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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Mandarin boss Sly Sedwill confuses with false equivalents

Sly chief mandarin Mark Sedwill is feeling a little public heat against his too-powerful central Statist mandarinate. Dominic Raab's boss Oliver Robbins in particular was excoriated by MPs frustrated that parliamentary democracy is being trumped by Sly Sedwill's unelected pro-EU consiglieri and are saying so openly for the first time.

Of course, as a diligent civil servant unable to answer back at criticism, the first thing Sly Sedwill does is write a letter to the Times warning critics of the mandarins to 'back off'. Or what? An invitation to journalists to the Cabinet Office building, where a forensic scientist and a team armed with electric bone-saws are waiting?  Remember, it is Sedwill and his cabal who are so cosy with both the EU and the KSA - against this nation's interests. Who exactly do they work for?

Sedwill can't resist raising a false equivalent. MPs and blogs such as this have criticised Robbins and Remoaner mandarins. The Head of HMRC has received a death threat from a nutter. Sedwill lost no time in linking these separate events in creating a false equivalent - “However, the anonymous sources on whose sniping it also draws should be ashamed of themselves, especially in a week when another senior civil servant reported having been threatened because of comments about Brexit implementation. This has to stop". Yep, straight from the Jo Cox school of "Jo was murdered by a raving nutter, therefore everyone who voted Brexit is a murderer". 

How the Hell has our civil service gone from a Rolls Royce to this dreary mediocre cabal of dullards, incompetents and non-achievers? Once Brexit is over, we must turn our attention to the much-needed reform of this failing sector.

Well, our senior armed forces and intelligence figures at least are fighting back. In response to Sly Sedwill's snipey whinge, they wrote their own letter to the Times.
Sir Mark Sedwill, the acting cabinet secretary, is wrong (letter, Oct 16). It is not critics of the once great British civil service but members of that service in No 10 who need to cease and desist. Olly Robbins and his defence adviser Alastair Brockbank have serious questions of improper conduct to answer — Brockbank for the now infamous “Kit Kat tapes” on which he was secretly recorded seemingly advocating hoodwinking the 17.4 million Britons who voted Leave while covertly working to lock UK defence and security under EU control after Brexit; Robbins for failing to control him and, it appears, sanctioning the “technical note on external security” of May 24 that echoes the tapes.

Veterans for Britain has just published a full analysis of how the prime minister’s proposals put the autonomy of our armed forces in jeopardy and risk fatally compromising our “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance. It is by far the worst aspect of the Chequers deal and hitherto has not been made clear to the British public.

The EU has no business being in defence or security at all. These are either Nato or nation-to-nation matters. The UK should withdraw all proposals to the EU in these areas. The withdrawal agreement and proposed defence treaty would keep the UK under EU power permanently after the transition period. This is not what the people voted for.
Major-General Julian Thompson RM, chairman, Veterans for Britain; Sir Richard Dearlove, former chief of the Secret Intelligence Service; Rear-Admiral Roger Lane-Nott, naval board member VfB; Professor Gwythian Prins, academic board member VfB
Well done chaps. Both barrels and 10 bore to boot. 


Cuffleyburgers said...

Radders - Dearlove appears to be sound enough, slightly to my surprise.

There is a good interview with him on Sky news, and a link to that from the Skint sailor blog.

God but the whole Sedwill/May/Robbens nexus is a sickening disgraceful episode and must be punished once the Brexit fog clears.

Ecksian terms would be too good for them

John in Cheshire said...

Thank God there are still some good patriots left among our ruling class. But, how much power and influence do they have; they can express their concerns but are they able to change anything? A demonstration that they can would be if Mr Robbins was immediately removed from his current position in leading the fake Brexit negotiations.

I think action on the traitors in the Marxist infested Civil Service must be taken now because otherwise, we'll never leave this corrupt organisation.

Anonymous said...

The analysis makes disturbing reading.

Nick Drew said...

In this context it's also worth reading the Eye, 'Called to Ordure' (page 12 this week) and its account of how the Defence Select Committee shredded Stephen Lovegrove (permanent Defence secretary) over a multitude of failings, particularly as regards the Army (disastrous recruiting, now n the hands of Crapita; treatment of NI veterans etc etc)

Mr Ecks said...

I keep saying it but nobody is listening: fire the entire Senior Civil Service en masse without a penny compo and their pensions confiscated.

Those cunts are the very flesh of the Deep State. Smash it in one move. Ban Common Purpose and shut down the BBC and C4 at the same time and we are well on the road to victory.

Stephen J said...

I have been making the point here and elsewhere for many years that the Blessed Margaret failed to spot the real "n in the wp" right back when.

In those days she had a great public fight with the mineworkers, where the enemy was a simple minded but typically grubby socialist.

She then went into battle with the public, when she followed civil service advice, against the warnings from any remaining conservative (or dry) in her party, by insisting that a repeat of the mediaeval poll tax was a great idea.

It was not until then that she suddenly became aware of the dangers of the anti-democratic bureaucracy as she teetered over the cliff with her "No No No" speech at Bruges.

So this is not a new thing, and it will be damned hard and require either a war, or something more extreme on the oily robbinses of this world...

These people are worse than dole fiddlers, the size of their fraud is tremendous, they generate nothing and steal everything... How they sleep at night is an effin mystery to me.

rapscallion said...

I'm with Mr Ecks on this one, except that after sacking them, I'd be hanging the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Bliar got rid of our impartial civil service and filled it with his leftie leaning cronies in is attempt to remain in power for ever. He's gone, well sort of, but we are left with his sh--.

Budgie said...

Anon, I think the civil service has been going downhill for decades. Our establishment tried to get into bed with both the National Socialists and the Soviet Socialists before WW2. Afterwards they could not see the immense power of the USA so tried gun-boat diplomacy more suited to the C18th than the C20th at Suez. All whilst hosting Soviet sycophants in the 1950s/60s. Then of course Heath took us into the EEC on the back of collusion by our wonderful boys at the FCO, complete appeasement, and a pack of lies. They surely hate us.

Anonymous said...

I thought that the Poll Tax was a good idea, actually, particularly as it was resisted by The Left. What I couldn't understand was that my Poll Tax for 2 adults in a modest family house in a dormitory town was going to be more than Rates when so many more people should be paying the PT.

Cascadian said...

'Once Brexit is over"........ever the optimist Raedwald.

The whole point of the civil service is to ensure that brexit becomes a neverendum with lots of jolly good studies for rupert and jemimas friends, and many dinner meetings to discuss "progress".

MsDisMays latest orders - kick the can, get the cheque ready, I successfully avoided the electorates desires once again.

Latest hilarity from zero hedge-

1. Venezuela Ditches US Dollar, Will Use Euros For International Trade
2. Two Deutsche Bank Traders Found Guilty Of Rigging Libor
3. More Italians Move Savings To Switzerland As Fears Of Banking "Doom Loop" Intensify
4. European Car Sales Plunge 23%

This is the EU DisMay is concerned might quit negotiating brexit. Reality is the EU is on the precipice of gigantic failure, financial problems everywhere, they are absolutely terrified that the yUK remittances might end.

DeeDee99 said...

"The EU has no business being in defence or security at all."

But, but, but ...... you can't have a Federalised Superstate with no army. Who on earth could they threaten with military action - or attack - if they haven't got one.

The Generals surely didn't believe all that guff about the EU being "a club" and a "force for peace" did they?

Membership of the EEC/EU has been promoted by the Civil Service for 50-odd years. Never forget that disgraceful briefing report for Heath which set out the loss of Sovereignty we would suffer and the need to hide it from the British people or they might reject the proposal. They've been promoting and lying about it ever since.

As Farage said, when Trump was elected there was a clear-out of the Washington Elite. Following our Referendum, NOTHING CHANGED except Remainer Cameron and Remainer Osborne were swapped for Remainer May and Remainer Hammond.

British democracy is a charade.