supervise import duty (if there is any).

Now :

N.I. did vote for the UK to remain in the EU. So, if the people of N.I. consider that membership of the EU is more important than membership of the UK then I would not be against N.I. leaving the UK if this was a “solution” to the Irish border “problem”. I would not expect the UK to try to prevent N.I. from leaving against its wishes, unlike the EU in our case.

However, there is no need for N.I. to become part of Ireland as N.I. with a population of 1.8m wouldn’t be the smallest country in the EU. Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Malta are all still smaller and seem to be able to survive, in fact nationals of Luxembourg (pop : 590K) and Malta (pop : 432K) appear to be able to exert a big influence at the EU.

Tony Harrison said...

Some of the conspiracy theory stuff retailed above is entertaining and quite tempting, but it is practically always the wisest course to believe in cock-up not conspiracy. And your summation of May is spot on! I've said very similar things about her myself on e.g. the Telegraph and Spectator sites, but not as pithily as your piece here. I like your invective style, Sir.

Mr Ecks said...

Ketch--If the Tories Ditch the Bitch and go for a real Brexit they will win --don't worry about that. The number of people in this nation now sick of sell-outs, traitors and arseholes is more than enough to secure that.

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with the Irish border. Northern Ireland don't want a border, Ireland doesn't want a border - who wants a border, the EU well then it is their problem not ours. In any case there already are land borders between EU countries and non EU countries, such as Switzerland which seem to work perfectly well for people and trade who need to cross on a regular basis without holdups. It is a complete nonsense to hold up Brexit for this reason, and nothing will change by having longer to think about it. Just Get On With It.

John Vasc said...

May's Big Fix becomes even more of a betrayal when you bear in mind that, like the attempted sell-out of the UK's armed forces to the EU, the Treasury has been engaging in clandestine talks with the EU and promising to link UK taxes to EU tax-rates - indefinitely. [£]

jack ketch said...

Finally something brexiteers and remainers can agree on:

I think he captured her rather well...although the cardboard needed to be soggier ....