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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Lords escape exposure - for now

It seems to have escaped the notice of the mainstream media that even if the government's WA Bill made its way through its Commons stages in the three days allotted, it was doomed to destruction in the Lords. I suspect that the government knew this all along - and was giving the saboteurs and collaborators in the upper house the opportunity of condemning themselves in the eyes of the people to the same extent as have their establishment cronies in the lower house.

Radical Lords reform has now become truly a popular cause. We all want rid of the hundreds of failed politicians, their mouths stuffed with taxpayers' gold, failed Eurocrats, deep state perverts, anti-democrats, democracy deniers, bloated quangocrats and corrupt political funders who have bought their ermine, who share the red benches with effete placemen incapable of winning a seat in parliament and those who traded their honour and dignity for the dross of a devalued title. The entire upper house with a few honourable exceptions has been captured by the privileged elite, the political establishment, Europhiles and supranationalists, globalist dags and liggers. As it is currently constituted, it would never have passed the WA unmutilated in a million years.

Our democracy is ill-served by such a venal, defiled assembly of crooks, thieves, liars, peculators, barrators, hypocrites, seducers and deceivers, the filth of the eighth malebolge. They must go. Paradoxically the hereditary peers, before their chamber was polluted with the carrion of the political gutters, did a fine job of revising and amending legislation; these real peers, free in life from the need to lie, cheat, steal and defraud to achieve wealth and place, were as a caucus as dedicated and knowledgeable a body of pubic servants as one could have desired.

Well, we have lost the chance it seems to have this foul and putrid nest exposed to the sunlight of public scrutiny as part of the Brexit denouement. There will be another occasion.


DeeDee99 said...

The Remainer Establishment has wrecked our Constitution and ALL our Governmental Institutions in their determination to overturn the largest democratic vote this country has ever held.

And sadly I don't trust anyone currently in Parliament to do anything to rectify it.

Stephen J said...

Yes Raedwald in your penultimate para you conveyed my still held opinion that a man's trouser tadpoles are possibly the agent for more diversity than any other. Add the freedom and good education that (likely) wealth imbues and you have a competent revising chamber.

That of course is notwithstanding my oft repeated view that under direct democracy, the people could do quite a good job of both of those disciplines.

However, I recognise that such is unlikely in my lifetime. For me the big question is how to stop that second chamber either going native, as blairs version has, or just simply getting in the way, whilst achieving nothing of significance in terms of scrutiny or revision. Laziness.

I just wonder whether this task can be performed by a hundred "volunteers", as in jury service, every couple of years persons between a particular age range should be picked and packed off to the revision chamber... no doubt kicking and screaming, for their stint as scrutineers and revisionists. Such people could wing it, or they could call for the assistance of whatever experts they desire, but it will be them in the house that decide. Real responsibility, the judgement of the many, and the removal of the need to be loved through elections.

Anonymous said...

Well Raedwald, it looks like were going to be disappointed by Mr Johnson. The much hoped for, and hyped, leaving day is just another mirage, forever moving farther away.

The geniuses in No.10, were supposed to have devised a fool-proof cunning plan, but they don't seem to have the capacity to outwit the Benn Jr, Grieve, and Letwin's of the remainers. All we've had for the last 3 months is Billy Bunter Boris bluffing and bellowing, in keeping with his buffoon description.

How much are we disappointed by our elected representatives?

Fred McBee said...

Anon, as someone just said, Brexit could have happened ages ago if Brexiters had not been such twats about it.

Half the country explained that in 2016 the UK was pretty much resigned to Brexit, the Tories had a majority, and the whole thing could be done and dusted if not for kn*bheads pushing their luck.

Tom Booker of Maidenhead said: “You won, yeah? So when are you planning to get over it?

“Honestly, three years ago everyone was like ‘Well, that’s it, Brexit.’ Then May laid down all her impossible red lines, then she lost her election, and ever since it’s been like watching a thick bloke trying to argue his way out of a speeding fine.

“You could have had it! All you had to do was stay in a customs union and you could have stopped immigration, which was all you cared about anyway. But no.

“Nobody had heard of bloody no-deal before last summer but suddenly that was all you wanted and nothing else would do and look where it’s got you.

“Now we’re at the point where you’ve got an actual Brexit deal actually passed and the first thing you do is stop everything because you’re not allowed to ram it through in three days. Seriously?”

However, Brexiter Norman Steele said: “It’s not us. It’s everyone else.”

Stephen J said...

@Fred McBee:

Is that you Cheesy with a new set of clothes?

You do of course realise whether you are or aren't that the being in the "customs union" is the very definition of being a member of the EU, it was the principal purpose of the "Treaty of Rome" the EU's founding document.

This is very basic stuff mate, so perhaps you aren't... Even Cheesy would know that... surely?

JPM said...

Looks like you might get that election then.

Who knows, you might even get your much-coveted rubber-stamping parliament too?

Mark said...

@Fred McBee,

I think the thrust of much of the comment here is that we haven't had "brexiteers" anywhere near the process.

What we have had is a remainer establishment doing its damnest to thwart us leaving.

Had they not been such arrogant morons (and the EU given them a bit of help) they could have won the referendum. 50.0001% of a 50.0001% turnout would have been more than enough for the "will of the people" to have been set in stone for ever.

We remainers are totally and profoundly committed to respecting the 2016 vote and if it wasn't for brexit morons we'd be out by now which is what remainers have wanted since 23rd june 2016.

What some people can rationalise never ceases to amaze me!

Anonymous said...


You blame it on the Brexiteers? Would you call Mrs May a Brexiteer... thought not.

Mrs May COULD have got us out, without her BRINO Treaty last March, But SHE alone decided not to, and she asked for a delay.

A leaving agreement is NOT required, Mrs May realised it was a great vehicle to promote as essential to leaving, so she could agree to all the obligations of remaining while calling it leaving.

I could go on, but lets not repeat what we all know.

John Brown said...

The HoC having passed the WA treaty in principle, Labour are still saying they want the UK to belong to the EU’s CU.

This would mean accepting any and all trade deals made by the EU (this would also be the case if we were inside the EU and subject to Commission decisions or QMV decisions). The result would be :

1) Any deal would not be taking into account the UK’s type of economy, but rather those of Germany (cars) and France (food/wine).

2) Whilst the 3rd country with whom the EU had negotiated a deal could apply the new tariffs to goods exported to the UK, the UK would still have to accept the old tariffs when exporting to the 3rd country.

How daft would that be ?

But not a surprise because Labour’s goal is to make the population poorer and in their eyes more likely to vote Labour. This also explains of course why they want no restrictions on immigration.

John Brown said...

I would like to see a HoL comprised of both voting and non-voting members. The voting members to be selected by each political party in numbers proportional to the number of votes cast for their party at each GE.

These voting members would also include those from parties who did not manage to gain an MP because of the FPTP system but never-the-less did receive sufficient votes to have at least one voting HoL representative.

Anonymous said...

The voting members should be all independents. Parties are the curse of democracy.

Don Cox

Anonymous said...

Retire them all and start again. Two hundred at most with a bar on anyone who previously sat in the House of Commons. People of worth; achievers, men and women who've served the public outside of politics. Service personnel including former Warrant Officers. Ordinary folk who've done extraordinary things with their life. Minimum age 45 with a retirement at 75.


mongoose said...

Indeed, DeeDee, and they are not finished yet. The Fixed Parliament Act was the lever that prised open the treasure chest, and Bercow's usurpation of the business agenda was the distribution of the gold to the thieves and cheats. Now they talk of lowering the voting age as a tactical device to thwart Brexit/Johnson/us, the will of the people. It is beyond disgusting and edging towards the full horror of anarchy. There is nothing the extremists will not do, nothing they will not break. We must hope that quietly somewhere in Europe one of the governments is ready to decline an extension at the last minute and let it all burn down.

Raedwald said...

RAC - Yes, and I'll keep doing so until you regain your manners.

Anonymous said...

Paradoxically the hereditary peers, before their chamber was polluted with the carrion of the political gutters, did a fine job of revising and amending legislation; these real peers, free in life from the need to lie, cheat, steal and defraud to achieve wealth and place, were as a caucus as dedicated and knowledgeable a body of pubic servants as one could have desired.

Could not agree more!

Anon 2 said...

Yes, Anonymous @ 19:54 -- What's more, they actually cared about Britain - the home of their ancestors and ours -which was built for us. However, the present-day Marxist/Alien-infiltrated trash are all about destroying us ... whether they realize it or not.